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This Artist Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)03:30 No. 48180 ID: f5b9fd

File 153827102464.jpg - (143.45KB , 1280x1052 , 60639baab62c4443c8173b8776459ee93e02e7ea41da99fd7e.jpg )

I love this artist, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. I'm posting what I have, but does anyone have more?

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)03:32 No. 48181 ID: f5b9fd

This artist also posted stories with each of his image sets. I'd love to find them again.

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:33 No. 48183 ID: 99f0d6

File 153830363980.png - (809.14KB , 1280x771 , 1.png )

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Bunk Buddy 1/8
“Dare,” Cody finally says after moments of deciding which to choose. He can tell just by looking at the devious smirk taking over Randy’s lips that maybe choosing dare was aw bad decision.
“All right,” Randy taps his finger to edge of his mouth while his eyes run over his body. From his frown to his chest until his eyes are suddenly met with what appears to be a small tint in his pajama bottoms. Curiosity takes over him and he wonders what could’ve caused that to happen.
“Pull down your pants.”
“What?!” Cody, along with a few other of the boys, exclaim by the dare.
“You don’t have to pull them all the way down. Just enough,” he lets out a raspy chuckle before winking causing Cody to blush, “to show us a thing or two.”
He sighs, he knows there’s no getting out of this, so why not embrace it.
“I’ll do it,” he stands up off the cold wooden floor of Cabin 1, then strides over to the center of the group. Without a second thought, he pulls the front of his pajama bottoms down, revealing his head to everyone in the room.
“Wh-Whoa,” it was Randy you speaks first. Cody glances over , his eyes immediately going down to notice the growing bulge in his underwear, That’s uh…“
“OhmyGod!” Hogarth, sitting on the bed behind him, throws his hands over his eyes, but opens his fingers to peak through.
Suddenly Tanner bursts out laughing as he notices the blush taking over Dipper’s face and how aroused Parker is.
“I think this dare worked out,” Tanner manages to say in between laughs, “Everyone’s turned on now.”
Randy takes one looks around realizing it’s true. He closes his eyes and smiles.

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:34 No. 48184 ID: 99f0d6

File 153830367445.png - (972.20KB , 1280x900 , 2.png )

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Bunk Buddy 2/8
Phineas tried to stay low as he scrambled through the sand on his hands and knees, Morty trailed behind him. “Come on!” Phineas squeaked in a barely contained shout, “You won’t believe this!”
“Ohh… I don’t know” the older boy grumbled, “But it isn’t even our turn to use the beach.”
Our turn!? This guy really needs to get his priorities straight.
But Phineas wasn’t going to let something like turns get in the way of this. He hid behind the beached canoe, his heart still racing.
“What’s so imp-” Morty started before Phineas cut him off with a quick shush.
“Do you want to get us caught?” Phineas hissed, “Now check this out..” he whispered before slowly inching upwards to see over his hiding place, hoping his red hair won’t be too noticeable.
They were a lot closer than when he’d first stumbled across the scene, the voices of the boys playing in the water wash over him and he could practically make out every detail.
Isabel would love this, maybe I should send her a postcard.
“T-t-their” Morty stammered out beside him.
“Cute…” “N-naked!” He and Morty said together.
Spread out on the beach in front of them was all of Cabin A, and they were all Stark. Butt. Naked.
Most of them were out in the water, so he only got a quick glance, but the ones left on shore were worth the chance of getting in trouble.
A kid he didn’t know chatted with Dipper while he rubbed himself down with sunscreen.
All that stretching, and bending over… What a view Dipper must have!
But Parker… Parker was stretched out on his back, feet dangling in the water, and his dick sticking straight up from his glistening body.
Morty gave him a look.
“What? You never, I mean…” Phineas blushed a little, “Over there!” He pointed, risking the noise to get out of the sentence.
Morty followed his gesture, turning to the piles of discarded swimsuits littering the beach.
“Pranks are all part of the summer camp experience, right?” Not waiting for an answer from the now-smiling Morty, “Well, I know what we’re going to do today.”
Phineas breathed a sigh of relief as Morty disappeared undetected over the hill, swimsuits in hand and no one the wiser. He’d had to stay crouched exactly where he was, for reasons even Morty didn’t need explained. He looked around again.
Alone, well, other than the boys of Cabin A.
It didn’t take Phineas long to get out of his uncomfortably tight shorts, the wind from the lake brushing through the red fuzz he’d only just begun to grow. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, their skinny dipping was one thing, but…. His eyes drifted down to Parker again, he couldn’t stop now.
Phineas started to explore with his hands, teasing every second out of what little time he had before Cabin A noticed what Morty had done. He grinded against the warm plastic of the canoe, using his left hand to stay upright, while he fingered himself with his right.
He had to bite into his cheek as he came, and he still almost cried out doing it.
He dropped back into the sand, panting for breath, and reached for his shorts. He didn’t have long to get off the beach, someone was bound to find out what his cabin was doing with those swimsuits soon…

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:35 No. 48185 ID: 99f0d6

File 153830371530.png - (958.17KB , 1280x1120 , 3.png )

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Bunk Buddy 3/8
Randy couldn’t help but ogle Dipper’s bare butt as he was led into a little cluster of trees while the other boys continued to skinny dip nearby. Resisting the urge to grope him, he tore his eyes away to look up at the back of his head. “What is it you wanted to show me?” he asked.
The Pines boy was silent for a moment as he approached one of the trees, then with a pointed glance to Randy he turned around, revealing his hardened penis. “This,” he said simply.
Seeing the other boys’ naked bodies had already done a number on Randy’s own dick, but seeing Dipper showing his off for him alone made it ache even more. He needed some release, and it looked like Dipper could use some, too.
Randy stepped towards the other boy, watching his face for the first sign of refusal. Seeing none, he positioned himself with his left leg between Dipper’s and pushed their cocks together. Both boys sighed at the contact and Randy immediately began slowly sliding himself up and down against Dipper. Precum began oozing from Dipper’s trembling hard-on, Randy’s slow humping slicking the both of them up.
Dipper reached around and gripped Randy’s butt, pulling him in closer. His finger slipped between Randy’s cheeks and brushed against his hole. Randy groaned and leaned a hand against the tree to steady himself. Dipper guided Randy up and down faster and faster. Both boys screwed their eyes shut as they felt themselves burst and they shot their jizz onto Dipper’s stomach. Dipper took both of them into his hand and squeezed them a bit, milking the last few drops out.
“So hot,” he purred. They stood in silence for a long moment, looking at each other. Finally, Dipper moved to push himself away from the tree. “I should probably get myself cleaned off.”
Randy placed a hand on his chest to stop him. “No,” he said, licking his lips. “Let me take care of that.”

