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SFW Screencaps Volume 2 Anonymous 18/08/19(Sun)03:29 No. 47840 ID: d30946 [Reply]

File 153464214647.jpg - (30.04KB , 728x396 , 08180.jpg )

Post screencaps Shotas were certain scenes that they were cute, so hot or out of context scenes

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Anonymous 18/09/21(Fri)15:50 No. 48104 ID: fd6b6e

File 15375378519.jpg - (37.27KB , 638x359 , 092101.jpg )

Anonymous 18/09/22(Sat)16:28 No. 48116 ID: cf09d3

Anonymous 18/09/23(Sun)16:04 No. 48122 ID: 51b2de

File 153771144095.jpg - (83.02KB , 1063x598 , 092301.jpg )

Anal Volume 2 . 16/05/02(Mon)16:56 No. 40628 ID: 1f3256 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 146220100042.jpg - (246.86KB , 567x800 , 56638039.jpg )

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Anonymous 18/09/10(Mon)16:30 No. 48034 ID: 99663e

File 153658980225.jpg - (33.48KB , 750x495 , 091004.jpg )

Anonymous 18/09/18(Tue)16:52 No. 48095 ID: ddb5d1

File 153728234744.png - (2.17MB , 2039x2894 , 091801.png )

41181 ares 18/09/23(Sun)01:27 No. 48120 ID: 9ac0ca


Non-con Volume 3 Anonymous 17/10/15(Sun)02:56 No. 45155 ID: a264cb [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 150802895935.jpg - (223.57KB , 827x1200 , 150674339646.jpg )

aka rape and molestation. Not just rough sex.

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Anonymous 18/09/17(Mon)16:21 No. 48087 ID: e5736e

File 153719411194.jpg - (527.80KB , 800x1232 , 70733892.jpg )

Anonymous 18/09/18(Tue)16:51 No. 48094 ID: ddb5d1

File 153728229239.jpg - (122.30KB , 847x1200 , 091804.jpg )

Anonymous 18/09/22(Sat)16:31 No. 48119 ID: cf09d3

Uncurcumsized shota Vol.2 Anonymous 17/10/31(Tue)15:47 No. 45299 ID: 98def6 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 150946127289.jpg - (132.67KB , 864x1136 , 65639596.jpg )

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Anonymous 18/09/17(Mon)16:21 No. 48085 ID: e5736e

File 153719407940.jpg - (139.85KB , 852x1200 , 091706.jpg )

Anonymous 18/09/21(Fri)15:51 No. 48106 ID: fd6b6e

File 153753788499.jpg - (159.04KB , 1000x917 , 092104.jpg )

Anonymous 18/09/22(Sat)16:31 No. 48118 ID: cf09d3

File 153762666056.jpg - (530.73KB , 1200x750 , 092209.jpg )

Nude scenes from Anime or Cartoon Anonymous 17/08/30(Wed)07:05 No. 44666 ID: 105045 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 150406953996.jpg - (64.17KB , 1200x675 , 08568503.jpg )

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Anonymous 18/09/22(Sat)12:43 No. 48111 ID: 12d146

File 153761298073.gif - (1.37MB , 389x217 , TTGL4.gif )


Anonymous 18/09/22(Sat)12:58 No. 48113 ID: 12d146

File 153761390580.gif - (629.60KB , 389x283 , Beyblade.gif )

Anonymous 18/09/22(Sat)13:22 No. 48114 ID: 12d146

Ozamu Tezuka's Buddha. They don't make manga like this anymore.

Shota video games thread Anonymous 17/11/27(Mon)01:44 No. 45491 ID: 910388 [Reply]

File 151174348965.jpg - (1.11MB , 1200x900 , SHOTA X MONSTERS-4.jpg )

Shota and shota-related video games. Recommendations, links, questions, answers, etc.

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ink-king 18/07/21(Sat)17:33 No. 47563 ID: 3e83c0

is there a good way to get the cute charaters art saved thogh?

new game that came out agust first simmerfun1 18/08/02(Thu)19:57 No. 47674 ID: 6ab5f1

hope anyone who bys this new game that came out agust first will share it with members?

Anonymous 18/09/21(Fri)12:20 No. 48103 ID: f18178


Erection Vol. 2 Anonymous 17/06/14(Wed)05:42 No. 43977 ID: 5b8eb8 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 14974117388.jpg - (122.57KB , 892x790 , 70546423.jpg )

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Anonymous 18/09/14(Fri)15:42 No. 48060 ID: fdb17a

File 153693254888.png - (197.17KB , 931x1200 , 091401.png )

Anonymous 18/09/15(Sat)15:58 No. 48075 ID: 181f7e

File 153701993581.jpg - (423.60KB , 780x1200 , 70700401.jpg )

Anonymous 18/09/20(Thu)15:47 No. 48100 ID: 908b88

File 153745124814.png - (946.40KB , 1200x900 , 092001.png )

Request Anonymous 17/08/11(Fri)02:44 No. 44401 ID: 037f23 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 150241229340.png - (2.27MB , 2048x1536 , image.png )

Anyone have any request, it won't cost anything except satisfaction

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Anonymous 18/09/18(Tue)02:34 No. 48089 ID: bb2a44

Where is everyone?

