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MOTHERHOOD: A Tale of Love Amar+Srashta 16/04/06(Wed)01:08 No. 27609 ID: 8110d2

File 145989768786.jpg - (466.48KB , 2171x1472 , mat_01.jpg )

Preetha’s eyes went heavy as she was leafing through the pages of the newly arrived magazine. It is happening to her often these days -- a side effect of having too many valiums for sleep. She can’t sleep at night, and throughout the day, a spell of gloom and drowsiness hangs heavy over her like a shroud. Her cell phone was buzzing with vibration on the table beside the bed; it must have been Sayani from her office. She has been calling so many times; don’t they realize she won’t be going back to work? Preetha was thinking about sending the resignation letter to the H.R, but such ennui afflicted her that she didn’t even feel like sitting in front of the computer and typing it out. It has been weeks since she last checked her Facebook and Twitter accounts, something which she couldn’t live without before. No whatsapp, no messages, no gmail, no calls; she is living in the massive 3 BHK apartment in Golf Green (a posh residential locality in the metropolis of Kolkata in India) like a marooned sailor. Her only connection with the outside world was the maid who comes every other day to clean up and cook for her. She doesn’t even feel like making food for herself. If the maid doesn’t come, she orders lunch or dinner from the nearby restaurants who deliver at home.

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Anonymous 17/11/15(Wed)06:01 No. 30385 ID: 4d39cf

Amarsrhoshta already sent you a mail but didn't get any reply yet. please take a look sir. Waiting for the final release of Motherhood.

Amarsroshta 17/11/15(Wed)08:57 No. 30386 ID: 717630

I reply to all my mails which one are you talking about? My email address is vipinsaxena69@yahoo.com

Anonymous 17/11/16(Thu)08:00 No. 30390 ID: 4d39cf

My Email id is mbn41665@gmail.com and already sent you mail twice from this id to your mail id vipinsaxena69@yahoo.com. but didn't get any reply yet. I don't know why this is happening. Can you please send me an email to my id

Anonymous 17/11/17(Fri)06:40 No. 30391 ID: 1ae4f8

I am sad because you do not accept paypal payment, my heart is broken because I will no be able to have the Honeymoon comic

Amarsroshta 17/11/17(Fri)10:47 No. 30392 ID: 865c35

We are accepting paypal. Please mail me for further information vipinsaxena69@yahoo.com

30392 Anonymous 17/11/17(Fri)14:04 No. 30398 ID: fd87ff

where is final installment of motherhood????

Anonymous 17/11/18(Sat)05:48 No. 30403 ID: 1ae4f8

you are not, I try to make the payment an we have the problem, and your friend the owner of the paypal account never answered em

Amarsroshta 17/11/18(Sat)06:26 No. 30404 ID: 87b151

I think it has been resolved try sending some amount once again and mail me I will give you the account details before transferring.

30169 Awesome 17/11/18(Sat)07:31 No. 30405 ID: 73ec6c

File 151098670382.jpg - (18.21KB , 248x300 , aaaaa_compressed-4-248x300.jpg )

she looks like this actress in india

Anonymous 17/11/18(Sat)14:27 No. 30406 ID: 9fc36c

Fact is that her breast is bigger than his head. Are her thighs bigger than that of his too?

30386 Anonymous 17/11/19(Sun)07:17 No. 30407 ID: abd381

I think now there will no updates on this thread...... Waiting for more than 2 weeks not even single page updated. The work is great no doubt but no new update decreasing interest.

Amarsroshta 17/11/19(Sun)10:09 No. 30408 ID: 233598

File 151108255296.jpg - (1.26MB , 2171x1472 , mat_80.jpg )

