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/v/ - The Vineyard
This board is dedicated to the fine art of sticking your penis into a nice wine. Rules:

1. Love your wine as you would love your woman.
2. Please, no trolling, just discussion of some of the finer things in life.
3. Cheese is an acceptable topic of discussion. After all, what goes with wine if not cheese?
4. No champagne.

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Wine Connoisseur 11/02/10(Thu)10:06 No. 1540

File 129732879627.jpg - (79.38KB , 494x371 , Thunderbird Cigarettes.jpg )

Are there any other poor folks who dip with bumwine? Sometimes the money is just too tight when you get those "certain cravings" you know?

I'm not ashamed in the slightest.

Barnaby A. Wellington, Esq. 11/02/11(Fri)15:07 No. 1546

Nothing to be ashamed of, fellow dipper. I think we've all been there; convenience store wine or a Colt 45 and a cheap cigar or maybe some cheap cigarettes. It happens.

Wine Connoisseur 11/02/11(Fri)22:37 No. 1548

I say my good fellow, if you insist on dipping with bumwine at least have the decency to do it in private. This board requires a certain level of sophistication, hence the banning of champagne.

Wine Connoisseur 11/02/11(Fri)22:38 No. 1549

Be sure to use protection! I would suggest a condom. One never knows how safe a "cheap" wine is

Wine Connoisseur 11/02/19(Sat)05:08 No. 1571

The champagne thing confuses me somewhat. I understand you feel it's a perversion of the 'proper' order of things - but it a regional or a mechanical issue? Is sparkling wine acceptable so long as it doesn't fall into the geographical locales that would identify it as champagne?

Not trying to instigate emotions, just trying to clarify the rules before I make a fool of myself...

Wine Connoisseur 11/02/20(Sun)15:55 No. 1582


As far as I understand it, it's a mechanical issue. Sparkling wine has a quite unpleasant feeling against the glans.

Wine Connoisseur 11/03/01(Tue)16:23 No. 1631

I couldn’t even imagine the unpleasantness that would follow if I plunged my Penis into a lightly sparkled Prosecco never the less a full fledged sparkling or Champ..., but enough of the gutter talk already. Anyone try any good Pinot Noirs? I tried a wonderful New Zealand one the other day; Tuatara Bay. Light oak and tannins, and a nice zest of acidity. I definitely recommend it!

Wine Connoisseur 11/03/16(Wed)01:25 No. 1659

Pinot? I don't swing that way. And black, to boot. You should be ashamed.

Wine Connoisseur 11/05/12(Thu)06:46 No. 1775


I have heard from men who have had the misfortune of dipping in a sparkling wine (champagne or otherwise) and sadly I have tried it myself, mankind's curiosity is both a gift and a curse.

I can assure you that any liquid with carbonation while at first novel and interesting, quickly turns unpleasant.

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