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Anonymous 15/08/13(Thu)19:11 No. 12979

File 143948591274.jpg - (74.51KB , 800x600 , 143480768073.jpg )

I want to start taking opiates. Tell me your experience with them.

Anonymous 15/08/13(Thu)20:10 No. 12980


Anonymous 15/08/17(Mon)02:57 No. 12981


Anonymous 15/08/19(Wed)08:59 No. 12983


Anonymous 15/08/27(Thu)22:49 No. 12998

Opiates are great. Almost too great. You'll be a different person. They're the perfect solution to any problem you have and anything bad happening just doesn't matter. That late assignment? Dad mad at you? Soul crushing be anxiety? All dust in the wind. You'll love them so much you'll keep doing them, At this point the fear of running out terrifies you. Then if you continue daily (which you will if you love it enough and can afford it) it will become a physical addiction. You may whore yourself out - everyone says they won't but they do.

ChrisTopHer 15/09/06(Sun)02:26 No. 13008

File 144149921027.jpg - (61.14KB , 973x632 , 1434428348734.jpg )

Look at this picture. This is what will happen and there's pretty much no way around it. Sorry

Anonymous 16/09/26(Mon)18:54 No. 13231


Anonymous 16/09/30(Fri)07:03 No. 13237

been rx'd morphine as a pain killer, helps only a little (vs oxy, codein, fentanyl not at all)
- after first killing any sense of beauty, fun, or appetite & causing great distress/anxiety. (possibly atypical reaction?)
it kills the beneficial effects (opposite) of weed as well, ie can't repair the side effects with thc. any ideas what might work?
intense dislike but the pain is worse than all side effects combined so i'm stuck with this substance till cause of pain is removed

Anonymous 16/10/01(Sat)05:12 No. 13238

I'll keep it real with you Anon.

(Disclaimer, I am talking about injecting heroin, although this will sort of apply to just snorting or taking pills, it just takes longer to become dependent on it when not injecting.)

It's AMAZING....at first.

The first time you do it, you'll get an amazing rush of euphoria all through your body. You'll think it's the most amazing feeling ever, and it very well may be.

So then you'll want to keep doing it, and you will. For about a week it'll just be amazing and you won't think there are any negative side effects. You'll just keep buying more and injecting more because you just can't wait to feel that euphoria again.

Next, one of two things will happen. You'll either tell yourself that you are going to take a break for a couple days, or you'll have blown through all your money and be broke. Either way, you'll go to sleep that night high and feeling amazing. Then the next morning you'll wake up and just feel like shit. (For me, my back hurts SO bad, my legs will shake, impossible to keep them still, and I will have hot and cold chills accompanied by cold sweats. Others I've known will just keep puking and have diarrhea.) So now if you just told yourself that you were going to quit and still have money, you're in luck, cause now you're on your way to get some more to get yourself "well" and out of withdrawal. However, if you already blew through all your money, and you're dopesick and broke, then you will be thinking of ANYTHING to get money. Personally, when I was really bad in my addiction, I stole over 4000$ from my grandparents not to mention all the tools I took and pawned off. (Also let's not forget to mention due to my addiction with heroin I now have 3 felonies.)

Now when I say you'll do anything to get money to get out of withdrawal, I know exactly what you're thinking, "I would NEVER do anything like that for drugs, I could just tough through the withdrawal then I wouldn't get dependent again." Yea, I said the exact same thing before I robbed people and stole from my family to get more dope.

So now it's a few months later, you've probably lost your job and now you're dependent on heroin very bad. Pretty much ALL the money you ever get goes towards getting more dope and you're doing things you thought you'd never do to get that money. So now you go over to your mom's house dope sick with the sole intention of getting money from her, either by her giving it to you due to some lie you thought up or by stealing it. She secretly knows you're on heroin but doesn't want to believe it herself so she believes you when you say that you just have a cold. She offers you some chicken noodle soup, but since you're dope sick your stomach is flipping all sorts of ways and there's no way you're gonna eat it so you respectfully decline. You come up with some bullshit lie to ask for money and since she in the back of her mind truly knows what you want it for, she comes up with a reason she can't give you any right now. So now you're just sitting in the livingroom with her, and the temp is a comfortable 68 degrees, but you're still alternating between being so cold you're shivering and so hot you feel like you need to take your clothes off. Sweating the whole time, even during the cold spells. Don't forget your back is killing you and your legs won't sit still to save your life. After 20 minutes of this agony, you finally get your chance, your mom leaves to go to the bathroom, and the second the door shuts, you're up and digging through her purse. You find 18$ and take it all. So as not to be suspicious, you wait until she finishes in the bathroom, even though you want to leave right this second. As soon as she returns, you come up with some other lie about something you have to do and jet out the door and start heading straight to the city, or wherever it is you get your dope. (Personally I live in a rural area so I had to drive to a nearby city, about 30 mins away. And let me tell you, those 30 min drives were terrible, however when I was dope sick really bad, I'd turn that 30 minute drive into a 15 minute drive.) So anyway, you get about halfway to the dopeman, and then your mom calls you, you already know why she's calling, but you don't want to face the fact that you just stole from your mom so you just ignore the call, you'll make up a lie as to why you couldn't answer later after you get well.

