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Day at the beach 16/02/27(Sat)20:36 No. 27261 ID: aef1f1

File 145660176056.jpg - (1.33MB , 2592x1848 , DSC02486.jpg )

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Searched anonymous 17/10/27(Fri)17:51 No. 30296 ID: b9c180

File 150911949087.jpg - (211.83KB , 610x740 , DSC_0467a.jpg )

/ss/ - Straight Shotacon Anonymous 17/12/14(Thu)02:06 No. 30488 ID: 1ecb59

/ss/ - Straight Shotacon

/ss/ - Straight Shotacon Anonymous 17/12/14(Thu)02:06 No. 30489 ID: 1ecb59

/ss/ - Straight Shotacon

Anonymous 17/12/26(Tue)16:41 No. 30541 ID: bef190

Draw a closeup of womans mouth foaming with juice from boys first orgasm please!

Anonymous 17/12/29(Fri)05:34 No. 30554 ID: 03eef4

If you take requests could you draw the goth girl in the image twerking/grinding on a shota while in booty shorts like the girl in the other image>>30211

anonymous 18/01/01(Mon)15:09 No. 30565 ID: 5ef810

File 151481579361.jpg - (201.16KB , 671x846 , DSCN3565c.jpg )

Black as night, sweet as sin

Anonymous 18/01/03(Wed)17:04 No. 30569 ID: f26a48

Love their casual coffee-klatsch expressions.

Anonymous 18/01/03(Wed)22:36 No. 30570 ID: 108119

Yeah, but the lucky lady is trying to hold back her pleasure moans.

Very good drawings Anonymous 18/01/15(Mon)07:46 No. 30627 ID: 83c171

Could you make me a drawing? Where Jill Valentine is riding a boy in the cowboy pose

Very good drawings Anonymous 18/01/15(Mon)07:46 No. 30628 ID: 83c171

Could you make me a drawing? Where Jill Valentine is riding a boy in the cowboy pose>>30570

anonymous 18/01/15(Mon)14:36 No. 30629 ID: b178d5

I would, but there are some conditions we need to talk about. If you are interested give me an email address.

about Jill's drawing Anonymous 18/01/16(Tue)05:25 No. 30635 ID: 83c171


Anonymous 18/01/17(Wed)04:14 No. 30636 ID: c4c17d

Can you contact me by email? I have a drawing idea. A mother who arrives tired of work, sits at the table still dressed to review a document, while her young son lies between his legs under the table. And then she imagines how good it would be if he sucked her pussy. I have a template photo that I can send to you.
my email: andre_andrade1234@hotmail.com

Anonymous 18/01/17(Wed)12:20 No. 30639 ID: 83c171

ok ;)

My ideias Anonymous 18/01/17(Wed)22:16 No. 30641 ID: 644772

I look forward to your contact. I have many other ideas, especially in relation to the daily life of women of the most varied styles.

Anonymous 18/01/21(Sun)13:33 No. 30653 ID: 539c24

Hello, I love your work and I thought you could make a cartoon movie about a mother of 30-40 years who has a toddlerboy of 3-4 years, if you like the idea I would like the mother to be high but with good proportions, hips a little wide, perfect ass, a little big and natural tits without being exaggerated, long and stylized legs, long hair and loose. She likes to wear fine lingerie: stockings, garter and babydoll. she is a bit shy, has had a religious past but does not follow the doctrines and it costs her a little to socialize to find sex and her mind plays tricks on her when she thinks about her little son, and little by little, day after day she feels more attracted sexually towards her son, one day she thinks about it, fights with herself and other days she slowly fulfills her deepest desires. when he bathes his little son, when they go to sleep, when he breastfeeds him, when they are in the pool ... etc. create the story you, I know it's a bit complicated work but I think it would be memorable, I hope you like the idea and you could do it, if you do not want to, you can do a more or less long comic about this. in advance, thanks

Anonymous 18/01/21(Sun)13:36 No. 30654 ID: 539c24

be expicit please

/ss/ - Straight Shotacon Anonymous 18/01/24(Wed)08:32 No. 30671 ID: 7edea3

In the alley Anonymus

anonymous 18/01/25(Thu)21:40 No. 30676 ID: b3f53d

File 151691281650.jpg - (229.13KB , 863x770 , DSCN4431a.jpg )

Thank A for your idea.

anonymous 18/01/27(Sat)00:53 No. 30681 ID: 99a234

I don't know what your request has to do with SS.

Anonymous 18/01/27(Sat)02:12 No. 30682 ID: 5bcb34

I think he means he wants that girl drawn into to a gangbang with kids at the park with an eagle over head saying america fuck yeah.

