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Nanny's discipline anonymous 16/02/25(Thu)22:45 No. 27244 ID: ef6277

File 145643674529.jpg - (287.89KB , 1127x562 , DSCN8889.jpg )

I would like to hear your opinions about this western straight shotacon.

Great! anonymus 16/02/26(Fri)00:30 No. 27246 ID: 5eef12

...it´s just my cup of tea!
awesom work dude!!!!
can´t wait to see some fucking action!

Anonymous 16/02/26(Fri)01:14 No. 27248 ID: 0ee0ab

Amazing! Really hot

Tilla 16/02/26(Fri)10:09 No. 27251 ID: 5a3cee

Absolutely hot and tender!!!

Anonymous 16/02/27(Sat)17:48 No. 27258 ID: ec8b2e

wowwwww!!!!! thas great!!!! incredible!!!
i love youuuuu!!! i hope you make more please!! ¿can you make the little boy with little thin penis? thanksss!

At the doctor's office Anonymus 16/02/28(Sun)17:58 No. 27281 ID: 85f93f

File 145667870947.jpg - (345.75KB , 1353x846 , DSCN0790.jpg )

pedomom Anonymous 16/02/28(Sun)20:55 No. 27282 ID: ec8b2e

fantastics works! I don't have words to describe it! ¿can you make a comic with a big wonderful mommy with lingerie and good babyboy with a relistic penis in the crib? i hope you can do it! thank you very much!

Anonymous 16/02/28(Sun)22:46 No. 27284 ID: 85f93f

Sorry but I don't think I can draw a story about explicit sex between a boy and a mature woman. My thing is work on sinple everyday scenes with erotic undertones.

Anonymous 16/02/28(Sun)23:11 No. 27285 ID: ec8b2e

What you do is not explicit?

Anonymus 16/02/28(Sun)23:51 No. 27287 ID: 85f93f

You are right. It is explicit. What I meant is that I feel more confortable working on single scenes with all the sexual power concentrated on one moment. I don't take for granted that a little boy is going to end up having sex with a mature woman like an adult.
Besides, if a drew a story it would take months!!

Anonymous 16/02/29(Mon)01:28 No. 27288 ID: ec8b2e

ok! don't worry! do what you want! thanks for all! my respects

Anonymous 16/03/23(Wed)07:39 No. 27494 ID: a205a8

Could you do one of a mom in a bathing suit and son in a public pool changing room?

Anonymous 16/03/27(Sun)09:25 No. 27526 ID: 098532


Agree. Would love to see a boy getting an erection at the sight of her mom's cameltoe when she's in her bathing suit.

Awesome Anonymous 16/03/27(Sun)09:30 No. 27527 ID: 098532


Second that. Will you do when where the boy gets an erection from seeing his mom's cameltoe?

Anonymous 16/10/22(Sat)19:18 No. 28749 ID: de192b

File 147715673262.jpg - (574.11KB , 1092x931 , Preliminar.jpg )

Aunts make plans

jo 16/10/24(Mon)14:41 No. 28755 ID: 2ae8ad

amazing! i love you arts you are my hero!
could you please make a mom and two sons licking her armpits? (with armpit if possible) and naked! thanks!

Anonymous 16/10/25(Tue)05:16 No. 28759 ID: de1155

You are one of the most talented artists in this field sir. Thank you for sharing your art with us. Don't be offended by everyone asking you for requests, that's just because you are so damn good. They can't help themselfs. Actually, I can't help myself either... Could you make one involving a woman wearing a strap-on? I bet that would look great with your style :)

Anonymous 16/10/30(Sun)18:23 No. 28787 ID: 4f0731

File 147784820767.jpg - (282.36KB , 1054x782 , DSCN3604.jpg )

Bedtime fondling

Anonymous 16/11/01(Tue)04:16 No. 28795 ID: bcf833

yeah yeah yeah! a little more hard! thank you very much and welcome back!

Anonymous 16/11/06(Sun)12:03 No. 28822 ID: bf9854

Well, if you could draw him a little bit older, he could have his real first time with a woman, he would expect his first real orgasm after sex. What can be more intense than this?

