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SS Stories HornyWolfMan85 14/12/26(Fri)16:29 No. 24831 ID: 2103c7

File 141960774712.jpg - (274.98KB , 750x1000 , 33a5618fda89777dd0bc42992dfca9f8.jpg )

I would like to see some stories about SS i have a few that i have found over the internet.

71 posts omitted. Last 50 shown.
Honest+Faggot 17/05/27(Sat)10:10 No. 29732 ID: 5cd80a

Are there any hard femdom stories out there? Like ones about moms raping their kids or whatnot. /ss/ always seems to be lighthearted fun when it's not about bratty kids dominating women. I want something plausible and rooted in the harsh, dark realities of the world.

Honest+Faggot 17/05/27(Sat)17:45 No. 29734 ID: 5cd80a

Ew.. this story could have been a lot better if the author wasn't breaking the fourth wall, pushing a political agenda and writing like a crackpot faggot.

Anonymous 17/06/16(Fri)01:14 No. 29802 ID: 8df864

Could anyone help translate these:

Seem to be really hot shota rape stories, but google translate isn't exactly great.

Anonymous 17/06/16(Fri)05:10 No. 29804 ID: 5cd80a

>Seem to be really hot shota rape stories

Dude, they're novels, no pictures. What would make you think these are good enough to translate in the first place?

Anonymous 17/06/16(Fri)07:21 No. 29805 ID: 8df864

>>29804 A) This a shota STORIES thread, ain't it.

B) What I CAN see from google translate.

Anonymous 17/06/20(Tue)03:16 No. 29822 ID: 8280fe

Looking for the one about a man in coma that changes bodies with a boy who hates his life and his overbearing mother...

Looking for... Anonymous 17/06/20(Tue)03:17 No. 29823 ID: 8280fe

Looking for the one about a man in coma that changes bodies with a boy who hates his life and his overbearing mother...

Anonymous 17/06/24(Sat)06:44 No. 29838 ID: e50222

This is what you're looking for
[Hidemaru] Kodomo ni Natte Okashi Makuru yo

part 1-4 in English

part 5 in English

that's all of it I think.

Can not enter "exhentai.org" : Please help ! Anonymous 17/06/26(Mon)10:17 No. 29840 ID: 5f9d9d


Hey, when I click on the links, all I can see is the picture of a teddy bear :)

In the past also, I tried to enter the site "https://exhentai.org", and every time I could see the teddy bear only :)

Please guide me how can I enter the site to see the stuff ?

Thanks in advance !

Anonymous 17/06/27(Tue)08:22 No. 29843 ID: 9f49d9

Info on how to access exhentai....


some different links for the same comics, no messing around to access them...

part 1-4


part 5


Anonymous 17/07/05(Wed)18:58 No. 29868 ID: 11f7db

Little brother's awakening

Anonymous 17/07/17(Mon)20:17 No. 29905 ID: e0993a

That was hot

Anonymous 17/07/31(Mon)15:53 No. 29931 ID: a98012

logs fron a latex futa on shota rp I did.

Anonymous 17/08/02(Wed)03:40 No. 29933 ID: a98012

Nvm I screwed the link up give me a bit

Anonymous 17/08/04(Fri)09:21 No. 29942 ID: 6bbb99


one guys story of a shota being stalked and then fucked by various Japanese ghosts here

Anonymous 17/08/04(Fri)20:09 No. 29946 ID: 5cd80a

..dude's got a patreon just for writing stories? Damn man, I need to get on that site and do something.

Anonymous 17/08/06(Sun)08:47 No. 29948 ID: a98012

https://pastebin.com/1rkTKiS8 there now

Anonymous 18/01/05(Fri)06:45 No. 30575 ID: 0b36ef


MLP shit, but still pretty fappable.

Story Thread Help 18/04/11(Wed)02:49 No. 30962 ID: 7e5fa6

I’m looking for a greentext story link that was posted on here a while ago, it was about a kid meeting a woman on a bus and then later developing a relationship and shit, anyone got a link?

Anonymous 18/04/11(Wed)05:24 No. 30963 ID: 0b36ef

Happy fapping

Doujin Lost herrj 18/04/16(Mon)02:38 No. 30980 ID: f28a84

I need help finding this doujin, I saw it a long time ago and cant remember its name...

Was about two boys with masks like the ones used in Lucha Libre, they were in the park and they saw a woman walking there and decided to fuck her. The woman was the mother of one of the boys, but didnt say anything...
The artstyle remembers me of Takasugi Kou.

Please is someone know, tell me :D

Anonymous 18/04/16(Mon)11:53 No. 30981 ID: a15ac9

Maybe this is what you're looking for...

