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John Smith 17/08/17(Thu)02:08 No. 46178 Board: /eh/ [Reply]

File 150292852156.jpg - (496.62KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20170816_200947.jpg )

I'm at the laundromat. Feels pretty /eh/ in here.

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John Smith 17/10/16(Mon)07:48 No. 46235

The laundromat near my place had soul blade in it, good fighter. It was next to a liquor store so people would drink and smoke in the laundromat. Open 24hrs, would go in late sometimes.

John Smith 18/12/03(Mon)18:29 No. 46802

Laundromats are really nice places, at least for me. It takes me back to living in NYC and walking around the area with my mom when I was younger. I never go to laundromats anymore, except on rare occasions where our washer isn't working. It's always nice to visit and walk around a familiar place.

John Smith 18/12/04(Tue)08:58 No. 46806

Dear John,

Laundromats seem like pleasant places, although usually the ones in my area are crowded and full of mean-looking types. I guess that is just how things are in this part of town, though, and I'm glad you find enjoyment in your laundromat.

- John

Gun Control in America Sarah Palin 13/04/14(Sun)16:55 No. 14669 Board: /w/ [Reply]

File 136595131030.jpg - (2.14MB , 3872x2592 , dsc_0072.jpg )

America needs better gun control.

Women should not have guns.
Jews should not have guns.
Faggots should not have guns
Niggers should not have guns.
Mexicans should not have guns
Wops should not have guns.
Orientals should not have guns.
Guns should be only be available to men of the pure Aryan Race.

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General acroth nilsson 16/01/11(Mon)21:15 No. 15224

A castrated teenage penis rebellion.
That people have forgotten cudgels means weapons ban.
To prohibit the cudgel and Nadra great tool becomes difficult.
To prevent missionaries will be difficult to ban.
Cudgel is good against the missionaries.
My God, my God.
Which stars.

Sarah Palin 16/02/03(Wed)11:59 No. 15234

redhead should not have guns.
They have no soul

General Acroth Nilsson 16/02/11(Thu)11:26 No. 15236

It must be hippies here in 7chan!
A knotted gun is as hip as a big lick!
A spectacle that is as effective as ugly.
A statue that takes place as many others and is in the way.
Even the Swedish court muddied everything from the beginning while people yawned.

Modern Mom 13/08/05(Mon)15:45 No. 1546 Board: /jew/ ID: c4ce5f [Reply]

File 137571031312.gif - (1.00MB , 500x361 , 1370248409623.gif )

Why don't you just kill yourself?

Are you masochists who enjoy torture?

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Modern Mom 14/05/20(Tue)23:16 No. 2101 ID: c517cf

because helium is hell of expensive.

Modern Mom 18/05/15(Tue)11:44 No. 3187 ID: 776e31

Fuck off goon

Modern Mom 18/05/28(Mon)13:54 No. 3196 ID: 9ae23f

>Are you masochists who enjoy torture?
I prefer to call myself “Stoic”.

Orchestral Gentleman 12/12/20(Thu)02:54 No. 1857 Board: /class/ [Reply]

File 135596849578.jpg - (50.36KB , 500x471 , Berlioz-Symphonie.jpg )

Good day or evening, gentlemen! What are your preferences when it comes musical finery? I'll start:
One of my personal favorites is Berlioz's Symphony Fantastique, of that I've had the pleasure of performing and listening to whenever I am able.

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Sophisticated Gentleman 14/02/09(Sun)22:47 No. 2703

Ah, yes. A quite embarrassing mistake, but I thank you for correcting me without undue reprimand. That aside, I agree with your tastes. Electroswing seems to combine two relatively lively and popular (in their times) genres into an enjoyable third genre. But one cannot forget the roots, and what fine roots indeed.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/12(Sat)01:14 No. 2747

Scott Joplin particularly "Solace" and the opera "Treemonisha". also the occasional musical especially shows such as Ragtime and Spring Awakening. Ragtime has incredibly clear and rich orchestrations in the turn of the century style lots of solo instruments and percussion. Spring awakening is much more minimal and even uses rock but only sparingly and does so excellently. Particulary nice is the use of the string quartet with the other instruments in an almost impressionist style. reminds me quite a bit of the debussy string quartet 3rd movement.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/18(Fri)21:22 No. 2757

As a gentleman oft pressed with the vicissitudes of life, I lean towards sharp, coarse compositions. Names such as Schnitke and Cowell are usually in order. Prokofiev, in particular, is quite deserving in this category. Of course, amongst polite company and friendly camaraderie I will quote the works of Bach and Chopin as well, as any other proper man of letter would.

Anonymous 15/12/31(Thu)14:46 No. 22001 Board: /halp/ ID: 716d81 [Reply]

File 145156959511.jpg - (55.36KB , 700x386 , The Hi-hats.jpg )

Yesterday, my Dell Precision 390 had issues starting up. I got some kind of error message that spoke of the keyboard and some kind of heating issue. I hit F1 and it worked as usual.

