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ITT: Things you have written while out of your fucking mind (no spellcheck Anonymous 18/03/07(Wed)11:27 No. 13464

File 152041847474.jpg - (241.72KB , 1280x800 , image_3450e-Andes.jpg )

"The dr got me to sign a stat dec during the medical, but I didn't realise till afterwards! I didn't even read it!

was after defence interview Recommended for gso and unit supply.coordinator reserves but NOT info systems technician

Told them i had anxieyy depression in 2012 saw the gp for a psych but then got meds and didmt take so i went back and they were chill cause after 1 or 2 coumsellingl i felt fine...noo history of trauma or child violence or bullying etc told psych

mentioned the hemoroids but no treatment
Mayhe ican ask yhem uom hraltu just to send the parts i request of them so not mental health haha...but was colonscopy dixit?

Did not mention family violence but did give University of [redacted] heath clinic as my clinic.....Will be fine if negative vet (they assume everything you give them is true) but positive vetting (they assume everything is false) will be found out. They [redacted] but not GSO in general. For medical and psych omission or lying and then administrative discharge or change of job...also admitted bit of knee pain from melba marathon training that disappeared after a few weeks of physio...but no other psych or physio history...back pain? I don’t remember saying anything bout tag...only admitted to psych doing bit of cut when stressed at uni 2012 but just like under 12 sessions and that it no medication never seen counsellor or anything....Censurer name from resume for defence purposes....Alina a risk of spilling the beans..Admitted no drugs drinking alcohol or sec working or workers or LGBT....mentioned 2 colonoscopies one for blood poo haemorrhoids trey found and one for checkups and nothing found...any mention of orthotics but what about childhood asthma?

password is always the password Anonymous 18/03/07(Wed)11:33 No. 13465

Fuck the military legal probelms I said I lied only from 2010-2014 but in email confirms I lied 2017 :’( and he specifically asked if I had lied more recently cause then troubele
Eap requests or private lawyer needs::
Adf medical
Vic pol disclosure
Family violenxe inheritence vs suing
Slater gordan coass action
20k centrelink loan"
For all above Shane says All is fine lol... He will take quix questions
Basically said don’t lose a minute of sleep over any of it except the welfare fraud thing maybe but since it’s been many years it’s fine...even though above stuff maybe technically illegal very hard to prosecute and he’d eat his socks if they did lol

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