[Tange Suzuki] Yaritai ♡ Sakari (Mama ga Iku! Boku wa Dopyu!)


Anonymous 18/07/27(Fri)01:02 No. 31547 ID: 0d7dc9

I found a story a while ago but I'm having trouble finding it, wonder if anyone could help?
There was two chapters, the first was meant to be a sort of info document saying that a new breed of 'alpha males' or something along that line was emerging and it advised women what to do if their son was one.
The second was an interview with a mother giving her account and experience with her son being one.

I remember enjoying it but can't for the life of me find it anymore!

Anonymous 18/09/10(Mon)16:17 No. 31850 ID: 2484a0

"Hung shota" probably.

Anonymous 18/09/11(Tue)08:16 No. 31852 ID: d08ad1

Any stories that revolve around a mother falling for a young son's friend or bully?

Anonymous 18/09/15(Sat)11:39 No. 31859 ID: 460ffa

Damn, so I'm not the only one that finds a kid getting cucked by his same-age bully is hot as fuck lol

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)07:50 No. 31936 ID: bb6ad1

I wrote a new chapter for one of my old /ss/ stories if y'all are interested. Brittany's Trance:

Anonymous 18/10/17(Wed)21:46 No. 32052 ID: f271cb


Great addition to the story. I hope you continue your writing, because it's amazing.

Anonymous 18/10/18(Thu)04:33 No. 32053 ID: 25f915

I hope you write another story your story "Mom Luke keeps touching me" in my opinion is the hottest story ever.

Anonymous 18/11/11(Sun)14:08 No. 32190 ID: b53d33

I'm looking for writers taking commissions with straight shota theme, could someone post here links to authors like that? please?

Anonymous 18/11/12(Mon)04:10 No. 32193 ID: 3fb212

Everyone questions my preferences, even when justifying ss as tall women x short guys. What am I missing?

Anonymous 18/11/14(Wed)03:23 No. 32204 ID: bb6ad1

I think I can do it if you want, email me your idea!

Anonymous 18/11/14(Wed)06:10 No. 32205 ID: bb6ad1

Hey, thanks for the feedback, I'd like to write some more /ss/ too. It's the most fun thing there is to write. I have some ideas for where Brittany's Trance can go but I'm not sure what direction to take it. A frequent problem for me.

Anonymous 18/11/14(Wed)17:20 No. 32209 ID: de7929


I have idea where Brittany's Trance could go. Ashley should catch them fucking, and start masturbating to it, and then join them, begging Jake to fill her pussy with his childish spunk. After that she could be angry at Brittany that she didn't tell her earlier as it was the best sex of her life.

But the most important thing. Impregnation. Just think how hot it would be. Little kid making his own older sister pregnant. His childish tiny balls, working hard making a lot of fertile preteen semen. Then that childish sperm fucking teen eggs of his own big sister, making her belly grow with forbidden life.

Since it’s fiction, you don’t need to worry about money, health or other thing when it comes to pregnancy. And you could write that Brittany is not upset or angry, but actually happy, tears of happiness dripping down her face. She could realize that there never will be a male more deserving to make her young beautiful body pregnant then her own little brother. His little boyish dick in her eyes could become the most perfect breeding tool that male can have.

Also you could show boy reaction that he will be father, his young immature mind would be too weak to fight with primal instinct of every male to breed, and idea that he made his sister pregnant, would make him happy and his dick hard like steel. After hearing the truth, Jake could jump on his sister, rip her clothes off and ram his dick into her hole, screaming with his childish voice how much he loves her, that he will never leave her, that he wants to marry her, and that he wants to make a lot of kids with her. All time fucking her much bigger body, like animal, not little boy. She would scream from happiness too, as she never loved her little brother as much as now, when he admit his true fillings to her. And so little kid and his teen sister fucked like animals, grunting like animals, with their first baby growing in her belly.

Then of course, when Ashley would hear about Brittney pregnancy, she would get crazy from her friend happiness, run to near pharmacy, and in front of little kid and his sister took bunch of fertility pills. Then she would present her ass like bitch to Jake, begging him to make her pregnant too, saying she wants bear a lot of his babies and only his babies.
Just imagine this scene, Jake fucking Ashley, that begs him to make her pregnant, and his already pregnant big sister, tells him that same, to make her best friend pregnant like her. Think about his preteen mind melting, as two sexy much older girls wants his babies. With final thrust he would grant Ashley wish, saying her to get pregnant. Ashley pussy and mind would explode, and her pussy would work like a perfect milking machine, created to milk small childish dicks.

Please, at least consider my idea… with happy pregnant ending.

