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Dark Souls Anon 16/05/16(Mon)21:16 No. 144558 ID: 014d4d

File 146342621540.jpg - (189.94KB , 1280x615 , image.jpg )

How do you guys feel about SoulsBorne?
The first game, in my opinion, is the best (DkS1). I'm trying to get every chan's opinions on the series. /vg/ seems conflicted, and you're my second chan I'm asking. I plan on going to the infinitychan and asking there.
Thanks boys.

16/05/21(Sat)00:33 No. 144562 ID: 2122dc

Dark Souls 3 was my first game in the series. Over the years previously I had been around friends playing it, but the little look I got from that gave me an idea that it was something very different from what it actually was.

I'm the kind of guy that grew up on extremely difficult ASCII rougelikes. Games that "winning" was some far off goal you might complete only after years of playing the game. I'm used to crazy difficulty curves, and I love the feeling of a game that does not care if I can win, and requires strict levels of performance.

I like Dark Souls 3 for a lot of the same reasons.

16/05/24(Tue)07:01 No. 144565 ID: 5b123b

File 146406607571.png - (278.49KB , 633x489 , 1463876249284-v.png )

Dark souls 1 was my first, moved onto dark souls 2 when it came out, then I went back to the roots of the series with demon souls and then bloodporn and then dark souls 3.

Demon souls was good and quite rich lore wise.

Dks1 had great visuals, well designed levels and was very rich lore wise.

Dks2 was pretty, levels felt meh, combat was terrible imo, but it kept the lore going so I guess that's one thing

Bloodporn was a nice change from souls with its gothic victorian setting and grim lore and heavy lovecraftian influences.

Dks3 is beautiful, it plays like dark souls 1 with better graphics, lore wise it's very rich, but the levels feel almost linear, I don't know why but it just feels less open than Dks1.

Either way my favourite has to be Dks1

(Pic unrelated)

16/06/11(Sat)22:12 No. 144584 ID: 9537f8

I love it, but I hate its weapon system, most weapons are useless.

I really like the atmosphere and the way the game unfolds, I still haven't finished the first one due to weapon problems.

16/06/30(Thu)17:02 No. 144601 ID: 422197

File 146729895186.jpg - (215.33KB , 1680x1050 , 5749362+_28b3de0f7efb3f41acecdd3710c767ba.jpg )

I've only played Dark Souls 2, it was fun though apparently I missed out on some complete gems by being oblivious to the first two as a kid. I'll get to Bloodbourne and Dark Souls 3 when I manage to get myself a PS4.

16/07/10(Sun)15:16 No. 144609 ID: befd20

I've only played and finished Demon's and Darks. Both are good...
But they fall short of what they alluded to. Grinding JRPGs with actual combat and a decent camera, strict medievalish themes.

Shown that anything other than such combat is redundant, in regard to menus.

Isn't anything approaching how it should be, combining the play of SotC, OOT, Final Fantasy XII, and the bow action of RE4. Splinter Cell with swords works.

Too confined as is to appreciate great settings, all of them seeming small.

Scale doesn't seem as large as it is because the camera is too high and far away. Needs to be looking up enough so a flat ground should appear tote neutral camera as a flat line.

Needs a low resolution and that extra performance gained put to better shading, much better lighting and more animations, should be interacting with the terrain in a multitude of ways, climbing, mounting, stepping from rock to rock as normal movement and combat done on uneven ground tripping the character.

May need to move away from monsters and instead present human characters, if silent then the setting saying who they are. Japs may be bad with dialogue pretense but are magicians when it comes to settigs if they are given enough care. Character looks and settings speak more than a few scentences.

Combat should always be hard so avoiding it or going all out with it the only options. Smash through or save their life by going around the long way, the way they wouldn't want to, nor anyone else, perrilous, disgusting etc.

Would be a great twist to level up by NOT aquiring souls. Becoming more human or more able to overcome obstacles the worse you were at combat. May beed to gain exp going around restoring souls to progress past boundaries. Facing enemies that take much more skill to beat, and that just by wearing them out or withstanding their attacks, parrying them, bravely smashing them as they come. Not that they are good but you will make them so. Get them to try more and become able such as lead them into pertilous terrain and help them accross it, they get lost, give them hints. The morr they try the more they are helped and nature can take over when they don't need you.

Point being they are needed for rescue. Purpose beyond themselves, competing with themselves for a better self. They can't be belped in that and victories will be awarded in the souls of others saved. In being alone at least they show they are not forfiet to groups. Character may be seeking them out, faithless in own self or acnowledging alone no matter how fast not enough will be saved. A folly by the end in going to rescue solo. The rest may do as you and help others the same instead of all rescuing constantly.

Another game where you do that and only that, rescue constantly relentlessly, mercilessly without the slightest regard for anything between something needing rescue most.

Dark Demon Souls 16/08/17(Wed)13:34 No. 144645 ID: 743ba7

File 147143368899.jpg - (39.23KB , 720x405 , g20160918.jpg )

Only played Bloodborne
Should I still D.Souls?

16/09/23(Fri)22:03 No. 144692 ID: eb86bb

Dark Souls 1 ranks among my favorite games of all time for its masterful attention to atmosphere and the relative trust in the player to choose their own path based on their skill level. Definitely a great 2-D to 3-D transition of Metriod-vania style games.

Dark Souls 2 was great but for very different reasons. I appreciated the focus on style and varied environments that deviate from realism, but certain changes to gameplay like the change in rolling mechanics keep me from fully enjoying it.

