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Rimworld 15/01/29(Thu)09:12 No. 143740 ID: d2ef46

File 142251913096.png - (897.49KB , 1360x768 , GmX9a8LuhH.png )

For those not in the know, Rimworld is a 2D base builder where you start with three crash survivors. You have to survive on a planet and create a base which will protect you from various threats, ranging from psychic insectoids to rabid wildlife to pirates. Your colonists can starve, suffer heatstroke, have their limbs blown off, and more. Think Dwarf Fortress, except you can tell what the fuck your're looking at and the UI isn't shit. Plus, the game has an AI storyteller which is designed to decide what events will make your game interesting. "Interesting" usually means kill or cripple your colonists, but sometimes it pulls through with a very intense save. At the moment Rimworld is in alpha, but it's more than playable. The dev is focused on fixing, improving, and adding new mechanics rather than new content with each release, so if you want to expand the content, you'll need to download some mods or make your own.

If you want to buy it, and this is one of those games where I think supporting the dev should be fully endorsed, it costs $30 and can be obtained here:
With each release, you are given a DRM free .zip file which you can download 7 times. This resets with each new release. Each .zip file can be copied as many times as you want. There is no install, you just unpack the file and play.

The thing I love about this game is how easy it is to mod, and how easy it is to install mods. The mods I'm using right now are:

-Better Power
Most of it doesn't work in the current version of Rimworld. I keep it around in case the guy decides to update the mod.

-Central Heating
It adds something the game should have had when temperature was introduced: vents. Rather than having one cooling/heating unit per room, you can have one per building and connect each room with vents. It also adds industrial heaters.

-Cybernetic Storm
Adds a bunch of useful and powerful shit to the game. This is balanced through the need to jump through an extensive crafting tree in order to obtain most of the items.

-Liandri Corp
Adds guns from the Unreal games.

-Project Armory
Adds a bunch of guns. Most of them are terrible, but I added it for variety's sake.

-Surgery Extended
Adds the ability to craft prosthetics and limbs.

-Target Practice
Adds a gun range and dummies so that you can have your hunters increase their shooting skill all the time, rather than wait for an attack to do it.

Adds a teleporter so that you can instantly teleport items and resources to your base.

15/01/29(Thu)09:19 No. 143742 ID: d2ef46

This is my current colony.

The first image is my med-bay. There are two freezers for body parts and corpses because I like to harvest body parts and sell them to slave traders.

The second image is the prison. The left half of the prison is for captives who are well. The right half is where I heal the ones I want to convert, and butcher the ones I don't.

15/01/29(Thu)09:25 No. 143743 ID: d2ef46

The first image here is my comms room. One of my dudes can be seen researching something or other, I can't remember what. To the left of the comms room is the crematorium and kitchen.

The second image here is the hydroponics bay and my food processor, which nobody uses anymore since I nabbed a fuck ton of survival meals off of a raider party. I had to make a second food freezer because I have so many survival meals.

Also, the only things my people will eat (besides survival meals) are potatoes and people meat. The crematorium is just for the bodies I can't cook fast enough. Since my colonists keep getting their body parts blown the fuck up, nearly all of them are patched up with bionic limbs and cybernetic implants. I am effectively running a colony of cannibalistic cyborgs.

15/02/03(Tue)13:22 No. 143755 ID: 1384a9

I just recently got this game, and I have to say, looking at your bases, I kinda want to cry. Last time a played Rimworld, I rage quit after getting attacked by pirates who had farther range then my turrets, and insta-capped all of my guys when they left their sand bags to rescue their fallen comrade. ;-; teach meh how to be good. P.S. I downloaded some of those mods, pretty sweet stuff!

15/02/03(Tue)13:27 No. 143756 ID: dfb67f

System Requirements? I've got a low powered laptop, runs kerbal with a stutter.

15/02/03(Tue)20:17 No. 143758 ID: 1384a9

You shouldnt have any issue running this game. It is not high demanding, and nothing fancy to slow it down. I could see this running on a computer with 1GB of RAM, with obsolete graphics cards.

15/02/03(Tue)22:25 No. 143759 ID: d2ef46

It takes a lot of practice to make a defensible colony. This is how I play, but you can do it however you want. Consider it a guideline I guess? Keep in mind I play on Rough mode with Cassandra as the storyteller.