Anonymous 18/11/16(Fri)16:16 No. 32215 ID: d323ae

I'm looking for a particular story. It's told from the perspective of the husband who gets his wife to sleep with a bunch of kids, and she ends up doing more with them than him.

Anonymous 18/11/29(Thu)10:49 No. 32255 ID: 56665f

Not sure if you're still here but this is decent and fits the description (sort of).

Anonymous 18/11/30(Fri)20:43 No. 32258 ID: 0a2442

You wrote this?

Anonymous 18/12/01(Sat)11:13 No. 32259 ID: afa253

I'm currently writing a few others (and working on the next chapter) at the moment.

Anonymous 18/12/08(Sat)23:12 No. 32273 ID: d29b34

mother-son's bully relation is the patrician fetish for /ss/ bros. i have yet to find a story where the son's bully befriends the husband having the mother in common. son's bully makes me hard as a rock

Anonymous 18/12/09(Sun)05:10 No. 32274 ID: 3b8631

Hey, everyone I am a big noob to this board but I am a big fan of this fetish. I couldn't sleep last night so I stared blankly at the ceiling and did what any sick channer would do: fantasize about the most depraved smut I can think of. Again, I am a total nub writer but I liked the story so much I thought I would jot it down and share to my fellow channers. There are inconsistencies everywhere in POV, grammar, syntax, etc. I intended to greentext the story but I figured I would give it a little more effort than that. So here it is and I greatly appreciate any comments and criticisms. Hope you find it worthy of this board and thread!

Anonymous 18/12/09(Sun)05:12 No. 32275 ID: 3b8631

Part 1: The bully
bully beats up son, son asks mother to deal with the bully, mother relents but warns son to handle bully on his own next time, mother goes to bully’s house in the ghetto, mother knocks on the door and finds it unlocked, mother wanders in the decrepit house to find bully in his room playing video games, mother asks bully where his parents are, bully says he does not have parents and lives with his old grandmother, mother sympathizes with the bully, mother sits and plays video games with bully, bully begins to like mother, mother offers bully breast job to stop beating up son and accepts
Part 2: the lovers
bully beats up the son again calling son a coward for sending his mother, son begs mother to give the bully what he wants, mother asks bully to introduce her to his grandmother as his girlfriend, grandmother is happy for bully to find a companion and gropes mother to see, son asks mother what she gave to bully to make him stop, mother says she cooks and cleans for the bully but warns son not to tell husband why, mother tells husband she has a weekend job housekeeping a rich man’s house, mother lives second life with bully and grandmother. Mother’s signature housekeeping and crafts revitalizes bully’s home to being habitable. mother neglects son and husband for the bully. Family housekeeping deteriorates and mother does not care, grandmother dies and bully has to leave home, bully drops out of school and loses virginity with mother for comfort, mother convinces husband to adopt bully from her deceased boss, mother and bully stay at home while husband and son leave for school, mother asks husband to help hire bully at local grocery, husband and bully reminisce about mother and become best friends, husband neglects son for the bully, mother sneaks between husband and bully’s room, forcing her husband to wear protection but lets the bully have her bare. mother’s signature housekeeping crafts return to the family home and bully and son slowly befriend, [TIMESKIP ~1 YEAR son bully (16), mother husband (31)] son becomes suspicious of mother and bully’s intimacy and hides in bully’s closet at night. Son catches them in the act
Part 3: The Yakuza
son contracts Yakuza leader to beat up the bully, son skips school with gangsters and shows them into the house, son and gangsters find mother in bed with bully, mother offers herself in exchange to leave bully alone, Yakuza leader says they cannot go back on their word, bully charges gangsters and gets beat up, mother sobs and runs to bully, son thanks Yakuza leader and scolds mother but says he will show her mercy and not tell husband, bully in her arms mother scolds son she will not forgive him, mother charges at gangsters, Yakuza leader likes mother’s spunk and offers mother to join them, mother refuses she loves the bully, gangsters grope mother and unzip their pants, son begs gangsters to stop, Yakuza leader tells son to fight them like the bully, mother blows gangsters one by one while staring angrily at the son, son kneels down sobbing and watching with erection, Yakuza leader rapes mother and puts p in her mouth after to clean, withdraws p from mother’s mouth and walks over to son, son’s last vision is Yakuza leader’s p drooling with mother’s saliva and juices and gangsters lining up for their turn with mother, Yakuza leader knocks out son