Preetha felt such immense unfathomable love for the boy that she felt her heart would burst from the intensity of it. She held him closer and rubbed her warm voluptuous body all over giving him all the pleasure and comfort she could provide. Her long fingers trailed in his silky hair as she pressed her face tightly on his sunken cheeks.
‘I love you…I love you baby. I might get angry with you once in a while but which mother doesn’t get angry at her boy? My anger is also part of my love; you will learn that in time. It doesn’t change the love or the deep bonding that we have, trust me.’ She said.
Their faces, their lips were so close to each other that as she spoke she breathed into his mouth, her soft lips brushed on the corner of his lips and Salim luxuriated in the moist warmth and smell of her oral respiration. They stayed like that for untold moments until Salim murmered.
‘Mommy, my lower belly is throbbing, it is hurting a little…is there something wrong with me.
Preetha smiled planting soft kisses on his trembling lips lovingly which paused her words.
‘It’s okay…mmuah…you had a release after long…mmmu…the way I have been torturing your little pee pee your muscles are sore from that…muah….’ Preetha cupped his flaccid penis in her hand and could feel it slowly stiffening to her amorous touch.
‘God…’ she thought, ‘…he just ejaculated the load of his lifetime and still he is getting stiff with barely my slightest touch.’
They basked in each other’s warmth as the dim light of the morning played on their naked bodies through the creases of the curtain, skin rubbing on skin, breath mingling with breath, love soaking into each other. Time seemed to lose its meaning as woman and boy cuddled with the joy of afterglow among the crumpled sheets, savoring each other’s smell and touch. Preetha was so much bigger than Salim that he felt himself lost and engulfed in the softness of her body, melting inside her warmth and all consuming love, drowning in her tepid flesh. Preetha held him close, snugly yet delicately like nestling a frail bird. A beaming cocoon of ennui enwrapped them as they lay resting.
Preetha started feeling a familiar call of nature within herself. Her bladder was bloated, in all the excitement and passion she has practically forgotten her other physical needs. They had taken a backseat for too long, and now with the ebbing of passion she felt the urgency to relieve herself.
Preetha shifted, lifting herself up but Salim snaked his slim arms around her neck, looking at her with appealing eyes. He was not going part himself from her even for a second, he held on to her like a petulant child. ‘Where are you going?’ he asked in a whiny tone.
‘Baby, Mommy needs to pee, just give me a few seconds and I will be back…’ Preetha coddled him.
‘No…no…no…I want you here with me. I want more kisses.’ He nagged.
Preetha quickly planted a wet sloppy kiss on his lips and tried to rise but he held on to her ever so tightly, he licked his lips, tasting her saliva greedily but not letting her go, he loved the weight of her breasts pressing on his chest, the heat coming from her belly and the light tickle of her moist pubes on his legs as she tried to shift and short gusts of her breath as she giggled and tried to free herself from his coiling arms. He was almost wrestling with her. Preetha laughed at his feeble effort to keep her from getting up, she could easily shrug him off but she chided with the pretense of struggle. Salim all the while enjoyed his new mother’s body, feeling her up, holding her head close to his, sniffing her breath to which he has grown addicted to.
After a brief struggle Preetha finally increased her strength and pushed him gently back on the bed. She really needed to go or she would leak on the bed. Salim groaned with mild protest but relented, he didn’t want to test her patience at all. He sighed as she sprung out of the bed and stared at her majestic elephantine stride as she walked to the door of the attached toilet in the bedroom, the way her thigh muscled flexed, the bouncy jiggle of her thick globular buttocks in rhythm of her swaying waist. Vatsayana described this in Kamasutra as ‘Gaja Gamini’ - the walk of an elephant. Scholars use this analogy to describe the seductive walk of a woman. You can see it from the back of a woman; you just watch the movement of her hips and the shoulders. In our Indian classical dance forms it is called Tribhang or the three breaks in your body. Our women walk like that. In the West they walk straight. Preetha is the quintessential Alpha Indian woman described in the scriptures of Kamasutra, only her gait and walk could give men sleepless nights and Salim was witnessing that in all her naked glory, a rarest of privilege for the most fortunate.
As she opened the toilet door she looked back at Salim waiting like a beggar on the bed with a coy, demure glance and vanished behind the door.

Amarsroshta 17/11/19(Sun)10:16 No. 30409 ID: 233598

File 151108297220.jpg - (1.14MB , 2171x1472 , mat_81.jpg )

As Preetha was going to sit on the toilet to relieve herself she heard a shuffle behind. She looked back and saw Salim peeping through the door which she had left open. This boy was not letting her a moment out of his sight, and his endless curiosity was even invading her most private moments. Preetha should have closed the door behind her, but she thought why would she do that? He should know his boundaries and keep to it. Her displeasure was evident on her face as she turned with a hint of anger.
‘Salim, why are you here? Mommy is having a very private moment here and you are being extremely rude by peeping.’ She said in a strict tone. It caught Salim unaware. She turned back at him and reprimanded him further. ‘You need to know when a girl wants her privacy and you are not allowed there.’ She said coldly. She could see how nervous she was making Salim.
‘B…but…the door was open Mommy.’ He said weakly, intimidated by her mood swing.
‘This is my house and I will keep any door unlocked as I want.’ Preetha said. ‘The door was not open, it was not locked, it was ajar and you need to know to ask for permission or knock when you see a closed door.’ She said.
‘I…I am sorry Mommy…I will never do it again.’ Salim said with a timid voice.
‘Now go…scoot…’ Preetha said, ‘Let Mommy pee in peace.’
Salim covered his face in embarrassment and trotted off. Preetha smiled with satisfaction. She knew she had to train this boy to her requirements. He needed to know his boundaries; he was just running around like an excited puppy. She needed to discipline him up to her requirements, fitting the social strata she belonged and make him a perfect mate/son/companion for her. It was her responsibility and given the gratitude and slavish obedience which he deemed her with it won’t be complicated at all. He was not going to be the rebellious teenager if she had born him from her womb. He will abide to her will and whim without a contradicting word. On the whole he was all she could ever wish for.
Preetha relaxed, stretched and plopped her plump bottom on the pot. Though her bladder was straining she found it difficult to pee. She had sex for the first time in close to a year, her vagina was not used to penetration and the number of times and intensity they copulated last night had really left her urethra sore. There was a burning sensation. Her mouth felt dry, she licked her lips and pulled up the meaty flesh of her pussy with her hands, relaxing the muscles within. She spread out her labia stretching the pee hole as much as she could waiting for the flow. Her meatus (urethral opening) throbbed, pulsating wetly as her bladder pushed the excretory fluid down her canal in a series of semi painful convulsions.
‘Mmmm…’ Preetha bit her lips as she could feel the hot urine gradually passing through the urethral tube and reaching the much needed release. She spread her pussy as wide as she could as the tiny hole gaped out pulsating with the spasms as the hot liquid passed through the tract.