Anonymous 16/11/07(Mon)10:22 No. 28824 ID: 1ca736

This one is awesome. What a sick little mind you have.

anonymous 16/11/13(Sun)18:17 No. 28850 ID: fabb09

File 147905743677.jpg - (336.68KB , 1021x778 , DSCN4099a.jpg )

Bride and ringboy

Anonymous 16/11/14(Mon)10:24 No. 28854 ID: 41f3f0

Could you draw one where the older woman is spitting a strand of saliva into the boy's mouth?

Anonymous 16/11/14(Mon)12:26 No. 28855 ID: bcf833

wow!! draw more please, your level it's in god mode!!

Anonymous 16/11/14(Mon)12:30 No. 28856 ID: bcf833

make a animated cartoon! i love you!! thank you very very very much!!

Anonymous 16/11/14(Mon)16:07 No. 28857 ID: c6fa22

A bride about to marry some stupid guy yields to temptation, maybe having second thoughts about her real sex impulses. Nice secene.

Anonymous 16/11/14(Mon)22:05 No. 28859 ID: a1c9c3

This is simply wonderful, also amazing artwork!!

anonymous 16/11/30(Wed)16:50 No. 29063 ID: 5717fa

File 148052104348.jpg - (128.53KB , 531x719 , DSCN460a.jpg )


Anonymous 16/12/01(Thu)17:10 No. 29076 ID: 16813a

How long does it take you to make these? A few hours? Days?

Anonymous 16/12/01(Thu)23:59 No. 29077 ID: ed0039

It depends, but about four or five days, two or three hours a day.

anonymous 16/12/14(Wed)05:16 No. 29107 ID: 58c02a

File 148168897573.jpg - (460.78KB , 1190x888 , DSCN5021a.jpg )

Fun in the back seat

Anonymous 16/12/15(Thu)23:14 No. 29111 ID: 928f3b

Boy is hot. Dat face. Dose legs. I'd do him good.

Anonymous 16/12/21(Wed)11:31 No. 29119 ID: 2fa5e1


Anonymous 16/12/22(Thu)15:31 No. 29121 ID: 8086b5


Anonymous 16/12/23(Fri)01:27 No. 29122 ID: 1b5044

more please

anonymous 16/12/28(Wed)15:24 No. 29138 ID: 29ed0e

File 148293509789.jpg - (222.50KB , 603x786 , DSCN6862a.jpg )

Groped by a gang girl.

Anonymous 16/12/29(Thu)18:25 No. 29145 ID: 962be8

This has got to be the most consistent op ever

Anonymous 17/01/02(Mon)04:44 No. 29162 ID: fe9431

Great work.

anonymous 17/01/13(Fri)15:16 No. 29178 ID: 491e33

File 148431696666.jpg - (295.21KB , 1150x742 , DSCN7311a.jpg )

After a hard day's work.

Anonymous 17/01/15(Sun)14:45 No. 29183 ID: 4e3df1

Amazing! Love footdom

Anonymous 17/01/17(Tue)04:22 No. 29185 ID: 2a0113

Perfect in every way

Anonymous 17/01/18(Wed)04:13 No. 29187 ID: a7ee26

you should draw the same picture but this time with her foot on his balls or between them

Anonymous 17/01/18(Wed)09:33 No. 29188 ID: 6bf698


Anonymous 17/01/23(Mon)23:03 No. 29199 ID: 69f28a

OP, what are your favorite scenarios to draw?

Anonymous 17/01/24(Tue)06:03 No. 29201 ID: 92e3dd

I don't think I have one favorite scenario. I always try to draw plausible places and situations. That's why it's hard for me to draw scenes too graphic or explicit, which may be disappointing for many people out there.

Anonymous 17/01/24(Tue)14:35 No. 29203 ID: 499534

A single good scenario will always be better than 1,000 explicit images, at least for me. With a scenario, I can build the story in my head, and flesh out the details. It's even better when you can take some character from the figures depicted.

A couple of my favorites are Groped by the Gang Girl, Night Lesson, and In the Alley. Also Friday Night with Babysitter.

Anonymous 17/01/24(Tue)15:13 No. 29204 ID: 92e3dd

I'm really glad you are in tune with my work. Thanks!

