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/v/ - The Vineyard
This board is dedicated to the fine art of sticking your penis into a nice wine. Rules:

1. Love your wine as you would love your woman.
2. Please, no trolling, just discussion of some of the finer things in life.
3. Cheese is an acceptable topic of discussion. After all, what goes with wine if not cheese?
4. No champagne.

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Wine Connoisseur 11/02/26(Sat)07:51 No. 1622

File 129870306032.jpg - (15.52KB , 115x310 , vodka.jpg )

Vodka, a centimeter of honey int he glass, some cinnamon, ground cloves, nutmeg.

If you want a bit more of an experience grind up some haawiian babywoodro seeds.. Take this, it's the Dr. orders. Do it!

Moot!!ZlMQpjZQD5 11/03/12(Sat)23:37 No. 1646

You dare to dip in vodka? You disgust me, sir.

Wine Connoisseur 11/04/07(Thu)18:55 No. 1721

How is it disgusting? It is not a sparkling beverage such as *shudders* champagne or beer, so it is acceptable, just not widely known.

I have never tried dipping in vodka, I would imagine it has a bit of a kick to it.

Why the spices?

Would this be any good for drinking, as well?

Before I'm called a savage or a heathen, I prefer to think of myself as an open-minded individual who can appreciate many different dipping styles.

Wine Connoisseur 11/04/08(Fri)03:32 No. 1722

File 130222637141.jpg - (44.46KB , 508x600 , Chernov_in_action.jpg )

   Why is you being pussy not drinking the wodka straight up like man?
You smell my breathe, you only smell the wodka, it might kill you, but it will only be wodka.

Pussy, you ruin my wodka.

Wine Connoisseur 11/04/08(Fri)23:48 No. 1723

I love champagne.

Wine Connoisseur 11/04/09(Sat)09:42 No. 1724

File 130233495967.jpg - (102.39KB , 480x640 , 129609763353.jpg )

Your pretensiously decadent bourgeoisie aesthetics are indifferent to the socialy awakened proletariat.

The people will free themselves from the shackles of the urban class etiquette and we'll collectively celebrate, released from the enslaving taboos of the ruling class!

Wine Connoisseur 11/04/24(Sun)17:42 No. 1749

Who dares to shudder at the dipping delights of the delectable champagne!?

Wine Connoisseur 11/04/28(Thu)09:09 No. 1752

I am disgusted. What is this nonsense!?

Wine Connoisseur 11/05/10(Tue)10:56 No. 1767

This thread is a haven for scum and villainy, and worthy of only a single, and contemptual,"Harumph!"

Wine Connoisseur 11/05/11(Wed)16:21 No. 1771

like a boss
also OP could have chosen better vodka, much better

Wine Connoisseur 11/05/12(Thu)06:17 No. 1773

File 130517382424.jpg - (26.42KB , 100x348 , 29321.jpg )


At the very least get some real potato vodka

Wine Connoisseur 11/05/22(Sun)07:50 No. 1787

File 130604345612.jpg - (332.90KB , 800x600 , Devils Springs.jpg )

This'll burn the crabs RIGHT OFF

Wine Connoisseur 11/05/22(Sun)10:27 No. 1789

File 130605282238.jpg - (6.71KB , 100x232 , Big-Titos-Vodka-Bottle-thumb.jpg )

my new favorite vodka is actually American, and not only that, but Texan... i know right? its called Tito's, and it is awesome! hand crafted in pot stills and all.

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