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Searching for This Artist 18/11/02(Fri)05:26 No. 48492 ID: 58c888

File 154113276762.jpg - (69.38KB , 559x739 , 12c24d1192b5148a0b6744dc63f7c994.jpg )

I remember this person's stuff being some of the first shota art I'd ever seen a long time ago, but now I can't seem to find anything besides the 5 pics I have from them. I've tried reverse-searching with a couple different things but they've yielded nothing.

Does anyone have anymore from this artist? Is there anywhere where their work might still be archived? Let me know if you have any leads.

Anonymous 18/11/02(Fri)05:27 No. 48493 ID: 58c888

I know for a fact they had more stuff, but this is basically all I've got at this point.

searching for this artist kemlo 18/11/02(Fri)09:11 No. 48494 ID: d95e89

il s'appelle sanxte - he calls himself sanxte

Anonymous 18/11/02(Fri)16:55 No. 48500 ID: 16cbb2

Thanks, that gives me a little bit more to go on.

santxe 18/12/26(Wed)23:02 No. 49088 ID: b6562c

Santxe is the name.

santxe 18/12/26(Wed)23:07 No. 49089 ID: b6562c

I am proud I was one of the first shota artists you knew. No my site is here: https://miarroba.com/santxe
and click on "Página personal de santxe"

santxe 18/12/26(Wed)23:10 No. 49090 ID: b6562c

My latest pictures:

santxe 18/12/26(Wed)23:12 No. 49091 ID: b6562c

More latest pictures

santxe 18/12/26(Wed)23:13 No. 49092 ID: b6562c

More latest pictures

Anonymous 19/01/11(Fri)17:57 No. 49333 ID: 056245

Oh wow, didn't think the artist themselves would just kinda come right to me, that's convenient, lol! Glad to see more of your stuff after all this time, thanks!

santxe 19/03/18(Mon)17:53 No. 50231 ID: 561876

Not only that! Here you are my future pics for 2020

Anonymous 19/03/19(Tue)16:56 No. 50243 ID: f936ce

Beautiful, can't wait to see them finished. Thanks again, it's still so crazy to have run into you like this.

50233 Anonymous 19/03/20(Wed)16:19 No. 50261 ID: 7a0dc5

Santxe, I am a huge fan of your beautiful work <3 <3 <3 Is there any way I can message you? My Kik is adamsauce97

sanxte Anonymous 19/03/21(Thu)09:38 No. 50268 ID: 241f0e

Thank you, Sanxte! :)

santxe 19/03/22(Fri)16:57 No. 50301 ID: 561876

Sorry I only use e-mail: santxe@hotmail.com
Thanks for your kind words.

Anonny 19/04/14(Sun)20:07 No. 50549 ID: 0bac44

Hope you post more soon, these are magnificent! Some of the hottest mb stuff I've ever seen...

Anonymous 19/05/18(Sat)20:32 No. 50956 ID: 5f5e5b


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