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Anyone have a real-life shotacon thing? Anonymous 17/04/17(Mon)04:25 No. 43608 ID: 0302f6

File 149239590364.jpg - (16.90KB , 342x299 , 3527197_1400493883910_86res_342_300.jpg )

old fag here ... I'm sure this happened often back then
> be me, be 14, be 1968
> 40 yo guy moves in a few doors down
> got to know him, mowed his lawn and shit
> in his house one day, he shows me porn
> straight porn, gay porn
> takes out his cock, i stroke it, he sucks me
> after I cum I feel weird and leave, went back over an hour later

It went on for several months, was not a bad experience for me.

Anonymous 17/04/17(Mon)04:47 No. 43609 ID: 0302f6

File 14923972553.jpg - (43.26KB , 480x640 , BpGM2BWCAAAjDrL.jpg )


Anonymous 17/04/17(Mon)04:48 No. 43610 ID: 0302f6

File 149239732210.jpg - (67.99KB , 541x750 , dd948bb927b3ac2f3beca79f14825be4.jpg )

Ba dum bump

Anonymous 17/06/26(Mon)21:16 No. 44080 ID: efc384

I think I was around 7, my neighbor-cousin introduced me to his cock. I'm not really sure about our age gap even now, I think he was in high school back then, so around 15-18. He prepared water that time. He tried to sneak me to places nearby where we could be alone(like room, old farmhouse, etc.) That's where all it started..

Anonymous 17/06/27(Tue)15:53 No. 44087 ID: d579ec

I have some:
1) I think I was 15, so not so much a shota anymore, and on my way to school by train. This grandpa sits opposite from me, I wasn't paying much attention and kept reading, but then I noticed some movement where he was sitting, so I raise my head only to see his beating his cock like there's no tommorow. I got extremely embarassed (I was still a virgin for a few month at that time) and really excited, I couldn't take my eyes off him, clearly to his enjoyment, but was too shy to do anything either - this experience just seemed so alien lol. I've met him one more time, must've been the next semester, same story, except this time he sat closer to me and asked me if I liked it and I wanted to touch him. I was so stupid I told him I knew this sort of thing, even though my excitement was hurting like mad. He offered me some money, I said I leave that up to him. And then he said "ok, just bear with me until I cum and then I'll be on my way". Too bad I was such an idiot and didn't touch him, even though he was pretty much on the small side. I'm sure my old men kink comes from that time.

2) Between the first and second time with the grandpa above, I was at our summer house with some friends (for the first time without parents). There was this guy, we were basically best friends since first grade and we would often mess around ever since I can remember. The first night during our stay everyone was asleep already and the two of us and my younger cousin were lying on this big bed (my cousin was asleep too) and suddenly my friend whipped his hard cock out and asked me if I wanted to try jerking him off. I did for a bit and then he finished on his own and eventually fell asleep. I was so angry that he didn't return the favour, but I jacked off anyway. Nothing else happened ever again.

3) I messed around with my younger cousin a few times as well, like grabbing his cock while we played. He was too whiny and would start crying often though, so I never really went to actually do something more (I was too afraid he would tell our parents). One time, when we were at grandma's house (I think I was 9 or 10 and he was around 7), we were alone in the kitchen/dining room and he had a hole in his sweatpants and would sometimes poke his dick through. That time I grabbed and tugged on it a bit. He went on to tell grandma though, but I managed to catch him on time and talk him into not doing it. One more time we were a bit older, I was 12-13 and he was 10, I think, and we were on vacation with our families and somehow ended up alone in one of the hotel rooms and talking about masturbation. Or basically I asked him if he knew how to jerk off. He said he doesn't and I was too much of a wuss to show him on me or on him (though I guess you all understand why because of the reasons above). I couldn't count the times I fantasized about him though.

4) This one's isn't exactly about me, but when we were on a school trip in seventh grade, this one classmate masturbated for the first time (because we were all doing it) and he had to describe the whole thing. Of course, assholes as we were, we went to tell all the girls afterwards XD

If there was some way to go back to those times, especially while keeping all the knowledge I have today, I'd do it and fuck everyone up properly this time! XD

real life story shota time!!! no name lover 17/08/03(Thu)18:49 No. 44327 ID: 2f4430

So, I got into the whole shotawhatever scene because Im pretty sure I was and I saw this thread so might as well tell my story.

