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John Smith 16/08/31(Wed)01:08 No. 45572 Board: /eh/ [Reply]

File 147259853215.jpg - (1.41MB , 2560x1600 , a_rather_eh_filename.jpg )

Well John, it's almost that time of year again. Fall and winter. My favorite seasons. I live in the north and love the cold weather and of course holidays. How about you John? What do you enjoy about fall and winter?


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John Smith 16/11/25(Fri)05:46 No. 45735


We are having a warm season for Colorado this year. They say that cold is coming, but you know what they say about "they" anyway, don't you, John? Anyway, my car is due for the rotors to be done. If the weather does get cold, I would like my vehicle to be safe on the ice. I got the brakes changed, but I did not have enough to do the rotors, so I have to wait until the next pay period. I want to get everything taken care of so we are safe.

I should probably get some sturdy shoes for working this winter, also.

Speaking of periods, John, the days sure are short these days. They do not seem to really get going until nine in the morning, and by then, a lot of the day is burned away. The sun sets around five, it seems like. Short days...

Yours Truly,

John Smith 16/12/21(Wed)08:28 No. 45777

I like the cold John, but only because I can spend so much of its season inside. I like filing my newspaper clippings while the radiator fizzes and bangs to life. The pages are dry and some yellow. I am behind on my filing.

I like watching movies in the winter, and writing reviews of them on my index cards.

If I had to be outside all the time I don't think I'd enjoy it, John. I saw a bum outside of the Chinese restaurant around 10:00 PM tonight. I didn't give him any of my change.

John Smith 16/12/21(Wed)08:30 No. 45778

I did not have the happiest childhood. Sometimes I feel a deep nostalgia for a history I did not live, and the desire to create that history in my future so I may one day look back upon that time with a nostalgia false no more.

Black Bible Raine Ashford 17/04/02(Sun)15:38 No. 12873 Board: /phi/ ID: d2dd7b [Reply]

File 149114028997.jpg - (19.62KB , 155x240 , THUMBNAIL_IMAGE (2).jpg )

Ascension Knowledge
Black Bible {PDF}

Modern Mom 16/11/25(Fri)14:04 No. 2910 Board: /jew/ ID: 8e8ae5 [Reply]

File 148007908143.jpg - (74.80KB , 650x650 , secret.jpg )

What do you guys think about dumpsterdiving?
I've been doing it for about 6 months now, and think it's great.

You might be thinking "is it safe to eat trashed food?" It is, if you just keep your wits about you.
Any grocery store in a country where they will get in trouble for selling bad food will regularly throw away food that hasn't actually gone bad.

For example, i once found a pack of 18 eggs, where two of them were broken. (to test if eggs are still safe, you can put them under water, if they float, don't eat them.)

There are many other types of foods, such as yogurt, ketchup, canned food and peanut butter are also safe, so long as it's still sealed.

And even meat could be fine, you just have to use your senses to judge if it's gone bad, but if you're in doubt, don't take unnecessary chances.

AND REMEMBER: If you do go dumpsterdiving, make sure you don't make a mess in the dumpster area, since the workers will probably put a lock on the dumpster

Modern Mom 17/01/02(Mon)01:50 No. 2935 ID: d3d12c

It's worth doing if you want BULK food for free, you just have to get lucky/know when stores throw stuff out.

Used to keep the roommates at my old house fed from a nearby Weis. There's usually a few products that've expired and they're all thrown out. so you can walk away with towers of frozen pizza or grocery bags full of cheese. It's insane, this country wastes a ton just to look nice.

Lotsa free food out there.

Wow Sarah Palin 16/10/08(Sat)04:23 No. 15339 Board: /w/ [Reply]

File 147589343411.jpg - (7.76KB , 179x282 , harle.jpg )

In the Philippines, there is a young Filipino who leads one of the most powerful ngos in the world, with millions of members, and have ties with leftists, socialists, muslims, and catholics, politicians and military personnel. Aside from the fact that two Filipinos students have created the Iloveyouvirus, this ngo and its leader have created some of the most powerful ciphers in the world: many of which were mentally calculated and which processes cannot be recorded even by the most advanced drones and surveillance systems in the world. This young leader has also undermined the doctrine of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), and has pointed out, not only that the United States and its allies would be outnumbered by its enemies, but Russian and Chinese EMP weapons technology have also surpassed that of the US. The young Filipino has repeated warned his fellows of the potency of Russian jamming technology, such that NATO would look like a mere insect. Furthermore, not only has the US has been plunged in a debt of over 19 trillion dollars, but its politicians also worry that its nuclear deterrent is behind that of its enemies.
There is no valid reason for the US allies to continue in their dependence and “trust” in the United States. Remember the Turkey Coup Plot and the Brexit results. The NGOs can unite even against the most powerful nations in the world. There is no reason to believe in American propaganda. The Arabs reportedly own over 14 trillion dollars worth of assets, and it would be easy for them to unite with pro-Muslim and pro-socialist NGOs…even to declare war against a superpower, if necessary. The young Filipino has estimated, that a budget of 5 trillion dollars would be enough to create a military power, more than two times as potent as that of the United States.

