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Amputated Shota Omid 14/07/18(Fri)11:43 No. 34261 ID: 814f78 [Reply]

File 140567659714.jpg - (95.51KB , 470x696 , 137870436120_shotachan.jpg )

Armless, legless (or both) shota.

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Omid 14/08/08(Fri)20:40 No. 34460 ID: c1eaa6

Omid 14/08/11(Mon)23:43 No. 34477 ID: 8ce9e3

Omid 14/09/15(Mon)18:13 No. 34761 ID: 0269bc

Anonymous 14/05/09(Fri)00:06 No. 33388 ID: f06fd6 [Reply]

File 139958676254.jpg - (131.19KB , 1111x819 , 0ec2932174f813fdbc252beed80d9291d5160b26.jpg )

Anybody know a book that has underage relationships? I can't find any!

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Anonymous 14/09/07(Sun)05:44 No. 34690 ID: f2adf2

Oh my God, the cover.
I'm seriously praying for a genderbent version of Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita.

Anonymous 14/09/15(Mon)07:19 No. 34753 ID: 14ffa4

Boku no Pico?

Matchbox Prince 14/09/15(Mon)08:50 No. 34754 ID: 2f260d


Not remotely. BnP was plain and ordinary feminine-uke getting seduced and screwed by masculine-seme, like it's been done in a thousand yaoi comics, the only difference being the uke was stated to be 12 instead of 19.

He probably meant more like a boy seducing/manipulating a man.

Ballbusting/Tamakeri thread Tentickle 14/08/22(Fri)01:25 No. 34549 ID: 777fe9 [Reply]

File 14086635125.jpg - (184.69KB , 1000x700 , 90c7933171c3f9bc321734d85dd7ab65.jpg )

Can we get some beautiful boys getting their ball busted, please?

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Tentickle 14/09/12(Fri)02:15 No. 34736 ID: 5510ed

We're on a website with shota threads and you're about to kink shame? Tsk tsk.

Anonymous 14/09/12(Fri)19:50 No. 34741 ID: 2f260d


All kinks are equal, but some are more equal than others. Personally, I think people who like to jerk it to boys having orgasms are less fucked up than people who like to jerk it to boys in serious pain.

Tentickle 14/09/13(Sat)10:37 No. 34743 ID: b9be3c

But fucked up none the less. I'm not saying it's not weird. I'm just saying please don't kink shame. Thanks for bumping.

Anyone have this? Anonymous 14/09/10(Wed)18:58 No. 34718 ID: 656423 [Reply]

File 141036829951.jpg - (631.53KB , 600x850 , 45039593_big_p0_1276713546.jpg )

Looking for this title by Taira Kosaka

Kuroko Tetsuya Anonymous 14/09/08(Mon)18:15 No. 34707 ID: 7b26e3 [Reply]

File 141019294042.jpg - (210.57KB , 800x557 , Kuroko_no_Basket_full_1246947.jpg )

Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko no Basket

Anonymous 14/09/08(Mon)18:17 No. 34708 ID: 7b26e3

Shotas with Tentacles or Monsters Anonymous 13/07/24(Wed)13:17 No. 30322 ID: afbf30 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 137466467532.jpg - (2.21MB , 1944x2592 , 37286606.jpg )

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Anonymous 14/07/28(Mon)07:13 No. 34344 ID: bf3c54

Anonymous 14/07/28(Mon)07:15 No. 34345 ID: bf3c54

Anonymous 14/09/07(Sun)19:10 No. 34698 ID: e8bfcc

File 14101098544.jpg - (367.42KB , 776x1000 , 45829096.jpg )

Oliver Shota anonanon 14/04/01(Tue)12:28 No. 32813 ID: ffecb1 [Reply]

File 139634812646.jpg - (24.36KB , 448x277 , olll.jpg )

Can we get some Oliver shota pls

6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Soddam+Hussay 14/05/07(Wed)03:39 No. 33345 ID: 4f0843

File 139942677366.jpg - (41.63KB , 625x390 , 156d788e3961123a3577c52cfeb1450a316c9865de90030a4f.jpg )


Anonymous 14/08/26(Tue)18:04 No. 34579 ID: bfd151

File 140906908327.jpg - (351.37KB , 1365x822 , 1402249 - Ghibli Madoc Mite Ni_no_Kuni Oliver phil.jpg )

Screw you, concerned fan!

Anonymous 14/09/07(Sun)10:19 No. 34696 ID: b4d911


M 14/08/19(Tue)00:47 No. 34528 ID: aaea66 [Reply]

File 140840204366.jpg - (264.04KB , 1184x868 , moombaarts (49).jpg )

Moomba arts anybody ?

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n 14/09/02(Tue)09:23 No. 34629 ID: b1c8fa

>> ID: ebd164

What is hubba hubba ?

Anonymous 14/09/06(Sat)21:58 No. 34685 ID: a36029

Anymore pics?

n 14/09/07(Sun)01:49 No. 34688 ID: 1eb7bf

Unfortunately i have no more pics of he -_- I also am looking for. I finded these many years ago.

Animal Skins and tribal shota Foxof 14/08/05(Tue)16:00 No. 34417 ID: cdac1a [Reply]

File 14072472431.jpg - (124.30KB , 666x1000 , 1d.jpg )

Lots of hotness in animal skins, body paint, loin cloths, etc. The more sex the better.

8 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Foxof 14/09/02(Tue)23:35 No. 34639 ID: 41b940

Annonnn 14/09/03(Wed)03:32 No. 34640 ID: a577c4

That first picture in 34638 may be the single most uncomfortable-looking shota I've ever seen.

Foxof 14/09/05(Fri)00:44 No. 34668 ID: 41b940

AnonAnim Anonymous 14/08/22(Fri)04:00 No. 34551 ID: 891f54 [Reply]

File 140867284831.jpg - (465.01KB , 1175x1200 , hup.jpg )

What happened to his Tumblr? I just leave for a few days and it's gone. I thought his art was adorable. Were other artists affected by this? Is he still going to post his art somewhere, and where?

2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/08/30(Sat)11:15 No. 34606 ID: 6905d0

Tumblr is 50% porn anyway, what the fuck

tumblr porn shota viewer 14/09/02(Tue)04:42 No. 34626 ID: ebd164

it is? i had no idea! but i sure wuld enjoy finding out if any1 has a link to a good tumblr page

Ah ... Tumblr Anonymous 14/09/03(Wed)21:42 No. 34657 ID: ab4c09

File 140977332181.png - (6.62KB , 252x252 , a74aebf8-f907-4bf2-9aa6-c6b39f2ecd07.png )


In order to find good Tumblr pages ...

1) Start with one link to a decent
Tumblr of your choice ...
2) Use the "/archive" URL in order to
see all the images etc. posted
3) Use the Notes to find out which blogs
are liking and reposting the most pics.
4) Begin from step 1 using the new Tumblrs
you've discovered by poking around in
the first Tumblr's archives

5) The most important step: Stay on top of
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