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Shotas sexually dominating women/girls Anonymous 15/02/19(Thu)03:17 No. 25177 ID: b6ba30

File 142431223887.jpg - (347.36KB , 1000x1414 , image.jpg )

There's almost no content for this fetish, but I'll post what I have.

Anonymous 15/02/19(Thu)03:19 No. 25178 ID: b6ba30

Anonymous 15/02/23(Mon)09:40 No. 25205 ID: c4349e

here is a set

cont. Anonymous 15/02/23(Mon)09:47 No. 25206 ID: c4349e


Anonymous 15/02/23(Mon)09:48 No. 25207 ID: c4349e


Anonymous 15/02/23(Mon)09:48 No. 25208 ID: c4349e

even more

Anonymous 15/02/23(Mon)09:49 No. 25209 ID: c4349e

more more more

Anonymous 15/02/23(Mon)09:50 No. 25210 ID: c4349e


Old Possum 15/02/24(Tue)10:22 No. 25219 ID: c2d14f

True. But how do you define "dominating?"

Humping does NOT equal "dominating." It seems that you have been misunderstood.

Of perhaps not.

Please enlighten us.

Anonymous 15/02/24(Tue)21:15 No. 25223 ID: d9eae4

Not OP, but...
the boys are obviously the ones in charge in these situations presented here, so I guess they're the ones doing the dominating. As opposed to both parties being of equal standing, or the woman being more dominat/aggressive/commanding.

Anonymous 15/02/27(Fri)05:48 No. 25240 ID: b6ba30

OP here. 25205-25210 were not posted by me.

Anonymous 15/02/27(Fri)11:17 No. 25242 ID: c2d14f

True. "Shotadom" is rare.

But it is to be found, especially on PIXIV.

Anonymous 15/02/27(Fri)11:28 No. 25244 ID: c2d14f

Anonymous 15/02/27(Fri)11:32 No. 25245 ID: c2d14f

From Celis-san's site (Nippon)

Anonymous 15/03/01(Sun)11:28 No. 25253 ID: 3b55b3

Anonymous 15/03/03(Tue)12:24 No. 25269 ID: 8449aa

You guys must be blind, or looking in the wrong places. There's plenty of (retarded) shotadom out there. Hana Hook is an artist notorious for it.

Anonymous 15/03/14(Sat)01:28 No. 25334 ID: c86ed8

nice, thanks!

Anonymous 15/03/15(Sun)09:37 No. 25339 ID: ec3a9e

Hana hook is shit. Save but for one time, all the "shotas" he draws that actually get to have sex in his work are ugly little midgets that NTR normal looking boys.

Anonymous 15/03/15(Sun)13:38 No. 25340 ID: 8449aa

I agree with you 100%. But Hana Hook is really popular among shotadom fans. Or just fans of incredibly stupid stories.. That's what most shotadom is anyway.

Anonymous 15/03/20(Fri)17:46 No. 25369 ID: 601e67

File 142686998449.png - (596.20KB , 1200x1700 , 3.png )

This one is rad, gets to the domination p quick. Kinda wish it was just pure wincest tho.

Anonymous 15/04/03(Fri)11:34 No. 25453 ID: 35c0fc

File 14280536442.jpg - (175.72KB , 756x1052 , 054_20140601112500f9c.jpg )



so many people on this board are gods among mere mortal men, I am not worthy.

Anonymous 15/04/21(Tue)05:04 No. 25542 ID: ffe592

File 142958544625.jpg - (456.47KB , 600x600 , 3f639c5da17129e3cb85bda00f1db2d3.jpg )

this thread needs to continue

Anonymous 15/04/22(Wed)20:33 No. 25545 ID: 8449aa

File 142972758846.jpg - (329.94KB , 971x1400 , p008.jpg )

This thread needs a reality check.

Anonymous 15/04/26(Sun)07:15 No. 25562 ID: c013f4

filenames are

tineye, gis return nothing.

