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18/10/10(Wed)19:36 No. 145380 ID: 5ceb1e [Reply]

File 153919301223.jpg - (79.93KB , 976x549 , _89871659_ap_sims.jpg )

Hey fags! Tell me how you torture and kill your Sims. What sick and fun ways do you make your Sims die? I must know.

18/10/10(Wed)19:38 No. 145381 ID: 5ceb1e

Nobody kills Sims anymore you nigger

18/10/17(Wed)01:41 No. 145388 ID: a870df

Might be because nobody above the age of 7 plays Sims anymore.

It had its moment but holy fuck did EA drive that franchise into the ground.

18/10/12(Fri)06:09 No. 145383 ID: a678e8 [Reply]

File 153931735836.jpg - (233.30KB , 1344x1030 , dust.jpg )

Counterstrike Sauce
Made with real counter-terrorists!

18/10/12(Fri)15:37 No. 145384 ID: b98290

CS Source and Quake 3 Arena were my shit.

18/10/08(Mon)02:50 No. 145376 ID: e2f9f8 [Reply]

File 153895980054.png - (796.48KB , 857x1202 , oyy3i2w5ksq11.png )

Hey guys I know there's a lot going on right now and this board is still very active these days but admist all the hubub I have this to say

18/10/08(Mon)03:40 No. 145378 ID: 1e5fb7

Obvious shillbot is obvious.

Ashley. 18/09/26(Wed)21:49 No. 145369 ID: 24ac78 [Reply]

File 153799139685.jpg - (129.87KB , 800x480 , 1532910244787899898.jpg )

Why is she so cute?

18/09/28(Fri)22:21 No. 145371 ID: debfd2

File 153816606097.jpg - (122.47KB , 533x640 , 1537074510010.jpg )

Bc she is a cute loli.

18/10/06(Sat)01:53 No. 145374 ID: 24ac78


18/10/06(Sat)01:54 No. 145375 ID: 24ac78

File 153878368060.png - (1.00MB , 825x1109 , f95fb4b349bca7c1451d2345124fb07b.png )

Forgot pic.

Scathing review of the Nintendo Piss (and Ass) 17/01/18(Wed)09:13 No. 144820 ID: 1689fb [Reply]

File 148472719879.jpg - (338.71KB , 1920x1080 , Nintendo-Switch-Console-2.jpg )

Do you like tablets? Well fuck you!

So if you haven't ever just seen a phone with those controller dongles you might be almost surprised by this piece of shit. That is until you realize how piss-poor the lineup is, and how similar it is to the Dreamcast without any of the fun or innovation.

You see the Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey is an unashamed ripoff of Sonic Adventure. The word Odyssey in the title makes it completely obvious, but the problem is it doesn't make any fucking sense. You see Sonic wasn't a human, he was a fucking talking hedgehog made in a lab or some shit who knows, so when he is surrounded by fucking humans it actually almost seems fitting. Mario however is supposed to be human, but looks nothing like the "realistic" (I use that term loosely) humans in the trailer for the Switch game. Now even without this little flaw the whole idea of the living hat seems like shit. Bowser is getting married again or something, which is actually a plot point they used in a previous game I have read. Anyways the hats they all wear might be alive or something, someone suggested that and hey that's almost interesting. Except when you realize this is Nintendo 2017 we're dealing with, it starts to get muddled. You see the dumbass hats are going to be ghosts or some shit, just wait, it's fucking magic they don't gotta explain shit! Fucking cartoons and real humans! Woah!

Next is ARMS, which also just looks like shit. Turns out the only thing they could think of to do with the waggle is make another boxing game, which is pretty innovative according to Nintendo. The trailer for this game is cringe-worthy as all fuck, with almost half of it being live action bullshit wherein people get SUPER fucking intense about ARMS. Except, the game looks fucking boring and everyone hates waggle. Also, DLC costumes if it sells more than ten copies

Now we have a game called "1, 2, Switch," up next, I put that name in quotes because it almost seems completely retarded to call something that and you will surely think I'm speaking in code or something. Apparently the game is based off of cowboys, according to the trailer, and the crux of the gameplay revolves around pressing the button first. This isn't a QTE because of, well nothing! It's going to be a minigame collection that borders on absolute retardation and the only thing they had to show off was two cowboys getting randy over pressing their button.