When I was 9 year old light skin hispanic boy, I was a shota star basically. So my 30 year old uncle was living in our basement which had a door at the top of the stairs but the main basement living room was turned into his bedroom with a curtain. It was basically a dark room with a big bed, stereo system and a chimney.
One day I thought I should go downstairs and bother my uncle. My uncle is a tall buff tattooed hispanic guy with a slim beard trim and spiky hair. I would always call him Tio. He was laying on his bed listening to music on the stereo when I walked in and I jumped on top of him. He always liked me so we just talked while I was on him, he'd grab me by the hips. Then I started to dance like moving side to side, which in reaity was basically a lap dance that i didnt know i was doing. He loved when I did that especially, near his thighs. The day had to end though because mom ended up calling me upstairs.

So the next day, same going through the curtains and jumping on him, but this time he asked me if i could keep secrets, so i promised i could. He pulled out his weiner, a nice long and thick one, it even had a tattoo on it. I never had seen a penis before but i knew i loved my uncle so i just grabed it and asked what it was. He then told me if i could do tricks on it like licking and sucking. I started doing whatever he asked me to do, music was always playing so id suck to the rhythm. Until he finally blew cum all inside my mouth. He would always send me upstairs after he'd clean me up. His favorite way of cleaning mr up was touching me everywhere

Months went by and every other day id pay my uncle a visit downstairs. My aunt was a masseuse, so I told him I could massage him. I loved tracing his tattoos with my fingers. He told me his friend was coming over soon, and that i should go upstairs. I refused even though I had always obeyed him before. He finally gave up. So his friend came, and it was someone I had met before! My parents' friend Juan! I ran up to hug him like i would always do. Tio and juan talked in Spanish for a bit. I had no clue what they were saying, but then Juan laid down on the bed..

so like idk if you guys even like my story im just sorta writing it because its a thread why not. umm, like say something if you like it thanks!!! I

Anonymous 17/08/04(Fri)12:20 No. 44330 ID: 7c194b

Nice story friend!

Anonymous 17/08/05(Sat)07:54 No. 44332 ID: 28795f

Please, for the love of God, continue.

part 2 no name lover 17/08/06(Sun)22:27 No. 44348 ID: b5e66c

Tio and juan talked in Spanish for a bit. I had no clue what they were saying, but then Juan laid down on the bed and I caught a hint. It was like I knew what to do, I climbed on top of Juan and started to kiss him. His mustache hair irritated my lips swelling them up. I felt his rough hands roll down my shorts and cuff my butt. At this point, my uncle was taking his clothes off, but just stood there staring at us. I didn't like how Juan was putting his finger near my hole, it was rugged and uncomfortable. So I closed my eyes, and then when I opened them again my uncle had a camera pointing at us. Juan licked his finger and put it back, I relaxed a bit. The camera was sorta making me feel like I star. So i started smiling, thats when Juan asked me if he could try my mouth a bit. I of course accepted his offer because Ive always done it for my uncle. I slid down and tugged his shorts down, I started to lick the tip and down to his ball area. He was very well shaved, so i started suck the side of his penis and stare at the camera. I slide all the way up until I started sucking the head of the penis. Out of nowhere, Juan grabbed me and threw me on the bed. He got on top of me and said "just the tip." His head was still wet from the sucking. I clenched for some reason, he started top jab me harder and harder. My uncle hadnt had done this with me before but I tried to like it. Juan got a little bit of his tip in me, it hurt so much but then a warm sensation filled me. My uncle started to hand Juan the camera..

 i will write more down soon!

Skyler 17/08/10(Thu)21:01 No. 44399 ID: c0de4b

[This thread'll probably get deleted but whatever, I'll contribute anyway. I've got my stories to tell. All names falsified for obvious reasons.]

Back in the year 2000 I was 8, pale, platinum blonde and skinny. I was going to daycare at this local place run out of a church in my neighborhood. Most of the staff were alright, none of 'em were harsh or cruel or anything, but one person stood out. A big, strong man whose name was Richard. He was the nicest adult I had ever met. I idolized him to no end. He had saved me from bullies, he'd helped me fix a broken toy, he did it all. To a kid like me who didn't grow up with a father in the house, he was the closest thing. There was nothing I wouldn't do as long as he was the one who asked me.

