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Shota Community Anonymous 18/08/10(Fri)18:50 No. 47740 ID: 3f3434

File 153391981439.png - (483.61KB , 580x600 , 69afa25f777a7cb25b6f8ca0db85d19d6c46ad09487b4e19a0.png )

We are back to opening admissions to our Shota server! We had to remove the link a few months ago because some undesirable people decided to join our server, but we are back!

We are a long established Shota Community going 2+ years strong! We are very accepting and love bringing in all kinds of people! Join our Discord: discord. gg /JAgT9SP

Just remove the spaces.

Anonymous 18/08/30(Thu)06:01 No. 47944 ID: 4ad5af


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