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:35 No. 48186 ID: 99f0d6

File 153830374611.png - (951.02KB , 1280x1026 , 4.png )

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Bunk Buddy 4/8
“Found them?”
Finn and PeeDee shared a quick look before nodding to the counselor.
“Yeah,” answered Finn. “They were all just laying around the lake. Wasn’t anyone around though.”
The camp counselor looked over the small collection of shorts the pair held. “Hm… well, we’ll keep an eye out for anything else going on. Just in case, we’d better get these over to the main hall and turn them in.”
“What’re they saying?” Dipper whispered into Randy’s ear.
“Shh!” Randy hissed. “I’m trying to hear!”
The other boys pressed back against the cabin wall and shivered despite the warm summer sun on their skin. Or perhaps because of the amount of skin exposed to the sunlight. The six naked lads huddled together trying to remain unseen while Randy peeked out and watched their shorts be taken away to the camp office.
“Aw man!” he moaned.
“Wh-what is it?” Hogarth squeaked from the rear.
Randy pulled back to the group and came in close, keeping his voice low. “Looks like we’re gonna have a hard time getting back to our cabin. Our clothes just walked off to the lost and found.”
“What?!” Dipper exclaimed, then immediately whispered, “Sorry, sorry,” at the responding shushing. “Just a little excited since we’re kinda stuck. Naked. We’re stuck naked outside is what I’m saying.”
Randy gave a weak smile. “H-hey, it’s not that bad,” he said, trying to make the best of things. “All we gotta do is sneak back to our cabin and we’re good to go.”
“B-but what if someone sees us?” Hogarth cried. The boy seemed to be on the verge of tears at the notion.
“We’ll just have to be sneaky,” Randy smirked. “Alright everyone, so here’s the- jeez, Cody, put it away already.”
The group turned as a whole and looked at the dark haired boy. Cody blushed and gave a slight giggle. “Sorry, sorry. It’s kinda got a mind of it’s own sometimes, ya know?” He cupped his stiff boner with a hand, trying to hide it.
The others chuckled in response as well, the impromptu erection having broken a bit of the tension they were all feeling. Randy took another look around the corner to spot for any other campers or counselors.
Tanner took the brief opportunity to wrap his arms around Cody’s chest, pressing up against the taller boy. “I know how you feel,” he whispered as he prodded Cody’s hip with his hard dick.
Blushing, Cody raised his eyebrows and looked down at Tanner. Licking his lips, his hand drifted away from his erection. He gave Tanner’s boner a gentle squeeze and watched the blond worry at his lower lip.
“OK, get ready,” Randy said, breaking the silence. He waved a hand, motioning them closer. “I think the coast’s clear.”

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:42 No. 48187 ID: 99f0d6

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Bunk Buddy 5/8
“I’m gonna sleep for a week…” Dipper says groggily, dropping into the bunk with Randy, who sighs and nods empathetically.
“Same here dude… don’t even try me in the morning…” Randy yawns and gently curls an arm around Dipper. “You staying here for the night?”
“Mmm, if you don’t mind.”
“’Course I don’t, it’s totally bruce” Randy affirms, leaning back, catching sight of the rest of the cabin who are all restlessly trying to find their back up outfits, or fall asleep as well. “Mmm, guys, don’t stress about clothes… until morning… it’s… almost… midnight.” Randy yawns a bit, his eyes fluttering closed.
Hogarth moans a bit, still flustered and upset by having to make their way to their cabin, the long way round, and sits down on his bunk to breathe a bit.
“Hey Hughes, you okay?” Tanner asks bluntly, catching the brown haired boy’s deep breathing. “We got back here just fine, no problems man. Why’re you still freaked?”
“I-it’s just the stress wearing off, turns into the jitters.” Hogarth giggles despite himself, starting to shake his hands out. “Mmm, I’ll be fine, probably won’t sleep much but I’ll be fine.”
Tanner makes a face. “Whaaat, c’mon man. You gotta sleep… y’know, health and all that. Plus the counselors will know something’s up if everyone in our cabin is tired as all get out, y’know? What do you normally do when you can’t sleep?”
Hogarth shrugs a little, running his hands over each other. “Oh, uh, I dunno, warm milk, I sometimes sing myself to sleep… I uh… I mean I uh… y’know…” Hogarth swallows a bit motioning to his crotch. “Do… it…”
Tanner catches his drift quickly, eyes widening a bit and nodding. “Oh, yeah, totally. Me too. I mean… I think everyone here does that…”
Cody chimes in quickly “Yeah, not just before bed, obviously, but it helps.” PJ looks a little confused leaning forward and whispering a question in Cody’s ear. “Jacking off” Cody says with a little bit of a giggle.
“Oh ok, I thought so, yeah, I do that before bed too…” PJ affirms, blushing a bit.
Tanner turns back to Hogarth and lightly places his hand on the jittery boy’s thigh. “Mmm, so, like… do you want help tonight? ‘Cause I know a way we BOTH could get a good night’s sleep.” Hogarth’s face flushes bright red and his mouth hangs open a bit.
“W-wait you mean like… us… j-jacking off, t-together?”
“I mean it can start like that if you want.” Tanner teases, his tongue pressing into his tooth gap as he gives a small laugh. “But, um, I was thinking… we could do it, you know? Like actually it. I mean if you want.” Tanner smiles a bit, his tongue still pressed against the back of his teeth, eyes glittering the moonlit cabin.
“It?” PJ asks Cody, who was already palming his dick, which was still hard from the run over to the cabin. Cody chuckles and nods.
“Sex… probably butt stuff.” Cody fills the slightly less knowledgeable boy in on Tanner’s plan. Hogarth overhears it and blushes even more, unaware of just how fiery his face is.
“Y-you wanna do that… n-now?”
“If you want…”
Hogarth couldn’t deny the prospect had gotten him going, as his cock was now hard as a rock and sticking straight out into the cool night air. “I-if you want… I… I guess I’m okay with that… b-but don’t we need…”
“Lube? Nah, I got this dude… just… sit back, relax, and enjoy your Tanner-tainment.” Tanner winks, showing off his full scar, and gets down on his knees at the end of Hogarth’s bed, blowing hot air onto the boy’s needy cock, eliciting a moan from deep within Hogarth.
Cody excitedly reaches back and taps PJ’s chest, pointing to what the other boys are doing, PJ nods along, not believing that this was happening before his eyes, with boys he barely knew. “Dude… that’s gotta feel amazing…” Cody whispers, starting to jack himself in earnest.
“It always does…” PJ whispers breathlessly. “Every time I’ve done it I mean…” Parker blushes a bit, he’d not intended to reveal that he had a history in sex so soon.
“Fuck yeah it does…” Cody whispers, sighing, seeming to remember other times himself as his hand glides along his erection.
Tanner has since started lapping at Hogarth’s hot cock, pulling mewls and moans from out of the inexperienced brunette. Tanner’s practiced tongue slides up the other boy’s cock, flicking off the head, before returning to the bottom and repeating the motion, over and over again. Hogarth moans, letting the air rush from his body, and leans back onto his bunk, bracing himself up with his arms.
Tanner smiles up at the boy, deftly swiping his tongue all across the rigid length, before gently taking the boys head into his mouth and suckling on it like a cherry lollipop, causing Hogarth to shout out in pleasure, his body spasming with the intense sensation. Tanner very slowly sinks himself down onto the cock, sucking and licking in the process. He bobs up and down, feeling each twitch and jerk in Hogarth’s body, enjoying how much power he seems to have over his brown haired friend.
After about a minute Tanner pulls off with a moan, and Hogarth whines a bit, his slick cock getting chilled in the air again. “Mmm Tannerrr, that felt so goooood… why’d you stoppp?”

