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Anonymous 13/06/16(Sun)04:08 No. 29715 ID: 9a2f83 [Reply]

File 137134849377.jpg - (776.50KB , 1600x1200 , d5a15007a4702a5c0deec88fe1d4495c.jpg )

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LogamHeather!.EsafRmsZk 14/03/09(Sun)18:31 No. 32611 ID: 0929d8

VW Fhvj 14/04/04(Fri)04:29 No. 32840 ID: 1ebc1b

File 139657855080.jpg - (37.01KB , 443x443 , image.jpg )


Exeoo 14/04/24(Thu)20:40 No. 33203 ID: 1ebc1b

South Park thread Anonymous 14/03/23(Sun)16:07 No. 32752 ID: f30a80 [Reply]

File 139558724140.jpg - (99.95KB , 500x710 , image.jpg )

I'll start

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Anonymous 14/04/14(Mon)11:01 No. 33054 ID: 6de71e

File 139746609747.jpg - (151.18KB , 500x562 , tumblr_n3zhgfFP6Q1txfrhgo1_500.jpg )

Anonymous 14/04/23(Wed)11:12 No. 33193 ID: 3ce8ec

Anonymous 14/04/23(Wed)22:52 No. 33195 ID: b2ec1f

File 139828636737.jpg - (34.02KB , 500x422 , tumblr_n4egcdQKt31s6mgcdo1_500.jpg )

Anonymous 13/05/06(Mon)05:03 No. 28652 ID: 9a2f83 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 136780939915.jpg - (39.01KB , 600x600 , 4ba5a1ec1d895ad133d52fdb1afc21f3.jpg )

Uncircumcised kids

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Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)11:32 No. 33100 ID: de09e3

File 139764077273.jpg - (525.64KB , 2154x1788 , 42922252.jpg )

Anonymous 14/04/21(Mon)04:22 No. 33152 ID: 112d10

File 139804696748.png - (785.41KB , 1000x750 , 430076170.png )

Anonymous 14/04/22(Tue)16:19 No. 33181 ID: e773a0

File 139817639465.png - (0.98MB , 679x965 , 7884674d9800d1c233f1eb6b543238d4.png )

SFW Volume 3 Anonymous 13/07/14(Sun)11:15 No. 30182 ID: 3c08a1 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 137379333979.jpg - (317.47KB , 707x1000 , 43234243.jpg )

Last thread won't bump anymore

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Anonymous 14/04/18(Fri)05:45 No. 33116 ID: 7f7863

File 139779273322.png - (1.41MB , 1000x1000 , 429500631.png )

Anonymous 14/04/18(Fri)07:38 No. 33117 ID: 3ab562

I agree. Should just be Daichi and Teppei the whole show.

It's called Captain Earth, it just started like 2 weeks ago, so far it's awesome. Besides cute boys, there's giant robots and a great soundtrack. I'm personally super excited to see how it turns out, it seems really good so far.

Anonymous 14/04/18(Fri)11:52 No. 33119 ID: 6e1630

File 139781474382.jpg - (0.97MB , 1712x1725 , 42944985.jpg )

newbie-kun 14/04/19(Sat)12:28 No. 33143 ID: d7865a [Reply] Locked

File 139790331214.jpg - (169.58KB , 847x1200 , bokutachi-shotappuru-58.jpg )

Where did the sexy shota stories thread go?

Anonymous ## Mod ## 14/04/19(Sat)15:10 No. 33144 ID: c49e6f


does anybody have more of this? Kurobuta 14/04/18(Fri)08:36 No. 33118 ID: 94bb89 [Reply]

File 139780299766.jpg - (384.31KB , 800x600 , fantasyshotacg_28829.jpg )

i'd like more but i have no idea what keyword to search for
and btw, could you please tell me the title?

Naughty Timmy 14/04/19(Sat)00:17 No. 33135 ID: 778d16

That's from a CG set by LUNATIQUE. I only have the title in moonspeak.

Title: 鉄分増強がぶ飲みスウィート

Here's a few more from the set.

Naughty Timmy 14/04/19(Sat)00:19 No. 33136 ID: 778d16

Do you think shota Anonymous 14/02/02(Sun)09:35 No. 32213 ID: 997730 [Reply]

File 139133012355.jpg - (44.66KB , 704x975 , 485596-trappico.jpg )

can make you feel confused about your gender identity? when i was a teenager i liked to see shota because i fantasized more easy looking at boys at about my age, someday i watched a pic of a crossdresser shota and feel identified, after lots of pics i started to feel confused about my gender...
do you think this could affected me?

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Anonymous 14/02/02(Sun)20:13 No. 32217 ID: 0cb8f1

I feel like it has something to do with your childhood, honestly.

Peter 14/02/09(Sun)22:09 No. 32282 ID: fecc32

search for HOCD on yourbrainonporn.com

Anonymous 14/04/17(Thu)03:31 No. 33107 ID: fe15b5


HOCD is pseudoscience and complete bullshit. Nofap is good because you learn a lot about yourself during the reboot, but abstinence will never prevent you from being sexually attracted to what you're attracted to. You will have the same amount of success avoiding homosexuality with abstinence as you would by trying to pray the gay away.

Yasaka_Yoshitakashi Athletic Anonymous 14/01/26(Sun)03:33 No. 32149 ID: e7c702 [Reply]

File 13907035926.jpg - (96.11KB , 560x420 , ITM0070416_1.jpg )

I'm looking for some doujins by Yoshitakashi Athletic (Yasaka), there are only a few I can find. There was a spanish site that had some download links for some more of his works but all the links are dead. Does anyone here know where I can find more Yoshitakashi Athletic doujins? Many thanks in advance. I'll post some of the doujins I'm looking for.

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Anonymous 14/03/18(Tue)05:46 No. 32694 ID: e7c702


Anonymous 14/04/13(Sun)07:06 No. 33041 ID: 6768c2

Bump, surely there must be someone out here who can help me.

Anonymous 14/04/17(Thu)03:09 No. 33106 ID: 4e2bef

Bump for this , please!

Anonymous 12/09/28(Fri)04:39 No. 22750 ID: 396fed [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 134879997088.jpg - (208.30KB , 640x500 , 3f9f30cab2144b891333fa571f6158bc.jpg )


Trap on trap or trap on trap are preferred

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Anonymous 13/09/12(Thu)23:26 No. 31123 ID: 189a54

any more like the last two pictures?

WannaFantaMan 13/09/18(Wed)03:39 No. 31193 ID: 70b4f7

I feel the urge to say the following. "ITS A TRAP!"

1 1 14/04/13(Sun)23:50 No. 33050 ID: 79622e


Happy Drop - Restraint Boys (English) TnK O 14/03/16(Sun)06:56 No. 32666 ID: b6c0e0 [Reply]

File 139494940981.jpg - (1.06MB , 1082x1517 , 00001.jpg )

'Sup. It's been a while, but this one was just too special for me to pass up.

10 posts and 40 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
TnK O 14/03/16(Sun)07:12 No. 32677 ID: b6c0e0

Anonymous 14/03/17(Mon)20:12 No. 32689 ID: 527ab3

Awesome! Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous 14/04/03(Thu)21:37 No. 32837 ID: 8facdd

this was hot, ty OP

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