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Kratom InquisitiveBiochemist 18/07/18(Wed)11:45 No. 13510

File 153190712558.png - (756.56KB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_20180718-045818.png )

Gentlemen, what are your views on Kratom? Have you ever tried It? Recently I have been taking it to help me remain positive as I take on more debt for my degree. I currently live in Indiana where it is illegal, but I just go over the border to Illinois to buy ounces.

Rx/ please share your views on kratom as well as experiences.

Anonymous 18/07/19(Thu)17:19 No. 13511

I've never tried it either, as a NEET with hardly any money, ordering it off of shady places online is too much effort and so I only drink pruno.

Anonymous 18/09/01(Sat)21:00 No. 13532

I personally heard about it four or five years ago as a way to end opiate addiction. I was addicted to heroin for two years and last February I used kratom medicinally for two months to get off dope. I haven't touched opiates since. I believe it has a really strong medicinal use in that way. As far as using it casually I think it is amazing. Kratom and kava are wonderful alternatives to alcohol and other other drugs. I personally experience high amounts of anxiety when I smoke pot so I prefer kratom, it relaxes me but also gives me that silly and sociable feeling. Mixing it with coffee and some creamer is my favorite way to use it because the acidity in the coffee activates more of the kratom and balances out any drowsy feeling

Anonymous 18/09/16(Sun)09:36 No. 13546

thought kratom was great, close to opiods, but not close enough, but they made it illegal here too tianna is pretty close

Anonymous 18/09/20(Thu)15:42 No. 13552

I've heard things but nothing specific about its effects. >>13546 is probably the closest I've heard to actually trying to describe it.

Weed makes me super anxious, I immediately have to poop really bad and for a while there I would get that cyclical vomiting symptom, though that hasn't been a problem the last few times I've smoked.

Weed also helps me be productive, I get more pleasure from the anticipation of and completion of my chores, instead of just being sad about having to get up and go. Would I expect to have a similar effect on mood from kratom?

Mr Brown 18/10/23(Tue)21:39 No. 13562

I just started fucking with Kratom. One 500mg pill (half a gram, i think) makes me happy yet functional during the day.On two the warm feeling on the back of my legs is stronger and my body complains every time i have to move, so active productivity comes to a stand still. My body make up is more sensitive to substances than most other people i guess, since most people say a
good starting dosage is 4-6 g. I take Kratom casually and at random, just to add a little fun to my day. I'd reccommend it. It feels nice.

Anonymous 18/10/29(Mon)02:32 No. 13566

I take 3g daily for work for pain relief from 4 broken bones I broke 2 months ago. It works and is legal where I live. Weed is also legal but I feel like they accomplish different things. I use weed to relax the muscles after work. It is the worst tasting thing I have ever ingested, I'd recommend buying some gelatin pill capsules and pill loader. 00 Capsules fills up to .5 grams.

Anonymous 18/12/10(Mon)20:37 No. 13573

the most i had was probably around 7g. felt very sedated and comfy, kept nodding off. i usually stick to around 3-4g most of the time though to take the edge off after work.

Anonymous 19/01/07(Mon)06:09 No. 13581

kratom is great. I have been doing around 7G every few nights to relax. Legal here too. I just wish I knew where to buy it locally. I am having trouble with my online retailers keeping it in stock.

Anonymous 19/04/28(Sun)13:11 No. 13629

never personally used, but my brother who dealt with major opioid addiction used it as a substitute. There arent any studies on long term use but it potentially can be harmful from what ive heard

also if you use it as a substitute you never really ween off using it either. Also I hear its been getting more difficult to get due to possible bans on it dependant on the state you live in

Supplier Joe Blow 19/05/11(Sat)03:33 No. 13634

tauntonbaysoapcompany.com I live a few miles away and get my stuff there, in person. Excellent product, thoroughly tested, always got it on hand

Anonymous 19/06/08(Sat)09:30 No. 13648

kratom is ok. you just have to take a shit ton to feel anything worth your while. not much of a point to use it if you have other shit at your disposal

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