So one day, when I asked him for permission to use the restroom, he took me over to one much less commonly used in the building and told me he had to go too. After taking care of biz, I heard him ask if he could come in outside my stall. Though I was nervous at first, I opened the door for him and he stepped in, closing it behind him. "Now I want you to promise that whatever happens next stays our secret, okay Skyler?" he asked. I automatically nodded my head 'yes' excitedly (I wasn't much of a talker). A secret only me and my hero will know? What a rush! "Can you take everything off for me?" At first I was hesitant but, of course, there was nothing I wouldn't do if my hero Richard asked me.

I stripped down to nothing, even ditching shoes and socks, and then stood still while he looked me up and down. He approached gently, got on his knees to level his face with mine, gazed deeply into my eyes and kissed me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth and twisting it around mine. I was shocked, naturally, but I felt no need to struggle or resist. Instead I simply stood there and let the sensation wash over me. It made my heart race and my face flush. Seconds later he withdrew from it, looking down towards my crotch. He had made me stiff as a board with his kiss. He smiled at my reaction and drew me closer, wrapping his big, muscly hands around my buttcheeks as he whispered into my ear. "I'm gonna do something good for you now, so close your eyes."

As soon as he finished and saw me shut my eyes, he immediately started licking and kissing my neck while his hands kneeded my backside, the occasional finger venturing between the cheeks to lightly probe at my hole. Gradually he descended, tracing over every inch of my chest and stomach with his tongue, paying extra attention to my nipples. His hot, steamy breath felt so odd but so comforting on my skin, and he would occasionally whisper little "You're beautiful"s at me as he got nearer and nearer to his goal. By this point I was panting and moaning heavily, my knees beginning to weaken. I needed release badly, and Richard could tell. From his position he swept me off my feet and up into his arms in one swift motion and buried his face in my crotch, licking and suckling on my boyhood hungrily until a final jolt of pleasure shook me to my very core, leaving me limp as a wet noodle in his arms. He laid me back down and dressed me while I basked in the afterglow of my first orgasm. After washing up and throwing some cold water in my face, we left and took our secret with us.

He and I did more stuff beyond that, I can keep recounting if you guys dig it.

Anonymous 17/08/11(Fri)03:13 No. 44402 ID: 9d1549

I might have dieded a tiny bit inside. PLEASE KEEP GOING xD

no name lover 17/08/11(Fri)09:06 No. 44404 ID: f2dfbd

That was sooo good skyler!! Defff keep going

Shota Mr. Ed 17/08/11(Fri)12:12 No. 44408 ID: ba4bdb

It was a warm summer and me who had just turn 10 just a day ago but for me I had this ich that needed to be scratched, my dreams had been full of boys naked with there dickies flopping about, I never dream about big dicks only small ones as them dicks looked like toys to me and the dreams always end in me having the small little dick in my mouth sucking it like a baby bottle, it seem I always woke up with a hard on looking about my room for that boy had dream about, I had the hots for little boys younger then me, I would find myself staring at boys age 8 and younger, I once watch this 5 year old at the playground it seem this little boy always had his hand on his crotch touching himself and it become clear I had to have this little 5 year old who enjoyed playing with himself even more so as I spy on him piss on a bush, Oh what a small little Dickie he had and when he was done peeing he would milk it for the last pee drop then he walk behind the bush, I move to get a better look as this little boy drop his pants and just played with his little stiffy, he most of had only a three inch stiffy thin like a pinky finger and this boys penis was cut like my penis is, I watch well spy on this little 5 year old playing with his Dickie, his pants and underwear down at his feet just stroking away, I had to say something so I said. "C...can I play with it" I ask, the boy was in shock as he pull up his pants but I beg one more time. "Please I would love to play with your little Dickie" I ask smiling and hoping he would say yes, this little boy seem mad but then a smile come a cross his lip's and this little boys pants began to pull down then his undies came down, I knee down close to this little 5 year old and I kneel down to the point of almost sitting down, this boy had the most sweet look dick ever as I watch it twitch, I reach down and begain to play with the boys now rock hard penis still no thicker then a pinky finger with a just a little curve to it, I stroke it slowly, the skin of this little boys felt so soft as my eye's are lock on his penis, I can't help myself as I lean down and I give it a kiss, the boy pull back just a little then he said. "Kiss it again pwease" said the little boy and I did kiss it again right on the head of his tiny dick then I lick it as he pull back but return his dick back to my waiting mouth, I kiss and lick it more, I hear him moan also softly then I swallow his dick and stared to suck and bob my head, at first he was about to pull away but then thrust his rock hared dick back into my mouth and he started to buck into my mouth with quick bucks, by now this boy is moaning and breathing hard, I can feel his tiny dick throb in my mouth, it seem as if this boy was dry cuming in my mouth, his penis pulse and twitch in my mouth but he just keep on humpping my mouth as I suck it hungrly, in my pants my pebis is dripping like mad clear pre cum and soon I cum in my pants, A voice rang out. "Timmy time to go home" this boy quickly pull his pants up gave me a kiss dead on the lip's and said goodbye" I watch this sweet little boy run off to his mommy.