Anonymous 18/01/27(Sat)17:13 No. 30684 ID: acb405

Nice stockings! Her hips and calves say mom but the ponytail suggests babysitter, hmm. Your drawings usually have a title - does this have one?

anonymous 18/01/28(Sun)02:41 No. 30686 ID: cefb24

I guess it could be "Playtime"

Anonymous 18/01/28(Sun)23:41 No. 30687 ID: 03a097

Thanks. That's a good title for it.

aef1f1 18/02/06(Tue)22:13 No. 30727 ID: 49e641


Anonymous 18/02/09(Fri)14:16 No. 30734 ID: 14ba30

Love these sketching artwork. Didn't know someone was doing similar to me on the internet, though, your drawing is a lot better than mine. I've drawn for entertained myself only, & now thinking maybe its time to share.

Anonymous 18/02/09(Fri)14:20 No. 30735 ID: 14ba30

File 151818240830.jpg - (678.80KB , 2298x2586 , 000_characters_160810.jpg )

my old sketch.

anonymous 18/02/09(Fri)14:26 No. 30736 ID: 8a59f3

Thanks for sharing your artwork. I started with rough sketches like yours. Maybe you just need to define your lines and add more detail.

Anonymous 18/02/09(Fri)23:17 No. 30738 ID: aca889

the boy is very big ┬┐no? jejjeje
the second mother starting from the left is the best for me, but you will know!
keep creating art in the best way you know! thanks you very much! i love your fucking art!

Anonymous 18/02/09(Fri)23:45 No. 30739 ID: 2f91d0

I love your drawing! Please pardon my question, does the boy have breasts?

Anonymous 18/02/10(Sat)23:28 No. 30743 ID: 14ba30

Glad you guys like my work. The boy isn't big, just only the asian milf's were averagely short and tiny in 70's. These characters were created based on real ppl I know in my childhood (If there's a chance I would make an introduction & profile of them later to you guys). Besides, the boy is designed at his early teen before manly muscle developed, and he is a little chubby with swell & abnormal sensitive nipples that the aunties loves to play with LOL.

Anonymous 18/02/11(Sun)09:21 No. 30746 ID: e094cb

Hey, I've got some requests. Willing to pay $. What's the procedure?

Anonymous 18/02/11(Sun)13:21 No. 30750 ID: 14ba30

er... ... I supposed neither me nor the thread owner, we ain't looking for or expecting any involvement of money on doing the artwork, ain't we? though I'm interested on what's your request.

Anonymous 18/02/11(Sun)14:14 No. 30751 ID: e094cb

Just looking to see if you would do female/female drawings people in addition to female/male.

Anonymous 18/02/12(Mon)07:06 No. 30755 ID: 02cde4

I'd love it if you could do a drawing of a little boy carefully inspecting a woman's pussy. Have her lying on her back, knickers pulled to the side, curious little hands spreading her pussy lips. A lucky lad receiving hands-on education.

Anonymous 18/02/13(Tue)08:38 No. 30758 ID: ddae47

I'd love it if you could do a drawing of a little boy carefully inspecting a woman's pussy. Have her lying on her back, knickers pulled to the side, curious little hands spreading her pussy lips. A lucky lad receiving hands-on education.

Anonymous 18/02/13(Tue)20:53 No. 30762 ID: ff243c

Wish I could render pictures like that.

Anonymous 18/02/19(Mon)05:23 No. 30792 ID: e171d2

hi there..... can you draw picture of my elder sis if i gave you some actual pictures and make ss out of it?

anonymous 18/02/26(Mon)22:09 No. 30806 ID: 8c3b7e

That could be a good idea. Send me your sister pic and I'll give it a shot.

anonymous 18/03/03(Sat)17:00 No. 30829 ID: bc22b3

File 152009283993.jpg - (260.24KB , 1114x743 , DSCN5624c.jpg )

Ice cream treat

Anonymous 18/03/03(Sat)19:50 No. 30830 ID: c2b52c

Oh my, I'll never look at Haagen Dazs the same way again!

Anonymous 18/03/04(Sun)02:04 No. 30832 ID: f3398c

I think you're very good, fuck! thank you very much!

Anonymous 18/03/04(Sun)10:58 No. 30834 ID: ed4f9e

Could you draw more foot fetish pics please?

Anonymous 18/03/17(Sat)06:40 No. 30872 ID: bc848f

shit thats hot

ss with my sis Anonymous 18/03/24(Sat)10:25 No. 30905 ID: 779569


Hey there, amazing artist. I want to send you a few pics of my sis so that u can make a few erotic poses out of her. But i need your id. mail me at darkpunku@gmail.com

anonymous 18/03/28(Wed)16:00 No. 30912 ID: 83e229

An "innocent" game on the verge of becoming something else.

Your artwoark asearchingheart 18/04/01(Sun)23:53 No. 30937 ID: d12b25

Your are thee best artist here. No contest.

Anonymous 18/05/13(Sun)00:10 No. 31122 ID: 4a2009

Dude you must make you own Milftoon and make loadsamoney

anonymous 18/07/11(Wed)04:32 No. 31352 ID: 266f3f


Anonymous 18/07/12(Thu)15:14 No. 31357 ID: 9d71b8

Just discovered this thread. Amazing artwork! Where can I find more of the same artist?


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