Amarsroshta 17/11/19(Sun)10:20 No. 30410 ID: 233598

File 151108323674.jpg - (1.34MB , 2171x1472 , mat_82.jpg )

‘Aaaaahhh…’ Preetha almost gave out a cry as the first spurt burst through the hole, steaming hot translucent pale yellow urine squirted out like a punctured hose pipe and splattered on the plastic rim of the toilet.
‘Oh shit…’ Preetha muttered between her teeth as she saw the mess she made, her piss was all over the rim, dripping on the towel below. She had made a mess, and it was embarrassing, but the relief was too much to register anything for that moment as the thick flow of golden excrete splashed inside the commode water in a steady stream emitting a strong pungent smell which filled the toilet.
She pissed in quarts, the steady flow followed by quick squirts with the spasms of her urethral muscles. By the time she finished the inside of the bowl was full of yellow excrement. Preetha sighed with relief as she sat still on the bowl enjoying the numbness that followed.
She tore a length of toilet paper from the roll and delicately cleaned her pussy and wet pubes. Her vulva still felt sensitive and raw to the touch of the paper and she winced a little, carefully dabbing the tissue around the pee hole and her meaty labia.
She pulled herself up, feeling a little dizzy and flushed the toilet, she felt fatigued as her head swam, and forgot to clean the rim of the toilet.
Preetha came out; Salim was sitting on the edge of the bed, feet dangling. She looked at him indulgently as he sprung up and headed for the bathroom ‘I need to pee too Mommy…’ he quipped. Preetha yawned languidly, piling up her long tresses on the top of her head as she walked towards the bed in that lazy elephantine stride of hers as Salim glanced at her mischievously and sneaked in the bathroom. No, his intention was not pissing.
Closing the door behind him he approached the pot, he had been hearing his mother pissing inside and she was pissing a lot. He came in with the expectation of a rare treat, the pungent smell of her piss was still hanging heavily in the air and his eyes caught the puddles and drops of precious golden yellow liquid on the rim of the pan. Salim invited himself to this new odor of his mother, he lowered his head and sniffed the amber splash, the smell was still strong. He marveled at the variety of smells his mother produced, each one treasured by him. He had already enjoyed the smell of her girl juices, her milky breasts, the warm aroma of her furry armpits, her sweat, her breath, the smell of her copious saliva on his skin, and now he smelled the glorious musk of her urine as well. It was strong but it felt unequivocally libidinous and intoxicating to his young sensory faculties. He sniffed on, taking lungful of that pungence, even considered licking a little off the rim, but that would be too much. He reserved that experience for later; perhaps he wished, he might even convince her to relieve herself directly in his mouth, as he could drink the glorious golden shower directly from source, fresh, steaming and sparkling, the magical waterfall of a goddess. The idea felt a tad revolting but irresistibly erotic at the same time.

Amarsroshta 17/11/19(Sun)10:31 No. 30411 ID: 233598

File 15110838749.jpg - (1.13MB , 2171x1472 , mat_83.jpg )

