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Shota Fantasies moChan 18/08/13(Mon)23:09 No. 31671 ID: 1890e9 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 153419456325.jpg - (54.80KB , 1050x840 , 1.jpg )

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Has moChan gone into hybernation ! We are anxious ! Anonymous 18/08/31(Fri)09:15 No. 31814 ID: 215bef

It seems moChan has gone into hybernation again !

Or, has he been blocked again by 7chan !

Last time, I read somewhere that he had violated the proxy server regulation of 7chan and was blocked ! May be, he has done it again !

In that case, he will be permanently blocked by 7chan for repeated violation ! If that has happened, we feel real sorry for him !

At any rate, it seems that this thread is dead again !!

Anonymous 18/08/31(Fri)19:46 No. 31819 ID: a81452

Someone send him an email and find out what's going on

moChan is busy ! Anonymous 18/09/02(Sun)08:23 No. 31829 ID: 50cc46


I sent a mail to moChan and he has kindly replied to it.

moChan said that he had been away from home for a week and would continue to remain busy for the coming week as well !

So, we can expect posts/communication from him from the second week of September !

7chan not working. Amarsroshta 18/08/22(Wed)18:42 No. 31747 ID: 75cfe4 [Reply]

File 153495612482.jpg - (83.44KB , 557x551 , IMG-20180820-WA0000.jpg )

Something is wrong with 7chan. It's not opening in my computer. My readers and fans please connect with me on my mail vipinsaxena69@yahoo.com. I might start posting in another forum soon.

Anonymous 18/08/23(Thu)09:40 No. 31753 ID: d660c3

If you.move to another forum then please inform it in this thread once.

Anonymous 18/08/23(Thu)09:41 No. 31754 ID: d660c3

You could go to 4chan

Anonymous 18/08/23(Thu)11:41 No. 31755 ID: d50ab8

try vpn

Medical Examination Shota Anonymous 17/04/21(Fri)22:18 No. 29527 ID: 6a5781 [Reply]

File 149280588226.png - (2.78MB , 1048x1500 , 1462747741734.png )

Any shota involving female doctors giving any kind of examination or treatment to shotas- including the famous penis inspection. I'll dump what I have.

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Anonymous 18/06/23(Sat)04:41 No. 31304 ID: 400360


sleeping with mom kingruler4u8 18/07/05(Thu)05:58 No. 31338 ID: e5eade

File 153076312639.jpg - (107.37KB , 800x1128 , c8a9f29f25c980695933732735c582e6.jpg )

Anonymous 18/08/19(Sun)13:03 No. 31729 ID: 98b32f

File 153467660146.jpg - (1.07MB , 3840x2160 , maintenance of new function.jpg )

Shotas sexually dominating women/girls Anonymous 15/02/19(Thu)03:17 No. 25177 ID: b6ba30 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 142431223887.jpg - (347.36KB , 1000x1414 , image.jpg )

There's almost no content for this fetish, but I'll post what I have.

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Anonymous 18/08/15(Wed)03:58 No. 31688 ID: 54100f

>On the other I want him to fuck my ass until I worship his cock

Anonymous 18/08/16(Thu)19:10 No. 31716 ID: 8d3def

........because there is NO WAY that it was a girl that said that.

Anonymous 18/08/18(Sat)02:45 No. 31718 ID: 54100f

Nope, no way at all. And if it was, she's still a faggot for wanted to get dominated by a kid.

Shota Discord Anonymous 17/02/06(Mon)07:45 No. 29300 ID: a6bc2f [Reply]

File 148636352131.jpg - (140.30KB , 850x637 , 1457753875394.jpg )

We have a shota discord with a nice social community if anyone would like to join. :3


Link is good for an hour, if there is more interest I will refresh it.

39 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/07/16(Mon)12:17 No. 31382 ID: a81fd4

Yes maybe

reptacolector!sTUU1XYh7E 18/07/18(Wed)06:55 No. 31383 ID: ef1d23

invite plss reptacolector

Anonymous 18/08/10(Fri)16:33 No. 31642 ID: 580e55


add me pls

straight shota Vipin Saxena 15/12/21(Mon)11:07 No. 26812 ID: f52e24 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 145069245244.jpg - (285.00KB , 1280x1963 , cover1.jpg )

I have a complete straight shota comic in Bengali will translate and upload

78 posts and 49 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/07/18(Wed)20:11 No. 31385 ID: d8dc49

Plese post some more bengali conics

Bengali language Anonymous 18/07/18(Wed)20:12 No. 31386 ID: d8dc49

Plese post some more bengali conics

DFDSF hidanprincekhan 18/08/03(Fri)18:29 No. 31627 ID: 70666e


T.F.S. Training For Sex Anonymous 17/02/01(Wed)03:37 No. 29237 ID: 58a25f [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 148591666249.jpg - (775.25KB , 1690x2400 , 001_TFS_001.jpg )

Shota sexbot series by Jairou.

Dump and request the translation.(Rough script is fine too.)

52 posts and 196 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/03/19(Sun)12:12 No. 29458 ID: ed8ef0

That's all folks.

Anonymous 17/05/23(Tue)22:39 No. 29724 ID: 196084


Anonymous 18/08/01(Wed)02:46 No. 31616 ID: ccfcf7


New Video Anonymous 17/05/20(Sat)01:01 No. 29713 ID: 2a0234 [Reply]

File 14952348965.jpg - (27.99KB , 640x360 , 05_png.jpg )

Shota hentai movie--enjoy.

Watch online:

21 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/02/25(Sun)16:37 No. 30804 ID: 651570

yiiiii.... cant believe you guys missed this one!


Anonymous 18/03/10(Sat)00:00 No. 30856 ID: 31fa4f

File 15206364568.jpg - (152.27KB , 1280x752 , 5a9dfeafbd65a[1].jpg )


- Cherry & Gal's - 02


Anonymous 18/07/31(Tue)23:26 No. 31615 ID: ff243c


Anonymous 18/04/16(Mon)01:34 No. 30979 ID: 3dc6b4 [Reply]

File 152383524498.jpg - (76.97KB , 1080x436 , Screenshot_20180416-004323.jpg )

Anyone used this modeller? Seems really useful if someone skilled used it for SS

9 posts and 26 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/07/20(Fri)05:06 No. 31390 ID: f1a100

Anonymous 18/07/21(Sat)22:13 No. 31422 ID: ff243c

Let's not drop the tone THAT low, anon. :-?

Anonymous 18/07/29(Sun)05:03 No. 31559 ID: 07f4d3

I really dig this app.

Discord Haqsda 17/12/19(Tue)21:11 No. 30525 ID: c61d54 [Reply]

File 151371431242.jpg - (191.75KB , 982x916 , 152C333B-0BF0-493F-ABA9-38568C460118.jpg )

Is there any interest to make a shota discord channel?

23 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/07/14(Sat)22:52 No. 31364 ID: add482

yes please

Anonymous 18/07/23(Mon)08:33 No. 31499 ID: 107a5f

Gimme link

NekoHunter 18/07/24(Tue)11:33 No. 31513 ID: da4cb3

i interesed to join

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