Anonymous 18/12/09(Sun)05:14 No. 32276 ID: 3b8631

Part 4: the report
son has wet dream, son wakes up and sees bully on the ground but does not see mother, son calls for mother and searches room to room, finds mother’s room sacked finding missing clothes and items, son rushes back to bully to wake him, bully wakes up and socks son for the last time, son and bully reconcile and call husband home from work, son and bully divulge everything to husband, husband is devastated and sympathizes with both boys, bully asks husband for forgiveness and husband says he is not angry but thankful to bully for fulfilling mother’s desires, husband calls the police to report missing/kidnapped person, police ask for a story and son curates story to a random Yakuza home invasion and not the full story, police advise husband son and bully they have to wait 48 hours before they can file mother missing, police warns them that mother’s missing clothes and items indicate mother may have consented to leave, police leave and say to contact with any further information, furious all three resolve to investigate on their own

Part 5: the search
[TIMESKIP ~1/2 YEAR son bully (16) mother husband (31)] son dropped out of school and works with bully and husband at the local grocery store, all three vow to find mother, they search around town hoping to find mother or the gangsters, son searching the slums one night slightly glances a familiar woman walking into a night club in the arms of gangsters, the woman now has long straight hair/tattooed neck and arms/revealing cleavage/elegant dress and a protruding belly(!), heart racing son keeps this to himself and does not tell bully or husband, son calls sick from work and shuts in his room for days, son searches online JAV archives for gangster films featuring mature women, days go by watching thousands of videos and confirms his suspicion, son clearly recognizes her voice even with a blurred face, dozens of videos “mature mother fucks son, amateur milf fucks and sucks little boys, pregnant housewife fucks son’s bully,” almost all of mother’s partners appear younger and smaller than both son and bully. she rarely ever mates with older men and the few she does can barely move. Every video shows her progression as a gangster. Her hair grows longer and the tattoos cover more and more of her body. son shows bully and husband his finding, mother produces a new video every week, all three follow her social media accounts and purchase her uncensored videos, all three promise not to contact her online not to scare her away, husband contacts police with their finding but police advises they cannot act without evidence of a crime since mother appears to consent to her captors, all three collect mother’s JAV gifting PO boxes and split to investigate, husband succeeds with his PO box and confirms the woman is mother but pregnant(!), husband follows the woman to the slums and sees gangsters surrounding the home groping the woman’s behind and breasts as she passes through

Part 6: the finding
husband confirms to bully and son he knows where mother may be living, husband calls the police for help, the police offer to follow up but warns it will be the last, following midday all three ride in the back of the police car accepting to stay in the backseat and not interfere in the confrontation, eagerly waiting bully shoves his way to the window seat pushing son and husband aside eager to see and hear, police arrives and locks the doors but parks in distant hidden view towards the house, police knocks and gangster answers, muscular gangster is shirtless in boxer briefs half way down his waist pubic hairs and slight shaft emerging from the top, gangster leaning on the door frame scratches his crotch and angrily asks what the police have him for this time, police asks if a mrs. mother is in the residence, gangster responds mrs. who? police responds instead with mother’s JAV name, gangster acknowledges immediately and yells the police is here for her, “let me get her” and closes the door, the police turns towards the patrol car and shakes his head disapprovingly, the door opens and mother appears in gangster’s arms, mother is wrapped in a bedsheet with long messy bed hair, mother clearly half asleep (or drugged?) angrily asks the police what he wants, police asks to have a minute with her in private, gangster cuffs his hands around mother’s belly and warns police man not to do anything funny, gangster slaps mother’s ass towards the police and closes the door, bully son and husband cry at her sight sitting without making a sound, police questions her if she is being held against her will, mother denies it and asks the police not to respond to her family again or she will pursue harassment charges against the police department and the family, all three break down crying and pound on the window but the car is soundproof nobody can hear from the outside, the police asks one final time and points towards the hidden car, mother looks and son immediately recognizes the menacing stare she gave him on the night of the kidnapping, mother warns the police she is done and storms back into the house, police laments there is nothing more they can do.

Part 7: the rescue
son bully and husband plan to risk their lives to retrieve mother. son buys an airsoft replica handgun in the slums and husband and bully buy baseball bats. They plan to hit them on a Saturday morning when they are all likely asleep and unconscious. All three hide their identities in black bloc and masks. They arrive at the house early morning and find it unlocked. They sneak and notice the inside is evident of mother’s housekeeping. Like a lion’s den, there are nude men and women snoring strewn about the floor. They move foot by foot in between torsos and limbs. They move in unison down the hall slowly opening room by room. There are nude people in each room and camera equipment set ups with cables all about the floor. The only room left is the last in the hall. It must be the master bedroom. They nervously open it to find the biggest bed yet. This one is without a doubt the most occupied. Mother is in the middle of the bed belly up, nude with the bedsheet wrapped around her right leg. The tattoos cover half of her body running from her neck to her left foot. Her hair is long and messed about the gangster to her right partly under the sheet. She’s in bed with five gangsters meshed together arms on top of her arms, legs, and belly. Some of them holding their large, uncircumcised hairy members with a loose hand. Mother’s crotch area is visibly wet and she bears a slight glow all over her body, especially her face and breasts. There is no question what occurred this night. Heart racing, son stays at the door frame weapon in hand while bully and husband maneuver between gangsters to reach mother. bully slowly pulls on the bedsheet to come off the gangster and husband picks mother up by the shoulders. Nobody thinks to whisper or make a sound. With the bedsheet off the gangsters, bully helps husband picking up mother by the legs. Son grabs the bedsheet and wraps it around mother’s nude pregnant figure. Mother groans but is nowhere near enough to wake the sleeping dogs. Son walks ahead of bully clearing the floor of obstacles and they make it out without a hitch.