The easiest terrain to defend is mountains. This is because as soon as you can, you need to build a wall around your base with one way in and out, leaving enough space for a grow zone, a stockpile, and a dumping zone. The reason for this is because enemy AI doesn't know how to knock down walls, so they go for the closest entrance to your base instead. Build the shit out of some sandbags around the entrance, or you can go with pylons (literally just a 1x1 wall) since they cover 50% of a colonist who's shooting around the pylon. Four turrets ought to cover support defense in the early game, but make sure they're at least three squares away from your walls.

Power is important. You'll want a combination of batteries, windmills, and solar panels. Geothermal energy is your best source of energy, and it's pretty OP in the early game, but you won't find it near your base all the time. Make sure windmills, solar panels, and batteries are somewhere away from your main wall, but don't forget to power your wall so that the turrets can operate. Try not to enclose a geothermal generator inside a room. That room will heat up past 150c if you do. When you're not using turrets, power them down. Also do this for any buildings you aren't using, like extra rooms or your comms terminal. When you are using turrets, power down unessential things like lamps and doors.

While this is happening, prioritize building/digging the following structures in this order: rooms with beds, nutrient paste dispenser (refrigerated), research table, trade beacon with a fitting stockpile, comms, a stonecutting table, and hospital beds. During this time, if you built your rooms fast enough, you should have enough space for the survivors of the two or three pirate attacks you've endured. Keep their corpses forbidden and capture everyone who didn't die. You can't be picky early in the game. Never bury a corpse. Leave them alone until you get the crematorium, or eat them.

After obtaining at least ten colonists (or whatever number you think is right, just try to have seven or more by this point if you can), that's when you can start being picky with people you recruit. Don't forget to turn on manual job priorities and assign jobs based on that. 4 is least priority, 1 is highest. If two jobs are the same number, the colonist will go for the job higher up on the scale.

By the time you've set up a stable (hopefully) 10 man colony, you should have been obtaining resources like steel and stone. Set the bill on your stonecutting table to forever, and then have the colonist with the highest crafting skill prioritize crafting above everything else. If there are two colonists tied for highest, use both. This will get you a ton of stone materials so that you can finally start building a non shitty defense.

Alternatively you can just cheat by opening your save file, setting your stockpiled medicine, silver, and steel to 999999, and then setting all your colonists' skills to 99. Doesn't make them invincible, but it makes them power through things like construction and research like nothing. I tried it once and the game got kinda boring after I researched everything in the first hour of gameplay.

Yeah it doesn't take much to run the game. Data loading isn't optimized though, so if you try to load a really long game, it's probably gonna take a few seconds longer than a new game. It's the fault of the game more than the computer. Hopefully it gets fixed in a later release.

15/02/03(Tue)23:29 No. 143760 ID: 901ff4

>It is not high demanding, and nothing fancy to slow it down. You shouldnt have any issue running this game.
Said every indie game developer ever... just because the front end isn't intense doesn't mean the arse end can't be bloated to hell. Most developers these days don't even optimise their games, they rely on the end user throwing their money at a more powerful rig.

Take Rogue Legacy and Kerbal Space Program as two examples, looking at the games you'd think KSP would have higher system requirements; 3D graphics, full lighting effects and a hell of a lot of physics calculations, it really looks kinda sided. However it's RL that has the higher reqs. because the game is optimised for shit and the developers took the mentality that if it runs on their rig it'll run on all rigs.

15/02/04(Wed)00:29 No. 143761 ID: d2ef46

This game is in alpha, so it's still being optimized. I already stated one example with the loading screens.

Here's the deal with Rimworld:
It was coded in a modified Unity engine so that it could fit thousands of objects on the screen instead of just hundreds. Each object has its own stats and graphics. Some objects take specialized damage, like people and buildings. Some objects can have their stats boosted too. Enough modifiers applied to numerous objects will slow the game down substantially on a shit rig. Hell, the late game in Rimworld will even slow down my mid-tier rig, but only during raider attacks (which consist of anywhere between 100-150 people).

It doesn't take much to run, but I should have added that a long game (10+ hours) will suck the life out of low end machines. If you're playing this on a netbook or a fucking mac-mini, it's not gonna go well. Most standard computers shouldn't have trouble running it. If you contact them about optimizing for low end machines, they'll probably get back to you.

15/02/04(Wed)01:17 No. 143762 ID: 901ff4

It is not high demanding, and nothing fancy to slow it down.
>This game is in alpha
>Rimworld will even slow down my mid-tier rig
Why would I shell out cash for an unoptimised, far-from-finished (OP even gives a monster list of recommended mods that add missing features) product that most likely going to be unstable on my system?

