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Game Mastering resources/references Anonymous 16/08/10(Wed)04:26 No. 108119 Board: /tg/ [Reply]

File 147079596782.jpg - (107.07KB , 800x501 , gygax.jpg )

What are some of the best books or articles on all aspects of Game Mastering/Dungeon Mastering? This is not a request thread. Please share titles/authors and why they are must have books. Thanks /tg/ !

Anonymous 16/08/10(Wed)07:55 No. 108122

Lazy Dungeon Master

All of the Chris Perkins articles
(There are more of these specifically but I can't be bothered to find 'em)

Anonymous 16/08/10(Wed)09:00 No. 108126

Goto the D&D website and in the search articles box type in or paste "Iomandra" and all those article by Perkins will be accessible again

Anonymous 16/08/15(Mon)12:10 No. 108311


I heard the Dungeon World Core rule book has some excellent information/advice on game mastering. I still havn't gotten it yet to check though.

Hipster Slut 16/05/17(Tue)22:29 No. 17576 Board: /lit/ [Reply]

File 146351694815.jpg - (10.21KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )

Anybody got a copy of "The Magic Fart" by Piers Anthony, acclaimed author of the xanth light novels? I just finished pornucopia and need more jousing cock demons on ice cream mountain. For those who have not read the series that was not a joke. There's on the 7ch server so I'm hoping somebody here has the sequel.

Pic somewhat related.

Leap year = Marvel year Bendis 13/04/26(Fri)22:05 No. 23541 Board: /co/ [Reply]

File 136700670244.jpg - (505.86KB , 1010x1506 , FF001_Cover.jpg )

1964 01 Marvel year has passed
1968 02 Marvel years have passed
1972 03 Marvel years have passed
1976 04 Marvel years have passed
1980 05 Marvel years have passed
1984 06 Marvel years have passed
1988 07 Marvel years have passed
1992 08 Marvel years have passed
1996 09 Marvel years have passed
2000 10 Marvel years have passed
2004 11 Marvel years have passed
2008 12 Marvel years have passed
2014 13 Marvel years have passed

After 10 Marvel years the secret identity of ANY character became EXTINCT!
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Recalculation of Ororo's age Anonymous 14/08/10(Sun)03:48 No. 23965

>>23953 Uncanny X-Men 265 august 1990, reveals that Ororo is reduced to a 12 year old girl. This was done by the supervillainess the Nanny.
Uncanny X-Men 272 januari 1991 restores Ororo to an adult but YOUNGER than she was before Nanny reduced her to a preteen;

In 1990 she was a 28 year old adult.
In august 1990 she was reduced to a 12 year old.
In januari 1991 she was restored to a 23 year old adult.

She is now 23+6= 29

Ororo Munroe is ALREADY 29 years old!

Franklin Richards Anonymous 14/08/14(Thu)15:43 No. 23968

Franklin Benjamin Richards first appears in Fantastic Four Annual 6 (November 1968).

After 1968 he ages every Leap year(=Marvel year).

He is now 11.

Franklin Richards is ALREADY 11 years old!

Anonymous 14/12/18(Thu)23:04 No. 24168

File 141894027156.jpg - (141.65KB , 400x904 , rick-jones.jpg )

Rick Jones made his debut in The Incredible Hulk 1 (May 1962)
He was 15.
He is now 15+13 = 28

Rick Jones is ALREADY 28 years old!

Anonymous 14/11/22(Sat)00:15 No. 15973 Board: /sci/ ID: 7fa0bd [Reply]

File 141661174892.jpg - (104.70KB , 640x360 , portal dalek.jpg )


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Anonymous 14/11/22(Sat)23:44 No. 15980 ID: 5d199c

To me they look like portable life-support/coffins. Picture some 112 year old codger wrinkled up inside one guiding it round akin to a spaz marin dreadnought. That way the expired can enjoy 'normal' life well past their expectancy.

Anonymous 14/11/24(Mon)05:42 No. 15983 ID: c4e26c

So like, a Dalek then.

Anonymous 14/11/26(Wed)20:43 No. 15988 ID: ab4c09


lol ftw.

Earth Hole Anonymous 17/01/05(Thu)16:26 No. 16406 Board: /sci/ ID: 4318e8 [Reply]

File 148362999864.jpg - (6.12KB , 300x174 , hjjfokjfklerajogfiaejrgfaer.jpg )

Hello /sci/. If there was a giant hole in the earth leading from one end to the other and- if you jumped in- would you just be pulled to the other side, or just be trapped in the middle by gravity?
>Pic unrelated

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Anonymous 17/01/09(Mon)15:12 No. 16409 ID: 4318e8


Anonymous 17/01/15(Sun)07:00 No. 16410 ID: 4c82ad

Gravity is actually the force of all bodies in the universe pulling on all other bodies in the universe. However, the strength of the pull weakens with the square of the distance between two given bodies. Since the celestial bodies in the universe are so far apart, you can say for conveniences sake that you are only under the effect of the gravity of the nearest one (the earth).; in reality though, you are even (very, very weakly) being pulled towards other people, which means that the "your momma" joke about her having a gravitational pull is technically true.

Anonymous 17/01/22(Sun)03:50 No. 16427 ID: ed8b6e

You would lose energy and slowly oscillate and then come to a stop at the center.