Zed!ZF41dz6F/Y 12/10/13(Sat)22:01 No. 14294 Board: /w/ [Reply]

File 135015846957.jpg - (200.51KB , 1152x672 , Finished restoration1.jpg )

Hey guys, what do you think of .303?

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Sarah Palin 14/10/29(Wed)01:46 No. 15061

that is one sexy lee enfield

Skunkape 15/01/03(Sat)09:28 No. 15108

>First time to 7chan
>First poster is ZED.
Seriously, what in the fuck

Sarah Palin 15/12/10(Thu)03:04 No. 15211

isn't being a faggot on 4/k/ enough for you zed

John Smith 17/03/28(Tue)22:30 No. 45966 Board: /eh/ [Reply]

File 149073301275.jpg - (1.51MB , 3072x2304 , img_7510.jpg )

Dear John;
Last night I found a can of Heinz (trademarked) baked beans hiding at the back of a shelf in the pantry. There's something that has always unnerved me about beans. It makes me proud, as there was a chap who worked with right angled triangles (my 2nd favourite two dimensional shape) who also held a negative attitude towards members of the bean family.
I've been thinking of getting them framed. What do you think John?

Regards, John.

John Smith 17/03/31(Fri)03:43 No. 45971


May I suggest a nice cherrywood frame, or would you prefer cherry pie? I do not believe that Heinz makes variations of cherry pie, but I could be incorrect.

Anyway, John, do you live in an area with cherrywood available? If not, you will have to find a decent distributor. I am fairly sure that you could find a decent video tutorial on youtube about building a frame out of cherrywood. You could probably find a video on finding a distributor, if you also need to. Youtube is a useful tool, when used with a more coherent purpose.

Beans sound good. I have been sort of desiring to eat beans lately. I find myself eating burritos at lunch. There must be something that my body enjoys right now in particular kinds of beans. It's important to stay fit.

In moderate shape,


John Smith 17/04/12(Wed)02:35 No. 45988

I wonder what a job involving right angled triangles would be like

Fight On! Magazine Anonymous 17/04/08(Sat)23:04 No. 120675 Board: /tg/ [Reply]

File 149168548048.jpg - (938.52KB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )

I'm looking for Fight On! #6

Anony 17/04/17(Mon)00:42 No. 120945

I'm looking for any of them!

Killary Clinton Teenage Girl 16/07/11(Mon)22:37 No. 21063 Board: /rnb/ ID: ffeafd [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 146826946676.jpg - (19.81KB , 236x297 , e8900dbbcc357bcef324c89bd3764c16.jpg )

I wish this whore would choke on a dick sandwich and die. Let's discuss why she is an airwolfing shit cunt. Tell me why you also think she's a cancerous prune and let's vent. I'll start:

I think she's a cancerous rectal wart because she is a clone of Obama's failed policy on everything foreign and domestic.
She's a thief, because she stole close to $200k worth of things from the Whitehouse after Billy was done being prez. And she's a drunk alcoholic shithead.
Your turn faggots:

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Teenage Girl 16/11/08(Tue)10:51 No. 21288 ID: be0fa0

>No it sounds like you're already trying to justify you're immoral if not illegal actions.
I know you are but what am I? What are you, 12?

Wait a second. Are you that idiot who thinks he's talking with one person all the time? Because that appears to be your argument here, stitching together comments from multiple people to try and justify your moronic NO U retort.

Teenage Girl 16/11/08(Tue)12:48 No. 21289 ID: 0b0a9f

>I know you are but what am I?
That was the point of my post.
If you can just reverse an "argument" and it's no less wrong or right without changing it then it's no argument at all.

Those two posts were the same and >>21275 contained nothing about why it's the direction he's using it in that is the right one.

Teenage Girl 16/11/10(Thu)11:42 No. 21293 ID: 991a34

>it's no less wrong or right
Except a woman was actually arrested for voting twice because she believed the election was rigged.

Current events. Pay attention to them.

On the other hand I'm aware of no credible reports of people running around beating up Trump protesters before or during the election.

