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Teenage Girl 19/01/31(Thu)23:23 No. 22125 ID: 5bea99

File 154897342875.png - (145.67KB , 500x640 , disappointed.png )

FUCK my life, I'm so fucking bored. Today I was supposed to go on another date with THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE that I've started seeing, but she had to fucking cancel on me. And it was entirely legitimate too, she's adorable and shit but her health is a fucking joke and she had to schedule a shit-ton of tests with her doctor for this coming week to make sure she's not dying again. So I have to wait an extra week or two depending on when the tests are, big fucking deal I've spent half my life forever alone.

So why the hell am I so fucking bored. It's like since the original plans for the day are gone, this day shouldn't fucking exist and I'm trapped in purgatory or something. Jesus christ, I've had to waste four or five hours doing fuck-all and it's driving me insane. This had better fucking stop after today is done. I didn't get so fucking homosexual after doing some stupid cuddling on a few different occasions that I'm suddenly clingy and incapable of fucking living without seeing this chick. Maybe tonight I'll TEXT THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE some more, I didn't really have much to say after the stock "oh yeah that's fine we'll reschedule blah blah" bullshit so we haven't chatted much today. FUCK me, when did I get so gay.

Teenage Girl 19/02/01(Fri)21:49 No. 22126 ID: 9eb25a

haha gay

Teenage Girl 19/02/18(Mon)10:49 No. 22137 ID: 3a39ec

Pretty sure that's just the FOMO talking

Teenage Girl 19/02/27(Wed)21:05 No. 22144 ID: fef274

Nothing wrong with being excited about a new relationship.

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