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:42 No. 48188 ID: 99f0d6

“Mmm, because this is going to feel better…” Tanner slowly lifts Hogarth’s legs pushing them up over the other boy’s head, exposing his fresh pink hole, and chuckling as it seems to wink in surprise. Hogarth inhaled sharply, realizing that Tanner was planning on moving on, and nodded quickly as Tanner looked at him for consent. The blond boy leans forwards and gently licks at Hogarth who gasps at the feeling, feeling as if a whole new world was opening up right before his eyes.
Tanner grins and licks again, getting another gasp, and then again and again, getting a similar reaction every time. His licks become longer and stronger as he starts lubing up his friend’s unused hole, teasing it with his tongue, working it, making it pliable, ready to use. Hogarth tenses and untenses each time the tongue touches his entrance, unsure of whether his body was reacting from pleasure or surprise. Tanner laps at the hole again, gently prodding his tongue into the ring of muscle, eliciting a loud groan from Hogarth, who decides it’s pleasure over surprise. “Mmm, you doing okay Hughes?”
Hogarth nods, not trusting his voice to work properly, and gives a small smile hoping to indicate that Tanner can keep going. Tanner nods again and pushes his tongue in once more, a little farther this time, swirling it around, opening Hogarth up and sending pulses and waves of pleasure through the boy. Tanner moans lustily into the ass, his tongue pressing against the second ring of muscle, teasing it gently, before pressing just beyond it. Tanner’s face is flush with Hogarth’s rear, as the blond bombshell presses his tongue in as deep as it will go and causing his friend to twitch and moan as if he were falling to pieces.
Cody and PJ are breathing heavily from their spots on the floor, dicks in hand, stuck staring at the scene playing out before them, their hands moving so fast that they’re both surprised they haven’t gotten rug burn. Their friends giving them lots of nasty ideas for the future, and Cody forming a plan about tomorrow morning’s shower, as he notices Parker’s body.
Tanner pulls out his tongue and suckles on one of his fingers pressing it softly into Hogarth, and wiggling it into the well lubed hole opening his friend up even more. He pushes and prods and finally gets past the second ring, feeling Hogarth clench and unclench around him. “Mmm, Hughes, lay back, relax. Enjoy yourself….” Hogarth nods, complying and slowly un-tensing his arms, leaning back onto his bunk and letting Tanner do all the work.
Once Hogarth had laid back his hole opened up more on its own, as he wasn’t bending uncomfortably. Tanner uses that to his advantage and presses a second digit into the slick opening, very, very slowly sinking in, drawing a long drawn out noise from Hogarth that half sounded like a shout, half like praise. Tanner grins, feeling his friend’s heart beating through the sensitive walls of his ass, and starts to scissor his fingers, stretching the initial opening, and then pressing a little deeper, hoping to open up the brown haired boy enough to make the next transition easy.
After a few minutes of the finger stretching, Tanner pulls out and replaces his fingers with his tongue again to re-lube the hole, applying as much spit as he can to make the next bit easier, slowly he pulls off and starts to climb up onto the bed, using the slickness from his fingers to start lubing up his cock. Hogarth moans and moves back on the bed, just enough to let Tanner up, and his eyes flutter open wondering if this was the moment. Tanner nods and leans in, using on arm to guide his rigid member to Hogarth’s hole, and presses against it gently.
Tanner’s cock head slips into Hogarth slowly, the round head sinking into the tight warmth of the inexperienced boy. Hogarth gasps, throwing his head back, and his arms shoot up, as if to pull himself up, but Tanner grabs his arms, and pins them down, whispering hoarsely “It’s ok… it’s ok…” Hogarth nods biting his bottom lip, hips moving of their own accord, rolling himself onto Tanner’s cock even more, forcing the cock to slide in, and in, and in, until Tanner has hilted his cock deep inside his friend. Hogarth moans and groans at the unfamiliar, but incredibly pleasurable feeling, legs spread out on either side of Tanner, who is grinning down at his blushing friend like it’s Christmas day.
Very, very slowly Tanner begins thrusting, pumping his hips up and down, in and out of his friend. Each thrust causes Hogarth to moan and writhe, mewling, as all the heavy new feelings crash over him in waves, his young cock twitch and heaving with each pushing into his ass. Tanner feels his breath quickening, knowing he won’t last long in such a warm and loving ass.
Cody and Parker are sitting over on the side, moaning as well, their cocks leaking heavily, as they watch the love making unfold, both wishing they would join in, but neither wanting to break the magic moment of popping Hogarth’s cherry.
Hogarth cries out in absolute pleasure, suddenly, and without warning, his ass clenching hard around Tanner, who stops bucking in surprise, a slow smile spreading across his face as he realizes what’s happening, Hogarth’s cock twitches twice and a spurt of cum blasts across his taut belly, his breath heavy on the air, eyes closed, face flushed, a moan slipping from his lips.
Neither Cody nor Parker waste much time in blowing their loads either – the sight of their friend writhing around on his bed enough to topple anyone over the edge, their loads spurting out and dribbling down over their hands, watching still, to see if Tanner will finish.
Tanner smirks and pulls out slowly, not feeling like forcing Hogarth to do another round, and finishing himself off on the boy, letting his cum splatter out onto Hogarth’s stomach as well, before sighing and laying down next to the heavily panting boy, curling an arm around him and placing a gentle kiss on his neck.
No one in the room notices that the door to their cabin had been opened a few minutes ago by a now thoroughly horny Peedee Fryman, who’d been intent on gloating about his cabin mates stealing their clothes earlier. However now his face was just flushed and red, and he was sporting a boner to end all boners, he gently closes the door without a sound, scampering back to his cabin, wondering if his cabin mates would be as receptive to this kind of… bonding.

