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Chancest Anonymous 18/10/17(Wed)13:15 No. 32046 ID: dfbc02 [Reply]

File 153977490694.jpg - (441.78KB , 1280x1810 , d306ff8d4053f48cc1ed9098d0046f0b138aafb5df543f5444.jpg )

"7chan.org/ss, what are you doing masturbating on my bed?" 8ch.net/ss cried.

7chan.org/ss had her face buried in her little brother's pillow, sniffing his scent as hard as she could. Her ass was in the air, with one hand rubbing up and down her very wet pussy in a furious motion. She was also moaning.

"Sorry, 8ch.net/ss, I c-can't help it!" 7chan.org/ss moaned. "I've been having wild carnal fantasies of you every night now, ever since your 8th birthday!"

"B-baka!" 8ch.net/ss yelled. "Get off my bed, you're ruining it with your musk!"

8ch.net/ss's room stunk of female musk. How long had his older sister been masturbating? He had only taken an hour long bath before returning to his room wrapped in a towel.

"Your big sister i-is a slut," 7chan.org/ss gasped, still schlicking like mad. "I can't h-help it! Please, 8chan/ss, give me y-your boy cock!"

"You're a pervert, sis!" 8ch.net/ss yelled. "Get off my bed right now!"

7chan.org/ss stopped masturbated. A strange gleam shone in her eyes. She licked her lips while staring at 8ch.net/ss. Suddenly, she leapt off the bed and tackled 8ch.net/ss to the floor, ripping the towel off him in the same instance. 7chan.org/ss ogled her brother's tiny uncircumcised virgin penis. It smelt pure. It looked tasty.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Vampire SS Somedude 19/05/14(Tue)12:05 No. 33014 ID: 5a0591

Go to pixiv and search for o.latexboy.o
Thank me later.

Vampire SS Somedude 19/05/14(Tue)12:05 No. 33015 ID: 5a0591

Go to pixiv and search for o.latexboy.o
Thank me later.

New Video Anonymous 17/05/20(Sat)01:01 No. 29713 ID: 2a0234 [Reply]

File 14952348965.jpg - (27.99KB , 640x360 , 05_png.jpg )

Shota hentai movie--enjoy.

Watch online:

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med 19/05/16(Thu)20:23 No. 33024 ID: c1b751

here we go again https://hentaidude.com/boku-to-misaki-sensei-episode-1/

Anonymous 19/05/25(Sat)22:53 No. 33039 ID: e9bd2b

There's... an episode two?

Anonymous 19/05/30(Thu)13:48 No. 33109 ID: adab0b


Pixiv etc shota compilatio 2016 Anonymous 17/06/13(Tue)08:11 No. 29789 ID: 33be79 [Reply]

File 149733427321.jpg - (3.30MB , 4302x4303 , 56573546_p0.jpg )

All the scattered SS pics I've got on pixiv and stuff over 2016.

https://depositfiles.com/files/zru106l9a (part 1)

1 post and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/06/13(Tue)15:55 No. 29792 ID: ffaf73

I dont want to be the first one to download and get fucked up.. someone else go first and confirm legit

Anonymous 17/06/16(Fri)01:12 No. 29801 ID: 8df864

The same "Pixiv etc compilation for year whatever" has been posted here once a year per the last 4 years or so.

Anonymous 19/05/28(Tue)02:00 No. 33104 ID: 336270

wow nice shota with milf

Small penis or really young kids Anonymous 19/05/22(Wed)17:44 No. 33037 ID: 19ac1f [Reply]

File 155853984278.jpg - (251.76KB , 1544x1091 , C6185C2F-39CA-43F3-A133-77E1DD4439FA.jpg )

Title says it all, looking for stuff where kids have a really small penis or where the kid is super young. Thanks!
(pic not related)

Anonymous 17/07/13(Thu)07:19 No. 29892 ID: ffe592 [Reply]

File 149992316620.jpg - (100.78KB , 612x816 , 45dfc9d531573fc4941b5621c6d8df8629b6e96d00b5d3201f.jpg )

i'm contributing to the board for the sake of the greater good, for the sake of those with the same fetish as mine,

i only have one question, how did we miss this?






Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 17/07/18(Tue)18:06 No. 29910 ID: 8102e5

Literally the thread above you. Was known 2 months ago

Anonymous 19/05/20(Mon)23:37 No. 33032 ID: 63c5a7

Who told you that ;)


GIFS lost to time /request OP 17/08/29(Tue)03:39 No. 30075 ID: 376202 [Reply]

File 150397074142.png - (123.86KB , 400x300 , download (1).png )

Hi! I have a really difficult request (with 3 images) I need to find these images again because I didn't save them as their original file the last time I downloaded them. For some reason I only saved them as a PNG file instead of GIF. They're all animated but as of August 2016 they were deleted off of probably all rule34 websites. I've scoured pretty much everything around the time they were posted (July 2016-August 2016) on multiple websites but I found nothing. I'm hoping some of you might have seen it. It nothing comes out of it, no big deal.

25 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
anon 19/04/14(Sun)04:49 No. 32876 ID: 4c3c9f

Anyone got any more of his stuff?

Anonymous 19/05/06(Mon)07:24 No. 32972 ID: 6e8514


Anonymous 19/05/06(Mon)07:25 No. 32973 ID: 6e8514


TIP Anonymous 19/03/02(Sat)08:29 No. 32639 ID: a99f07 [Reply]

File 155151176429.png - (177.62KB , 1280x1811 , 4.png )


Putting a dash before a word/tag eliminates all doujins containing that word/tag, and quotation marks bundle search terms together, the search doesn't recognize multi-word tags, they search them individually, put multi-word tags in quotes, and it'll work, using a dash before works too, so if you type:

shotacon -yaoi -futanari -"male on dickgirl" -dickgirl -tomgirl -crossdressing

it'll eliminate every doujin containing these tags.

3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 19/04/01(Mon)13:13 No. 32790 ID: dd8c0a

thirding for source

Anonymous 19/05/01(Wed)15:56 No. 32956 ID: 36162a


pregnant line-art monochrome western-style Anonymous 17/06/12(Mon)19:55 No. 29785 ID: 494c89 [Reply]

File 149729012862.jpg - (165.92KB , 997x1399 , a2090400b9675183bb277e3b39bcf070.jpg )

I'm looking for some pics I saw a few years ago. They were all pregnant milfs being banged by shotas. The pics were all line-art and monochrome. They seemed more western-style than japanese, but I could be wrong.

All the milfs had happy, accepting smiles on their faces.

Any help at all - possible name of the artist, the pics themselves, where you last saw them - is appreciated.

Until then, let's post some pregnant milfs with shotas.

2 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/06/12(Mon)20:01 No. 29788 ID: 494c89

Anonymous 17/11/20(Mon)00:31 No. 30417 ID: 3653b0


honeymoon in Darjeeling needed Chinnu 19/04/17(Wed)06:42 No. 32895 ID: c3bd70

How to get honeymoon in Darjeeling comics

Bratty kids fucking babysitters Anonymous 12/12/25(Tue)11:28 No. 18562 ID: 09ac31 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 135643130323.jpg - (370.71KB , 1033x1500 , 1.jpg )

pretty self explanatory

76 posts and 60 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 19/04/06(Sat)05:22 No. 32824 ID: 85a5a3


Anonymous 19/04/14(Sun)18:49 No. 32882 ID: 9e33f2

File 155526054229.jpg - (138.21KB , 1280x720 , ntrbb34.jpg )


my collection mallublouse 19/04/10(Wed)22:09 No. 32851 ID: 4f0aee [Reply]

File 155492696862.png - (852.96KB , 1024x682 , Akasmikam46-DREAWING.png )

can any buddy help[ me to make comic

Anonymous 19/04/10(Wed)22:47 No. 32855 ID: 1e5fb7

arijit 19/04/11(Thu)09:58 No. 32857 ID: db64eb

What kind of help do you need?

my collection mallublouse 19/04/11(Thu)15:51 No. 32858 ID: 2cfbbc

please suggest what is the fast way to draw comic. i use gimp what else is easy to toon convertor?

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