Skyler 17/08/13(Sun)05:22 No. 44454 ID: 5a52ec

Will do, thanks for the kind words.

So, picking up where I left off...

For the next few weeks, Richard and I would find chances to keep getting away and spending some "quality time". Two times ithappened in the same way as the first, since he loved the taste of me, clearly. But the fourth time, he wanted me to try something a little different. I jumped at the chance, naturally. I was so curious! What else could make me feel as good as Richard's tongue barrage?

When the time came, we hurried off to our out-of-the-way restroom, made sure nobody was nearby and then undressed quickly in the roomy handicap stall. He sat with his back against the wall, motioning me over. I hustled over to him and jumped into his arms, eagerly leaning into his kiss, my body pressed against his. He cut it short and laid me across his lap, belly-down, and ran his hands along my backside, my hips and thighs, and across my back as I stretched out and relaxed in my position.

Stopping his massage, he leaned over and asked "You ready? This might be a bit strange at first." in his calming, sultry voice. "Y-yeah, sure." Ianswered, a slight shiver of anticipation shooting through me. He again brought his firm, smooth hands to my buttcheeks, using one to slightly spread them apart. I couldn't help but gasp slightly as I felt his index finger begin to gently rub across my boy-hole, making Richard briefly pause to ask if I was nervous about it. "It just surprised me, I'm okay" I said, not wanting him to worry about me... or stop what he was doing. I was excited by it. It felt so strange. I had to find out what he was leading up to. He stuck his middle finger in his mouth, making a bit of noise as he slicked it up with his saliva.

He spread me open again, starting to push his wet, warm finger in little by little. I froze, not wanting to move a wrong way and interrupt. It was so odd! As he eventually got to the first joint of his finger, he stopped, staying still and letting me adjust and relax. He noticed my breathing was a bit short and quick, since I was so caught off guard by what was happening. "Don't worry Skyler, I would never do anything that I think would hurt you. I know just where to go, so make sure to relax your muscles. Breathe slowly, in and out." Richard asvised, carefully. I took what he said to heart immediately. He wouldn't steer me wrong. I took deep, slow breaths, calming myself and letting my small body go limp across my hero's lap.

Getting back to business, Richard had an easier time working his way deeper into me, reaching the knuckle in decent time. "Here we go." he said, pushing in the last bit that he could, and then started slowly, steadily rubbing the digit of his moistened finger against my prostate, circling it around my sensitive spot which made me moan. I was already a little stiff just for having Richard inside me like this as it was, but now I was hard, my face flushed from the sensations, my back arching slightly as I almost instinctively used my knees to push my little ass up towards his probing hand slightly. I could feel the tip of his throbbing erection rubbing against my chest.

Chuckling slightly at my clear and obvious approval for his wonderful performance that my squirming and moaning clearly displayed, Richard sped up the motions, moving his other hand to cover my mouth in anticipation for the intensifying reaction that followed. He moved the middle finger in and out, taking it to the tip and then sliding it all back. At last, I could no longer hold out. The vigorous finger-fucking was driving me wild! I finally came, clenching every muscle briefly as the massive jolts of pleasure once again shot through me, leaving me slumped across his lap.

As he gingerly laid me down on my back, making a pillow for me out of my unworn clothes, Richard had one more little snicker as he told me "Hehe, you left a tiny bit of a mess on my leg, sweet kid." he said, pointing to a little wet spot on his thigh. I giggled, embarrassedly. "Now if you wanna wait until next time for this I'd understand, you do look a bit tuckered out", he said to me, leaning over me as I panted, "but I'd love and appreciate it if you'd do one thing for me." I was shaken, sure, but of course, when Richard asked something of me, I never hesitated.