Anonymous 17/01/24(Tue)17:55 No. 29205 ID: 6d327c

I'd have to say my favorites are Nanny's Discipline and After a Hard Day's Work

anonymous 17/01/24(Tue)22:44 No. 29210 ID: 92e3dd

This Nanny looks like a hot latina using her powerful legs to keep the boy's arms still as she french kisses him...

Anonymous 17/01/25(Wed)06:41 No. 29212 ID: 495efd

Now that you mention it, she does look Hispanic.

Do you think her kisses taste good?

Anonymous 17/01/25(Wed)06:46 No. 29213 ID: 86346a

What do you think he did?

What do you think she'll do to him?

anonymous 17/01/25(Wed)16:16 No. 29221 ID: e74c50

Maybe he didn't do his homework, or she caught him trying to peep under her short nanny uniform. Who knows...

anonymous 17/01/25(Wed)16:50 No. 29222 ID: e74c50

I guess his first punishment could be to force her hot tongue deep into his little innocent mouth.

anonymous 17/02/03(Fri)15:20 No. 29290 ID: 387ac8

File 148613161456.jpg - (306.19KB , 1106x922 , DSCN7268a.jpg )

from my sketch book

Anonymous 17/02/05(Sun)09:48 No. 29297 ID: 9d1cf3

What would you title this one?

anonymous 17/02/05(Sun)15:47 No. 29298 ID: 5d46d8

I don't know. It's just a sketch, but I think it could be something like big sis subjugating her little bro...

Anonymous 17/02/07(Tue)06:21 No. 29306 ID: 45e13c

Good stuff all around. Any place where you archive your work? A blog maybe?

Anonymous 17/02/07(Tue)08:41 No. 29307 ID: 82a0f4

Yeah. Especially since there are at least 2 threads with your work. An archive would be nice.

Also, do you have unreleased works? Are there a lot of them? To the OP I mean.

Anonymous 17/02/07(Tue)08:42 No. 29308 ID: 82a0f4

Yeah. Especially since there are at least 2 threads with your work. An archive would be nice.

Also, do you have unreleased works? Are there a lot of them? To the OP I mean.

anonymous 17/02/08(Wed)03:03 No. 29319 ID: a1fba4

All my stuff is on these two threads here. There isn't any unreleased material. It is also published on Shotanet, on two threads too...jejeje

Anonymous 17/02/09(Thu)05:04 No. 29325 ID: fcb074

That's a shame. Hope you'll reconsider, your art is some of the best I've seen.

anonymous 17/02/09(Thu)16:23 No. 29328 ID: d9fab3

I'll think about it. I'm taking a break now. I don't know when I'll be back. Thanks for your support.

Anonymous 17/02/09(Thu)16:59 No. 29329 ID: 92bc39

Do a nudist beach scene

Anonymous 17/02/10(Fri)21:05 No. 29330 ID: 14b0ca

That idea would be awesome, if added small ammount of humor ^^ Example, boys inside a big box with peeking holes in the nude beach, or something :)

vorobjev.panzer 17/02/11(Sat)11:02 No. 29341 ID: be5941


Anonymous 17/03/06(Mon)23:20 No. 29413 ID: f87eec

Patiently waiting the return of OP.

Bump in the meantime.

Anonymous 17/03/08(Wed)20:20 No. 29416 ID: 72462b

A footjob, perhaps?

thznztox 17/03/27(Mon)09:46 No. 29477 ID: 1100f5

lets see bro

anonymous 17/04/22(Sat)19:57 No. 29533 ID: fd1318

File 149288384918.jpg - (366.25KB , 1185x804 , fjrjeooirfg.jpg )

Fun at the beach

Anonymous 17/04/23(Sun)08:50 No. 29536 ID: 3acbf7

Imagine what must be going through his head

Anonymous 17/04/23(Sun)11:38 No. 29537 ID: 1bca7b


I love this picture because its so... Deceptive...like she could easily dismiss this as something innocent or at the very least harmeless...when it most certainly is very inappropriate. Please more like this!

anonymous 17/04/23(Sun)18:40 No. 29539 ID: 5b9cc9

Tender and erotic at the same time. I love that innocent footplay...