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:43 No. 48189 ID: 99f0d6

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Bunk Buddy 6/8
The only sound for a while was the sound of the water hitting the poorly tiled floor. Steam drifted up, past the fluorescent lights, illuminating the summer camps showers. Manny Rivera soaps up his spongey hair and casually listens in on the conversation that the other two kids in the shower room were having.
“It was so not cool,” Hogarth Hughes said bitterly.
“You need to get a sense of humor,” quipped the other boy, Raz, as he turned around in the shower to let the water flow down his back.
“I have a sense of humor.”
“Could’ve fooled me.”
Manny snickered out loud. Hogarth was, of course, referring to how he and Raz’s cabin had absconded with Hogarth’s cabin’s clothes yesterday while the other cabin was happily skinny dipping. Hogarth snorted and crossed his arms, whilst the water hit him. Raz smirked and carefully ran his hair under the water, avoiding getting any on his face.
The three in the showers were startled from their reverie by a shout from outside, followed by Phineas Flynn, a member of Manny’s cabin, tearing into the shower room with a bounce in his step. He seemed a little surprised by the other boys were in the shower, but shrugged, and turned around calling back out.
“Hey! We have an audience!” His voice squeaking a little on the word ‘audience’, he seemed to be waiting for something to happen and was in a perpetual state of motion.
“You sure you don’t mind?” Another boy’s voice called from the sitting area, where all the boys left their clothes. Phineas rolled his eyes in response and tapped his foot impatiently.
“Of course I’m sure.”
Cody, another from Hogarth’s cabin, entered the shower room followed closely by another of his cabin mates, Parker.
“Well, what about the other people? We should probably ask them if they’re comfortable.”
Manny perked up and raised an eyebrow. “Ey? What’s about to go down?”
Phineas turned around and bowed before the rest of the boys. “I am going to lose my virginity, right here in this very shower, thanks to these two lovely, and surprisingly experienced, guys.”
There was a palpable silence in the shower room, the sound again drowned out to just the water on tile. Raz popped a hip and pointed lazily –
“Aren’t you a little young to have sex, with two guys at once?”
“Yes, yes I am,”Phineas said proudly, puffing out his chest.
Raz shrugged and looked around. “Ai’ght, just don’t get anything on me, I just got clean.”
Cody quelled those fears with a wave of his hand. “We’ll stay on our side of the room, don’t worry.”
Raz nodded and returned to scrubbing, glancing an eye over to the three boys about to engage in some more exciting activities. Cody looked back and forth between Hogarth and Manny, looking for any sign of disagreement.
“You know I’m not gonna complain,” said Hogarth, taking a big breath and sticking his head under the water. Manny just scratched his chin and looked about.
“I mean, sure man, go ahead. I’m not gonna stop someone from having a good time.”
Phineas fist pumped and turned back around to Cody and Parker. “Figured as much!”
“Alright, then, let’s get the water going then,” said Cody as he reached to the wall and turned on the faucet. He let it run and motioned for Phineas to join him and Parker under the water.
Phineas ducked under and pressed his back into Cody’s chest with excitement. Cody smirked and motioned for Parker to get on the other side of the excited ginger. Parker swallowed and blushed, but took up his position. Cody ran his hands across Phineas’s shoulders and whispered. “One of the most important things before you do anything with anyone, is making sure they’re ready, and… pliable.”
A shiver ran down Phineas’s spine as Cody’s hot breath danced across his cheek, in contrast to the cool water. He felt Parker step in front of him, and gently place one hand on his hip, the other on his neck. Phineas let Parker pull him into a kiss, it’s soft, but pressing. After quite a few seconds the boys break, and inhale.
Phineas felt Cody’s hand on the other side of his neck and turned. Cody’s kiss is less soft and lasts much longer, as partway through their mouths open and Cody’s tongue darts into Phineas’s mouth. Phineas ran with it and stuck his tongue out as well. His body finally started to react and he felt himself rising to attention, matching the erection both Cody and Parker were sporting, and pressing into him. Finally the kiss broke and Phineas moaned, both from the feeling of Parker and Cody’s hands working in unison and because he had quite enjoyed Cody’s lips.
“Are you ready for the first real lesson?” Phineas just moaned again, and relaxed into Cody’s arms, almost letting his feet come off the tile floor. Cody moved Phineas back to a standing position and wormed one of his hands between their bodies. Very gently, he parted Phineas’s cheeks, probing around to find his entrance. Once he’d laid a finger on it, he stepped back from Phineas and crouched to get a better view while getting his hand wet and soapy. Parker continued his ministrations on Phineas’s front, teasing the red head’s dick head very lightly, eliciting a soft noise each time.
Down behind Phineas, Cody placed a gentle kiss at the top of Phineas’s butt, and started to push a finger inside the virgin boy. Phineas stuttered a moan and then groaned. The feeling of a foreign object pushing itself into him was sending all sorts of mixed signals.