I'll save the rest for next post.

Anonymous 17/08/21(Mon)10:13 No. 44554 ID: e7be65

Damn that's a hot story Skyler!

Anonymous 17/08/23(Wed)23:32 No. 44593 ID: e0f95f


Skyler 17/08/25(Fri)19:21 No. 44617 ID: f75736

Oh jeeze, I forgot to post the other part of this encounter. Busy few days, sorry y'all! Anyhow:

I nodded my agreement to Richard's request, his face lighting up with a gracious smile. He repositioned me close to him, gingerly resting my head on his lap facing towards him. My eyes were instantly drawn to his massive, throbbing erection, my face once again feeling the heat of a blush. "Alright, we're gonna take this nice n' slow so I can walk you through it" Richard said, running his fingers through my long blonde hair as he pet my head affectionately. His other hand grabbed his cock, positioning it so that the tip was nearly touching my lips. The scent of his manhood filled my nose, intensifying the rushing of blood to my face. I tentatively stuck my little tongue out, giving the head a lick. I couldn't quite wrap my mind around the strange taste of the bead of precum my tongue caught, but I didn't dislike it.

"Oho, a bit eager, are we, little Sky?" Richard said with a hearty chuckle in that deep, soothing voice of his, "Okay. I'm gonna be moving your head around a little, so just relax your neck and let me do the work. Open your mouth a bit for me, please." I did so, like I was at the doctor's office for a checkup, leaving out the usual "ahhh" of course. He gently guided me forward, his cock rubbing against my tongue and giving me a full taste of it. I was wholeheartedly intrigued by his flavor. Stopping suddenly, he instructed "Now, close your lips around it, but be sure not to bite down, okay? Keep the teeth apart." Cautiously, I followed his guidance, wrapping my lips as tightly as possible around his shaft and minding my teeth, not wanting to mess it up. "You're doing great, kid. Now just relax. I'm gonna start moving you now." Richard said as he positioned his soft grip on the back of my head.

As he began to guide me back and forth, my tongue instinctively began lapping across his head and shaft vigorously and my lips tightened a bit more, as if I was sucking my thumb like I did when I was just a couple years younger. "Mmm, oh that's great, Skyler. Keep that up, you feel so good." he groaned, clearly pleased with the attention I was giving him. He sped up a little bit, pushing a tad deeper into my mouth. I closed my eyes and concentrated, savoring the flavor of the big, meaty cock I was sucking. I felt Richard's hips start moving slightly, sending him even deeper inside. His tip was nearly at the back of my mouth with each thrust now, my drooling mouth making slight slurping noises as he pushed in and pulled outward. I was loving his taste and smell, his pre oozing onto my tongue as I licked. My mind raced and my boyhood stiffened again, my senses overwhelming me.

His pace quickened once more, panting heavily with need as his tip started to reach the entrance to my throat. Though I was breathing through my nose, I still couldn't help but gasp in a sharp inhale and open my eyes at that feeling. Thankfully my gag reflex was never very sensitive. In and out, in and out, he began bucking his hips slightly as he continued to fuck my mouth. My hands reached down of their own accord as I began rubbing my little cock furiously, as my own hardness had become a little uncomfortable. Since I was still so sensitive from my previous emission, it didn't take me very long at all to massage myself into a dry orgasm, though it did come with a tiny bit of discomfort since I had cum so soon before. Regardless, it wasn't where my attention was focused. I was pleasing my beloved hero and that was all I needed to think about.

Finally, he couldn't hold out anymore. "Oh Skyler I'm... I'm gonna- " Richard stammered as he stopped my head while he was almost in my throat, cum exploding from his tip in a thunderous orgasm. He held me there as his cum coated my tongue and the roof of my mouth, the taste incredibly strange and foreign but SO good. I swallowed with a loud gulp as Richard finally pulled all the way out, allowing me to breathe deeply again. His arms fell to his sides as he slumped back against the wall. His panting slowed, clearly gone from need to exhaustion. He was absolutely spent. Looking down, he met my loving gaze staring back at him, the biggest grin I had ever seen on his face. "You don't even know how much I needed that, Skyler, you're such a good boy." he said, pulling me up into a tight embrace. I nuzzled my face into his chest, comforted and gratified by his praise as if god himself had spoken it. After basking in our afterglow for a moment, we again got dressed and went back as if nothing had occurred. I did make sure to whisper to him how yummy I thought he was later, though.