Anonymous 15/05/03(Sun)12:28 No. 25612 ID: 577743

this comic is shit and makes me rage, fuck that little cunt, i'd kill them all

Anonymous 15/05/19(Tue)03:22 No. 25709 ID: ffe592

File 143199852958.png - (376.48KB , 900x702 , Interested jiggle billy.png )


Anonymous 15/06/07(Sun)12:04 No. 25832 ID: ec3a9e

Damn I hate Hana Hook

Anonymous 15/06/20(Sat)07:23 No. 25923 ID: b83904

"Richelieu-sama" lol

Dunno, I liked the Hana Hook story, but then this is the only one I've read.

Anonymous 15/06/20(Sat)12:52 No. 25924 ID: 8449aa


This is the only good Hana Hook story. Everything else he made is fucktarded garbage.

Anonymous 15/06/25(Thu)10:53 No. 25965 ID: 82c05a

Hana Hook is a girl

Anonymous 15/06/25(Thu)11:01 No. 25966 ID: 8449aa

Do you have any proof? Seriously, I've been wondering that for the longest time.

Anonymous 15/10/15(Thu)10:35 No. 26454 ID: 08980f

Can I get source on the 3rd image with the eyepatch girl?

Anonymous 15/10/17(Sat)00:49 No. 26462 ID: 02fefb


Rapiere, Takaoka Motofumi. It's mostly girls and bondage. This is page 126, scene goes through page 139.

Anonymous 15/10/17(Sat)03:25 No. 26463 ID: 12b88c


Anon 15/10/17(Sat)03:27 No. 26464 ID: 12b88c

Thanks a lot

Anonymous 15/10/17(Sat)03:36 No. 26465 ID: 12b88c


Anonymous 16/01/25(Mon)00:29 No. 27046 ID: ffe592

more of this

Anonymous 16/03/30(Wed)05:56 No. 27555 ID: ffe592

where is more of this guys?

Anonymous 16/03/30(Wed)09:52 No. 27557 ID: 40e20e


Anonymous 16/06/17(Fri)13:58 No. 28142 ID: b6ba30

I chanced upon a little more...

Anonymous 16/07/14(Thu)17:49 No. 28285 ID: bc10aa

what series are these from?

Anonymous 17/03/05(Sun)22:33 No. 29411 ID: b6ba30

File 148874958856.png - (227.57KB , 512x784 , IMG_1958.png )

Anonymous 17/03/15(Wed)07:10 No. 29447 ID: 4addb8

File 148955825535.webm - (1.52MB , 480x270 , 030401063.webm )

Anonymous 17/03/15(Wed)17:41 No. 29449 ID: b9bf2b

Kaimeiji Yuu - Harem Academy

Anonymous 17/03/16(Thu)17:40 No. 29450 ID: 612de8

more please

Anonymous 17/03/19(Sun)22:42 No. 29460 ID: 8cf255


Anonymous 17/07/06(Thu)11:39 No. 29870 ID: ffe592

more oh my goodness

Anonymous 17/11/24(Fri)18:02 No. 30440 ID: e86bac

So good yumm

Anonymous 17/12/07(Thu)07:42 No. 30472 ID: cfdd41


bump for source

Anonymous 17/12/13(Wed)18:54 No. 30486 ID: e86bac

oh yeah

Anonymous 18/01/18(Thu)12:19 No. 30642 ID: e86bac


Anonymous 18/01/22(Mon)10:27 No. 30660 ID: f302ad

Can anybody repost these?

Anonymous 18/01/22(Mon)19:57 No. 30663 ID: d8ce4c

File 151664742410.jpg - (97.70KB , 720x576 , 0004cd38-8d1e-bac1-b1c7-e8a593e6c300_720.jpg )

my little contribution

Anonymous 18/02/10(Sat)12:50 No. 30741 ID: 0ccdd6

This, please.


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