‘What are you doing so long in the bathroom…come to bed with Mommy.’ He could hear her calling. Salim wanted to enjoy the smell of her piss a while longer, but her call was too tempting. Salim quickly relieved himself as well, cleaned the rim with a toilet paper, took one last whiff of her urine vapors from the soft wet tissue, flushed it and opened the door to the bedroom. The pale cloudy morning light was creating an enchanting ambience in the warm cozy bedroom as it fell through the partially drawn blinds on the whiteness of the sheets and Preetha’s smooth olive skin as she languished on the bed. The dark and light chiaroscuro made it look like a rubenesque painting of her glorious nakedness in the room. She was again half asleep.
Salim tiptoed at her, marveling at her large glorious form sprawled on the bed, her arms raised and tucked under the pillow her head rested in a hazy lull. Salim perched himself at the side of the bed, his eyes traveling all over her sublime feminiety and finally resting on her alluring armpits again. The warm fuzz beckoned him. He lowered his face and inhaled deep, once again, tepid pungence tingling his nostrils. To him her ripe womanhood was like a supine garden, each part promising varied flowers of myriad smells, fruits and juices of sundry tastes. Salim couldn’t stop himself from touching the perfumed bush. His slender fingers played on the wisps of soft yet dense growth that covered her fleshy oxters profoundly. He twirled the tufts of hairs playfully as they released the hidden aroma of her sweat and pheromones. He could play with the hairs endlessly; his fingers like children dashing around and rolling in the dewy grasses of her whiffy thatch if not Preetha had stirred, feeling ticklish at his touch.
She gave out a warm throaty chuckle, ‘Oh, stop it you…given a chance you will make a hut there and start living and farming in my armpits.’ She muttered humorously.
‘That’s a lovely idea Mommy…’ Salim said in a gleeful tone.
Preetha decided not to pander to his obsession and rolled over. ‘Ummm…no more.’ She said in a sleepy tone ‘Good things are not to be indulged without restraint. Show some self control, make me happy and I will reward you accordingly.’
Salim propped his head on his arms resting on the bed gazing at the indolent waves of her body as she coiled like a mythical serpent. He stared longingly, his eyes traveling all over the expanse of her broad smooth back, muscles faintly rippling under the fleshiness, curves in her waist changing contours with each subtle movement, the deep furrow of her spine snaking languidly. In the daylight he could count the moles on her back and shoulders. Salim sighed.
‘Tell me Mommy…how will I make you happy?’ He asked earnestly.
‘Mmmm…you can start by making me some tea; I am feeling a slight hangover from last night.’ Preetha murmured lazily, ‘You will find everything in the left cupboard of the kitchen.’
‘Of course Mommy…’ Salim quipped, ‘This I am very good at. I work in a tea stall, remember?’
‘Worked…’ Preetha corrected him, ‘You are never going back there. You’re here with me now, understand?’
Salim wheezed with joy and rushed to the kitchen, he thought about wearing a towel, but decided against it. He enjoyed his nakedness; he felt completely uninhibited, unafraid of anything in the universe as this beautiful goddess like woman promised him protection and comfort from the vagaries of world.
Salim put his entire heart into making the best pot of tea he ever made in his life. His love added extra flavor in the hot morning beverage. Salim fished out a tray and some biscuits from the cabinet and arranged everything neatly together. Overjoyed to get this opportunity to serve his goddess mother he carried the tray carefully to the warm toasty bedroom with beating heart. He wondered how she would like the tea he made, and prayed to god that he is able to impress her.
‘Chai garam…garam chai…’ (Tea…hot tea) Salim entered with a beaming smile as Preetha rolled over and looked at the happy boy, her luscious lips curling in a satisfied smile as well. He looked so proud and cute to Preetha in his nakedness carrying the tray.
‘If I found you like this in a tea stall I would have stolen you from there.’ She said mischievously as she propped herself up. Preetha took the cup from the tray and sipped, the hot liquid soothed her parched throat, the flavor of ginger and cardamom tingled her drowsy nerves and the smell was just brilliant. She sighed with satisfaction after the first sip and could see Salim’s eyes brighten up with joy. ‘This is the best tea I’ve ever had.’ Preetha said, not exaggerating at all.

Amarsroshta 17/11/19(Sun)10:35 No. 30412 ID: 233598

File 151108412241.jpg - (1.17MB , 2171x1472 , mat_90.jpg )

She could see him quiver with happiness at her words as he giggled. He set the tray on the side table and got himself busy fluffing her pillows, stealing shy glances at her as she drank from the cup. Preetha knew he wanted to get close to her, cuddle with her but was feeling hesitant to interrupt her morning reverie as she relaxed enjoying her tea. She understood he wanted to give her some space, and that was so mature and understanding of him. He had realized he had been enjoying her too much, this goddess has shown him an unbelievable world, opened the gates of unimaginable pleasures to him, if there was a heaven it was right there in that bedroom and it was not right for him to act irresponsibly clingy. With the stupor fading away he was actually wondering if this was real or not, and secretly pinched himself, but there she was seated on the bed like a queen in all her glorious nakedness, all close to six feet of her voluptuousness. Yes, this is a heaven and there is the residing goddess enjoying his humble service.
Preetha watched him loitering around and whistled at him to attract his attention; he seemed to be lost in his thoughts. She patted the spot next to her, smiling at him leniently. Salim’s face lit up with happiness and expectation, he crawled up on the bed like a nimble cat as Preetha relaxed back on the freshly fluffed pillows and curled up to her, nestling against her soft warmth. ‘Come…’ she said with an inviting arm as Salim rested his head on her comfortable and fleshy shoulder nook. Preetha curled her arm around his neck making him more comfortable as her fingers trailed on his hair. Salim’s eyes closed with pleasure as a soft mewing whimper left his lips. He rubbed his face on the depth of the hollow of her armpit which flows down to her breast, enjoying the softness of her skin and the familiar intoxicating smell of her armpit hairs again. ‘He is so obsessed with my armpits…’ Preetha mused as she sipped on her tea. Her fingers trailed on the curve of his ear, she could feel the faint throb in his temple as her fingers caressed his eyebrows. Goosebumps erupted on Salim’s skin as warm breath from an inaudible murmur brushed her skin. He looked so sweet, so innocent and so dependent on her, his eyes half closed and face nestled between her breast and armpit. There were no words exchanged between them as they basked in the condensing cocoon of love.
Preetha looked at him fondly as he was gently rubbing his face on her skin. He caught her eyes and gave a sweet shy smile. Salim stretched as Preetha patted his head.
‘Come on, get up…this way we will be locked in this room for weeks.’ She said.