Anonymous 18/12/09(Sun)05:15 No. 32277 ID: 3b8631

Part 8: the baby
Mother wakes in her old bedroom. All three son bully and husband are there to see her opening eyes and rush to embrace her. No words from the men, but the mother laments, “You jerks, you don’t understand. You’re not safe with me around. They’re going to want me back. They will find me and they will hurt you. I’m not the same woman you married and loved. You don’t want me back.” Mother screams in sudden pain and the three jump back off the bed. Husband orders son to start the car and pull the seats down. Bully and husband pack supplies and carry mother out. Husband and bully confess they don’t care what she did and love her unconditionally.
It’s a girl. The nurse brings back the rinsed screeching baby to mother. Mother takes her in her arms, pulls down her gown exposing her engorged, dark nipples. The baby latches immediately. Son bully and husband sit in awe and melancholy. Bully caresses her lightly hair covered head and husband kisses mother’s forehead. Son can’t take his eyes off her face. Another nurse walks in with forms in hand “okay now we just need the father to sign the declaration of paternity” she turns towards husband but bully stops her “wait, I think I should sign it.” Perplexed, the nurse faces mother, “can you give us a minute, please” “of course I’ll be back in 5” the look on the nurse’s face said it all. “bully is right, he’s the father.” She snatches the document from husband and hands it to bully. bully does not hesitate for a second. “are you sure? she has my nose I know she is mine” “I am positive she is not yours” “son, go give it to the nurse and can you shut the door and give us some time alone? I need to talk to bully and husband.” The nurse gives the names a wide eyed glance. “well then, thank you and we will be back to see your mother and baby sister for some final checkups.” Son went back to work while bully and husband stayed at the hospital.

Part 9: the return
Son wonders what must have happened at the hospital because bully, husband and mother are back to the way they were as if nothing ever happened. Son works full time at the grocery while bully and husband take some time off on paternity leave. Husband really is raising her as his own and bully is stepping up as father even if he is the same age as son. The only caveat seems to be that mother steps outside the house on the phone for hours at a time and reacts harshly if son bully or husband interrupts. Mother remarked the house is the same as when she left. Mother walked room to room looking about and finds son on his computer. “son, what have you been up to anyway?” “nothing really, just saving money for college I think.” Mother looks around the room and sees the collection of her JAV son amassed. Son blushes and rushes to cover them. Mother laughs “relax, bully and husband told me everything. I don’t mind but just don’t do it in front of me or your sister.” Heading back out, “well, you can’t have too much saved buying all of my works,” Mother was half way out the door frame “wait, mom, are you sure bully is the dad?” “honestly, son, I cannot say.” Son had not seen bully and husband this happy since before the incident. They rush to rock the baby and feed her when mother does not want to and fight for the opportunity. Son is the last on the line of duty but he makes sure to answer the call. Son wakes up late one weekend night to the sounds of creaking and moans and the baby’s wail from the wall. Son hears husband “Son, we need you for a bit” son rushes to the next bedroom door and knocks, figuring what the sounds were. Husband opens the door nude with the baby and bottle in arms, the sounds don’t stop. son tip toes to peak inside while husband batons the baby. “shhhhhhhhshhhhshhh” son sees bully heaving with all his might and speed on mother doggy style, his hands cusping her breasts. He hears mother “ahh ahh ahh ahh” panting husband “hold her till morning, will ya? Thanks, bud” as if in a race, husband pushes son away and shuts the door. The baby still crying, son walks away to the living room but would give anything to sit by the door and hear the animals mating. Son hopes to rock the baby to sleep as soon as possible so he may yet catch some of the action clearly still going on that he can hear from down the hallway. However, his baby sister is eerily cute to son, he gives up the endeavor and decides to keep her in his arms longer. Son slumps on the couch with the baby and falls asleep. Son wakes up early morning to the baby’s cries again. He tries rocking and the bottle but they don’t help. Son walks over to the mother’s bedroom and knocks lightly, baby crying. It takes a minute but bully answers the door in in nothing but boxer briefs. Son sneaks a peak again to see mother face down, butt naked in the middle of the bed and husband nude on the floor, hairy uncircumcised member up. Bully walks out and shuts the door and leads son to the living room. “she probably pooped her diaper, let me show you how to do it.” Bully gives son several clean diapers to practice. “sweet, you almost got it. think you can hold her a little longer?” “yea, bully, you go rest, you need it more than I do” “owe you” he runs back down the hallway to the bedroom and on cue, the ravaging continues.

