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Nanny's discipline anonymous 16/02/25(Thu)22:45 No. 27244 ID: ef6277 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 145643674529.jpg - (287.89KB , 1127x562 , DSCN8889.jpg )

I would like to hear your opinions about this western straight shotacon.

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Anonymous 17/02/09(Thu)16:59 No. 29329 ID: 92bc39

Do a nudist beach scene

Anonymous 17/02/10(Fri)21:05 No. 29330 ID: 14b0ca

That idea would be awesome, if added small ammount of humor ^^ Example, boys inside a big box with peeking holes in the nude beach, or something :)

vorobjev.panzer 17/02/11(Sat)11:02 No. 29341 ID: be5941


Anonymous 16/07/28(Thu)10:03 No. 28375 ID: 1aa4e6 [Reply]

File 14696929969.jpg - (208.33KB , 1200x900 , image.jpg )

Favorite pic?

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Anonymous 17/01/07(Sat)19:39 No. 29168 ID: 03231e

mine fav

Anonymous 17/01/25(Wed)05:01 No. 29211 ID: 86346a

Anything involving feet or spitting in mouths. But they're both hard to find.

Anonymous 17/02/10(Fri)22:39 No. 29335 ID: 3a6e7f

spitting in mouth?? thats just disgusting. whats next? scat??

Anonymous 17/02/03(Fri)18:15 No. 29291 ID: 942048 [Reply]

File 14861421169.jpg - (10.05KB , 220x330 , Geoduck_held_in_two_hands.jpg )

anyone remember the manga that had a big titted teacher trapped in an elevator with one of her kindergarten students i think?
she says he has a dick like a geoduck or something

Does this sound familiar? I can't seem to find it

Anonymous 17/02/08(Wed)00:10 No. 29318 ID: 942048

I'm hoping this sounds familiar to someone

Anonymous 17/02/10(Fri)22:19 No. 29333 ID: 3a6e7f

na ah.. havent seen it.

next time, make it a habit to save an image rather just bookmark it.


Requesting for another uploading Ramesh Halder 16/12/01(Thu)10:31 No. 29072 ID: 8fcd38 [Reply]

File 148058471117.jpg - (17.00KB , 320x240 , 1473089094875.jpg )

Please upload more this is awesome I can't wait please upload more I am crazy about this story and please upload the Bengali version of this story

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Anonymous 16/12/12(Mon)20:32 No. 29105 ID: f4c87c

The person in the pic is 18? They look very shota like. Very cute looking.

Anonymous 17/02/08(Wed)13:11 No. 29321 ID: 0fa760

That is one of the better mom/son vids out there. I just wish it was in English.
I have to laugh at most of other m/s stuff out there. Totally unbelievable characters for the most part. There is a nice one with Pristine Edge tho, almost believable. Mom Lends a Hand

Anonymous 17/02/09(Thu)13:58 No. 29327 ID: ff0ec7

there any more "live" straight shota videos?

Story requires pix vorekeeper 17/02/08(Wed)13:22 No. 29322 ID: 0fa760 [Reply]

File 148655657896.jpg - (267.16KB , 1600x1200 , 7836ae5f7befc0f1558eefb482b2579172d57a658eea403c18.jpg )

I recently submitted my story to another site, and I've seen some of the artwork on this one.
Would someone care to do the illustrations for my tale?
It's a true story, but I'm a writer, not an artist.


If you like it, let me know. I would love to see it told in pictures as well

vorekeeper 17/02/08(Wed)13:23 No. 29323 ID: 0fa760

File 148655661361.jpg - (1.00MB , 2480x3508 , 7152905cc66448c1ddf328ebbffdf48867cdb798a1c293c3f2.jpg )

vorekeeper 17/02/08(Wed)13:24 No. 29324 ID: 0fa760

File 148655666567.jpg - (83.51KB , 700x1036 , 1444665172309.jpg )

Anonymous 17/02/08(Wed)10:10 No. 29320 ID: 1aa4e6 [Reply]

File 148654505385.jpg - (83.68KB , 588x805 , image.jpg )

Can't seem to find where this is from, anyone here know?

Straight shota videos Anonymous 14/01/20(Mon)02:25 No. 22384 ID: 92f30a [Reply]

File 139018111571.jpg - (16.83KB , 300x226 , th_54120_122_123_394lo[1].jpg )

There is tons of manga and even a decent handful of games that are centered around SS but I feel like there are virtually no movies dealing with it. The only one I know of is Sexual Pursuit and that one is pretty vanilla and bland if you ask me.

Anybody know of any other movies, translated or not, that have straight shota?

Heres the link for Sexual Pursuit.


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Anonymous 17/02/05(Sun)20:43 No. 29299 ID: 57c096

This right here is pretty epic


Anonymous 17/02/06(Mon)15:56 No. 29303 ID: b7eca3


Anonymous 17/02/07(Tue)21:15 No. 29314 ID: a4b658

That link is down sadly.

Anonymous 17/02/07(Tue)09:21 No. 29309 ID: 1aa4e6 [Reply]

File 148645568532.jpg - (269.43KB , 750x1026 , image.jpg )

What is this from?

Anonymous 17/02/07(Tue)20:43 No. 29313 ID: e11d27

Maybe use reverse search and next time, you won't have to ask such stupid questions

Anonymous 17/01/24(Tue)04:34 No. 29200 ID: 1aa4e6 [Reply]

File 148522889969.png - (1.12MB , 900x599 , image.png )

Anyone know where this is from?

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Dark 17/01/28(Sat)18:06 No. 29228 ID: 67829d

this is one scene of konosubarashi anime is talking about dreams making of sucubus induce to adveturers

Anonymous 17/01/31(Tue)05:03 No. 29232 ID: 158172

Konosuba ep 11, I think. It's the 'succubus' episode, around 8 mins in.

Anonymous 17/02/06(Mon)16:04 No. 29304 ID: b7eca3

Konosuba, ep 9, 06:45. It's really no more than the screencap though.

Non-Porn Straight Shota FutaBoner 16/11/11(Fri)04:19 No. 28839 ID: 54811d [Reply]

File 147883436071.jpg - (21.22KB , 350x500 , 792.jpg )

So, I just saw the movie Dear Brigitte (1965)where an 8 year old boy gets to meet his crush, movie star Brigitte Bardot. Though this movie was pretty funny and I actually really enjoyed it, I was hoping for more of the boy / adult woman relationship.

Does anyone know of any regular movies which feature similar subject matter?

13 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/12/15(Thu)02:08 No. 29108 ID: 70f151


Anonymous 16/12/15(Thu)23:27 No. 29112 ID: 576a96


Wow Oood 17/02/03(Fri)00:28 No. 29289 ID: 8874bc

Very hot

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