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:43 No. 48190 ID: 99f0d6

Parker noticed and started drawing gentle circles on Phineas’s nipples with his tongue. The pleasure came back ten fold for Phineas and his knees started to buckle, forcing Cody’s finger in a little farther, a little faster, than either had expected. With a yelp, Phineas’s hands went back and pulled his cheeks apart. Cody put a reassuring hand onto one of Phineas’s and gently eased his finger back out, starting the process again from Phineas’s new squatting position.
“Ooh Phineas,” Cody whispered to the whimpering boy. “You’re going to make the most amazing bottom.” The warmth and tightness he felt around his finger, made him 100% sure that Phineas would spend a lot of time over the next few years on his knees or bent over a bed. Phineas gurgled a response and opened his mouth to say something, but all that came out was panting.
“Moving up,” Cody warned, pressing another digit to the entrance. Phineas keened, but pushed back and allowed the other finger to make its way up to full length. He felt incredibly full and didn’t think he could take much more, but then Cody started moving the two fingers in unison; scissoring them back and forth, as if looking for something. Cody slowly brushed something inside of Phineas that made him shout, a full on shout, and his body spasmed. Cody smirked and pressed on the spot again, causing Phineas to collapse even further. With no power left in his legs, he fell to his knees.
Cody slowly removed his fingers from Phineas’s ass and reached around to pleasure himself in the same way. Slowly worming his fingers inside himself, he used his free hand to grab Phineas’s. Cody placed Phineas’s hand on the ginger’s tender entrance, and cleared his throat.
“Whenever you’re ready, just remember to go slow. Not like Parker.”
Parker was using one hand to run through Phineas’s hair, but his other hand was wrapped underneath one of his legs, his fingers pumping in and out of his practiced hole. Phineas watched Parker in awe, as three fingers vanished and reappeared out of the other boy’s body. He prodded his own hole carefully and managed to wiggle a finger inside, enjoying the feeling, when he felt Parker’s hand on his head.
Parker pulled Phineas close to his crotch as he stood. Phineas understood and opened his mouth to accept the waiting cock. Due to his inexperience he sputtered a bit trying to fit the whole thing in his mouth, but as the dick wasn’t horribly large he managed without choking. Phineas felt an encouraging hand appear on his shoulder. He wondered if it wass one that had just been up someone’s ass. A sudden jerk from Parker jolts that thought out of his mind and he focuses on sucking making sure to avoid using his teeth.
“There we go Phineas. Damn, you’re already a natural.”
Parker agreed with a hiss and grabbed Phineas’s head harder, bobbing the boy’s head up and down his nearly bursting member.
Cody talked Phineas through the process slowly, guiding the red-head through his oral cherry popping. “Breath through that nose Phineas… more air… go a little faster… Parker is he using tongue? Good… Try humming when it’s at the back of your throat.”
After a few minutes of his virginal ministrations Parker taps Cody’s chest frantically.
“Oh damn, already? Okay… Phin, he’s gonna blow soon! You don’t have to swallow if you don’t want to, but it would be good practice!”
Phineas grunted in response and reached back behind him to replace his finger that had been jarred out of him when the blowjob had begun. Moaning onto Parker’s dick, he used his free hand to steady himself.
After another minute, Parker shouted out and spasmed, slamming his hips into Phineas’s face, pulling on the poor boy’s hair maybe a little more than he had wanted to. Phineas’s face went red with concentration as he swallowed the light load that Parker had deposited into his throat. The salty goop disappeared into his stomach and he pulled himself off of the long haired boy’s dick taking a deep breath.
His lips were swollen and red and his throat had an uncomfortable warmth to it from being slammed into, but his finger was still wriggling around in his ass. The bliss from being hard and getting face fucked took all the possible pain he could be feeling and turned it into a hazy aura, as if the steam from the shower had turned into a thick blanket.
Cody slowly came over to Phineas, and stuck his erection into the horny red head’s cheek.“You got it in you to do that again?” he asked as Parker retreated to the other side of the shower to actually clean himself.
Phineas nodded and opened his mouth, accepting the slightly larger erection into his used mouth. Cody moaned and he felt Phineas working his sore jaw up and down the dick. Cody gently pumped himself in and out of Phineas, not forcing it, but allowing Phineas to relax and not have to do as much work. Phineas, in appreciation, started using his tongue and flicking it under the other boy’s foreskin, circling the head, and licking the sensitive bits. Cody hissed through his teeth and he knew that he’d certainly miss Phineas when camp was over. Perhaps they’d have to exchange numbers.
Phineas meanwhile had finally found the same spot Cody had touched earlier and was frantically slamming his middle finger into his ass to probe that one bit, over and over again, moaning, and groaning. And even without touching his dick, he could feel the heat of orgasm rising. He slipped off of Cody and looked up, saying in a hoarse whisper.
“I’m close.”
Cody nodded and Phineas went back to work. Cody let himself start to go, the familiar heat rising, sweeping up from his balls into his dick.
“Here we go Phin! I’m coming!”
Phineas hunkered down and felt a burst hit the back of his throat. Thinking that was all, he slipped off it, but another burst came out just as it exited and covered Phineas’s lips and chin. That tipped Phineas over the edge and his inexperienced dick twitched with great ferocity, letting loose a watery spurt. With that Phineas removed his finger from his ass and wiped his face on the back of his hands.
With a groan Cody’s dick twitched once more, shaking off a bit of cum residue, and started to soften. Cody smiled down at Phineas, helped the other boy stand and they washed each other off.
“Hey Phin, make sure you eat lots of ice cream and tea. Everyone gets a sore throat after their first blowjob. Especially after one that good.”
Phineas nodded in appreciation.
Over on the other side of the shower, Manny, Hogarth, and Raz all stood under on shower head, they’d been staring enraptured with rock hard dicks since everything began. As Phineas and Cody exited the shower, Manny cleared his throat meekly.
“Ey, any of you, uh, see anything you wann’d t’try?”

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:44 No. 48191 ID: 99f0d6

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Bunk Buddy 7/8
“’Where is my to-o-o-o-e?’ the voice groaned,” Hogarth said, a flashlight held underneath his freckled face. He scanned the other boys’ faces. He grinned with satisfaction at the wide eyed stares he was receiving from a few of them.
“His door opened. Shaking with fear, he listened as the footsteps slowly moved through the dark towards his bed. Then they stopped.
“’Where is my to-o-o-o-e?’ the voice groaned.”
He paused for a moment, then suddenly pounced on Morty, seated next to him.
“YOU’VE GOT IT!” he shouted. Morty screamed and hopped off the log several inches in the air. Once the surprise had worn off, the rest of the boys began to laugh at him.
“I-I-I wasn’t scared,” he said, eyes still wide. “I-I was just pu-playing along.”
“Right,” Phineas said. “The girly scream was just for our benefit.”
“Alright,alright, my turn,” Dipper said, gesturing for the flashlight. He cast a sideways glance to Randy on his right, then began:
“Three boys were exploring the woods near their homes. As the day wore on, they went deeper and deeper in the woods. When they realized it was getting late, they couldn’t find the way they had come. Soon, a rain began to fall and the temperature dropped.
“’I’m scared,’ one of the boys said.
“’Don’t worry,’ the second replied. ‘As long as we stay together, we’ll be alright.’
“’I think we passed a cave a few minutes ago,’ the third boy said. ‘We can use it for shelter.’
“It took some time, but they managed to find the cave. By that time, though, they were all soaked to the bone. Inside, they found some old signs of life: a blackened pit with some dry brush and sticks nearby, an old dusty blanket, a ball of twine, and a box of matches. Soon, they had a small fire going and after checking the blanket, the three of them huddled close underneath it.”
Dipper looked around the campfire. As expected, everyone had started to cluster into groups. Even Randy had inched closer to him.
“’I’m cold and wet,’ the second boy said.
“’We all are,’ the first boy answered.
“’We should take our wet clothes off and hang them to dry,’ the third boy reasoned. ‘We don’t want to catch pneumonia.’
“They took the twine and strung it above the fire, then took their clothes off and draped them over the line. In their underwear, they huddled together again under the blanket.”
Dipper felt a hand on his thigh, slowly sliding back and forth between his knee and waist. He spotted Phineas rubbing PeeDee’s shoulder.
“They sat there shivering for a while, but gradually their shared body heat and the fire warmed them up. Soon the first boy began to fidget under the blanket. ‘Something’s poking me,’ he said. He threw off the blanket and looked down into the third boy’s lap. There, he saw something pressing out against his underpants.”
Dipper felt Randy’s hand slip under his shirt and start to rub and pinch his nipples. He barely stifled a moan. Looking around, he saw Raz openly rubbing Cody’s groin while Tanner nibbled at his ear, Manny was sucking at PJ’s neck, Phineas’ hand had migrated down PeeDee’s back and was kneading his butt, and even in the dark, the fire provided enough light to see that Hogarth had a growing wet spot in the front of his shorts.
“Curious, the first boy asked what was wrong with the third boy’s underwear. ‘I don’t know,’ the third boy replied. ‘It just got that way from rubbing together.’ He pushed down his underwear and his hard penis was exposed. The other boys stared at it a moment, then without warning, the second boy reached out at grabbed it.”
Suddenly, Randy reached down and pushed the front of Dipper’s shorts down. He took Dipper’s cock in hand and lowered his head down, wrapping his mouth around it. Finn and Morty both pulled Hogarth’s shirt off and each began to suck his nipples. Phineas roughly kissed PeeDee on the lips, pushing his tongue into the blonde’s mouth. Tanner pushed Cody’s shorts off and knelt behind him, licking his hole while Raz took Cody’s cock into his mouth.
Soon, all their clothes, like the story, were discarded.