Anonymous 18/09/18(Tue)02:48 No. 48090 ID: 1e5fb7

Looks like OP got tired of drawing I guess?

Anonymous 18/09/18(Tue)13:50 No. 48091 ID: bb2a44

I still have about six requests on here (if that's too much) that haven't been done yet. If someone can do them, can you? If you want to know what they are, here they are...


Robin (Damian Wayne or others) Anonymous 15/01/03(Sat)13:00 No. 35734 ID: 661d82 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 142028645853.jpg - (696.55KB , 2952x2031 , Fatima - 【腐向】Damian/Dick (37089901) .jpg )

58 posts and 111 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/08/12(Sun)08:31 No. 47760 ID: d0d562

File 153405549469.jpg - (79.85KB , 900x636 , 6.jpg )

Bratty dominant Damian > anything

Anonymous 18/08/12(Sun)10:27 No. 47761 ID: b8133a

File 153406243556.jpg - (258.13KB , 2000x2000 , gdfg.jpg )

More incest

Anonymous 18/09/16(Sun)17:28 No. 48080 ID: c66e43

File 153711169777.jpg - (558.54KB , 1004x1791 , Untitled 3.jpg )

News picture of Jon&Damian, follow all artwork at https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=70731526

Anyone have a real-life shotacon thing? Anonymous 17/04/17(Mon)04:25 No. 43608 ID: 0302f6 [Reply]

File 149239590364.jpg - (16.90KB , 342x299 , 3527197_1400493883910_86res_342_300.jpg )

old fag here ... I'm sure this happened often back then
> be me, be 14, be 1968
> 40 yo guy moves in a few doors down
> got to know him, mowed his lawn and shit
> in his house one day, he shows me porn
> straight porn, gay porn
> takes out his cock, i stroke it, he sucks me
> after I cum I feel weird and leave, went back over an hour later

It went on for several months, was not a bad experience for me.

23 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Real life Boney 18/08/29(Wed)02:56 No. 47936 ID: b22078

When I was about 8 or 9 I was friends with next door neighbor's boy, Tony, and we played usual games in his back garden. Another boy, Shaun, who was 4 or 5 would be a pest and always wanted to join in with our games. As a deterrent we often pulled his shorts and pants down , which would cause him to run off back home. This ritual was getting too common and my friend decided to go further on one occasion.
The pesky lad was interrupting our games and my neighbor told me to hold him down as he removed the shorts and pants and spread his bum cheeks revealing a very pink hole. I hadn't realised that a boy's cherry could be so alluring. My pal flipped him over and started to stroke the 2 inches of pink, floppy, cock, as he said, " let's get him stiff and see what he's hiding".
I was in a stupor watching my friend stroking and stretching the boy's cock till it indeed got stiff and ended up another half inch longer. The boy was fascinated by my friend's actions and wondering what he would do next. As all the boys, and men, who I had seen their cocks had uncut versions I was not surprised to see the little boy's foreskin hiding his helmet but I didn't realise it was retractable, a pleasure I was yet to experience. My neighbor knew it was and after a few small pulls, revealing a pale peehole, he pulled the foreskin back down the shaft, causing the lad to yelp as his bright red bell end was aired for our voyerism. Tony proceeded to roll the foreskin up and down for a while and it became less tight as it got wet with moisture from around the grill. Suddenly Tony flipped Shaun over again and spread his bum cheeks, as I kept a grip on the lad, but straining to see that pink hole. Then Tony dragged his own jeans down and pulled out his 6 inches of hard dick. I was gobsmacked to see that Tony had such a large cock for his age, as mine was at best 4 inches, and he was 6 months younger than me. I asked him what he was going to do to which he replied. " I'm checking to see if his older brothers, or his priest, have buggered him".
It only took two efforts to slip his cock into Shaun's cherry, and 6 inches seemed to disappear very easily. I had no clue why Tony was doing this, or what he meant, but the act was giving me a hard-on and I was wondering if I could get a turn too. What happened next however was even more mind-blowing.

Anonymous 18/09/02(Sun)13:52 No. 47974 ID: 1ab750


Hey, thanks for posting, Skyler! Guys, is there a fiction shota thread on here? (I'm a Nifty fan, but it seems to be going through a bad patch atm.)

Anonymous 18/09/15(Sat)23:31 No. 48077 ID: b3db72

Second part?

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