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Anonymous 16/06/15(Wed)07:45 No. 28125 ID: 1aa4e6 [Reply]

File 146596952078.jpg - (150.80KB , 962x954 , image.jpg )

Any more of these!?

Anonymous 16/06/15(Wed)07:45 No. 28126 ID: 1aa4e6

I also have these ones

Anonymous 16/06/15(Wed)14:02 No. 28129 ID: 9192b9

Are you looking for the artist? Or like, more femdom bunny girls?



SS toys minneminne 16/05/26(Thu)22:19 No. 27983 ID: f6b605 [Reply]

File 146429398760.jpg - (26.39KB , 219x321 , TB2674obXXXXXb6XXXXXXXXXXXX_!!363221497.jpg )

how come no one is posting SS themed toys? i saw this piece and tot lolis are just too much. come on lets have some ss toys be made.

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Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)19:01 No. 27994 ID: e3ba39

there are tot toys? I'm curious where to find them

Anonymous 16/06/01(Wed)02:19 No. 28010 ID: e4fe07

File 146474036920.jpg - (57.65KB , 562x1000 , B075O8ACcAA_Hvs.jpg )

minneminne 16/06/02(Thu)20:18 No. 28023 ID: c8a4f5

hehee.. i guess we have to imagine them ourselves huh?

it would be nice to have those boobs pressable/pushable and the mannequin boy have dicks that we can insert into the pussy

hard semen sticks Anonymous 16/05/30(Mon)20:49 No. 28001 ID: 01c2b4 [Reply]

File 146463418494.jpg - (447.39KB , 990x1400 , r-1q8gjw4q.jpg )

Girl gets out of the pool (swim instructor), young boys from the swim team approach, they gangbang, blowbang, and titty fuck her. At one point she calls their dicks "hard semen sticks." Anybody know of this manga? Similar to the manga below, but obviously not the same one. The boys had bigger dicks too.

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Anonymous 16/05/31(Tue)06:43 No. 28003 ID: e4fe07

it in here somewhere

Anonymous 16/06/01(Wed)02:40 No. 28011 ID: b523bd

The Artist is Yunioshi.
The title is Swimming School.
You can find it in English on Exhentai


not the one i posted Anonymous 16/06/01(Wed)04:49 No. 28014 ID: 01c2b4

its not the one i posted. its one thats similar in theme. the link you provided is for this manga. but im not looking for this manga specifically. im looking for a similar one

Anonymous 15/11/17(Tue)01:18 No. 26617 ID: 591be6 [Reply]

File 144771953666.jpg - (164.36KB , 280x392 , rc879581package.jpg )

http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=879581 Well, the new year just got much better!

11 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/05/23(Mon)15:08 No. 27960 ID: d318c8

bbw/chubby would also be nice...

Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)19:27 No. 27995 ID: 008978


Anonymous 16/05/31(Tue)16:32 No. 28006 ID: 8fcad4



The Best Straight Shota vid of all time Anonymous 16/03/20(Sun)22:31 No. 27476 ID: 49faf3 [Reply]

File 145850949472.jpg - (229.88KB , 1024x838 , Yun-Yun-Paradise_mp4_thumbs_2015_08_18_16_57_27.jpg )

<script data-skin="//shotasekai.net/v2/wp-content/plugins/fv-wordpress-flowplayer-2.2.6/css/flowplayer.css" data-library="//shotasekai.net/v2/wp-content/plugins/fv-wordpress-flowplayer-2.2.6/flowplayer/fv-flowplayer.min.js" data-swf="//shotasekai.net/v2/wp-content/plugins/fv-wordpress-flowplayer-2.2.6/flowplayer/flowplayer.swf?ver=" src="//shotasekai.net/v2/wp-content/plugins/fv-wordpress-flowplayer-2.2.6/flowplayer/embed.min.js"><div data-origin="http://shotasekai.net/v2/yun-yun-paradise-espanol/" style="width: 640px; height: 480px;" class="flowplayer"><video><source src="http://shotasekai.net/v2/Videos/Yun%20Yun%20Paradise.mp4" type="video/mp4"></video></div></script>

If the embed doesn't work then here's the direct link



2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/03/26(Sat)01:43 No. 27517 ID: a0ec8b

Sound, but no video.

orusuban 16/05/28(Sat)21:48 No. 27996 ID: d9ae44


Anonymous 16/05/30(Mon)07:12 No. 27998 ID: 813e6e


find doujin or mangaka Anonymous 16/04/20(Wed)08:33 No. 27732 ID: 2c707f [Reply]

File 146113403987.jpg - (226.40KB , 893x1263 , 01.jpg )

please someone can identify this doujin

6 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/05/03(Tue)19:13 No. 27841 ID: b2d7c8


Anonymous 16/05/04(Wed)19:29 No. 27850 ID: 3b3892

Mm . Looks good! I need this.

Anonymous 16/05/05(Thu)00:46 No. 27854 ID: 06f2ca

[Kuroiwa Menou] Milk Crown

but it doesn't translated

Anonymous 16/01/11(Mon)19:42 No. 26948 ID: 87424b [Reply]

File 145253777431.jpg - (398.79KB , 833x625 , 1450725558512.jpg )

This. Fucking. Position. Post all you got.

18 posts and 23 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/01/26(Tue)01:43 No. 27052 ID: 5762f6

>That christmas one.
Best one so far!!


Anonymous 16/04/25(Mon)02:47 No. 27767 ID: 9f623a

File 146154522584.png - (1.61MB , 1280x960 , ev01951.png )

<3 Anon 16/05/04(Wed)04:54 No. 27845 ID: 65752e

Anime PVC Figure Anonymous 16/04/29(Fri)01:08 No. 27796 ID: 269c49 [Reply]

File 146188489083.jpg - (51.63KB , 536x800 , gumonshoe1400539325.jpg )

Another pvc figure cast off and shotacon?

Anonymous 16/04/29(Fri)01:09 No. 27797 ID: 269c49

File 146188496367.jpg - (56.42KB , 536x800 , gumonshoe1400539262.jpg )

non-hentai-ss anonymus 16/02/23(Tue)22:52 No. 27199 ID: 5eef12 [Reply]

File 145626435667.jpg - (210.90KB , 773x1070 , 000.jpg )

amateur artist PHW´next comic:
enjoy "Big sister & me"

17 posts and 64 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Pantyhose!!! nylonlover 16/03/12(Sat)01:29 No. 27388 ID: 9c0375

At least one set of my favourite fetish : pantyhose!
And to put the top on it : one of the rare ss with a boy with a proportional cock!
I love it, even the drawings are amateur.
Many thanks for posting!!!

great! anononanist 16/03/17(Thu)21:08 No. 27437 ID: 9c0375

many thanx, great stuff!

cool! anonymus 16/04/03(Sun)18:20 No. 27590 ID: 9c0375

another piece of pantyhose and ss!
i like this also!

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