Low-Yield Cigarettes? SmokerNoober 14/08/17(Sun)10:17 No. 2842 Board: /class/ [Reply]

File 140826345690.jpg - (12.92KB , 236x314 , 7c0e2c086abc33ededc76be24bddaeac.jpg )

Am wondering about Low-end nicotine cigarettes. None of this e-cig bullshit; I like the light and softness of a real cigarette, but I'm looking to cut down on the nicotine and tar content. --- anyone help me out?

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Sophisticated Gentleman 15/04/04(Sat)23:30 No. 3019

This shit right here. Cancer is not classy.

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/04/01(Fri)08:59 No. 3148

I remember when a classmate took back some smokes from trip in China. That was probably the weakest crap ever - felt like I was smoking nothing.
Camel Blue is big in terms on nicotine. I think, where they are supposed to white how much there is in a pack - they got to be shitting me. Sometimes a pack would last a little more than a week, where any regular Winston pack make do for just a few days.
Individual taste aside, me and my buddy, way back, started smoking those about the same time, and easily escalated to some high octane crap.

I now smoke rolling tobacco, and I would have to say it's probably the best option next to menthols in terms of taste and next to Chinese in terms of nicotine. Tar bar is all over the place, but you can compare different sticks by just looking at what's left at mouth end of it - the blacker the worse.

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/06/22(Wed)07:42 No. 3177

Just roll your own, and use GOOD tobacco. Or switch to a pipe.

Also, you can mix other herbs with your tobacco, and even if you don't cut down, oh well, you cut your stuff, lol. Blue lotus is a nice addition, and so is California poppy

Anonymous 17/02/17(Fri)01:00 No. 12819 Board: /phi/ ID: f7426b [Reply]

File 148728962371.jpg - (8.16KB , 318x159 , index.jpg )

Why does Ayn Rand get so much criticism? I've only read The Fountainhead from her but from what I gather objectivism seems like it makes sense. It's kind of like this rational self interest that's similar to Nietzsche's philosiphy

Anonymous 17/02/17(Fri)01:18 No. 12820 ID: 74fa81

The Fountainhead is NOT considered Rand's magnum opus. It's Atlas Shrugged. Until you slog through that phone book of a treatises-disguised-as-a-novel, you will not understand either side of the Randian argument.

Anonymous 15/06/02(Tue)19:26 No. 21790 Board: /halp/ ID: 172961 [Reply]

File 143326600354.png - (515.08KB , 1920x1080 , MassEffect3 2015-06-02 11-04-56.png )

ReShade 0.18 and 0.12 (d3d9) don't seem to be working with Mass Effect 3. Specifically the HUD and menu are gone. Pic example of when I see when I open the menu. I used the toggle to turn reshade off, and the issue persists. It only stops when I delete the reshade d3d9.dll file but at that point reshade doesn't even initialize.

Survey anonymous 16/04/25(Mon)18:29 No. 12516 Board: /phi/ ID: 0016ca [Reply]

File 146160178566.jpg - (221.95KB , 1024x768 , brian.jpg )

On a scale of one to ten, how much do you believe in higher intelligence?
Higher intelligence can be God/Allah, or even aliens.

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Anonymous 16/10/17(Mon)23:01 No. 12687 ID: 27c313

Obviously zero.

How could anything ever exist and be smarter than me. Hur hur.

Anonymous 16/11/05(Sat)08:15 No. 12699 ID: d78ba2

Zero. There is no evidence for any such thing, whether it's a deity or aliens. I think there is a higher statistical probability of aliens, but that doesn't mean my belief in them is raised at all. I can barely manage to believe in the universe half the time; trying to believe in something with no evidence whatsoever is impossible for me at this point.

Anonymous 16/11/05(Sat)08:16 No. 12700 ID: d78ba2


Teenage Girl 14/08/14(Thu)20:55 No. 19908 Board: /rnb/ ID: 92f8d9 [Reply]

File 140804251136.jpg - (84.81KB , 540x960 , fucking elsman.jpg )

Okay. Imagine you got a friend. Who brought you to another side of country to work for several month. And you guys were good like brothers. Until your schizophrenia was suddenly kicked in.

He helped me alot, yes. And I really appreciated it till cried almost every night because I literally got no one at that place

You've went to the Hospital for three days straight, not working (but you told your boss) because of this. Then when you're right in front of the office's door you got a text message from the boss, fired you. Then under influences of your schizophrenic voices you post what was happened on some /imageboard/ (you know it) and give them the company's facebook account password and they were did the rest. WITHOUT AN INVOLVEMENT OF HIM!

Then I returned to the west to be known that he'd blocked me for no reason. And a friend of mine just gave me this screenshot that this god forsaken dude was referring to me.

But the good thing is, he told me that he hated some people from our pony group (which was I still on but not give a shit about it anymore because of them fandom) and I tell them nothing. So the situation right now is more to my side (for now) to take him down sometime from now but me myself is struggling with Olanzapine every nights.

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Teenage Girl 14/08/27(Wed)18:18 No. 19949 ID: 62bba3

He IS schizophrenic.

Teenage Girl 14/08/28(Thu)18:44 No. 19951 ID: 86e709

I appreciate a non-linear narrative, oP.
It has brightened my day.

Teenage Girl 14/08/29(Fri)01:10 No. 19952 ID: 10d6c2

Not to mention that >>19948 apparently has poor reading comprehension skills. I can read what he wrote just fine. The grammar is typically non-English speaker quirky but it's certainly not unreadable or even moderately confusing.

Fuck, we're on a chan - that OP is using sentences and punctuation correctly is unusual.

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