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Drist7x Anonymous 17/11/08(Wed)10:53 No. 30350 ID: 9d5b77

File 151013480747.jpg - (648.91KB , 707x1000 , 0e28c40b090e4bc743bc5949ba43aaaccff9c31c.jpg )

hey guys, let's get a Drist7x thread going. here's what I've got:

Anonymous 17/11/08(Wed)10:54 No. 30351 ID: 9d5b77

hoping to see what you guys have.

Anonymous 17/11/08(Wed)20:41 No. 30355 ID: 54100f

Holy crap that 2nd one looks real. Talk about insane art, he could slip some real pictures in there and people wouldn't realize it.

Anonymous 17/11/08(Wed)20:42 No. 30356 ID: 54100f

*1st one (2nd post)

Anonymous 17/11/08(Wed)22:12 No. 30357 ID: ff243c


incredible Rob 17/11/09(Thu)01:24 No. 30358 ID: 6c6287

post more please....simply amazing

Anonymous 17/11/09(Thu)10:08 No. 30359 ID: 4daced

OP here - I got all of these on ss.booru.org, I basically went trough all 149 pages and these images were the only ones on there

Anonymous 17/11/09(Thu)10:54 No. 30361 ID: 4daced

OP here again - there's a thread on the Shotachan forums regarding this artist: https://shotachan.net/community/threads/drist7x-artwork.10913/

supposedly Drist7x is a female artist and registered on the forums there and there 5 pieces of art is everything that she released so far. I was hoping for more, we'll see how that thread goes

Anonymous 17/11/09(Thu)12:18 No. 30362 ID: 4daced

found two more via Shotachan, to be honest they're not as good as the babe in the corset or the one on the bed, but I'll post them anyway.

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