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:51 No. 48192 ID: 99f0d6

File 153830467744.png - (1.22MB , 1280x1076 , 1.png )

It all started with an endless night of movies…
Randy stumbled through the room as he stripped and dumped his clothes on the floor. “Uuugh…” The Tremors marathon had been bad plan, especial the tv show, he was exhausted.
He shivered standing on the cold tiles (”tiles?” a small voice in his head asks) he fumbled at the taps for a moment before turning on the water as hot as it will go. As the water ran down his naked body he could feel himself walking up, and in more than one way.
He leaned against the wall, and begins to stroke his dick. His eyes still closed, he thought back to the other movie he’d watched last night, and descended into bliss…
He opened his eyes to the awkward stares of half his gym class…

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:51 No. 48193 ID: 99f0d6

File 153830470519.png - (1.04MB , 1280x868 , 2.png )

Randy lay slumped over his desk.
His life was over. He’d jacked off in front of his class…
Everyone had been staring at him, and he’d just run. They were probably still there laughing at him.
The chair beside him squeaks as someone sits down, “Um… hi, Randy”
Randy looked up and into the eyes of a blushing Danny Fenton. Randy tried to say something, but what could he say.
“Look about the whole, you know” Danny makes a jerking motion under the desk.
Did he have to rub it in, it’s not like I do-
“It was kinda hot.”
Randy’s heart skipped a beat “Y-y you thought it was hot?”
“I thought You were hot,” Danny said looking him in the eyes. “And there’s something I’d like to try.”
Gaining confidence with every word, Danny slid his hand into Randy’s lap and began to rub, “If it’s ok with you?”
Sure, he’s experimented with Howard a few times, but this was different and the look in Danny’s eyes…
“Ok,” he whispered, “but what about everyone else?”
Danny started to unzip his jeans. “It’ll be fine. We’ve got plenty of time before the class is full and anyone here this early has work to do, maybe just be a bit more subtle this time.”
Randy smiled and nodded.

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:52 No. 48194 ID: 99f0d6

File 153830476194.png - (1.04MB , 1280x1160 , 3.png )

– ectoBiologist [EB] began pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 14:13 –
ED: they saw me!
TG: dude?
TG: you still there?
TG: …
– ectoBiologist [EB] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 14:18 –

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:53 No. 48195 ID: 99f0d6

File 153830479761.png - (1.24MB , 1280x1395 , 4.png )

The sudden sound of a moan brings Hiro back to reality. He listens closely, then realizes the sound is coming from the stall next to him.

“Do you like that?”

The voice, it’s familiar. It sounds like… Dipper? Does that mean the rumors are true?
“Did you hear?”

“Hear what?”

“That… Dipper and Norman are dating?”

Hiro glares up from the inside of his locker to the two girls standing near him. Dipper and Norman? Dating?
“I’d like it even better with your mouth around-”

Hiro quickly pushes his hands over his ears to block out any other words. His eyes shut tight as his face falls down to his lap. He shouldnt listen to this and he definitely shouldn’t be here when it’s happening. But then, when his eyes reopen, he sees the impact the moans had on him.

He’s hard and in desperate need of a fix for it.

“Fuck, yes, Dipper,” Norman’s voice is muffled yet Hiro can hear every word of it, plus the forced groans.

His hand moves down wrapping around himself. Should I do this? It feels wrong. However, as soon as his hand starts moving down, then back up, he can’t seem to care if it’s wrong or right.

“More,” just as Norman moans out, Hiro moves his other hand giving himself a chance to finger himself. The other hand pumping faster and faster. He bites down to keep in any sounds because he doesn’t want them hearing him.

“Dipper, I’m gonna…” the words stop and he lets out a loud sound that almost sounds like Dipper’s name. At the same time, Hiro hits his own climax. His hip buck forward as everything slows down.

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:56 No. 48196 ID: 99f0d6

File 153830501688.png - (1.10MB , 1280x1083 , 7.png )

Jake looks down at Randy as his shorts are tugged down. Was this really going to happen? Here, in the school hallway? He hears students moving along the adjacent hallway and knows that this is incredibly risky. But the possibility of getting caught only makes his heart pound that much harder.
The moment his penis springs into the open air, mere centimeters away from Randy’s hungry mouth, his periphery begins to blur. And as he feels the other boy’s lips wrap themselves around his engorged head, he closes his eyes and sinks back against the wall, a soft sigh escaping his lips. Everything else falls away. Let them get caught; he didn’t care anymore. At that moment, he’s in absolute heaven.

The first thing Randy notices when Jake’s cock touches his mouth is how warm it is. It was downright radiating heat. More than anyone else so far. His hands reach up and cup Jake’s ass as he sinks his mouth deeper down his shaft.

Hearing the hustle and bustle of other students going from class to class, he picks up his speed, sliding his lips up and down Jake’s length. He hears Jake’s breath grow irregular and haggard. At one point, he swears he feels Jake’s cock change shape inside his mouth. But that couldn’t be right, he reasons, putting the thought out of his mind.

“Randy…” Jake whimpers, “I…I’m gonna…”

Randy feels Jake’s hand grip his head (Or was it? His skin felt different, rougher somehow) and hold him still while the other teen begins thrusting his hips. Jake’s panting grows in volume and with one final thrust he unleashes into Randy’s eager mouth. He moans out contentedly.

