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Anonymous 17/10/21(Sat)04:39 No. 30265 ID: e4038f

File 15085535701.webm - (587.71KB , 1280x720 , 1505526111655.webm )

Why are you into /ss/? I would be really interested in hearing about different reasons why people are into it.

Personally, I remember when I was around shota age, didn't know what sex was yet, but I did have the urge to be molested by my mom or a teacher. I knew I wanted a mature woman to touch my penis. I had already discovered that touching it felt good, and I knew that boys and girls belonged together, so it made sense that a teacher or someone like that might rub my penis for me.

But I would really like to hear other people's reasons for their attraction to /ss/. Also, if there's a real explanation to the Oedipus complex, I'd like to hear that as well.

I can sympathize Rob 17/10/21(Sat)22:49 No. 30271 ID: f522c3

I can very much sympathize with this commentator. When I was "shota age" I too was "molested" by my mom and aunt, though I think molested is too strong a word. One day my single mother in her 40's decided she wanted to place her hand on my penis for a brief second or two. That was it and she moved on, though she would at times view me in a sexual way. I was confused and later bothered, but as I've gotten older this whole SS thing has turned into a fetish for me. I dont really want my mom sexually, though there is a photo of her in black pantyhose and high heels that I do find sexual and think about when I masturbate.
Id be interested to here the original posters comments about my post and any other comments he may have.

Anonymous 17/10/22(Sun)03:55 No. 30272 ID: 09eb31

File 15086373148.jpg - (10.54KB , 236x177 , 4b87dfa698b4f11bd90555c8cac99b45.jpg )

was raped as a child by a woman, I was like 3

but now it's a fetish, go figure

Anonymous 17/10/22(Sun)04:01 No. 30273 ID: 0c2267

when i was shota age (or maybe a little younger) my babysitter and i played fun games together in the basement, where she would pretend to be an abusive mom and yell at me and tell me to stay in my room made from couch cushions and pillows
and one time we touched tongues
or she stuck her tongue out for me to lick it and i did

i don't remember much

but looking back on it... god i wish we had done more

and that my friends is how it all started.

or maybe it was some other kind of trauma or maybe some psychological shenanigans that's from some other thing or maybe something else
who knows?

my aunt Rob 17/10/22(Sun)04:30 No. 30274 ID: ba66fb

File 15086394467.jpg - (332.15KB , 2000x1500 , _145_(3).jpg )

My aunt seduced me with her legs/pantyhose when I was 12. She was quite explicit in trying to get my attention. She had broken up with her boyfriend several months before and was obviously horny. This pic is not her but bears a strong resemblance to my aunt

Anonymous 17/10/23(Mon)18:44 No. 30278 ID: 51bc6d

I actually dont know, i guess i was too young when i discoverd Porn

Boys and Women are Hot Anonymous 17/10/26(Thu)21:27 No. 30294 ID: 9fbc42

Short answer is that I find both erotic appeal in both boys as well as women.

I find grotesquely oversized breasts and buttocks on the women, in addition to such exaggerations of shota's genitalia, real turn-offs. I also find all incest and anything less-than complete and total consent and enthusiastic, pleasurable participation of all partners turn-offs.

As for ejaculation and semen, while I generally enjoy the way these are drawn, I do find the idea of seeing "just a few spurts or sprinkles of clear fluid to represent his youth and innocence.", as >>30206 put it, appealing as well and would like to see it tried in this art.

What about completely dry orgasms? I would like to see attempts at portraying these as well.

Surely, there's something special, even magical about being able to experience the intense pleasure of orgasm without any of the mess or worry about leaving evidence behind (or, for that matter, causing pregnancy or spreading infection through semen) of ejaculation. Also, many boys, before they begin ejaculating, are able to experience multiple, consecutive orgasms. (Interestingly, from accounts I've read online, it would seem that of the many boys and men who recall experiencing orgasm before they could ejaculate, most welcome the ability to ejaculate, finding it to enhance the experience of orgasm. There are clearly some, however, who miss being able to have dry orgasms for the reasons I described just above. I have even seen a few guys claim that they found the orgasms they had before they could ejaculate more satisfying.)