Then today it won't start at all. The fans in the PSU just goes "woom", the lights in the front flashes and the computer flatly refuses to boot.

Please help. Is there some kind of fuse on the PSU etc that I should reset?

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Anonymous 16/01/27(Wed)22:08 No. 22035 ID: 5a53ee

Technically it's a case of heat (expansion) and cold (contraction) physically moving parts apart enough to create problems. This is why 360s got a RROD, heat, contract, heat, contract, crack, RROD.

Anonymous 16/01/30(Sat)16:23 No. 22036 ID: 716d81

Hence the need for active RAM-cooling, yes?

Anonymous 16/01/31(Sun)09:52 No. 22037 ID: 44b7d2

You'll still get heat/contract cycles, since even with a cooler the RAM slot will not be as cold as it is when the system is off.

It's a difference of inches vs. feet, so while the problem will still occur, it will occur more slowly.

John Smith 18/11/27(Tue)18:32 No. 46782 Board: /eh/ [Reply]

File 154333994168.jpg - (43.34KB , 493x335 , getty_rf_photo_of_dietary_supplements.jpg )

I have replaced over half of my meals with soylent because I hate eating. I think that eating is meaningless and I would rather have a nice meal with my family once in a while instead of having a bunch of boring reheated leftovers every day. My parents don't understand it, but they pay for it and let me "eat it." I also worry that before I adopted my diet, I worried that I wasn't getting enough nutrients since I felt sickly all the time. Soylent is easy, and it's my happy medium between junk food and literal stalks of lettuce.

What about you? Have you tried any experimental diets?

John Smith 18/11/27(Tue)23:27 No. 46786

Well John I eat what I like within reason but I do understand how boring it can be trying to cook for just yourself. Before you wholly give up on it maybe looks up multiple recipes using the same ingredients. I find rice to be very versatile.

John Smith 18/11/28(Wed)04:07 No. 46787


I understand where you're coming from John, but unfortunately, leading up to this point with the soylent diet, I've been eating rice for as long as i can remember. My family is not ethnic, we are white. And yet we've been eating basmati and brown rice for as long as I can remember.

It's been getting to a point where i loathe all pasta and rice since it's been shoved down my throat for as long as I can remember. I hate pasta. I hate rice. Every kind of Asian noodle except Udon noodles I can tolerate.
I am sick of rice, and I'm sick of pasta.

John Smith 18/12/01(Sat)10:35 No. 46797

John, I can empathize. I purchased one of those green powder drink mixes because I found eating whole vegetables and fruits time consuming and laborious. The problem with that is, even the most nutrient dense formulas out there are still only intended as supplements and not replacements.

lifting advice Modern Mom 18/05/07(Mon)23:13 No. 3183 Board: /jew/ ID: d28da9 [Reply]

File 152572759425.jpg - (4.73KB , 252x200 , foo dog.jpg )

how to act and what to wear etc? ... anyone tried stater brothers or albertsons.? is stealing alone burnt or fine etc?

Modern Mom 18/05/07(Mon)23:25 No. 3184 ID: d28da9

im scrapping this thread guys no need to respond im good thanks guys

Anarchist Q&A Anonymous 18/08/18(Sat)01:24 No. 13599 Board: /phi/ ID: c89d35 [Reply]

File 153454827535.jpg - (8.92KB , 479x467 , DEATH TO STARFUCKS.jpg )

(Doesn't even have to be about my politics)

I'm sick and fucking tired of seeing people over worked, over taxed, and under payed. Fire at will.

Anonymous 18/08/18(Sat)12:46 No. 13601 ID: 2ce276

sure why not

Given that, without civil government, people ultimately come under the power of the strongest and most aggressive forces who eventually demand the wealth of others (e.g., the mafia), how does your anarchist stance *sustainably* help people to have more leisure time, reduce their taxes, or receive fairer compensation for their work?

I need some help please Neckbearded Basement Dweller 16/08/13(Sat)22:54 No. 4924 Board: /pr/ [Reply]

File 147112166375.png - (443.17KB , 2000x2000 , help.png )

Guys, I've literally tried everything and nothing works, maybe my level is basic but I really want to finish this project, the real problem is:

Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" org.hibernate.TransactionException: nested transactions not supported

So my save button can't send the data to mysql :s

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 16/08/14(Sun)11:09 No. 4925

ask your instructor to teach you a real language.

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 18/02/11(Sun)15:53 No. 5099

From your comments you want to send data to a MySQL. From the exception, you seem to be using Hibernate. And, more important, the error says: "nested transactions not supported". Look up your code for said transactions. Maybe you are trying to send two queries at the same time and they are not committed to the database?

And the next time, read CAREFULLY the error message and contextualize it within your code. They are there for a reason.

Seduction Anonymous 18/10/11(Thu)03:02 No. 23694 Board: /fit/ [Reply]

File 153921976851.jpg - (101.07KB , 1125x1080 , 3z4uag1xc0i11.jpg )

Not really sure where to post this but do any of you guys have "The Close - Straight Line Seduction System" by Anthony Hustle to share?

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