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Anonymous 14/09/02(Tue)09:34 No. 34630 ID: 03531f [Reply]

File 140964326255.png - (235.56KB , 600x458 , tumblr_n0gotjuzUl1sgkqa9o1_1280.png )

Soccer Anonymous 14/07/05(Sat)07:21 No. 34176 ID: 5378c5 [Reply]

File 14045376626.jpg - (202.05KB , 815x1000 , b0502s.jpg )

Soccer shota thread

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Anonymous 14/08/31(Sun)20:45 No. 34614 ID: 9ce97f

suace plz

Anonymous 14/09/01(Mon)10:48 No. 34617 ID: 7b1f22


Sauce ... Anonymous 14/09/01(Mon)21:47 No. 34623 ID: ab4c09


If you mean for the doujin ...

1. Link to the Doujin:


2. Link to the artist's general pixiv:


Chubby Shota Chubby Boy 13/10/06(Sun)22:16 No. 31435 ID: 9b23af [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 138109056161.jpg - (110.77KB , 616x802 , 38772968_big_p5.jpg )

Can we have a chubby shotacon thread Please?

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This Guy 14/12/16(Tue)08:39 No. 35543 ID: 85bca6

This Guy 14/12/16(Tue)08:40 No. 35544 ID: 85bca6

Chubbyyaoi yeeeee 14/12/16(Tue)21:19 No. 35551 ID: 1f2f15

ask me if u want to trade chubby yaoi or chubby kid porn vid grimartsquerubin@gmail.com see you

SFW Volume 3 Anonymous 13/07/14(Sun)11:15 No. 30182 ID: 3c08a1 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 137379333979.jpg - (317.47KB , 707x1000 , 43234243.jpg )

Last thread won't bump anymore

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Anonymous 14/04/18(Fri)07:38 No. 33117 ID: 3ab562

I agree. Should just be Daichi and Teppei the whole show.

It's called Captain Earth, it just started like 2 weeks ago, so far it's awesome. Besides cute boys, there's giant robots and a great soundtrack. I'm personally super excited to see how it turns out, it seems really good so far.

Anonymous 14/04/18(Fri)11:52 No. 33119 ID: 6e1630

File 139781474382.jpg - (0.97MB , 1712x1725 , 42944985.jpg )

Anonymous 14/08/25(Mon)16:51 No. 34572 ID: 52ef1b

File 140897828314.png - (178.38KB , 245x436 , tumblr_nad6gzvRHx1r3ifxzo2_400.png )

Anonymous 12/09/28(Fri)04:39 No. 22750 ID: 396fed [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 134879997088.jpg - (208.30KB , 640x500 , 3f9f30cab2144b891333fa571f6158bc.jpg )


Trap on trap or trap on trap are preferred

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WannaFantaMan 13/09/18(Wed)03:39 No. 31193 ID: 70b4f7

I feel the urge to say the following. "ITS A TRAP!"

1 1 14/04/13(Sun)23:50 No. 33050 ID: 79622e


Anonymous 14/08/19(Tue)10:13 No. 34537 ID: 266885

got to save

Bondage/Ringgags/Toys Anonymous 14/08/05(Tue)04:28 No. 34411 ID: be2d6b [Reply]

File 14072057159.jpg - (387.47KB , 1047x1511 , ina08.jpg )

Preferably together :3

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Naughty Timmy 14/08/06(Wed)13:57 No. 34428 ID: 778d16

File 14073262291.jpg - (306.63KB , 579x801 , 95c4400837bda591e8e8e33950b0cc5d[1].jpg )

WannaFantaMan 14/08/07(Thu)10:07 No. 34436 ID: 70b4f7

Inazuma Eleven is SUCH A GOOD SHOTA SOURCE!!! It's also the land of the mental traps xD

Anonymous 14/08/18(Mon)14:53 No. 34523 ID: 8087aa


hello 2spooky4u 14/08/17(Sun)17:54 No. 34513 ID: a75859 [Reply]

File 140829085469.png - (794.84KB , 500x706 , zoom14_p01s.png )

any news for this new doujin? :)

marmalade 14/08/20(Wed)03:36 No. 34543 ID: 95f3c7

it's up on exhentai

Is there more of this artist? Tom 14/08/13(Wed)11:10 No. 34481 ID: 4b0118 [Reply]

File 140792104896.jpg - (118.97KB , 1111x819 , image.jpg )

Just perfect!

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/08/13(Wed)21:03 No. 34484 ID: 4b0118

What it is?

Anonymous 14/08/13(Wed)21:05 No. 34485 ID: 4b0118

Please...where I can find more of it? Please!

Anonymous 14/08/14(Thu)07:00 No. 34488 ID: 153540

Artist name is Yuni ...google it

Brazil World Cup boy Anonymous 14/06/16(Mon)02:04 No. 33960 ID: e3741d [Reply]

File 14028770643.png - (595.13KB , 1000x558 , worldcuplad.png )

The lad from the World Cup TV Opening, cute as hell.

Vai Brasil!

6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/06/21(Sat)12:12 No. 34039 ID: 31d40b

i'd remove this thread but, i'm not a mod.

Masked Shota 14/06/21(Sat)20:54 No. 34048 ID: 94d76f

How about this, to make this thread actually mean something and be hot instead of wishful thinking how about we post some hot football shota! (I'll contribute once I get off work)

Anonymous 14/08/07(Thu)20:53 No. 34444 ID: ab4c09


*humming to myself*

Does anyone know the artist or source of this? Anonymous 14/08/05(Tue)23:38 No. 34425 ID: b6190a [Reply]

File 140727472149.png - (1.75MB , 650x2624 , 652701.png )

I've been looking around for quite awhile and haven't been able to find the artist anywhere. It'd be much appreciated if anyone could tell me where I can find more of their works!

Anonymous 14/08/05(Tue)23:54 No. 34426 ID: 75af0f


Anonymous 14/08/06(Wed)00:26 No. 34427 ID: b6190a

Thanks, you're awesome!

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