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Shota Discord, Shota RP 17/11/06(Mon)18:21 No. 45328 ID: 8df9e0

File 150998887291.jpg - (63.75KB , 500x600 , IMG_8717.jpg )

We have a new shota discord!
We've got a buncha rooms, including rp rooms and art rooms.
Currently it's only "sfw" but NSFW rooms will be added, we also have an asmr voice channel, bit of fun there.
Link is good for an hour

Anonymous 17/11/12(Sun)21:25 No. 45383 ID: d98b62

Can we get anew link?

Anonymous 17/11/13(Mon)19:53 No. 45390 ID: cdce27

I do wonder what the point of only one hour for these links even is? Why not give at least one-day. Ah well. Guess I can't join then.

Anonymous 17/11/13(Mon)22:39 No. 45391 ID: c591ea


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