Dark Souls 3 was a great return to the mechanics of 1 while evolving and adding some great concepts that they've learned over the process of developing the series.

I didn't get an opportunity to play Bloodborne or Demon's, but I've fallen in love with the series based on the Dark Souls trilogy. In short, I absolutely love Soulsborne.

17/01/18(Wed)18:26 No. 144823 ID: e3d908

well i got started in the series in DS2 (had to play it with m&k KEK it was a pain in the retina) i fell in love with the lore, (i think its because of the berserk inspired ambience that it had) character desing, weapons everything replayed it 2 times with diferent clases mage and tank.

then moved to DS1 loved it too very interesting boss figths exellent soundtrack especially gwyns theme decent dificulty (i never felt he DS series to be expecially dificult games it justtakes time to actually understand the system if you are new to the franchise) replayed it 4 times with mage, assasin, tank, and priest.

then DS3 (my pc is garbage so i could only run it at 720p low graphics, fuck me) i really got exited towards this since it was anunced pretty visuals nice figthing system great boses and stages what else can i say? the only thing i did not like about this one is that it was unbalanced as hell with some weapons like the first pair of twin swords (man i killed the nameless king with those it was so easy kek) and some other spells.

overall i can safely say that this is my favorite franchise to date man i hope other companies actually learn something from them.

(fuck i need another souls game so bad)

never played demon souls/bloodbourne so no opinions there

17/01/19(Thu)04:57 No. 144829 ID: 1689fb

I only played DSII long enough to get to the board and thought it sucked.

Seriously Demon's Souls was so much fucking better. The intro anyways, been wanting to pick up Bloodborne

17/01/19(Thu)04:57 No. 144830 ID: 1689fb


17/07/06(Thu)00:03 No. 144981 ID: 529413

DS1: My favorite game of all time, imo very good in pretty much all aspects. What really makes it the best for me though is the amazing level and world design.
DS2: Not quite as bad as everyone makes it out to be, though still by far my least favorite souls game. World design is basically nonexistent, and since that was what I loved in DS1, I was very disappointed. However, combat (especially pvp) was a slight step up. Still a very good game.
DS3: Again with the pretty much no world design, but a solid game nonetheless. Not a whole lot to say about it other than I thought the DLCs were underwhelming and it's a good deal better than DS2, but much worse than DS1.

18/04/13(Fri)17:31 No. 145238 ID: b5f47a

Play Bloodborne. All weapons are PVE Viable and most are PVP viable.

18/04/26(Thu)05:47 No. 145249 ID: db475d

Ignoring Demon's Souls but including Bloodborne?
Bloodborne is a completely different game, the playstyle is exclusively aggressive, whereas the actual souls games are great because its a fighting game where you can really control the flow of battle if you have enough skill, you can sit in combat with bosses trading blows or avoiding hitting each other all together. The souls games are my favorite games of their genre, couldn't get very far into bloodborne, it takes the unique gameplay style of souls and throws it out the window in favor of visual aesthetic qualities and a more typical fast-paced gameplay style

18/04/30(Mon)03:46 No. 145251 ID: c9ff19

I loved Demon Souls, It really felt like you were a human fighting demons, for the first time in my gaming life I felt respect for mobs, for the first time I was not "the chosen one" who could approach a giant and get hit 30 times using 3 potions and it was done. I got to love annoying levels like the tower of Latria or the poison/rot level where maiden astrea is just for the lore, I wanted to get all the items to know more about the story, and I could play it again and again using different builds. Also, every encounter with a boss was epic for the first time.

I didn't like Dark Souls that much, I just played it because it was kinda playing different levels, the gameplay was exactly the same (I expected improvements since it was a new game), it had little to no lore, mobs were there without a reason, I could go on and on but I just have to say that most of Dark Souls lore is not a good story but good fan based theories of a plot with a hole as big as my failure in life. Unlike Demon Souls it was all a straight line, you didn't get to choose where to start or where to go, beat a boss, go straight forward and so on, it felt linear to me and most bosses were bad copies from Demon Souls and felt a lot easier. I was really disappointed.

I liked Dark souls 2, felt a great improvement in the perfectpath that was destroyed in DS1 and the gameplay mechanics.People hate DS2 saying it was a bad copy from the bosses to the weapons, but it was the same with demon and dark souls, they just didn't know because they didn't play the first game, they were mad because it was "unfair", for me it was not, I was happy with the game being as hard as the first one, my only disappointment was that lore was again ignored and the game didn't even had connection with DS1, as the devs said "all dark souls games are placed in different universes"

Loved Bloodborne, the gameplay, the lore, the perfectpath, the ambiance, how hard it was and how it forced you to be aggressive, never thought a was going to find a game as hard and lore immersive as Demon Souls, I think is my favorite game from all time. I also loved how you could go on and on because of the chalice dungeons and find a perfect build for PvP, I think it has my favorite PvP from them all.

I Really liked DS3, the game was improved in every single aspect, because of the DS2 hate they brought new bosses and weapons, I liked the lore from the main game and dlc, this one I played with friends, I always did but this time we were summoning each other instead of taking turns so I feel I can't talk fairly about the difficulty. From all the Dark Souls I think it was the best one and more original.

TL;DR: I loved Demon souls and Bloodborne because of ambiance lore and gameplay, think Dark souls 1,2 & 3 are very good games but I keep liking Demon souls more and think Bloodborne is Hidetaka's magnum opus.

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