Amarsroshta 17/11/19(Sun)10:42 No. 30413 ID: 233598

File 151108452318.jpg - (1.16MB , 2171x1472 , mat_91.jpg )

‘Nooooo…’ Salim whined and rolled up on her grabbing onto her boobs, burying his face in the deep valley. ‘I just want to stay with you like this till the end of time…’ he prayed to her.
Preetha looked down at him; his face between her humongous breasts, his head was smaller than any one of them. Eyes peering up in a puppy like appeal. Preetha gave him a silent lenient smile.
Salim hugged her tight rubbing his face on her chest, soft whimpers leaving his lips. ‘Come we will have to make some breakfast, you didn’t have anything from morning. You have to keep your strength up if we are going to continue like this for the rest of the day. You didn’t even make any tea for yourself’ she said finishing the last few sips.
‘I don’t want any tea…’ Salim nagged.
Preetha sighed; she knew what he wanted and was probably too shy to ask for it. She could very well read his mind now.
She pushed him gently off her as she straightened up, took the empty cup and to his astonishment put it gently beneath her right nipple as she expressed her warm milk in the vessel, like pouring Amrit, the nectar of life in a chalice. Salim watched with mouth agape. Preetha grabbed the underside of her tit and squeezed. Preetha milked herself, squeezing at the curved breast towards the nipple, then giving the nipple a light pinch.

As a result, a gush of milk squirted from the pores of her nipple. It was white, thick, and creamy. It gushed into the hollow of the cup with a giant squirt. She repeated this process three times in quick succession. With each squeeze, more milk shot into the cup in her hand. Before long she was squeezing several squirts of milk from her nipples into the cup to alleviate the pressure. It had been quite a few days since she had last expressed milk, and as bizarre as it was doing, she had to admit to herself that it felt nice. Her nipples had always been sensitive and the fullness of her breasts made the feeling even more intense. Last night’s and the morning’s passion had been working heavily on her hormones and milk had been building up all the while, making her breasts full and heavy with the pent up fluids. The release felt beautiful. Preetha shifted the mug to her other tit and sent several jets of high pressure cream shooting into the chalice.
The truth is, lactating is a unique feeling for women. It can be intense. Preetha’s nipples have always been sensitive, and when her breasts are filled with milk that needs to be squeezed out... well... there's nothing like it. And it also plays to her maternal side. Oddly, she felt complete as a woman when she lactated for Salim, her milk was not going to waste anymore. It makes her feel like she’s nourishing life from her nipples. Ayan used to nurse from her lactating breasts during her pregnancy and it was one of the most erotic things they had ever done as a couple. That memory was bittersweet for her.
When she was done with both her breasts the cup was almost filled up with her milk.
Preetha took the cup away after lactating from her left breast as well and gently twirled it, so that the milk would sway side-to-side without spilling, in a perfectly circular motion. It was a hypnotic sight for Salim, which is exactly what Preetha had expected.
Preetha passed the cup gently to Salim while wiping her breasts with the bed sheet who carefully received it with both hands with great reverence. He looked at her before touching his lips to the rim of the cup asking permission silently, to which Preetha nodded with a gentle smile. She watched with a perverted sense of delight as he closed his mouth and gulped it down gently, little by little, savoring the taste and texture of the precious liquid. Salim savored it on his tongue as its thick texture magically complimented with its rich and creamy flavor. This was Salim’s own personal heaven in a pause of time that one might call a limbo.
Leaving Salim to enjoy his morning treat Preetha slid out at the edge of the bed and stretched. She was feeling light and refreshed. She realized the release from her breasts was much needed.
There was a cloying smell of their bodies and released juices and hormones all throughout the last 12 hours in the closed bedroom which was hanging heavy. She walked towards the bay window, reveling at the drowsy morning outside. She slid open the glass door and cool wet air swept all over her naked skin in rapid gusts. ‘Ahhhh…’ Preetha sighed enjoying the wind.

Amarsroshta 17/11/19(Sun)10:47 No. 30414 ID: 233598

File 151108482034.jpg - (1.32MB , 2171x1472 , mat_92.jpg )

‘Mom, don’t stand there like that, you are completely naked, someone might see!’ Salim squealed from the bed concerned.
‘Sshhh…there’s no one. Come here, it’s a beautiful morning.’ Preetha beckoned at Salim who looked a bit doubtful and shy being stark naked himself but couldn’t ignore her call. He slid out of the bed still sipping from the cup and joined her, caution in his eyes.
Yes, indeed it was a beautiful morning; it was close to eight now and there was still not a single soul on the road. The windows of all the buildings around were closed, blinds draped. Rain was still falling in a drizzle. ‘Look, there’s no one…as if we are the only two people left in the planet, isn’t it?’ Preetha said smiling at Salim who was still stealing furtive glances at her nakedness and a cautious eye out. ‘He feels so protective about me.’ Preetha mused and drew him closer to her. She wrapped the drapery around her abdomen, but her breasts were completely bare yet. She was loving the feel of the morning air too much to cover herself.
Pale clouds roiled in the sky. The wet smell of the earth and trees permeated the morning air. Far in the horizon of the city she could see dark clouds gathering again. It would be another rainy day which she welcomed. Nature which seemed bleak and depressing yesterday felt joyous and full of promises. With her hand drawing Salim closer, and caressing his skinny shoulder she started singing, a song of Rabindranath Tagore –
‘Aabar esechhe aasharh aakash chheye,
Aashe bristiro subas baatas beye.
Ei puraton hriday aamar aaji pulake duliya utthichhe aabar baaji
Nutan megher ghonimar paane cheye.
Rohiya rohiya bipul maatther pore nabo trinodole baadoler chhaya pore.
Esechhe esechhe, ei katha bale pran, esechhe esechhe utthiteche ei gaan
Nayoney esechhe, hridaye esechhe dheye.’

