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Shota video games thread Anonymous 17/11/27(Mon)01:44 No. 45491 ID: 910388

File 151174348965.jpg - (1.11MB , 1200x900 , SHOTA X MONSTERS-4.jpg )

Shota and shota-related video games. Recommendations, links, questions, answers, etc.

Anonymous 17/11/27(Mon)01:50 No. 45492 ID: 910388

File 151174380148.jpg - (46.23KB , 205x329 , 63890480_p104_master1200.jpg )

A kind anon recently shared his link to the English version of SHOTA X MONSTERS.


I've been playing it for the past month and it's absolutely adorable and surprisingly fun.

Anonymous 17/11/27(Mon)05:04 No. 45498 ID: bbda5b

Is this for computer or?

Anonymous 17/11/27(Mon)23:35 No. 45507 ID: 431f6e

Is it a demo or is complete?

Anonymous 17/11/29(Wed)01:55 No. 45517 ID: 0e0098

There's cheats to have unlimited gold? Because i complete the game but i wanna buy everything on it, there's a way to change and modify the amount of gold?

Anonymous 18/05/19(Sat)08:49 No. 47025 ID: 56a583

You can edit your save file to have more gold

hi matt 18/05/21(Mon)04:55 No. 47045 ID: ea4162

does any one have version 1.32

Anonymous 18/05/21(Mon)08:02 No. 47046 ID: 5eb524

Whoa, thank you, that's a really useful tool! It doesn't seem like it can be used to unlock all the sex scenes, right?

Anonymous 18/05/23(Wed)08:43 No. 47065 ID: 7e4b1f

There might be variables that affect that, but it's hard to tell. Playing with variables you don't know can sometimes break a save file.

Anonymous 18/06/06(Wed)17:29 No. 47180 ID: c0eb52

Bump for this.

Anonymous 18/06/08(Fri)22:09 No. 47196 ID: 090f89

Bump again, this game is amazing

Abode 18/06/15(Fri)05:51 No. 47245 ID: 729c08

Do any of you have a download of version 1.32?

Anonymous 18/07/02(Mon)00:59 No. 47394 ID: d9a148


Anonymous 18/07/19(Thu)11:56 No. 47546 ID: cb5613

Any other decent shota video games out there?

matt 18/07/21(Sat)04:00 No. 47554 ID: c2cb06

shotaxmosters ver 1.32


ink-king 18/07/21(Sat)17:33 No. 47563 ID: 3e83c0

is there a good way to get the cute charaters art saved thogh?

new game that came out agust first simmerfun1 18/08/02(Thu)19:57 No. 47674 ID: 6ab5f1

hope anyone who bys this new game that came out agust first will share it with members?

Anonymous 18/09/21(Fri)12:20 No. 48103 ID: f18178


Anonymous 18/10/02(Tue)09:28 No. 48231 ID: a31596

Made it to the fourth boss, but my computer crashed later and now my data's gone.
I'd really rather not go through all of that again. Anyone have a full gallery save they could share?

ShotaLovr4478 18/12/19(Wed)20:30 No. 48977 ID: 04e22e

You can download all the artwork for free here: https://hitomi.la/artist/satoh-all-1.html (When you click anything, it opens another tab, just close the tab and click the download box again.)

anymore games? Anonymous 18/12/27(Thu)00:23 No. 49093 ID: 8480f4

bump. anyone know any other good shota like games?

games simmerfun1 18/12/27(Thu)01:57 No. 49098 ID: 445785

in term of games there this one but at the moment its just a demo https://shotachan.net/community/threads/innocent-city-2018-first-demo-released.14949/ full game should be out 2019 or 2020 depending on how far development is

Anonymous 18/12/27(Thu)04:36 No. 49101 ID: 8480f4

It's look cool, wonder if someone will post a link like ShotaXMonsters

Anonymous 19/02/19(Tue)06:20 No. 49780 ID: 6f095c

I can't see the boys when in a date or in the gallery. Can you help?

Anonymous 19/02/24(Sun)12:27 No. 49857 ID: 70e335


when i start the .exe i got only a black window no more

Easy Exp? cpukid1 19/03/08(Fri)20:16 No. 50066 ID: 9f1cfc

is there anything akin to a trainer for this game so I can quickly level up my characters? I'm on hard mode, but I don't wanna keep grinding for hours for one level up.

/sm/ - Shotacon Anonymous 19/03/23(Sat)21:26 No. 50315 ID: e4bf96

help pls im stuck at the beginning of the second stratum

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