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Idkanymore Teenage Girl 18/06/19(Tue)07:44 No. 21948 ID: 41b9a0

File 152938706452.jpg - (45.27KB , 800x533 , file_738454_macready.jpg )

I want to go to a free festival this Saturday to watch a friend perform. We're moving and have to be out by the 30th and get the keys this friday. I have friday and Saturday off. I told her I'd spend Friday starting the move and taking care of stuff and then wanted to go out on Saturday. She's working both of those days anyway. She is mad at me because I don't "listen when she tells me no" but I kind of feel like her reasoning for telling me no for this isn't great but maybe I'm being selfish. Am I the wrong here?
(This has nothing to do with jealousy regarding the friend)

Teenage Girl 18/06/21(Thu)00:38 No. 21950 ID: 15d602

"She tells you no"? Why does she think she can tell a grown person what to do? Shouldn't it be more of a suggestion to do things when dealing with other adults?

Teenage Girl 18/06/22(Fri)07:59 No. 21951 ID: d28870

Tell her you won't go if she takes Saturday off and helps pack and move. Otherwise you feel you deserve a reward for doing extra work.

If she still bitches at least you tried to reason with someone who's really upset because you'll be enjoying yourself while hairy fat men are stuffing singles in her g-string.

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