Translation –

‘The monsoon has come again, swathing the skies
Wafting through the breeze the rain fragrance beguiles.
This old soul of mine, echoes in thrill
Watching the gathering clouds drill.
Steadily over the meadow, grows the rain clouds shadow
It is here shouts the heart, it is here sings the song.
Delights eyes, rushes towards life.’

Song link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UreIQHa1gss

Salim was mesmerized, enthralled by her voice as she sang freely, the dulcet tune, the cadences enchanting his ears and soul. Preetha had a beautiful voice and he heard her the night before, but in this morning it felt the clouds and rains were singing in unison with her. He craned his neck and looked up at her, the bliss on her face, her half closed eyes and movements of her beautiful lips forming the divine words of the great poet. He couldn’t believe these same lips were wrapped around his organ not even an hour ago, this same body he entered time after time all through the night and morning. At that moment despite her nakedness she looked like something sacred, something unachievable, and sublime. He realized it was not just physical union she granted him, it was a sacrament he was blessed with.

Salim dropped on his knees and held on to her thick powerful legs. Preetha leaned back on the wall, resigning to his worship as he held on to her, shedding tears.

‘You are not a woman Mommy...you are a Goddess...and I do mean it from my heart. Tell me...tell me why did you show me such grace? Who am I? I am just a wretched orphan boy. Why do I deserve this? I can’t believe this is all real, please tell me...tell me mommy this is real. If it is not then I will die at this instant.’
A barrage of tearful words left Salim, Preetha listened to him, calmness had settled on her. She knew her role in this relationship. Singing the song had enlightened her. She was not just a mother with whom her son will ever bicker with or answer back, she was a veritable goddess to Salim and she embraced that role. Her superiority was absolute and Salim desired it with a slavish urge. He knew he was not her equal and will always remain so. He will do anything and everything for her happiness. Her wish will be his command and so be it.

A trembling sigh left her lips as she said ‘It is real Salim. We will be together forever, I give you my word, I will be your and yours only. I will be the goddess and the mother who will protect you, nurture you, love you and you will be my son, my worshipper whose absolute devotion will be with me forever.’

‘Thank you, thank you Mommy...’ Salim said as a shiver ran through his body, his face was at level with her vagina, her yoni, the divine flower of creation framed by the dense grass garden of kesh or pubic hair. It was the sacred passage which took him to adulthood and introduced him to sensations he never could even imagine existed, the scent of their union still trailing off from the glistening folds. The feeling it gave Salim was not of lust but of rupture, as he was beholding the holy grail of his goddess, the seat of power of a woman.

Preetha put her hands on his shoulders, nudging him to get up and held him lovingly, they pressed themselves on the cool glass of the bay window looking at the beauty of a city whose thirst has been quenched after a long summer, it reflected their own souls as their eyes wandered off in the distance. ‘Let’s go out baby...lets enjoy the wind in the balcony. It is summoning me.’ She whispered in his ear. ‘But Mommy we are completely naked...we can’t go out in the open like this. People might see us.’ Salim protested doubtfully.
‘Oh come on...do you see a soul outside? Next building is far away, no one can see us...let’s enjoy the view from the balcony.’ Preetha’s sense of mischief and adventure was overwhelming her reason. The risk of being seen naked was there for sure. There might be a peeping tom in the nearby buildings. Everyone knew that a beautiful woman lived alone in this apartment, and who knows which curious eyes might spy on them? But something rebelled inside Preetha, ‘Let them see if they want and grow jealous of this little boy.’ The risk of being spied upon made it even more exciting for her.
‘No Mommy...we can’t go out like that. I cannot risk anyone see you like this. You will be naked for me and only me.’ Salim shook his head. Preetha sighed in a resigned manner, Salim had grown too protective of her to risk her dignity even if she felt the urge of brave it out. Salim suddenly slipped out of her arms nimbly like an eel and ran towards the bed. Preetha laughed and chased him playfully trying to catch him but he was too fast.

Amarsroshta 17/11/19(Sun)10:53 No. 30415 ID: 233598

File 151108518258.jpg - (1.52MB , 2171x1472 , mat_93.jpg )

Quickly Salim grabbed a sheet from the bed as Preetha snagged him from behind both giggling uncontrollably. There was a quick sprightly struggle as Salim wrestled with her without any avail and she gathered him up in her arms without much effort. She straightway picked him up in her arms effortlessly as he marveled at her strength, her fleshy and sturdy forearms supporting his back and L of legs, powered by her thick yet femininely soft biceps. He rested his head on her shoulder and looked up at her face which opened up in a broad beaming smile for him. Salim was still holding on to the sheet with one hand while with the other he gently stroked Preetha’s cheeks looking into her eyes soulfully. The way the side of his torso pressed on the softness of her breasts and belly, the way he could feel her heart beat reverberating in his body, the assuring strength of her hands holding him and the power of her broad shoulders was so awe inspiring for him. Though he was skinny Salim easily weighed around 40-45 kilos, he was not a child but she was carrying him with the ease of a new born baby. He rested his head on the nook of her shoulder relinquishing to her strength, snaked his arm around her neck, sighed and closed his eyes, rubbing his cheek slowly and gently on her shoulder with comfort and satisfaction.