anonymous 17/04/25(Tue)22:24 No. 29606 ID: 889bf5


Anonymous 17/05/29(Mon)08:08 No. 29738 ID: dceb36

Keep it going

anonymous 17/06/18(Sun)19:36 No. 29816 ID: f45490

File 149780739037.jpg - (290.56KB , 1054x767 , DSCN0364a.jpg )


Anonymous 17/06/19(Mon)12:38 No. 29821 ID: 032bbc

Oh wow that is really really hot, fantastic work!

have a see Anonymous 17/07/19(Wed)17:30 No. 29915 ID: 96d8ba

have a see

Anonymous 17/08/20(Sun)04:02 No. 30038 ID: 0a127b


anonymous 17/08/23(Wed)20:11 No. 30054 ID: f749d9

File 150351187096.jpg - (297.02KB , 877x758 , DSCN0489a.jpg )

the first time?

Anonymous 17/08/24(Thu)03:06 No. 30057 ID: 72462b


Anonymous 17/08/24(Thu)03:09 No. 30058 ID: 72462b

Indeed, more car-themed SS.

Anonymous 17/08/24(Thu)11:54 No. 30059 ID: 210532

sir you are our hero!
i would love to see a naked mom with two sons licking her armpits! (maybe hairy abit) thx!

Anonymous 17/08/24(Thu)13:46 No. 30060 ID: aa7972

Sir, for sure you have a talent! May I suggest you some more femdom oriented pics/sketches, it would be great

Bad_Mom 17/08/28(Mon)00:07 No. 30070 ID: 96348e

This is good. No this is really good actually!

Anonymous 17/08/28(Mon)20:36 No. 30072 ID: 10faa7


I've seen that look on more than one soccer mom's face but never guessed.

anonymous 17/08/28(Mon)22:03 No. 30073 ID: 5ad204

Thank you all for your comments. I'm glad you like it.

Bad_Mom 17/08/29(Tue)01:33 No. 30074 ID: 87ad61

I'd love to see a little younger characters as well. Could you make one with 3 big tit mothers being titty fucked by their toddler sons?

Anonymous 17/08/30(Wed)16:55 No. 30079 ID: 5d8830

Agree with the age, would be nice if a hot mom/sister/babysitter would blow a toddler! With this fantastic artwork, I'm sure it would be amazing!

Anonymous 17/09/04(Mon)17:38 No. 30093 ID: 41a120

hummmm!!! it's fucking brilliant!! you are a genius! thanks you very much!

Anonymous 17/09/10(Sun)08:35 No. 30115 ID: 827997

so hot..... made me flap fuck my older wife...

anonymous 17/09/23(Sat)17:16 No. 30165 ID: 12b036

File 150617976265.jpg - (621.96KB , 1213x1587 , DSC_0467a.jpg )

Party after swimming

/ss/ - Straight Shotacon /ss/ - Straight Shotacon 17/09/24(Sun)04:15 No. 30166 ID: d3d34c

/ss/ - Straight Shotacon

Re: /ss/ - Straight Shotacon Anonymous 17/09/24(Sun)22:22 No. 30168 ID: ad43f0

Your point being?

Anonymous 17/09/25(Mon)21:15 No. 30173 ID: 5cd80a

GTFO with that shotadom crap.

anonymous 17/09/26(Tue)22:02 No. 30175 ID: b1151f

I have to say that this kind of comments are far from encouraging me to keep posting.

Anonymous 17/09/26(Tue)23:53 No. 30176 ID: 2f91d0

There will always be negative nellies. Please ignore them. The majority of comments have been favorable, yes?

Anonymous 17/09/28(Thu)13:10 No. 30178 ID: 35dd7f


Shotadom is where it is at.

Anonymous 17/09/29(Fri)13:14 No. 30181 ID: 87ad61

I second the idea with toddlers. Sounds exciting.

Anonymous 17/10/09(Mon)14:42 No. 30211 ID: 56aa80

I hope you continue to post OP you're work is great. Also if you take requests could you draw the goth girl in the image twerking/grinding on a shota while in booty shorts like the girl in the other image?

anonymous 17/10/09(Mon)20:19 No. 30213 ID: 29d442

Who's the gothic girl? A friend of yours?

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