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The Best Skunch 2018年05月30日(水) 05時59分58秒 145277 ID: 992393 [返信]

画像ファイル名 152765279732.jpg - (757.38KB , 1200x1600 , Dota 2.jpg )

Dota 2 is the best game

Fight me.

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2019年01月03日(木) 08時25分33秒 145506 ID: bc10b6

I play Dota for a long time and this is one of the best and interesting game for me. Recently I won cool prize on https://drakemall.com/boxes/football-case Playstation 4 pro so I want to try to play on such device and after that on PC.

BrickLodbrock 2019年03月05日(火) 19時48分27秒 145549 ID: d6341e

Let's play with betting dota 2?

2019年03月05日(火) 21時17分54秒 145551 ID: 4a92ac

i heard about betting on dota 2. Any experience in it?

EuroGunZ (GunZ The Duel) 2019年02月28日(木) 11時03分52秒 145544 ID: e2ac36 [返信]

画像ファイル名 155134823275.jpg - (135.76KB , 1024x768 , GunZ-The-Duel.jpg )

One of the best TPS I've ever played, I've been playing this in the last 10 years and this game never gets old. It's amazing all the different things you can do and the different game modes you can play. This game really needs more recognition.

Website: https://universegunz.net
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Uc3eGbyiyo

Just picture Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat VS Tekken VS Soul Calibur VS 2018年12月11日(火) 14時58分50秒 145482 ID: 733376 [返信]

画像ファイル名 154453673081.jpg - (2.76MB , 1920x2400 , ultimate cross over.jpg )

Ryu and Ken are amazing in smash. Know what would be better? The best of every major fighting game series together. Think about it. You know you want to see this.

B: Fireball
▲B: Flaming backflip kick
►B: Spear (Get over here)
▼B: Summon Hellfire
Final Smash: Pulls down mask and breathes immense amount of fire.

Sub Zero:
B: Ice Ball
▲B: Ice Teleport
►B: Ice Slide
▼B: Ice Clone
Normals use fists/kicks, smash attacks use ice sword, except down smash is ice hammer.
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2019年01月07日(月) 16時13分47秒 145511 ID: 4fbb67

Reminds me of that Akuma vs Chameleon video on Newgrounds.

2019年02月18日(月) 06時07分38秒 145539 ID: b7518b

If Soul Calibur's CAS gets any better you'll have it

That was an awesome idea

2019年06月26日(水) 10時57分38秒 145705 ID: 138e76

We already have something like that. It's called MUGEN.

Sonic Trilogy VS Super Mario Bros Trilogy Utopia 2018年04月06日(金) 06時00分21秒 145227 ID: e089b1 [返信]

画像ファイル名 152298722149.png - (621.81KB , 1013x305 , Sonic Trilogy Vs Super Mario Bros Trilogy .png )

Which trilogy is superior?

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2019年01月09日(水) 18時50分44秒 145514 ID: 973cb4

Sonic. Better music, advanced graphics, more appealing character design, etc

2019年01月27日(日) 19時50分13秒 145524 ID: af004c

Mario of course

Sonic has better graphics just cuz it was released a few years after
It's like comparing Sonic 3 to Super Mario 64

2019年02月18日(月) 06時02分46秒 145536 ID: b7518b

I can still go back and play Sonic games to the end but once you beat a Mario game I feel like it loses its value.

FFVI is the worst 2019年02月18日(月) 05時58分11秒 145534 ID: b7518b [返信]

画像ファイル名 155046589162.png - (649.57KB , 640x815 , Untitled.png )

Well I just beat Final Fantasy VI. I'm starting to think that everyone that said it was their favorite or Kefka was really hard was just trying to trick me into playing the clearly worst offering of the first nine FF's. For one, the directions the game gives you were obviously made in some sort of fucking alpha version because you will just not be able to win at all if you listen to how the game tells you to play. I died at the Blitz intro like three fucking times before I just looked up that you're supposed to input the directions while the hand is up.

PROTIP; a hand is not a fucking flashing arrow. Besides this the game just had SO many fucking terrible design choices I can't even remember them all. The one that pissed me off the most was the constant separation of party members. EVERY OTHER FUCKING LEVEL until the end the party is separated, rejoined, separated, rejoined. I began telling myself to expect it and sure enough, it happened every fucking time. I'm not big on missable characters so that was bullshit but forgivable, the way the game wants you to play however is not.

The best part to me about VII was that you could come at even bosses several different ways which added a ton of fun and replay value. In VI half the enemies are only weak to whatever bullshit weapon or magic you found just before the fucking fight. This again killed me several times because I try to heal and find a good, MP-cheap weak spot first. Ironically this was actually an excellent strategy for Kefka as I fucking KO'd his ass the first attempt.