Salim looked so adorable, helpless and cuddly that Preetha stood there in front of the balcony enjoying him reclined in her arms like a baby. All he needed was her love and protection which satisfied the bereaved mother in her. She relished his need, his dependency on her, treasured him like a rare orchid she found growing without any care at the side of the road which she picked up and would nurture in her own garden. Due to her size and athletic background Preetha was a considerably strong woman, stronger than any woman and most men, but her love made her even stronger as she carried him effortlessly and prolonged this beautiful moment of absolute submission of the boy to her strength. She stood there, rocking him gently in her arms, humming a tune, her robust and thick muscular thighs planted on the ground steadily supporting his negligible weight.

Finally she stepped out in the open of the balcony. As the cool wet wind swept on Salim’s naked body he startled out of his reverie and quickly draped the sheet around her shoulders alarmed of any invisible prying eyes that would catch his revered mother’s nakedness. Preetha gave out a hearty laughter at his alacrity and carried him over to a stool. She sat comfortably, settling Salim on her lap as he wrapped themselves as much as he could with the flimsy white sheet. Preetha looked at him laughing, wind played with her long lustrous tresses as it formed a dark rippling halo around her head, her face radiating with joy and love as they looked into each other’s eyes deeply.

‘It’s quite windy out here, are you feeling chilly?’ She asked.
‘No Mom, you are all the warmth I need. Just hold me…hold me close and never let go off me…’ Salim pleaded.
‘You are with me now forever baby…’ Preetha assured him, ‘Nothing in the world can take us apart.’ She kissed his cheek lovingly as he sighed. Salim relaxed on her lap as her arms encircled him protectively, sheet draped on their nakedness, trapping the warmth in between. It had started raining once again, the sky became hazy with the falling droplets.

Their eyes wandered off in the haze contemplating on past, present and future. It was uncertain, unclear, many questions needed to be answered, to society, to people. The unusual but intense relationship that they have bound themselves into irrevocably will have to pass through the tests of time, face challenges, but in one thing they were determined, the future would see them together, Preetha and Salim, woman and boy, mother and son, lovers together forever. Rain pattered on the streets and the city became a silent witness to an unheard of story, a relationship that followed no convention but was stronger than the words written on any holy book. The tale of love that will continue…


ramesh 17/11/19(Sun)11:35 No. 30416 ID: f2e180

superb finishing.....

Anonymous 17/11/20(Mon)10:08 No. 30419 ID: 11b03f

If this had been a video, how would it be..

Anonymous 17/11/20(Mon)11:07 No. 30420 ID: 3653b0


fasal 17/11/20(Mon)12:38 No. 30421 ID: c376e4

Mr. Amar sreshta Honeymoon in Darjeeling is the continuation of matherood the story between preeta and salim maybe?

Amarsroshta 17/11/20(Mon)13:05 No. 30422 ID: 1988d2

Yes it is the continuation of Motherhood, releasing day after tomorrow 22nd Nov. For purchase information mail me at vipinsaxena69@yahoo.com

Elder lady from bus and a young boy Rahul 17/11/21(Tue)17:37 No. 30427 ID: 568baf

Hi Amar
Just read until they reach a cafe abd the women asking him to show his penis. What happens next? Is it a finished story? Anyone has a link to the story?

30422 Anonymous 17/11/21(Tue)17:59 No. 30428 ID: fd0a1b

No pissing and piss drinking scenes........ Am disappointed...... Ready to pay for every comics of u..... If u creates scene of it.

Amarsroshta 17/11/21(Tue)19:25 No. 30429 ID: 1988d2

I am not here to tailor make each person's fetish. I am trying to tell a story the best way possible. If you are fine with it then you can pay otherwise there is plenty of free scatology and urolagnia material available in the web. This is art, not cheap fetish.

Amarsroshta 17/11/21(Tue)19:28 No. 30430 ID: 1988d2

Rahul, as I said - For new readers - 'Govire Jao' (Go deeper) is stalled for the time being. I have plans to bring it out in English some time, but not now. Presently in this thread I am publishing my new pictorial novel 'Motherhood - A Tale of Love.' It will be followed by the sequel 'Honeymoon in Darjeeling' which will be a full fledged comic series in color published in parts. Motherhood is ending with the last and final installment coming soon this week. Next week November 22nd Honeymoon part 1 is releasing. This will be for sale. Price will be 1000/- (27 full color pages followed by same pages in black and white without dialogues so that the full art can be enjoyed - total 54 pages). Interested customers can connect with me at vipinsaxena69@yahoo.com.

