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Shota Trip - /ss/ Story Disemboweler 17/04/21(Fri)01:34 No. 29521 ID: 0de5f5 [Reply]

File 149273125281.png - (2.39MB , 1600x900 , Janet 2.png )

Hello I am /ss/ fan that recently came with an Idea of writing his own erotic fantasy story.

Story is about boy going on a vacation trip with his fammily and having all kinds of sexual adventures durring it. Boy starts innocent and things change pretty fast for him. Main themese are /ss/, incest, stelth sex, netori.

I am posting 1st chapter of the stiry that is planned for many more ...

Hell I even planned to make it into VN at some point - with images made with TK17

Here are some pics. Character models I took as inspirations and images generated in Tk17

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Disemboweler 17/05/10(Wed)20:45 No. 29676 ID: ca913c



Just Shota boy banging women in all diffrent scenarios and circumstances.

consensual and not
public sex
stealth sex
netori etc

Anonymous 17/05/10(Wed)22:12 No. 29677 ID: df4525

shaame a four way would have been pretty hot

Anonymous 17/05/14(Sun)03:53 No. 29688 ID: 9dc2be

Please run the story through a spell-checker next time, it's hard to read with so many spelling mistakes.

Bratty kids fucking babysitters Anonymous 12/12/25(Tue)11:28 No. 18562 ID: 09ac31 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 135643130323.jpg - (370.71KB , 1033x1500 , 1.jpg )

pretty self explanatory

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Anonymous 17/05/12(Fri)15:49 No. 29683 ID: c4fbcd


Anonymous 17/05/12(Fri)17:31 No. 29684 ID: 67ba91


things uc97 17/05/12(Fri)17:32 No. 29685 ID: 67ba91


SS Stories HornyWolfMan85 14/12/26(Fri)16:29 No. 24831 ID: 2103c7 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 141960774712.jpg - (274.98KB , 750x1000 , 33a5618fda89777dd0bc42992dfca9f8.jpg )

I would like to see some stories about SS i have a few that i have found over the internet.

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Anonymous 17/05/07(Sun)13:20 No. 29666 ID: e31f37

Stacie wiggled her shoulders and shook her breasts with his teddy bear wedged between her tits. tommy gazed at her chest as it moved. Kayla loved watching her sister tease him, but didn't forget her eralier tease
"well...maybe you do like girls, you like lookine at stacies tits." kayla laughed as she danced her finger tips on tommys neck "we like looking at you too...lets take some of these cloths off"

Anonymous 17/05/07(Sun)17:19 No. 29667 ID: df4525

Twins are awesome, and good choice with sonia

Anonymous 17/05/12(Fri)02:27 No. 29682 ID: 0b36ef


True story (allegedly) and VERY hot.

Looking for... DesperateAF 17/04/21(Fri)20:40 No. 29526 ID: cef9d1 [Reply]

File 149280001966.jpg - (167.55KB , 800x1168 , 02.jpg )

I know im breaking the rules and im sorry. Looking foe this SS Dōjinshi in which a nun is involved with multiple boys in what i think was a orphanage. The boys looked young (5 to 10?) and it ran 10 to 15 pages i think. Good art,black and white, kinda dark, was in english or was a good translation. The final page hinted at a sequel with presumably old priests with similarly young grils. Literally been looking for years. SS content is hard to research. I have nothing to offer in return. Im sorry again for breaking the rules but you guys are by best shot. Pic source--> hbrowsedotcom/14162/c00001

Anonymous 17/04/28(Fri)01:15 No. 29635 ID: 2a0234


Anonymous 17/05/11(Thu)16:32 No. 29681 ID: b45043

You magnificent bastard.Truly you are a person of a higher caliber. You have my thanks friend:D Thanks to/ss/ for not deleting my post.

Anonymous 15/11/17(Tue)01:18 No. 26617 ID: 591be6 [Reply]

File 144771953666.jpg - (164.36KB , 280x392 , rc879581package.jpg )

http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=879581 Well, the new year just got much better!

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Anonymous 16/05/31(Tue)16:32 No. 28006 ID: 8fcad4



Anonymous 17/03/15(Wed)01:17 No. 29446 ID: 70eb86


Anonymous 17/04/28(Fri)06:13 No. 29636 ID: 70eb86


Medical Examination Shota Anonymous 17/04/21(Fri)22:18 No. 29527 ID: 6a5781 [Reply]

File 149280588226.png - (2.78MB , 1048x1500 , 1462747741734.png )

Any shota involving female doctors giving any kind of examination or treatment to shotas- including the famous penis inspection. I'll dump what I have.

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Anonymous 17/04/21(Fri)22:30 No. 29530 ID: 6a5781

File 149280665916.jpg - (521.24KB , 800x1132 , 1492733701126.jpg )

Anonymous 17/04/22(Sat)22:59 No. 29534 ID: e33438

Anonymous 17/04/27(Thu)02:33 No. 29632 ID: 81957c

File 149325323169.jpg - (536.56KB , 1080x1920 , 20170427071450907.jpg )

Day at the beach 16/02/27(Sat)20:36 No. 27261 ID: aef1f1 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 145660176056.jpg - (1.33MB , 2592x1848 , DSC02486.jpg )

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anonymous 17/04/09(Sun)23:34 No. 29495 ID: 1b1bfb

OMG! A sweet deep kiss after a long day's work. Really hot!!

anonymous 17/04/25(Tue)22:26 No. 29607 ID: 889bf5

Great work!!

sage sage 17/05/05(Fri)01:14 No. 29654 ID: e1c81e

Blow your brains out, you cocksucking faggot. All queers will be slaughtered. There is no escaping your fate.

Nanny's discipline anonymous 16/02/25(Thu)22:45 No. 27244 ID: ef6277 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 145643674529.jpg - (287.89KB , 1127x562 , DSCN8889.jpg )

I would like to hear your opinions about this western straight shotacon.

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Anonymous 17/04/23(Sun)11:38 No. 29537 ID: 1bca7b


I love this picture because its so... Deceptive...like she could easily dismiss this as something innocent or at the very least harmeless...when it most certainly is very inappropriate. Please more like this!

anonymous 17/04/23(Sun)18:40 No. 29539 ID: 5b9cc9

Tender and erotic at the same time. I love that innocent footplay...

anonymous 17/04/25(Tue)22:24 No. 29606 ID: 889bf5


ramesh+halder 17/04/25(Tue)18:44 No. 29592 ID: 73942b [Reply]

File 149313864369.jpg - (366.94KB , 1523x2336 , govire jao aro govire jao-44.jpg )

Raping shota's Anonymous 17/04/25(Tue)17:43 No. 29577 ID: b1f13c [Reply]

File 149313500163.jpg - (824.60KB , 1075x1518 , 22.jpg )

anyone else got material like this?

Anonymous 17/04/25(Tue)17:45 No. 29578 ID: b1f13c

here is another one like this

Anonymous 17/04/25(Tue)17:47 No. 29579 ID: b1f13c

again in the same spirit

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