Anonymous 16/10/01(Sat)05:12 No. 13239

So you finally make it to the city and you call the dopeman. He has you pull up on some side street and pulls up next to you and you make the handoff real quick. Luckily he's facing the other way and has to turn around. You gun it as soon as you have the dope because you told him you had 80$. After you get down the street a little bit, you see him turning around, but you quickly make a couple turns and you're safe, this time at least. Now your stomach is really turning because you have the dope in your hand, so you quickly find a place to stop. You pull into a McDonalds that is close. You know that this place is hot and you shouldn't stop here, but you're sick as fuck and really don't care right now. So while you're mixing your shot up, the combination of anticipation for the euphoria you are about to experience and the withdrawal you are currently going through causes you to be shaking and you almost spill your shot. Thankfully, that doesn't happen and you manage to get it drew up into your needle. You grab your tie and tie off your arm and put the needle into your vein. You've been dope sick and haven't been drinking much water, so you're pretty dehydrated and it takes you a while to find your vein. After a few pokes, you finally get it and see the blood shoot back into your needle. You quickly push the plunger and the wonder liquid flows into your veins and all of those terrible symptoms of withdrawal are quickly replaced with the flowing euphoria spreading throughout your body.

Now you finally feel okay, however in the lapse you had trying to find your vein, and the few precious seconds you were spending enjoying your rush of euphoria, you didn't notice the police officer walking up to your car. Now he's tapping on your window and you still have the needle in your arm. He quickly notices this and puts his hand on his gun. You don't bother trying to hide anything because he's clearly already seen everything. You roll down your window and you already know how all this goes, so lets fastforward. You get into your jail cell and fall straight asleep, and sleep all the way until the afternoon the next day. Now you wake up dope sick and fully comprehend that you are in jail. Now get ready because the next 3-5 days are going to be HELL. You have absolutely no access to anything to help your withdrawal. If you are lucky, and in a larger jail, someone in there may have some dope, but that doesn't even matter because the only person you have to put money on your books is your mom and you just stole money from her and couldn't even answer her call afterwards. But you're dope sick so you don't care, you call your mom anyway and ask her to bail you out, which she quickly refuses. So next you ask for some money, which she also refuses. She can't believe that you stole from her and even less that you're in jail now. She's crying her eyes out talking to you and you're pouring out your soul saying how much you regret all this and that it was the dope and that when you get out of here you'll be clean and never going to touch it again. You actually believe all those things yourself....until you get out anyway. The whole time you were in jail (probably about 6 months) you were telling yourself that you were never going to touch heroin again and that it was the devil. But then you get out and less than 2 hours after being out you're sticking that needle right back into your vein.

Now this story pretty much just repeats itself until you've finally been through so much shit that you TRULY can't take it anymore, or you've OD'd and you're dead.

Now personally, I wish I could say that I'm at the point where I truly can't take it anymore and I've quit, but that's quite frankly just not true. Hell I've got everything sitting right here on my desk and I'm about to mix a shot up after I finish this post.

So this is basically my experience written for you to see how it is. You may think that you will be able to control it or your story will be different. I thought that too. But honestly that's just not going to happen. It is going to end up very close to what I just posted, yeah there will be some differences, but the overall gist of it will happen if you pick up heroin.

So my advice to you: NEVER, EVER, try this if you want a good life. If you're okay with the life I just posted, then feel free, grab a needle and hop on the train, but I don't think anyone really wants that. I know I don't. Hell I just got out of rehab, and I'm still on paper in 2 counties, but I for the most part know when I will get dropped so I'm still trying to beat the system. I already know it's gonna bite me in the ass sooner or later, but fuck I love to get high.

Just don't do it dude.

Anonymous 16/11/12(Sat)23:41 No. 13255

I was a daily user for around 16 months, quit cold turkey, that wasn't the best experience but I couldn't taper, I didn't have the discipline. Instant relief from the creeping sickness in my drawer. No good.

But after all that, nothing. It wasn't *that* difficult to stop. But it certainly wasn't an experience I'd like to repeat. Some people describe the thought of H in every waking moment until they just snap and cave, but it's all about how you're wired. It will consume some people and ruin their lives, and there's really only one way to find out if you're one of those people.