Amarsroshta 17/11/22(Wed)07:02 No. 30431 ID: 131014

File 151133053151.jpg - (147.05KB , 677x218 , Clipboard01.jpg )

Here you go as promised. It has started, Honeymoon in Darjeeling part 1 pages thumbnails. To get the comic in super high resolution mail me at vipinsaxena69@yahoo.com

Anonymous 17/11/22(Wed)07:50 No. 30432 ID: 285853

Sir Please Replay
my Mail

Ramesh 17/11/22(Wed)20:53 No. 30433 ID: f2e180


Ramesh 17/11/22(Wed)21:00 No. 30434 ID: f2e180


SJ 17/11/23(Thu)17:50 No. 30436 ID: bf224f

Ohhhh...My GOD Its mind blowing....the color work is marvelous....Just bey it . It satisfaction guaranty.....Amarsrostha is BEST....Hungry For part 2.

Anonymous 17/11/23(Thu)19:43 No. 30437 ID: a9c3c8

These pics are too small.can you send little big one please.

Amarsroshta 17/11/24(Fri)05:44 No. 30438 ID: ffacaa

I shared some sneak peeks before, scroll up you will see them.

Honeymoon in Darjeeling Anonymous 17/11/26(Sun)07:07 No. 30442 ID: f2a97e

Please Upload it for free..

Amarsroshta 17/11/26(Sun)07:32 No. 30443 ID: 396203

Please don't keep on asking for free, its annoying. Also I am requesting all the buyers do not encourage such people. You are paying your hard earned money, keep the books to yourself.

honymoon darjeeling suhel 17/11/27(Mon)09:27 No. 30444 ID: b69dcb

How to buy any videos

honymoon darjeeling suhel 17/11/27(Mon)09:29 No. 30445 ID: b69dcb

How to read any videos

hid leeo 17/11/28(Tue)13:51 No. 30446 ID: e6b8d2

pl i wanna buy it ....i live in dhaka..i will pay u..i have already mailed u

Honeymoon in Darjeeling Anonymous 17/11/30(Thu)03:17 No. 30451 ID: fde561

Simply Mind blowing. It's a masterpiece of Shotacon art. The artwork is simply dick raising. It's worth every bit of money. Keep up the great work Amar da

honymoon darjeeling suhel 17/11/30(Thu)19:15 No. 30454 ID: daf3ce


REVIEW HID Lover 17/11/30(Thu)20:54 No. 30455 ID: 009d62

Just read HID, Really brilliant story, it made me now more hungry for next part. Everyone who love shota should support by purchasing. This is best comic than that of other english shota comics.

Mind-blowing, brilliant, exceptionally good !! Rupratul 17/12/01(Fri)13:06 No. 30457 ID: 6d2ef4


I just purchased "HID - Part 1" yesterday. It is indeed mind blowing, really brilliant !!

I feel that, after going through this story, other shotacon stories on the Net would appear to be too shallow / unrealistic and downright unattractive to me !!

All aspects of the comic -- picturization, colouring and realistic unfolding of the storyline are simply extraordinary .... I would rather say outstanding and beyond expectation !!

May I humbly suggest to all fellow readers and visitors to this thread to buy the story from the creator (Amarsroshta) so that he feels encouraged to generate more such extraordinary comics in future !! After all, drawing such outstanding images is an extremely painstaking job and demands massive time and endeavour on part of the creator !! So, he does deserve encouragement and adulation !

And, as the creator has requested, kindly do not share your purchased story anywhere ! That would be really upsetting for him !!!

Amarsroshta 17/12/02(Sat)13:04 No. 30459 ID: 283009

I am requesting all readers who have bought Honeymoon in Darjeeling part 1 to post their reviews. It helps encouraging the other readers to buy as well. Thanks.

ramesh 17/12/02(Sat)16:16 No. 30461 ID: f2e180

yeah the mind blowing one i have never see a shota comics like this but when some people ask for freebies it is so much annoying for us tho who bought it....
its really great story emotional romantic sexual fantasies..the out door.. sex ... but here is one question is that part 2 going to be in totally in hotel room or in some where else...

Amarsroshta 17/12/02(Sat)23:44 No. 30462 ID: 283009

For that you have to wait for a couple of months to know.

I am intrested to buy Manu 17/12/04(Mon)15:35 No. 30464 ID: f88354

Hiii Amorsashthra ur story is really awesome...i have to say its amazing and brilliant. i want to buy ur HID..pls gimme ur detail on my mail.

Amarsroshta 17/12/04(Mon)21:00 No. 30465 ID: 283009

mail me at vipinsaxena69@yahoo.com

Amarsroshta 17/12/11(Mon)23:48 No. 30479 ID: f27468

File 151303249823.jpg - (1.24MB , 787x1150 , advert.jpg )

With huge applause from my readers the romantic and erotic journey of Preetha and Salim continues on the pages of 'Honeymoon in Darjeeling' part 1. With hyper realistic art, colors and storytelling this is the first of it's kind adult comics in India. Buy now and enjoy this epic straight shota saga in all it's glory.


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