Anonymous 17/10/28(Sat)02:50 No. 30297 ID: 5b3d56

Where do I find more of this???

Anonymous 17/10/28(Sat)08:43 No. 30299 ID: 7bc26b

I just like the idea of a mother abusing the children she ought to protect for her own selfish reasons.
And if she draws pleasure from the sons discomfort, all the better.

And its not like anything ever happened to me in that regard or that I wanted something like that happening to me. I specifically like that stuff because I don't want that happening to me. I guess I'm mostly a pervert and sadist.

Rob 17/10/28(Sat)19:42 No. 30300 ID: 8d5e24

yes....this is my fantasy too. And if she can make the son develop a pantyhose fetish in the process all the better.....want to tell us more? your comment is hot.

Anonymous 17/10/31(Tue)09:24 No. 30304 ID: c314de

who was this addressed to

Anonymous 17/11/02(Thu)18:53 No. 30314 ID: edd734

that's it! same here.

I'm more into femdom /ss/ instead of normal straight shota (still good btw) but I cant find a reason if you ask me.. I wasnt molested by mature women in shota age (dammit)

I knew this artist but never saw this one before, wonderful

D. 17/11/02(Thu)22:50 No. 30315 ID: 7f19b2

Never been molested (luckily for me), but when I was 4, my mother used to bring me at her work, and there a friend of hers loved to play with me sitting on me. It was an innocent game, but a grew up with this fetish mature round asses on younger boys.

At the same age, my grandma used to give private lessons to highschool students. She let me stay with them, and I liked to lie down under girls' chair.

Maybe is for that I'm an ass addicted still today.

Anonymous 17/11/02(Thu)23:10 No. 30316 ID: 54100f


Thirded, and I'm glad to see others with the same opinion. I feel like all I ever see are those from snowflake pedos who sympathize with the kids. I don't give a flying fuck about 'the guy' in porn, man or boy, as long as the woman is getting off.

Anonymous 17/11/05(Sun)15:27 No. 30332 ID: b664f2

I passed up an opportunity to fuck mom's friend when I was about 15. Didn't feel right at the time (surely would've gotten caught).
But I think fantasize about it all the time.

Anonymous 17/11/08(Wed)00:06 No. 30348 ID: 7215af

Female here.
When I was an early teen, I was super confused because I was never attracted to any type or person, man or woman. No crushes or anything. But when I got to about 14-15ish, I was…uh…'figuring things out via internet', and I realized that I liked femdom, specifically ones with shota in it.
Then it dawned on me why.
I just really like boys (well, and boyish men, but good luck finding any straight porn of that).
(What does that make me then?)

I like /ss/ for much of the reasons the rest of you have said (the inexperience and the genuine feels), but also I just like the aesthetic appeal of the 'boy' look. Muscles (and huge dicks) are a huge turn-off to me, so the lithe appearance is a huge plus. It's like I want to give them a big hug and teach them everything.
I just get this nice fluttery feeling which is great in combo with arousal. I'm not sure how to describe it.
Honestly, for me, the woman doesn't really matter as long as I can self-insert. Which, admittedly, can be a bit difficult when a lot of /ss/ is geared towards men.

Anonymous 17/11/08(Wed)06:34 No. 30349 ID: 54100f

>Honestly, for me, the woman doesn't really matter as long as I can self-insert. Which, admittedly, can be a bit difficult when a lot of /ss/ is geared towards men.

Please explain. Pretty much all porn is geared towards men, but as a girl into /ss/ what does it do wrong for you? I know they never have enough cunnilingus, that's for sure. And even when it's femdom it's her dominating by doing stupid (dick-oriented) acts like footjobs, blowjobs, titjobs, handjobs, etc.

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