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Bratty kids fucking babysitters Anonymous 12/12/25(Tue)11:28 No. 18562 ID: 09ac31

File 135643130323.jpg - (370.71KB , 1033x1500 , 1.jpg )

pretty self explanatory

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Anonymous 13/01/07(Mon)21:27 No. 18755 ID: 09ac31


Anonymous 13/02/04(Mon)08:09 No. 19053 ID: 988d6b


Anonymous 13/02/07(Thu)04:34 No. 19078 ID: d38689

File 136020809218.jpg - (172.19KB , 1024x677 , 127656158631.jpg )

That's pretty funny. Thanks for posting, anon.

If only we could see some action between that hot boy and his babysitter.

Anonymous 13/03/08(Fri)11:04 No. 19304 ID: 195466

[aoi hitori]A bit drunk

Anonymous 13/03/08(Fri)13:24 No. 19305 ID: 195466

File 136274546956.jpg - (81.89KB , 728x1204 , ghen_v5_page_192.jpg )

Although only an ecchi manga, Ch 59 + 60 of HEN by Hiroya Oku is pretty good.

Anonymous 13/03/11(Mon)14:16 No. 19371 ID: 09ac31

[N.R.D.WORKS ] Kaasan to Yankee Bouzu

awesome comic where kid who bullies another kid, fucks his mother as well

Anonymous 13/06/02(Sun)04:51 No. 20236 ID: 27be0e

there needs to be more of this!

Anonymous 13/06/03(Mon)17:52 No. 20339 ID: 39719a

Kaasan to Yankee Bouzu is good. betrayal in these stories always gets me

Anonymous 13/06/04(Tue)02:00 No. 20340 ID: 9a2f83


I don't like pushy shotas but that one was cute enough

Anonymous 13/07/18(Thu)15:02 No. 20599 ID: 3b542d


Anonymous 13/07/22(Mon)00:45 No. 20616 ID: 3b542d

Heres a manga i cant seem to find a download for (other then buying it of course)

Kinda shitty art, but the idea is kinda hot imo.


From what i

Anonymous 14/08/19(Tue)00:03 No. 23926 ID: 8449aa

Bratty shotas are fine as long as they're not 'domineering' little assholes. I personally hate that but for people who like it, Hana Hook is the artist for you.

Anonymous 15/11/24(Tue)07:11 No. 26658 ID: 99b7c5

File 144834548446.jpg - (164.18KB , 440x330 , 14-3.jpg )

pretty shotadom, also some NTR thrown in

Anonymous 15/11/29(Sun)16:48 No. 26692 ID: 8bea11


Anonymous 15/11/29(Sun)17:28 No. 26693 ID: 8bea11

is there an english translation of this

Anonymous 15/11/30(Mon)23:13 No. 26699 ID: 99b7c5



Anonymous 15/12/02(Wed)10:53 No. 26705 ID: 8bea11

I think the file's corrupted

Anonymous 15/12/02(Wed)14:08 No. 26708 ID: 8bea11

damn thats some good stuff. anymore like it with a similar theme?

Doku-doku 15/12/20(Sun)15:37 No. 26806 ID: 8a4d6c

One of my favorite sub-genres. Will link more if people are interested.


Doku-doku!9/D.jE5LX. 15/12/20(Sun)15:56 No. 26807 ID: 8a4d6c

Basically these are "shotadom".

[BLZ Maniax] いいなり!褐色家庭教師 Game CG

Full game can be found by its name.

Anonymous 15/12/22(Tue)00:36 No. 26819 ID: ffe592

dont forget working girls paradise


Anonymous 16/01/04(Mon)23:40 No. 26905 ID: ffe592

bumpity bump

Anonymous 16/03/30(Wed)05:57 No. 27556 ID: ffe592

this is a good thread

Anonymous 16/04/25(Mon)08:32 No. 27770 ID: 40e20e

more like this please

Anonymous 16/06/30(Thu)21:40 No. 28195 ID: aca89c

File 146731562996.jpg - (212.01KB , 1200x1709 , 0001.jpg )


Tutor getting dom'd by a boy.

Anonymous 16/06/30(Thu)21:56 No. 28196 ID: aca89c

This looks promising.


Anonymous 16/07/12(Tue)22:45 No. 28271 ID: aca89c

This looks pretty amazing, also includes NTR.


Anonymous 16/09/08(Thu)08:59 No. 28602 ID: ffe592

more of this golden thread

Anonymous 16/09/08(Thu)09:00 No. 28603 ID: ffe592

more of this golden thread

Anonymous 16/09/08(Thu)09:01 No. 28604 ID: ffe592

more of this golden thread

Anonymous 16/09/11(Sun)14:05 No. 28615 ID: 9645c1


[Urakan] Tomo Mama Ijiri Anonymous 16/10/08(Sat)16:34 No. 28708 ID: aca89c

More delicious Urakan


Anonymous 16/11/09(Wed)20:06 No. 28834 ID: 0f9513

File 147871837275.jpg - (258.73KB , 756x1052 , pink ocean.jpg )

Anonymous 16/11/09(Wed)20:32 No. 28835 ID: a99d12

Anonymous 16/11/12(Sat)10:05 No. 28843 ID: 7162eb

SAUCE PLEASE been tryung to find it for days!

Anonymous 16/11/15(Tue)12:15 No. 28862 ID: 3560ec



Anonymous 16/12/29(Thu)06:47 No. 29140 ID: aca89c

BON_3000 - Mikoto Onee-chan no Kodomo Panic

couple of shotas, and a cocky shota with big dong at end


Anonymous 16/12/30(Fri)04:34 No. 29148 ID: 11dc33

Been looking this for ages, thanks!

Anonymous 17/01/31(Tue)20:23 No. 29235 ID: aca89c

Anonymous 17/02/01(Wed)05:13 No. 29247 ID: 9645c1

Is there more about this?

[Harapeko Teishoku] Hachidori no Rakuen 17/03/19(Sun)15:53 No. 29459 ID: aca89c


Anonymous 17/04/23(Sun)07:21 No. 29535 ID: ffe592

File 14929249119.jpg - (149.66KB , 948x842 , 1416071 - Cactuar Final_Fantasy_X Lulu playstyle.jpg )

more man,

Anonymous 17/04/27(Thu)19:54 No. 29634 ID: bebe66


Anonymous 17/05/12(Fri)15:49 No. 29683 ID: c4fbcd


Anonymous 17/05/12(Fri)17:31 No. 29684 ID: 67ba91


things uc97 17/05/12(Fri)17:32 No. 29685 ID: 67ba91


Anonymous 17/07/06(Thu)11:36 No. 29869 ID: ffe592

more of this thread now

Anonymous 17/08/06(Sun)01:11 No. 29947 ID: aca89c

More from Bon_3000 INC. 8/13

Anonymous 17/08/07(Mon)05:55 No. 29950 ID: aca89c

File 150207814443.jpg - (327.83KB , 643x900 , 64139670_p1_master1200.jpg )


Heres the link and a backshot BTW



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