The closest I heard was a self-appointed "monitor" who showed up 20 minutes after a polling place opened, was shocked that a few people had already voted, claimed the votes were evidence of rigging when they were just the polling workers casting their votes in those 20 minutes, waited for a line of people to build, then insisted on interrupting the voters, insisted on filming inside the polling place, and after a very long discussion that led to him being verbally assaulted ended up being shown the door because random strangers aren't:
1) Allowed to hang around inside the polling location
2) Allowed to film inside the polling location
3) Allowed to impede other people attempting to cast their votes

Of course he didn't exit the door willingly so he's claiming assault and generally being a drama queen

Free Will Anonymous 16/12/23(Fri)13:13 No. 12759 Board: /phi/ ID: 4da869 [Reply]

File 148249522875.jpg - (44.44KB , 515x248 , FreeWill.jpg )

You have 10 seconds to prove why this guy isn't 100% correct.

Pro tip: you can't.


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Anonymous 17/01/02(Mon)18:56 No. 12781 ID: f3ebab

File 148337976224.png - (626.48KB , 645x909 , 1480911216921.png )

Free will can exist in the world of the noumenal if you want to go the Kantian route. As long as you posit that the mind structures its appearances and thus uses concepts, or as Kant would call it, "categories" there is no contradiction in positing freedom in the noumenal and having the effect or consequence of freedom be posited in the phenomenal realm. That is, to sum up the argument that Kant makes: there are certain concepts that structure our reality and once you go beyond these concepts that structure your experience you go beyond the phenomenal realm and into the noumenal. Thus there is a distinction between phenomenal and noumenal, the thing-in-itself and the world of appearance. There would be no contradiction in positing freedom in the noumenal and then positing freedom's effects in the world of empirical conditions and conditioned, except the empirically conditioned would just be seemingly and substantially noumenal. The Kantian perspective is a bit clearer than the Buddhist in my opinion.It almost seems like we're saying the same thing in different words though.

Kant's proof for free-will is brilliant.

Anonymous 17/01/22(Sun)10:19 No. 12797 ID: ed8b6e

Do we get a choice as if we want to?
Cause I don't really want to.

blue 17/04/18(Tue)22:03 No. 12902 ID: 4515bc

tht was actually kinda interesting

New graphics cards Anonymous 15/06/09(Tue)23:45 No. 21797 Board: /halp/ ID: 11fdd1 [Reply]

I'm coming across some decent money soon, and I want to update my current graphics card so I can play games better. That, and the recent Fallout 4 update had given me a slight panic attack with me thinking my computer can't handle it.

I currently have an old Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT. What would you guess recommend would be a good upgrade, and let's just say I'm on a fixed budget with this, so where can I get one at a good deal?

Anonymous 15/06/20(Sat)03:21 No. 21803 ID: 10d6c2

Unfortunately under $100 Nvidia cards are complete shit. From what I've read the GT740 is basically a GTX 550 that's been defanged a bit. I bought one and am still absolutely shocked at just how slow the damned thing is at doing just about everything.

Anonymous 15/06/21(Sun)07:20 No. 21804 ID: 583674

EVGA makes the GT740 superclocked. On benchmarks(for Linux btw) it scores like a slightly less power-hungry GTX650. Can't say I'm disappointed with it.
Although depending on your mobo, processor(I'm assuming you won't be doing a new build from scratch) and budget I'd recommend something a little more powerful. A GTX750 at the least would be nice if the price climb from the 740 superclocked isn't too big where you live.

Anonymous 15/06/25(Thu)05:24 No. 21809 ID: 10d6c2

I have one, and it's the GDDR5 version (which is supposed to be slightly faster than the DDR3 version), and compared to the 7750 I had in there before it this thing is absolute shit. It represents a good 75% drop across the board. I bought the GT740 for $100, I bought the 7750 for $100 2 years ago. Why the GT740 isn't even that decent is a mystery.

Unfortunately my new system @ work doesn't provide as much power over the PCIe slot as the old one, so I opted for one that used PCIe power. Rather than discover the new system is equally annoyed at any non-Nvidia card I opted for the 740.

For two years I had the 7750 in the old system and used it without incident so it's not a hurrdurr ATI driver issue. It's just Lenovo devolving into shittier shit. And to head off the inevitable argument on that front: nobody bigger than a mom & pop is going to build a whitebox for their employees. I build them for home, my systems there are wonderful, work with everything, but this is what I'm stuck with at work.

The 740 has two things going for it: The system no longer hard freezes in the middle of the night/weekend while I'm connected to it remotely (or even if I don't - it's an equal opportunity freezer). And I get PhysX support. Woo. I have multimonitor support, which I had under the 7750, but didn't have under the Nvidia card the system came with (I don't know why - see: Lenovo).

Not freezing and multimonitor is about all I care about, but I had to see how good the card was too. You are bearing witness to my surprise. My expectation was equivalency. The posted benchmarks were equivalency. In reality it's worse.

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