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Talcott (FFXV) Faeir 16/12/18(Sun)22:19 No. 42620 ID: 464806 [Reply]

File 148209599471.jpg - (54.18KB , 512x688 , Talcott.jpg )

Why is there nothing of Talcott?
He's adorable! I needs it....XD

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Anonymous 16/12/20(Tue)05:25 No. 42628 ID: 0899ab

Even though Noctis' hair isn't usually my fave for Shotas, he's fucking hot otherwise. Wow this makes me wanna buy this game more lol. My bros have a 4k tv too. A hot boy in 4k, yum.

The OP boy is pretty cute too, I love the hair and hair color, but I think Noctis has a cuter face.

Anonymous 16/12/20(Tue)19:00 No. 42631 ID: 0f41bc

"Wow this makes me wanna buy this game more lol"

This game is bullshit ^^ this screens = 99,99% of scene with noctis kid.

Bump :P Faeir 16/12/23(Fri)07:37 No. 42659 ID: 5ae5c6

Let's get some nice FFXV shota! :D

Boondocks Yaoi Anonymous 16/09/02(Fri)07:56 No. 41687 ID: 8fb2cf [Reply]

File 14727957671.jpg - (1.03MB , 2366x1774 , anma - Boondocks.jpg )

Anyone got some? I have lots from Iyumiblue and Anma.

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Anonymous 16/11/06(Sun)16:58 No. 42281 ID: 0374d9

Kyoshinhei 16/12/21(Wed)01:02 No. 42634 ID: c0c387

I drew this

Kyoshinhei 16/12/22(Thu)17:47 No. 42651 ID: c0c387

File 148242526516.png - (803.47KB , 1414x2002 , fakehueydoujin.png )


manga490 16/12/20(Tue)23:42 No. 42633 ID: f55987 [Reply]

File 148227373541.png - (275.43KB , 1223x922 , main.png )

Yoga Princess' CG collection 7, "Shonen Naruto".
this is is a great one has sound and background and is animated multiple stories.
i cant poste it on 4chan/y/ couse aprerly it is not yaoi ? but i can psote here
!! on tumblr go to manga490 u will find it,
i cant get link up i get kick QQ

Anonymous 16/12/21(Wed)07:01 No. 42635 ID: c8cc7b

Please, reply here

Anonymous 16/12/21(Wed)07:01 No. 42636 ID: c8cc7b

You have this one too?

GIF THREAD! Anonymous 14/07/26(Sat)02:44 No. 34310 ID: 2f6ae8 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 140633548093.gif - (200.53KB , 532x627 , 0e5265b5ced6cf7c22f4cee5b03091f6.gif )

Searched through the board and didn't find a gif thread, so I figured I'd start one. I've got a few.

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Turning Point Alternative Living Solutions Bernice_GirlVAW 16/09/02(Fri)14:32 No. 41689 ID: 56e347

Anonymous 16/09/02(Fri)15:34 No. 41691 ID: f0ea85

Anonymous 16/12/20(Tue)20:28 No. 42632 ID: c1c24d

Source, there are more

Request need this please Roro 16/12/12(Mon)21:16 No. 42539 ID: 168bf8 [Reply]

File 148157379538.jpg - (184.20KB , 531x560 , sn03c.jpg )

Anyone have this? Please share =)



Need this full =O


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Anonymous 16/12/16(Fri)03:23 No. 42599 ID: 8abee5

Someone shared the second one on shotachan, look for Yogurt Prince Shonen Ingoku.
The first one, I haven't seen it

Anonymous 16/12/16(Fri)20:53 No. 42605 ID: f81064

Aw Yogurt Prince sounds so damn cute. Nothing beats boyish cuteness :)

offer shotafreak 16/12/18(Sun)00:40 No. 42608 ID: 1fd15c

i hava a lot of YP work is ordered i from DMM. Id someone eager to trenslate it I am wiling to share. the work is in original language, so japanese. If anyone take the request s shara but I wait for the translations.

Anonymous 16/12/14(Wed)07:30 No. 42560 ID: c7318e [Reply]

File 14816970394.jpg - (1.76MB , 1831x2577 , nim1.jpg )

Anybody got this?

Anonymous 16/12/14(Wed)07:32 No. 42561 ID: c7318e

Interior pages.

Shounen zoom vol. 22 chubbygay 16/11/27(Sun)13:49 No. 42426 ID: a9f30b [Reply]

File 148025099817.jpg - (0.99MB , 1000x1412 , zoom22d_p01.jpg )


Anonymous 16/11/29(Tue)23:09 No. 42439 ID: 092793

File 148045735145.png - (2.73MB , 1424x1000 , 54175193_p2.png )

Thanks for the link.
Do you have any others :?

marm 16/12/13(Tue)02:47 No. 42543 ID: 8bcb2b

They're all up on hitomi.la


Anonymous 16/11/18(Fri)04:06 No. 42366 ID: 88a4dc [Reply]

File 147943837290.png - (354.30KB , 537x787 , 1134936 - Dragon_Ball Krillin Son_Goku (1).png )

anyone have the rest of this?

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/11/30(Wed)09:46 No. 42445 ID: 3ba617

File 148049560354.jpg - (141.86KB , 537x787 , 1171373539.jpg )

More of this please Anonymous 16/12/03(Sat)20:20 No. 42470 ID: 56133d

Is there more of this? This stuff is gold. :-)

Source maybe?

Definitely Worth It Anonymous 16/12/12(Mon)08:08 No. 42535 ID: 56133d

I second the search if there more if this?

Tony Anon 16/12/07(Wed)15:34 No. 42495 ID: 0d32cf [Reply]

File 148112128353.jpg - (13.59KB , 143x300 , image.jpg )

Anyone got more from him? (Tony from 'Amazing Spiez')

Anonymous 16/12/11(Sun)03:36 No. 42525 ID: 572500

Sorry, mate, this is all I could find, besides straight shota.

SFW Volume 7 Anonymous 16/06/25(Sat)17:02 No. 41078 ID: 8b4be6 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 146686695847.png - (302.80KB , 800x940 , 57573600.png )

198 posts and 336 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/12/08(Thu)15:10 No. 42501 ID: 132def

File 148120624749.jpg - (134.01KB , 750x636 , 60287131.jpg )

Anonymous 16/12/08(Thu)16:54 No. 42504 ID: 132def

Anonymous 16/12/09(Fri)03:12 No. 42508 ID: 6dc9bc

File 148124953285.jpg - (43.60KB , 452x800 , 4559114.jpg )

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