Randy swallows fast, not wanting to lose a drop but it’s difficult. If he thought Jake’s cock was warm, his cum was almost scalding. It’s all he can do to keep from burning his tongue and throat. Despite that, though, he can’t help but savor the taste. As Jake moans, Randy feels the air above his head also heat up. It seems there’s something peculiar with the Long boy.

Randy thinks it’ll be interesting to find out just what that is.

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)12:59 No. 48197 ID: 99f0d6

The storage room managed to feel even more humid after they had finished; the sticky warmth wrapping around them like too many blankets.
A moan broke the silence.
Randy looked over at the hispanic boy and smirked. “You hanging in there, Marco?”
“If I knew this was gonna feel this good,” Marco mumbled, “I would’ve done something back in the showers.”
Randy blushed and laughed nervously. This had all started from that stupid, embarassing Shower Incident. But then considering everything that’s happened so far, maybe it wasn’t so bad.
Marco sat up, grimacing a little as he felt something run down his thigh. “Wanna go again?”
He blinked. “Again-? I.. I don’t think I can for-”
Marco put a finger against Randy’s lips, silencing him gently.
“Hey, it’s my turn,” he said as he stroked himself. “Just take off your clothes, k?”

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)13:02 No. 48198 ID: 99f0d6

File 153830532028.png - (1.22MB , 1280x1024 , 8.png )

His legs got swept out from under him as he tried to run from the nurse’s office. He fell flat on his back and Randy crashed down on top of him.
Pinned to the floor, John just stared up in shock at Randy.
Spencer had gone white as a ghost. “Shiiiit…”
They panicked. John and Randy started struggling to get apart; a flurry of curses and apologies.
Their limbs tangled together and he knocked Randy down onto him again.
Ok, so maybe the second time wasn’t accidental.
He got to the woods behind school early and Randy was nowhere to be seen. He closed his eyes and ran his hand down the bark of the tree; it was almost like being back at camp with K-
His summer fantasy interrupted, he grabbed Randy and pulled him behind the tree.
With one hand he gently pressed Randy against the tree and, hidden from view, they kissed.
He slid his other hand down the front of Randy’s pants and some fumbling at his belt told him he wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the “great outdoors”.

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)13:02 No. 48199 ID: 99f0d6

File 153830536440.png - (1.24MB , 1280x1081 , 9.png )

Danny Fenton stopped as he heard his name called out. The rest of the gym class slipped by either side of him. He turned around and was met with Randy’s face rushing forward to meet his.
Randy’s lips mashed against his with amazing intensity. None of the times he and Sam had kissed (or, indeed, the few times he’d experimented with Tucker) were like this. He felt the other boy’s tongue try to pry his mouth open. He gladly obliged. As their tongues danced, he heard the jingle of his belt buckle being undone.
Randy pulled back and stared into Danny’s eyes. “I want to try something,” he said. Danny grinned, eager to see what he had in mind. From the far end of the locker room, he heard shuffling. He looked over Randy’s shoulder to see John and Jake. They were each openly groping noticeable bulges in their pants.
Danny was really eager now.
The lacquered wood was cool underneath Danny’s bare buttocks. He felt his wrists pulled tightly together as Randy finished knotting up John’s shirt.
“Try to move,” Randy told him. He tried to pull his hands apart, but the shirt held his hands fast under the bench. Then he tried his feet, with the same result.
“I can’t,” Danny said. Randy grinned and slowly brought his hand nearer to Danny’s exposed cock. Danny trembled in anticipation as his finger hovered a fraction of an inch above his skin. Ever so faintly, Randy lightly traced a single fingertip up Danny’s length. Danny shuddered and a large drop of precum dribbled onto his stomach.
Randy took him fully in hand and started to slowly stroke him, using his thumb to wipe up Danny’s pre and smear it along his shaft. Out of the corner of his eye, Danny spied John begin to masturbate himself.
Danny looked down the bench at John. He had his back against the wall, pumping away with his left hand while his right made its way up his torso. He found one of his nipples, which he began to pinch and twist. John gazed down at Danny and panted as he worked himself over.
From overhead, Danny heard a moan. He looked up at Jake, busy with his own erection. Jake stared down, open-mouthed, as Randy gave them a show. Drool slid down his chin, dangling by an inch before falling away. Jake expertly caught it with his hand mid-stroke, using it to slick his dick up. Danny licked his lips and wished that he would bring that cock closer so he could devour it.
The sight of these two boys furiously pleasuring themselves to him edged Danny closer to ecstasy. He closed his eyes as he felt his nuts tighten and his dick twitch and he let the sensation carry him as his balls unloaded over his stomach.
As he started to slowly come back down, he heard the other boys pant and grunt. He opened his eyes in time to watch John cum, spurt after spurt shooting out onto Danny’s softening penis. From above he felt the first rope of Jake’s load, much hotter than he anticipated, smack his forehead. He shut his eyes again and let Jake paint his face white.
Once he thought the boys were finished, Danny reopened his eyes. He looked down at Randy who, with a satisfied smirk, leaned down and started to lick him clean.

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)13:03 No. 48200 ID: 99f0d6

File 153830541490.png - (1.09MB , 1280x1143 , 10.png )

Wirt wasn’t certain who it was who left the note in his locker. All he knew was what it said:
“Music room, 3:30 pm.”
A part of him hoped that it was from Sara. So he went. Along the way, he thought up a couple of sonnets he could recite for her, even picked out a clarinet piece he could play.
He pushed open the door, hoping to be met with Sara’s shining face.
Instead, he was greeted with the leering gazes of Corey and Randy.
Randy, who had been the subject of a lot of wild rumors.
Randy, who he’d spotted taking it up the ass from John Egbert.
Randy, who was now looking at him verrrrry strangely.
“Told you he’d show up,” Corey said.
So it was them? Not Sara? Disappointed, he turned to leave.
“I know you saw me and John out in the woods,” Randy spoke up. Wirt froze.
He…saw him? He turned and stared at the boys, wide-eyed.
“I caught you out of the corner of my eye. You actually stood there quite a bit.
Did you like what you saw?”
Wirt’s heart began to beat faster. Randy stepped closer, backing him up against the door. Wirt wasn’t sure he liked the look in his eyes.
“Did you want to join in?”
Do what? Join in? Like, have another boy…put his…thing…up my…
“If you want, we can have some fun right now. Be honest now, Wirt: do you?”
He couldn’t quite process what was happening. But he knew they were expecting answer, so he went with his first impulse.
He nodded his head.
He was still having a hard time believing this was really happening. Here he was, in the music room, not only with Randy’s cock in his mouth, but Corey’s pressing against his ass. He moaned out as the head breached his hole and slowly buried itself inside him.
When Corey started to move, Wirt felt the discomfort gradually fade away, replaced pleasure. I never knew it could feel this good! Corey’s dick was hitting…something…that was just sending out surges across his body. And then to compound matters, he reached around him and began to stroke Wirt in time with his thrusts. The extra attention made him whimper and moan around Randy’s erection. Randy’s hand gently rested itself in his hair as he felt it twitch in his mouth, followed by something warm and salty hitting the back of his throat. He swallowed without thinking, Randy’s load filling his mouth to the brim.
He felt Corey speed up for a moment, followed by a final thrust and another warm feeling filling his backside. As Corey continued to idly jerk him off, Wirt came to a conclusion. He may like Sara.
But that didn’t mean he couldn’t like Jason Funderberker, too.

