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Shota Discord Anonymous 17/02/06(Mon)07:45 No. 29300 ID: a6bc2f

File 148636352131.jpg - (140.30KB , 850x637 , 1457753875394.jpg )

We have a shota discord with a nice social community if anyone would like to join. :3


Link is good for an hour, if there is more interest I will refresh it.

Anonymous 17/02/06(Mon)08:41 No. 29301 ID: a6bc2f

Lots of interest so posting a 6 hour link. :3


Anonymous 17/02/06(Mon)19:51 No. 29305 ID: a6bc2f

New 12 hour link! :3 Would love you have you all!


Anonymous 17/02/07(Tue)09:58 No. 29311 ID: 946d1d

anymore invites being tossed around?

Anonymous 17/02/11(Sat)02:10 No. 29337 ID: 026caa

new link plz

Anonymous 17/02/11(Sat)06:38 No. 29338 ID: 9867d4

Cool!!! Let open another link pls. I've got a huge load to share

Anonymous 17/02/11(Sat)06:38 No. 29339 ID: 9867d4

Cool!!! Let open another link pls. I've got a huge load to share

Anonymous 17/02/11(Sat)19:06 No. 29342 ID: 370bf5

new link please?

Link? Anonymous 17/02/16(Thu)20:34 No. 29364 ID: 511ee6

Yo give me that link back... I need to re-enter it

Anonymous 17/02/16(Thu)21:40 No. 29366 ID: 9fc6f1

Relink it please

Anonymous 17/03/11(Sat)05:05 No. 29420 ID: 9a0293

Make an unlimited link pls

Anonymous 17/04/17(Mon)20:50 No. 29509 ID: a23a38

New link?

Disemboweler 17/04/20(Thu)23:57 No. 29520 ID: 0de5f5

Also intrested

Anonymous 17/06/07(Wed)02:20 No. 29768 ID: 5dd56e

New link please

Anonymous 17/06/09(Fri)22:16 No. 29779 ID: 7db76e

New infinite link pls?

Anonymous 17/06/12(Mon)19:33 No. 29784 ID: aec169

New link pls. ;)

Anonymous 17/07/09(Sun)08:51 No. 29887 ID: cf7088

New link please?

Anonymous 17/07/14(Fri)07:35 No. 29895 ID: 9a548e


Anonymous 17/07/18(Tue)23:52 No. 29912 ID: 17ba2d

I need new link pleeeeease

Anonymous 17/07/27(Thu)23:38 No. 29922 ID: b42122

New link?

Anonymous 17/07/30(Sun)05:37 No. 29930 ID: 679d78

New link

Anonymous 17/08/09(Wed)02:03 No. 29954 ID: 0247e8

New link please?

Anonymous 17/08/23(Wed)22:01 No. 30056 ID: 5aa06f

New link?

Anonymous 17/09/04(Mon)21:04 No. 30096 ID: a595d0

make a permalink

Anonymous 17/09/17(Sun)23:36 No. 30144 ID: 1c244c

Pls Gibbe New Link

Anonymous 17/09/29(Fri)21:19 No. 30182 ID: 4d8a13

new link pls

Anonymous 17/09/29(Fri)21:20 No. 30183 ID: 4d8a13

new link pls pls

Anonymous 17/10/09(Mon)15:33 No. 30212 ID: 6abc30

File 150755599865.jpg - (23.40KB , 450x500 , 69f884.jpg )

I go here everyday to ckeck if there is a new link...
But there just never is

Anonymous 17/11/03(Fri)10:08 No. 30318 ID: cf7088

Wonder if that one got shutdown... if have to, one of us should make one if a new permalink isn't shared.

Anonymous 18/03/13(Tue)20:35 No. 30864 ID: 094dca

Discord code:
Made about a week ago

Anonymous 18/03/16(Fri)15:24 No. 30870 ID: c5e446

New link? pls

Anonymous 18/03/17(Sat)10:31 No. 30873 ID: 24c2ef

Discord code to the same discord as last time, won’t be up long

Anonymous 18/03/18(Sun)21:18 No. 30881 ID: c5e446

Again i can't join...Someone add me pls Maître Scarabée #3324

Anonymous 18/03/28(Wed)20:04 No. 30913 ID: 6da056

Can someone invite?

Frog King #9384

Anonymous 18/04/10(Tue)16:58 No. 30960 ID: 5fc831

pls send me an inv, SexPunsInBuns#0761

Anonymous 18/04/20(Fri)14:34 No. 30997 ID: edf54a

Opfernacht#0720 send link pls
need shotacon gf also

Anonymous 18/04/21(Sat)08:56 No. 30998 ID: 0c8e63

Would appreciate an invite

Anonymous 18/04/23(Mon)03:33 No. 31005 ID: d5a43e

you're a fool if you trust any discord


> Discord explicitly confirms in it's privacy policy that it collects the following information:

> IP Address
> Device UUID
> User's e-mail address
> All text messages
> All images
> All VOIP Data (voice chat)
> Open Rates for e-mail sent by the computer

>The implications of this information can be broken down as this: By recording your IP address, Discord can track your general location (about as precise as which county you are in). Discord can also tell which devices you use and how much you use those devices, as it uniquely identifies each device and can record your device usage habits, as Discord is usually open in the background so that it can receive messages. Discord also records every single interaction you have with other users through it's service. This means that Discord is confirmed to log every conversation you have through Discord, and record everything that you say on Discord, and view all images you send through Discord. This means that none of your interactions on Discord are private. Discord's policy also contains language such as "Including but not limited to" several times in it's policy, which is an explicit confirmation that Discord contains more spyware features that are not disclosed to the user.

Anonymous 18/07/15(Sun)10:35 No. 31368 ID: 488180

Sauce on the image?

Anonymous 18/07/15(Sun)18:50 No. 31379 ID: f5dff2

Does anyone else remember that old thread where that girl with the big titties posted a pic of herself? I miss that. Anyway I would like an invite.

Anonymous 18/07/16(Mon)12:17 No. 31382 ID: a81fd4

Yes maybe

reptacolector!sTUU1XYh7E 18/07/18(Wed)06:55 No. 31383 ID: ef1d23

invite plss reptacolector

Anonymous 18/08/10(Fri)16:33 No. 31642 ID: 580e55


add me pls

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