At least it didn't have as much of those autocounters on bosses as IV did. I'm glad I looked up some shit and accidentally saw you were supposed to not use magic cause after two times of that I would have been pissed.

Still, even IV is better. Also this person could probably make good fanart if the source material wasn't piss-poor.

Also, why the fuck do the make a joke out of Kefka the entire game? I actually like that VII was really dramatic.

2018年04月13日(金) 16時17分02秒 145236 ID: 36f575 [返信]

画像ファイル名 152362902222.jpg - (556.45KB , 1194x1499 , Yakuza 6 English Cover.jpg )

Anyone played Yakuza 6?

2018年04月13日(金) 19時53分32秒 145239 ID: 5a68f9

Yes, imported the Asian release last month. If you like the previous games you'll like this one.

Haven & Hearth wilko 2016年02月16日(火) 17時21分13秒 144496 ID: c2e18f [返信]

画像ファイル名 145563967351.png - (240.86KB , 650x430 , mjlg81.png )

I haven't played this game in years, have no idea if it is still a thing, but I miss Seventh Haven. Good memories. SeVenezuela on eRepublik was fun as well.

I miss you all.

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GREETINGS FROM CROATIA 2018年09月03日(月) 02時15分44秒 145344 ID: ceb10b

画像ファイル名 153593374312.png - (909.23KB , 624x841 , Sevenezuela Times.png )

A History, as Passed Down from Codename to Codename

By Codename D

These are the oral traditions of the Codename family since coming to Haven. The legends contained herein are true.


wilko 2018年11月09日(金) 05時47分48秒 145428 ID: 6efbcf

What a story. Can't believe this was so long ago.

Pretty sure I still have all the old #7leaves IRC chat logs somewhere on a hard drive. Might get around to uploading them one day.

Codename B 2019年01月30日(水) 03時33分30秒 145525 ID: 4766f3

H&H has improved substantially since the old days. New mechanics are in place to stop strong players from griefing weak ones.

World 11 starts February 1st 2019. Be there or be square.

2018年06月07日(木) 23時53分45秒 145287 ID: 645dfe [返信]

Game Trailers - Toggle Video

  Hi, I have a indie game out, you can download it for free. Please try it, I hop yuo like it!


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Ape Escape 2016年10月31日(月) 00時45分44秒 144735 ID: 7b7a93 [返信]

画像ファイル名 147787114367.png - (684.12KB , 985x720 , latest.png )

Does anyone here like this series?

What is your favorite

>side character
>spin off
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

2018年05月19日(土) 03時09分53秒 145265 ID: 006731

almost two years, rip
I'll take pity and reply, lol.

The first is probably my favorite, even though I love AE3 a bunch.
Best track in the series is Primordial Ooze's song, no contest.
Best gadget is the flyer, naturally.
Yumi is the cutest.
I had the most fun with that gunslinger boss from AE3.
fuck the spinoffs
I'd kill for an AE4 that kept the morph idea from AE3, but actually balanced the game around 'em.

any shit that wasn't answered, either I don't have an opinion on or didn't see it

2018年12月19日(水) 06時53分14秒 145488 ID: f4d3a1

Fuck this site is slow as molasses. At least theres no captcha

Mass Effect 2018年12月11日(火) 01時55分44秒 145474 ID: 1a8e4c [返信]

画像ファイル名 154448974436.jpg - (243.88KB , 539x600 , 1330398281_kasia88_turian_gal2.jpg )

Mass Effect bread. Teehee!

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2018年12月11日(火) 02時01分53秒 145480 ID: 1a8e4c

画像ファイル名 15444901132.png - (148.54KB , 1280x786 , 1531182600_quarian_canvascomfinal.png )

Report for duty. Now.

2018年12月11日(火) 02時03分16秒 145481 ID: 1a8e4c

画像ファイル名 154449019641.jpg - (207.72KB , 1402x1065 , 1544454010_quarian_img_20181210_082109_035.jpg )


2018年12月11日(火) 21時46分30秒 145485 ID: 18cf8c

画像ファイル名 154456119088.jpg - (87.60KB , 800x600 , downloadfile-71.jpg )

Mass Effect was what got me back into RPGs. I bought the original trilogy and thoroughly fell in love with all of it, even the Mako missions. Granted after 6 months, I’m a completionist and only had time on the weekends, I didn’t like the ending to 3, but in time I came to respect Bioware for making the choice they did. I bought Andromeda but have only played maybe an hour, so I can’t really make a judgement on that.

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