>If you contact them about optimizing for low end machines, they'll probably get back to you.
They should be doing that from the get go.

15/02/04(Wed)01:53 No. 143765 ID: d2ef46

It's actually pretty stable right now. Only the late game seems to slow down. Even then it's only during raider attacks, where nearly a thousand objects are added to the screen at once.

If you don't think it's worth it for the alpha, then keep the shit bookmarked or something. Or don't. There's a fuckload of people already enjoying the game with little to no issues, so it's entirely your decision to pay for it.

>They should be doing that from the get go.
The game is still in alpha. What makes you think it's still not the get go?

15/02/04(Wed)03:12 No. 143767 ID: 1384a9

>Why would I shell out cash for an unoptimised, far-from-finished (OP even gives a monster list of recommended mods that add missing features) product that most likely going to be unstable on my system?

No one is asking you it shell out your money. If you prerogative is not to play this game, then don't. No one here is telling anyone to get the game or not to. It was asked if it could run, we gave them an answer. As for monster list of mod, all I have to say is SKYRIM. Fully released, has a shit ton of game breaking bugs, you can barely run it without unofficial patches, has tens of thousands of mods. Just because a game has "missing features" doesn't mean the game is not playable. You don't need any of the mods listed to play it. Someone just found a way to do a feature better. It's better then having a game with mods, and being stuck with shitty features.

>They should be doing that from the get go.

For someone who doesn't even own the game, you sure have a lot to say about it. This is alpha, not a full release. No developer adds features, then optimizes, features, then optimizes, features, then optimizes.... they optimize and bug squash at the end of the development stage of games. So the "Get Go" would be post-Beta; pre-release. Like we have previously said multiple times in the thread, for alpha, it runs very good, and I can't think of a single bug.

15/02/05(Thu)09:05 No. 143775 ID: 1384a9

Okay, so I need some help... I keep getting to the point where i have about 5 colonists... my basic rooms set up, proper bedrooms, with full bonuses, food, decent defenses, and well off power generation.... this is the point where multiple people start going insane, and I can not for the life of me, get their mood back up >:C Is there some sort of trick I can use to quickly repair peoples mood, before a mental break down. Or some way to prevent the people who are insane from hurting the others? Incapacitating doesn't stop their insanity, wasting medical supplies x2, and when they feel better (if they are not still insane requiring them to be injured more) they have negative buffs from being injured; a viscous circle!

15/02/05(Thu)09:43 No. 143776 ID: d2ef46

What are they going insane from?

15/02/05(Thu)17:47 No. 143777 ID: 426f9e

Is this by the makers of Prison Architect? They look similar.

I was considering purchasing PA. Would it be better to go with this instead?

15/02/05(Thu)20:11 No. 143778 ID: d2ef46

It's not the same devs, but PA is on sale right now. I couldn't compare the two, I haven't played PA.

15/02/05(Thu)22:13 No. 143779 ID: 1384a9

They are going insane from all sort of things. One my miners, dark space, unclean. Also being int he heat. I tried to get some AC in atleast the bedrooms, but ran out of materials, and just attempted to strip mine till i found some iron, with little to no luck. Most of the time, the insanity is things that are mainly unavoidable. I am not looking on how to prevent this, because I understand what the debuffs are for, and how to fix them, I am just curious about if there is something I can actively be doing to get their sanity up in a short amount of time, if things begin getting out of control. Or ways to prevent the insane from using up all my medical supplies >:C

15/02/05(Thu)22:34 No. 143781 ID: d2ef46

If your miners are going insane from dark space, you can forbid them from mining and have them work on other stuff. If your place is unclean, you can make it so that one of your colonists do nothing but clean by making cleaning their highest priority in the jobs screen.

Micromanaging the jobs is important in dire times.

It's not like you can go "oh shit my colonists are insane, I'll just have them do X action and make it better." It's more like "if I do this my colonists won't go insane later." You have to prevent it from happening in the first place by thinking ahead.

15/06/29(Mon)06:53 No. 144200 ID: dbd262

PA seems to be more about management and bieng sustainable where I find Rimworld is more about keeping things from constantly falling apart through intense micromanagement. I only played around 15 minutes of PA so far, it didn't grab me like Rimworld did. Also they seem to be quite aesthetically different once you get over the few similarities. I think Rimworld is a pretty great game (even though I burned out of it a while ago, that's just what I do) and PA also seems to retry good and interesting in a very different way even though I haven't had a chance to get into it yet.

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