I went back to it in September (after nine months clean), for old times sake, I don't know. I used that gram, and after that, I'm not sure I'll ever go back to it.

After psychedelics opiates lost their appeal.

Y'see, opiates are such an empty experience. They won't teach you anything about yourself, they'll never help you connect to other human beings, you can't use them as a means of self improvement as you can with psychedelics or empathogens. They're just a way to escape.

What are you running from? Tackle that instead.

Anonymous 17/05/14(Sun)06:05 No. 13368

Oppiates are better than sex.
Why run if you already have tuhe ultimate pleasure.

Anonymous 17/07/03(Mon)21:22 No. 13384

they are blessed

Anonymous 17/08/18(Fri)13:31 No. 13402

I'm glad you posted this; you might have saved me.

Anonymous 17/09/09(Sat)02:22 No. 13405

Posted from truck stop bathroom after blowing a random trucker for ten dollars.

Anonymous 18/05/20(Sun)04:31 No. 13488

Alright MOM, chill.

I've done heroin 5 times when I was 16 and i stopped right after that. All you have to do is not be a fag and fucking chill on it.

Anonymous 18/06/13(Wed)05:29 No. 13496

I take them for a week when I break bones (both legs and right arm so far), I took morphine and hydrocodone for about a month and one week after a spinal fusion surgery. I’ll take old morphine sulfate pills when I’m really sick.

I never really get high on them. I just get tired and itchy. I definitely had withdrawals when I had my surgery but I just put up with it. It was only one month of taking opioids though so that’s like, nothing.

Anonymous 18/10/23(Tue)13:03 No. 13560

been addicted to them on and off for like 5 years now only use about once a week and at a low dose, am much more careful these days. have way more of a problem with benzos. advice is be very careful with them and always have enough to do a quick taper in case you get cut off from your supplier or something. also make sure you not using more than you can afford. make sure you have money for rent and that then spend your spare on pills/ gear. most of the people in this tread are saying stay away from them compleatly i don't agree with that just be careful if you can use them responsibly they are fucking amazing. also personally i try to stay away from street heroin if at all possible paying more for consistent clean pills is worth it btw i mainly inject morphine pills and eat codeine pills. if you need to quit you can reduce by 5-10% per day comparatively painlessly. avoid methadone unless you are desperate withdrawal form that is far worse imo.

tl;dr i recommend opioids but take a great deal of care with them

Anonymous 19/02/04(Mon)21:39 No. 13598

File 154931274539.jpg - (32.64KB , 591x479 , 36944798_1975889782671605_4686546542482423808_n.jpg )

opiates nearly killed me in 2017... been clean off heroin since then, but its still a daily struggle... wouldnt recommend even trying something weak like codeine

Anonymous 19/02/16(Sat)08:53 No. 13599

>>13598 When you introduced friends to heroin and you're the only one that can get it, you can fuck your female friends whenever you want!

Anonymous 19/02/18(Mon)08:00 No. 13600

First was hydrocodone or vicodin or some shit, got from the dentist's office. So I was bored and being a young'n, broke, and decided to snort like five of them because taking two didn't do much and the shit is only like 10mg drugs. So it actually did do something, but I felt really paranoid walking around and not really... good. Like at all really. I think I took the rest as prescribed lol

Big jump but the next time I was broke, and bored, one of my friends who had a problem came over with his girlfriend and was like hey man mind if we hit this in your [mom's] backyard? No dude go ahead. So I'm watching and they're like you wanna try some? I've avoided the stuff before but being bored and broke, fuck it. I took one or two hits (can't remember, but it wasn't much) off a foil through a straw. Didn't feel anything for a few minutes and the guy and his girl are like alright we gotta go man. So I go to my room and I'm like wait... I feel SICK AS FUCK and start rolling around thinking well I'll probably die now and just keep gripping my stomach. I realize I'm on the floor so I crawl to my bed with my stomach killing me and pass out. Wake up like five hours later and I'm like why the fuck do people like this shit?

>Cat heroin/bupenephedrineephendrone

So I was bored and broke again and my stray cat got given heroin he would never take and I decided it would be a good time to see if there is ANY way opiates could be enjoyable to a human at all. At this point I decided everyone on heroin was suicidal and masochistic, not actually enjoying anything about the matter. I started by taking one mouth shot and felt nothing. I took two and felt my muscles were more numb. I danced a bit. I was not high. I was trying to see if the stuff could be fun but I would need more to actually be high, so I took four. I got so fucking SICK AGAIN that I started praying to God not to kill me for being an idiot that took opiates. The shit was terrible, I did not get high, I fell asleep.

People on opiates are stupid, suicidal and masochistic. Smoking weed is a thousand times more enjoyable

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