Anonymous 18/12/09(Sun)18:18 No. 32280 ID: 3b8631

Part 10: the note
A few weeks have gone by, son bully and husband all returned to work. Mother stayed at home and repurposed bully’s old room into the baby’s room. Bully mother and husband all sleep in the same room. Son is afraid they have gotten too comfortable making love. they no longer care if son is in the same room or sees them in passing. They leave their bedroom door open and will go at it in the living room when everyone is watching tv. The son awkwardly must leave the room when they do and is given the baby duties when all three of them are occupied. The son would be lying if he claimed he was not jealous. The son admires the mother’s figure. His mother is in the best shape she has ever been. The mother completely changed her wardrobe from her old housewife summer dresses to hip clothing the young women In clubs wear. The son wishes he would not see his mother that way. He cannot help getting an erection seeing her naked making love with bully and husband or seeing her wear her low neck cut and very tight-fitting shirts. Her breasts are larger than ever leaking milk. She ties her long black hair into a ponytail and her lovers enjoy making use of it for riding. The second birth appears to have widened her hips and grown a bigger butt. Neither the bully nor husband can resist spreading it open whenever they have the opportunity. It is funny seeing the bully paired with a lover nearly twice his size and the son longs for a lover half as shapely. The son is ashamed to say he has dreamed of his mother more than he dared to admit. The home was too good to be true. The three of them returned to an empty house once more. Nothing seems to be missing or tempered with. The mother and baby’s belongings all appear to be there. A magnet held a handwritten note to the fridge. Bully found it first and read it to himself. Bully sobbing calls for son and husband. Covering his mucus riddled face, he hands the crinkled letter to husband.
“my dear family, I shall cherish your love and memories forever. please do not worry about me or the baby. she is in very good hands and she may eventually choose to see you. I however feel I have done all I can in this house. This chapter of my life has long closed and I am starting a new one. Understand that I do not wish to see you anymore and hope you move on as well. Please do not go searching for me or the baby or I will have to stop you by force. I recognize I am still married to husband and bully is declared the father of baby but I warn you not to pursue your familial rights in court. This is not a joke, you will hear from my attorney and I beg you not to assert any legal right against me or the baby. I repeat, you will hear from my attorney and I would forever thank you if you comply unquestionably to her demands. -Signed your always loving mother“
Part 11: the news
The three were quick to pick back up on mother’s social media accounts. Mother returned to producing a JAV every week. Mother specializes almost exclusively in the straight shota genre but she dabbles in old man once in a while. Mother must have helped edit the movies because the new videos has her in her pregnancy and darkening nipples. The son bully and husband shared their findings and purchases of her uncensored videos. It did not matter to them she was producing videos during her pregnancy, they enjoyed them either way. Mother’s most popular videos are her supposedly incestuous videos with young boy lovers. Her partners appear of questionable age, but the disclaimers clearly state they are of consensual age. the son can tell the boys’ members are half the size of his he wonders how his mother could possibly be satisfied by them after having had the bully’s seven inch shaft. The father’s was only slightly larger than the son’s at four and a half inches, but the boys in the videos leave one skeptical. The lucky boys each have a video to star with the mother all to themselves. The mother and boy are monogamous lovers for the day of filming. The mother’s most consistent technique in every video is cleaning up the young boy’s member with her mouth after having him in every one of her holes. The mother is apparently a very convincing actor role playing as the boys’ mother, sister, teacher, aunt, grandmother and so on. She is the top rated mature star of them all. There is no doubt mother has taken the virginity of hundreds of young boys and turned them into men. The recurring actors grow more confident in every successive video with her. Her oldest lover role plays as a high school boy and loves to spread her big mother butt like bully and husband did. Both the older and young boys love sucking her breasts and spraying her milk. When the young boys mount her doggystyle, their hands look for any saddle back skin they can find and wrap their thing legs around hers like monkeys. Their feet do not reach the bed or floor, her legs are too long. Husband often complains that every one of them gets to take her bare. Bully complains mother teaches the boys to do things he wishes she taught him. Nonetheless son bully and husband continue preordering video after video. Charging such high prices for them, mother must be their highest profit grossing star.
Months go by when suddenly mother stops producing content and stops posting social media messages. The three of them scourge the comments for any rumors to ponder. Several more weeks pass when son receives a text from bully. It’s a hyperlink to a news report. “HIGH PROFILE ALLEGATIONS OF RACKETEERING AND CONPIRACY TO BRIBE A PUBLIC OFFICIAL” bully texts “ISN’T THAT THE GANGSTER THAT BEAT ME UP?” the mugshot is the gangster son had hired to handle his bully. Bully sends another text with a video. “This is an abuse of power by the attorney general. It is clearly a political power play against my client for donating to his opponent.” Standing behind the attorney is mother. commandingly standing straight with her big chest puffed out. She is wearing a designer dress revealing most of her front nude and little to the imagination. It would take only a slight tug or her bulging breasts to be exposed. her large dark areola are completely visible to the cameras just not her nipples. Her nipples appear to be the only thing holding the parallel lines of her dress in place. slight stretch marks and shades of her belly chub encircle her belly button. The dress opens further down nearly exposing her private part but only a hint of her pubic hairs make it out of the dress. bully texts “THAT’S MY DAUGHTER” next to mother holding hands is the sister also standing confidently but in a very conservative formal dress. It only takes a glance for the son to rush home sick from work. He flips open his laptop and tabs through pages of his favorited amateur videos. hours fly by and he finds what he was looking for. Son’s phone had been vibrating with calls and texts nonstop but this is more pressing.