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)13:04 No. 48201 ID: 99f0d6

File 153830547370.png - (1.41MB , 1280x862 , 11.png )

Jake Long’s underwear was stretched, covered in cum, and wrapped around another boy. Jake long himself was in a similar state as he awoke face first on a sweaty gym mat. He noticed the smell first. That distinct boyish musk, of cum and sweat and sex and BO. In a few short hours, 14 boys had filled the gym annex with the reek of an Athenian brothel. He peeled himself off the bare back of the boy he was wedged on, immediately feeling his muscles ache in protest.
The glorified haze of the orgy was gone, and now Jake was left sore, hot, and embarrassed as he glanced around the softly lit room.
His iconic jacket was draped around Norman and his boyfriend; Jake was almost too polite to grab it; the young couple looked so content under it. While the pair had been strictly paired off with each other for the entire duration of the orgy, Norman’s boyfriend’s voice (Devin? Dixon? Something with a D) had been a very vocal addition to the event. The kid had one hell of a sexy moan, that was for sure. Jake let his fingers linger on the boy’s well fucked ass as he pulled off the jacket. He’d have to ask Norman for a shot at that later.
He set aside his jacket, looking for a suitable cum-rag to wipe himself off. He could even feel a warm trickle from his ass. With hesitance he reached back and sniffed the viscous fluid. Cum. Dammit. Jake had promised himself he wouldn’t let anyone top him. He didn’t even remember the boy who’d done it. Or boys Jake thought; his eyes shifting nervously. Putting aside those concerns he found a familiar white sock under the Fenton kid’s leg. Jake shifted the leg aside, relieved to find his sock was mostly dry. Kneeling down to pick it up, Jake’s eyes went wide as he remembered the circumstances he’d lost his anal virginity to. Sometime mid orgy, just after he’d shot a few loads into Randy and made out with Marco, he’d seen Danny pounding Spencer W. from biology. At the time, he’d really wanted a taste of that cock. Being considerate, he gave Spencer a quick lick, but the real prize was Danny’s partially embedded phallus. Licking the rim of Spencer’s anus while Danny pistoned in and out was definitely hot, but when Jake felt a pair of hands on his hips, he barely had time to register before he was being railed by a well lubed cock.
Jake couldn’t remember the face, but he definitely remembered the rough, rhythmic fucking. He remembered hot flesh slapping against his ass as a husky voice whispered in his ear “Yeah, take my cock up your boypussy, Jake” The American dragon was ambivalent to find his one-eyed -dragon was getting excited just thinking about it. Whoever the boy had been, he’d really abused the word ‘pussy’. As great a fuck as he’d been, he must have used every variation of the word to describe Jake’s asshole.
That ruled out a few of the boys, whose verbal tics had become largely apparent while Jake toured the orgy. Marco liked saying “Baby” or “Sweety”, just affectionate shit like that. He’d almost gotten caught in the cuddle pile Marco had started after they’d taken turns on Randy. Honestly, Marco was too gentle for an orgy; heaven knows how Randy convinced him to come at all. Hiro on the other hand was all about “Bitch” and “Slut”. It was always the innocent looking ones who were into talking really dirty. Hiro had definitely been angling to top Jake, and he distinctively remembered those nimble fingers rimming his anus before Jake turned the tables. Jake scanned the room for the boy-genius, finding his fine ass draped on top of that one guy that played Clarinet. Jake could tell Hiro must have had a fun ride on the musician. Mildly surprised, Jake realized Hiro was wearing his shirt. How the hell had that happened? Slightly irritated, Jake coaxed the boy awake enough to pull his shirt off, admiring the skinny boy’s lithe chest. He gave an understanding nod as the boy gathered his wits, looking around for his own misplaced clothing.
Abandoned in the middle of the gym, Jake’s shorts were the easiest to find. They were on the top of the pants pile; one of the last pairs to be discarded before the orgy proper had begun. The beginning had been awkward as everyone systematically stripped, and yet, in a room with 14 hormonal boys, as soon as one pair started making out it was like a fire was lit under their collective asses, starting the raunchiest gay orgy the gymnasium was likely to experience for a few generations. Jake scanned the room one last time before resigning and pulling on his shorts commando style. A bundle of cloth in the leg rustled out as his leg thrust through it, and while Jake was relieved to find his missing sock, the absence of his underwear still bothered him.
With on final farewell he dug through the shoe pile for his own pair (noting by the stains on some of the shoes, that someone in their number evidently had a footwear fetish) and slipped out into the hallway. The bright lights and practically sterile environment compared to the annex was jarring. He winced under the harsh florescent lights, adjusting to life on the outside again. On his left, he saw a hand fly up and instinctively raised his hand to meet it; the distinct crack of a high-five resonating in the nearly empty hall.
“Have a good time?” Dave Strider asked with his normal cool reserve.
“Yeah dawg, it was tight.” Jake responded, regaining his verbal composure but still looking like he’d just rolled out of a cum pit.
“Thought so. I’m heading out, but I’ll see you later dude.”
And with that Dave was gone, a sly smile on his face as each step brought Jake’s underwear a little farther away from their owner.
“I thought you were pretty tight too.” Dave whispered as he looked back on the tightest pussy he’d had all night.

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)15:54 No. 48210 ID: f5b9fd

Wow, Thanks! Do you happen to know the artist name?

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)19:42 No. 48213 ID: 99f0d6

sadly it looks like the artists tumblr got nuked; I believe the writer that collaborated with them is https://alexander-o-connell.tumblr.com/ however, though they don't post much in the way of porn either anymore

Anonymous 18/10/02(Tue)00:35 No. 48228 ID: f5b9fd

Aww nuts. Thanks for the info though!

Anonymous 18/12/11(Tue)01:18 No. 48872 ID: 8e0d50

what order do the OP pics go into this? and where is part 8?

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