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Teenage Girl 18/07/16(Mon)17:14 No. 21967 ID: 16ca02

File 15317540656.png - (63.62KB , 370x320 , 1528676119593.png )

Why do people still think that youth should a separate reality fron the adult world?
This is not the "good ol days" of the 1970s. Kids and young adults cannot afford to be toothy-grinned rugrats running around in lily fields using pure speculation about the outside world.

It's really annoying to listen to 30-somethings whine about how Gen Z is "not familiar with pre-1997 culture." Who cares? They dont need to indulge in "old school" culture to feel enlightened (though they already do that) when we have politics, science, and world events being thrown in their faces every minute.

Stop whining about how young people dont go out to dine, play golf, get married, buy jewelry, etc anymore. We cant afford that and honestly who cares? Of the Boomers (and Gen X) want to physically relive their pasttime customs thats cool, but the young dont have time for it.

Teenage Girl 18/07/17(Tue)03:46 No. 21968 ID: 0f52f2

Historically speaking, it's a fairly new concept to have distinctions and gradations between childhood and adulthood. What isn't fairly new is the idea that those damn kids can have different tastes from adults: "stop liking what I don't like and stop not liking what I like!"

The biggest thing that sucks about this? You'd think that knowing the pattern would make it easier to resist. Somehow, it doesn't work that way. You know you're being played, but the game still works anyway.

Teenage Girl 18/07/17(Tue)04:47 No. 21969 ID: 270fde

Cant tell if youre mocking youth culture or not with that "stop liking what I dont like" but ok.
Adolescence is a 1940s invention. Thanks, pre-Silentt Generation folks.

Teenage Girl 18/07/18(Wed)22:04 No. 21973 ID: 59fee1

I mean, culture has been objectively going steadily downhill since the 80's. It might be debatable whether Boomer or GenX media is the better, but basically nobody fails to recognize that today's offerings are shit compared to either.

Teenage Girl 18/07/21(Sat)04:45 No. 21980 ID: 0f52f2

All media you get to live through is shittier than the media curated by the process of history. The passage of time washes away a lot of things, including most of the mediocre to bad shit. What today will stand the test of time? Probably not most of the things you're mad at, but also probably not a few things you actually liked.

Actually meant to mock the adults getting exasperated at youth for falling into the exact same patterns that the adults lived through, but as it so happens, no one comes out of that looking good, as well it should be.

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