Anonymous 18/12/09(Sun)18:20 No. 32281 ID: 3b8631

Part 12: the video
Son plays the video vaguely remembering it from years ago. The woman’s head is completely blurred, and the voices are muted but subtitled.
“hurry up, pervert, the faster you do this the faster we leave.” It’s a very amateur phone video centered on the woman’s nude body attentively angled downward to avoid her surroundings. “you sick fucks” she squats down next to a boy on the floor. “hey, you wanted in. you choose to do this.” The woman is clearly older than the boy. Her arms visibly shake as she reaches for the boy’s pant waist and gently pulls them down exposing his member. her hands nervously reach for it and join the censored mesh. The camera man makes sure to keep every part of her within frame, but he could not care less about the boy. The son would pay anything to have the uncensored version just to see the emotion on the woman’s face. The woman rhythmically massages the member gradually increasing her speed comforting herself with the act. “you don’t have all day, lady” this triggers her to lie down on the floor on top of the boy her breasts swaying on his knees. As if taking a gulp of medicine, she appears to take him in her mouth moving her hands to the boy’s hips. “whooo hahaha she’s doing it!” more than one man is in the audience. The censor nearly covers the entire frame now only a slow bobbing of her head can be made from the haze. It takes less than a minute for the woman to cough and pull her mouth off. Her mouth oozes in saliva and ejaculate. The woman’s breasts and throat pound to her excited heart. “haha aww too bad, now you have to start all over!” her quick hand motion wiping her mouth and nose clean exudes her newfound confidence. She takes the boy in her mouth again more much more efficiently this time. In less than a minute again the censor just barely makes out an erection even with such a small member as his. “heheheh you know what to do!” the woman does not waste a second and stands on her feet. She readjusts herself perpendicular to the boy and towers above the boy. She kneels down ready for the act using one arm to anchor herself to the ground. The boy’s member in the other hand, she shows reluctance for less than a second. Both knees comfortably on the ground and thighs locking the boy in place, she brings her second hand to the boy’s member. As if she needed a helping hand, she swallows him whole overcoming her slight hesitation. her body trembles with fear but her nipples stiffen with pleasure. She moves her hands and grips the boy’s chest for balance riding him saddle tilt position. She humps faster and faster swaying her hips when she meets the base like a milking machine trying to work as quickly as possible. Her heavy breathing overbears the sound of her hairy lips meeting the boy’s crotch and noise behind the camera. They must be having the show of a life time giggling all along the way at the actors’ performance. The cameraman rotates around for a full view of the woman’s meaty bottom swaying side to side trying to keep pace with the rest of her body bobbing up and down. “spread it” he whispers. He interrupted her work but she obeys and grabs the biggest handfuls of cheek and pulls them as far apart as anyone can imagine. this proved too much for son as he immediately blows it under his desk and leans toward his screen for a closer view of her uncensored anus. Her skin is a shade darker than the surrounding area and the crevices hold a lick of baby hairs. She puckers rhythmically to her mounting. Soon enough the woman rises off the boy spilling his juice and releasing his tired member to shrivel to gravity’s will. “whooo hahaha she did it!” the camera man pans back in front of the woman as if she is waiting for his approval. “no, not him, you. You’re not finished.”