Aaaand that's it for this one.

If I don't fucking forget the thread again I'll probably do one more. Cheers!

Anonymous 17/08/27(Sun)03:36 No. 44631 ID: 9d1549

I might have dieded alot inside like, 20 times x3

Don't forget! I wonder 17/09/01(Fri)05:41 No. 44686 ID: 76b7bb

Where's the other story?! :)

I'll be here patiently waiting...

Anonymous 17/09/02(Sat)15:08 No. 44691 ID: 6c8977

last irl thread got deleted just a heads up

Anonymous 18/07/23(Mon)19:13 No. 47583 ID: c6360c

I can't believe adults are jacking off to stories of kids being raped thats fucked up

Anonymous 18/07/25(Wed)15:50 No. 47593 ID: 99a86c

Earth is a great place, don't you think?

Anonymous 18/07/25(Wed)21:30 No. 47596 ID: 6acf6b



Anonymous 18/08/26(Sun)20:33 No. 47919 ID: e26255

Don't have story but sure do like irl hmu on telegram?

Real life Boney 18/08/29(Wed)02:56 No. 47936 ID: b22078

When I was about 8 or 9 I was friends with next door neighbor's boy, Tony, and we played usual games in his back garden. Another boy, Shaun, who was 4 or 5 would be a pest and always wanted to join in with our games. As a deterrent we often pulled his shorts and pants down , which would cause him to run off back home. This ritual was getting too common and my friend decided to go further on one occasion.
The pesky lad was interrupting our games and my neighbor told me to hold him down as he removed the shorts and pants and spread his bum cheeks revealing a very pink hole. I hadn't realised that a boy's cherry could be so alluring. My pal flipped him over and started to stroke the 2 inches of pink, floppy, cock, as he said, " let's get him stiff and see what he's hiding".
I was in a stupor watching my friend stroking and stretching the boy's cock till it indeed got stiff and ended up another half inch longer. The boy was fascinated by my friend's actions and wondering what he would do next. As all the boys, and men, who I had seen their cocks had uncut versions I was not surprised to see the little boy's foreskin hiding his helmet but I didn't realise it was retractable, a pleasure I was yet to experience. My neighbor knew it was and after a few small pulls, revealing a pale peehole, he pulled the foreskin back down the shaft, causing the lad to yelp as his bright red bell end was aired for our voyerism. Tony proceeded to roll the foreskin up and down for a while and it became less tight as it got wet with moisture from around the grill. Suddenly Tony flipped Shaun over again and spread his bum cheeks, as I kept a grip on the lad, but straining to see that pink hole. Then Tony dragged his own jeans down and pulled out his 6 inches of hard dick. I was gobsmacked to see that Tony had such a large cock for his age, as mine was at best 4 inches, and he was 6 months younger than me. I asked him what he was going to do to which he replied. " I'm checking to see if his older brothers, or his priest, have buggered him".
It only took two efforts to slip his cock into Shaun's cherry, and 6 inches seemed to disappear very easily. I had no clue why Tony was doing this, or what he meant, but the act was giving me a hard-on and I was wondering if I could get a turn too. What happened next however was even more mind-blowing.

Anonymous 18/09/02(Sun)13:52 No. 47974 ID: 1ab750


Hey, thanks for posting, Skyler! Guys, is there a fiction shota thread on here? (I'm a Nifty fan, but it seems to be going through a bad patch atm.)

Anonymous 18/09/15(Sat)23:31 No. 48077 ID: b3db72

Second part?

Anonymous 19/04/22(Mon)15:05 No. 50669 ID: 3a4619

Had a couple of experiences.

My first experience was when I was 7 and started experimenting with my neighbour who was at 8. It was a lot of kissing, sucking each other, and rimming each other. We also got into some kinky stuff that I had seen online. I went in the bathroom with him all the time and would make out with him while we peed together or while he was taking a shit.

Second experience was when I was 11 and had another neighbour around the same age. I used to give him backrubs a lot and then feel his ass. Never got anywhere with him though.

When I was 12, I tried super hard to hook up with my uncle, but he wouldn't make a move and I was too scared to make the first move. He ended up getting in touch with me recently and told me that he had wanted to go for it then, but was just afraid.

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