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help gthecloen 17/05/04(Thu)21:51 No. 13365

File 149392747871.jpg - (339.65KB , 1920x1080 , dmt backround.jpg )

backround information:i smoked weed the first time when i was 14,i was an every week stoner who smoked weed regularly never had a bad trip, made dabs and had a crazy experience and i have done mdma 2 times. my fist mdma trip wasnt amazing until towards the end but my second trip i took a hole pill which we think was close to the 200mg range. this trip hit me hard and i was fearful for about the first hour after the peak which then was just a crazy night after. i then tried to find lsd and we came apon tabs that we thought were real but i ended up not having much visual and only odd perceptions of realty. this trip was very hard becuase i starting throwing up and was unable to drink water(becuase i would throw up instantly) and i was sick the next day. i want to do lsd and we have accuired real tabs because my friend has tripped on them and says its for sure real and the are from the black net. they are 150 ug and i waned advice becuase i am not sure i want to start with 150 ug. i had quit all drugs except for ciggarets for the last 5 monthes and i am fearful of having a too intense first experience. my past hard drug experiences have made me more cautious and i would like some feed beck for how much i should take, where i should take it, how to get help if i need i, and other tips.keep in mind i am recently 18.
thank you

Anonymous 17/05/15(Mon)12:41 No. 13369

acid is gunna be an intense experience, regardless of your previous drug experiences. I prefer tripping alone because other high people can fuck your trip. There's nothing you can do if shit goes sideways, just remember you're on drugs and it'll be over in 8 hours. Hope this info gets you in time, forgot how slow of a board this is.

Anonymous 18/06/27(Wed)18:05 No. 13506

watching a movie(doctor strange) or playing video games can be quite exciting when on LSD

Anonymous 18/08/01(Wed)16:44 No. 13516

File 153313466292.gif - (712.47KB , 720x780 , 1530039267462.gif )

Highly recommended anon. Acid and shrooms are always amazing, I know it sounds absurd desu, but I legitimately think I've obtained some IQ simply by them engaging parts ofy brain that were previously dormant. Acid is actually a pretty sober drug if you know how to control the hallucinations - never state off into the distance, nor focus in on a single object, that's when you trip HARd. If you're doing it with a friend just keep up a dialogue and you'll notice that not only are you relatively straight mentally, but you bring up topics you don't normally engage in in unorthodox formats...150ug isn't too hard, you will be tripping, but you'll be in control mentally, outside of when it peaks for about 10 mins, 3hrs in or so. But yeah, acid >>>>>>> mdma.

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