Anonymous 18/12/09(Sun)18:21 No. 32282 ID: 3b8631

The woman’s temper rises “asshole” her head turns to her crotch and spreads it open inspecting the result. A string of liquid binds her hole to the boy’s member. She lies down on top of the boy again for a second round, but she knows what she wants now. She takes his moist member in her mouth not bothering to wipe anything away. Again the censor covers the entire frame but this time her pink tongue can be made out slurping his manhood. The testicles appear a slightly darker shade of censor and she seems to take them in as well shaft and all. The boy fully erects even quicker than before and the woman mounts him again not wasting a bit of it. This time she makes herself the center of attention. She anchors herself to the floor with one arm and pleasures herself with the other. She sucks on her fingers, plays with her nipples, and masturbates herself as she rides. “whooo she’s doing it!” the camera man cannot make up his mind whether to focus on her face, body or crotch. Within a minute the boy blows inside her again and retracts his member out of her bringing along a stream of fluid down with it. “ahhhhhhhhhh” the woman masturbating furiously hovers just an inch above the boy’s member. The cameraman figures it out and homes in on the act. The entire frame is censored but the black of her hair and shades of pink are more than enough for the imagination to make out what is happening. “Ouuuuhhhh” the woman retreats her hand leaving the entire pink area exposed and pulsating with passion. The camera zooms out just enough to marry both her crotch and the young member. A slight jet of liquid showers the member followed by thicker looking ooze still interconnecting her hole to the tip of the boy. “ugggggghhhh guhhhhhhh” she shivers for half a minute standing on all fours arching herself backwards for the show. The men celebrate in the back. The cameraman pans the aftermath. The woman gets back to knees and lowers her head forward next to the boy’s in a bowing position. Her face no longer in view the camera man slowly pans her side for a side view of her erect breasts visibly beating to her heart. The frame continues its way to her butt. Again her uncensored anus puckers to her breathing. The camera shifts downward for an underside view of her body in between her legs. her hairy crotch still dribbled with ooze just above the boy’s member. Her pounding chest can be seen in between them. The camera zooms back out and moves full circle toward the woman’s head. Still lying face down exhausted breathing “we knew you could do it” a shadow looms over her and a man’s hand lovingly caresses her shoulder length hair. “fuck you” she utters face down in between her breathing. The video cuts.
Son searches for a browser video downloader to never forget about it again. He plays the video again just to listen to the audio while he searches. His dick erect and heart racing, the woman is almost certainly his mother. bully and husband may confirm it if they see it. the son tabs back to the video paying closer attention to the boy. he appears drugged asleep, but it is the clothes that draw his attention. The clothes are his. Son’s little sister does not resemble his bully. Her facial features are much closer to husband’s, closer to son’s. He saves the video and copies it to his portable devices. “MATURE HOUSEWIFE IMPREGNATED BY VIRGIN SON”. Near the end pages of an obscure site it takes an effort to find this treasure. It only has a handful of views and no one has dared comment on it. son decides to keep it to himself and not tell bully or husband. The bully and husband may have had their way with her but son can at least have this. Son could delete every other favorited video and site if he wanted to. This is the only one he needs. Mother’s JAV collection and social media postings no longer interest him in the slightest. It’s his sister he wants to know more about. Bully and husband return from work sharing their online findings of the story. Apparently mother is married to the yakuza leader and he adopted her child as his own. Another week goes by before another press conference trends the internet. The yakuza leader and associates march out of the court house towards the podium and sea of microphones. In a getup that looks like it is worth more than their belongings put together, the leader addresses the audience. “I hope this goes to show you all not to mess with me or my family. I was never in any trouble. Like my attorneys said all along, this was a political play by the establishment to silence my voice and instill fear into my friends to not dare challenge those in positions of power. We shall be pursuing retaliatory charges against the political office, law enforcement, and anyone else we find to have conspired against me to the fullest extent of the law…..” standing directly behind again are mother and sister.

Anonymous 18/12/09(Sun)18:27 No. 32283 ID: 3b8631

shoot, I'll post it on pastebin next time I apologize but I hope you get a kick out of it!

Anonymous 18/12/10(Mon)03:44 No. 32286 ID: 31642b

Does anyone have a link to an /ss/ story that was posted on Tumblr which included an image of a woman with their mouth open?

Anonymous 19/02/14(Thu)22:37 No. 32592 ID: df2ee1

Anybody knows of a straight shota story where the world is occupied only by little boys and hot girls?? Plsss!!

Anonymous 19/02/15(Fri)02:18 No. 32593 ID: 501d87

Space /ss/


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