Zelda: Piss in the Wild is a Skyrim ripoff (direct quote from Nintendo executive) except it doesn't have anything that was in Skyrim except Zelda, who was also not in Skyrim. The main selling point of this game is that you can wear armor, something you could do in an Elder Scrolls game since the original Xbox. Beyond that they introduced Fem Link, and forgot what color Link's tunic was. Fem Link is sure to b Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

18 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
18/09/21(Fri)21:54 No. 145362 ID: a98f38

Paying for online is dumb

18/09/25(Tue)04:28 No. 145368 ID: a870df

While I agree, Microsoft has suckered people into doing that for multiple console generations.

18/10/02(Tue)07:25 No. 145373 ID: bacb2a


18/05/18(Fri)07:33 No. 145261 ID: a9d87b [Reply]

File 152662163695.png - (675.20KB , 1920x1018 , 2018-04-29_14_15_45.png )

hey guys whats your opinion on minecraft

13 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
18/09/22(Sat)08:21 No. 145365 ID: 77d145

This so hard.

18/09/22(Sat)23:52 No. 145366 ID: 2dcb74

To me, minecraft peaked when they added beds, sometime around beta, that is when the game still felt pure. If you play minecraft now, there's a shit ton of stuff that just doesn't fit in with the game. Weirdly colored blocks, redstone contraptions, animals that are completely out of place, ect. But the worst part has got to be the new world generation! The old world generation was fun and chaotic, where as the new one is dull and boring. If I were to get back into minecraft, I'd probably just play on an older version. Hopefully there's still some servers left up for people like me.

18/09/23(Sun)00:03 No. 145367 ID: f54dca

There's alwaysalpha if you want to play the alpha, but there's quite a few beta servers, though most of them are 1.7.

Why 18/08/27(Mon)22:29 No. 145335 ID: 90f359 [Reply]

File 153540174024.jpg - (267.18KB , 1920x1080 , ScreenShot00211.jpg )

>Play gaem
>"Oh this part looks good"
>takes a screenshot
>screenshot looks like ass

18/08/30(Thu)16:57 No. 145336 ID: f7e897

Is this... WoW?

18/09/14(Fri)00:45 No. 145355 ID: f8e165

Had an ex get me an account with a leveled char for my birthday because she knew I had been in a high-end raiding guild. Lol nope fuck that time sink.

18/09/07(Fri)01:07 No. 145347 ID: 7b5af2 [Reply]

File 15362752387.jpg - (218.80KB , 1200x675 , Super-Smash-Bros_-Ultimate-Artwork.jpg )

party game lol

SHARKS!!!! FRICKEN SHARKS!!!! 18/06/05(Tue)09:50 No. 145284 ID: eb4eb4 [Reply]

File 152818505930.png - (1.09MB , 1280x720 , Postal2.png )

So I was playing POSTAL 2 and was looking on the workshop mods and I saw a Shark Launcher and thought I wonder how this would turn out and well.....


2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
18/08/04(Sat)07:01 No. 145329 ID: 9a37a8


18/08/30(Thu)16:59 No. 145337 ID: f7e897

kys no one here wants to see your shitty kiketube account

18/08/31(Fri)20:29 No. 145341 ID: cbc430

kys because nobody cares whether you live or die

Old School Runescape JagexMod 18/08/27(Mon)21:59 No. 145334 ID: 5b1f26 [Reply]

File 153539998491.png - (288.07KB , 677x313 , Old_School_RuneScape_logo.png )

Login to join the first ever Double-XP weekend right now!

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