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Ripoff Report BigMad 18/07/30(Mon)19:57 No. 21986 ID: daf553

File 153297343140.jpg - (395.82KB , 1200x627 , American-Psycho-16.jpg )

Me: Ex-btard progressing through life as an adult.

Adult situation: A company brings me on to help them grow. I'm there for a while, helping them every step of the way for marginal pay in comparison for the industry. They've promised me a-z and we never got to a.

So, while working there at the beginning it's like okay half of the things go well and half don't. That's cool. But then they grew, and it spread like wildfire. Once it grew, everything went to shit. Absolute, chaotic, nonsensical, cannot fix myself because I don't know how I got here shit.

Basically, it was an interstate moving broker and they are paying everyone from A-Z for coverage and to nuke reviews, etc. On paper, they look amazing compared to everyone they compete with. The problem is that they just rip people off in every way imaginable. They take too much money. The mover won't do the job. People that don't get their movers are the lucky ones. It's when the movers actually show up that everything goes terribly. Recently, 1/5 of their storage went up in flames "accidentally" and they're receiving an insurance payout. Whenever a mover shows up, if a move was $8,000 it will always be $16,000+. The people need to move. They schedule the moves to coincide with closing terms, so the customer is left with no option but to do it.

What will the customer do? Leave a bad review. But of course, they have every single review site in their pocket. Every single one. BBB. Mymovingreviews. Yelp. Google. Everywhere.

So, I leave these assholes and land a higher paying job within ~1 hour. These people are literally ripping off everyone in America. Meanwhile, the owner is 4 years out of prison after doing 10 years for embezzlement and then changed his name. Albeit, the inner tard in me will never die. The company's name is Best Interstate Moving and Storage.

Do your best.

Teenage Girl 18/07/31(Tue)03:05 No. 21987 ID: 8794b3

This post has nothing to do with being a b-tard; you're just spamming your corporate slander on imageboards, aren't you?

Teenage Girl 18/08/05(Sun)19:55 No. 22000 ID: 0f52f2

Nigga please. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. Welcome to the Hotel /b/lifornia.

That's the first giveaway that you ain't from around here. The second is a blatant disregard for the concept of NYPA. Shill elsewhere, faggot.

Teenage Girl 18/08/14(Tue)04:04 No. 22005 ID: b87abe

If you have definite evidence of fraud then you may report them to the DOT and BBB

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