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17/03/08(Wed)22:25 No. 144884 ID: 0d3e42

File 148900831847.jpg - (152.31KB , 1600x900 , IMG_0489.jpg )

Is tf2 worth downloading? Give me your opinions on the game.

17/03/08(Wed)22:30 No. 144885 ID: 2ee6b1

You'll get bored after a month.

17/03/09(Thu)04:21 No. 144886 ID: e207c1

It was awesome until they started fucking with it, but after the medic update it went downhill

17/03/09(Thu)07:15 No. 144887 ID: 56d106

When you had to pay for it, it was alright. Now every twelve-year-old is on it.

You can find some fun prophunt servers though.

17/03/10(Fri)10:28 No. 144891 ID: c27adb

SourceOP's prophunt server is superior to just about every prophunt implementation I've seen. When I fire up TF2, and there's people on the server, it's the only time I play TF2.

The other ones just don't have enough props to hide as, which makes it far too easy to spot the other team.

17/03/19(Sun)04:26 No. 144900 ID: cc3b63

Been a while since I played it, but its free and there are so many servers you are bound to find something worth playing there. The core gameplay is solid and im sure there are plenty of 'classic' tf2 servers out there in case there has been a dumb update.

17/03/20(Mon)02:52 No. 144904 ID: 7bedd5

If you've just started playing you'll have a blast
But a lot of people (myself included) stopped after an update that added a new matchmaking system

17/03/20(Mon)06:02 No. 144905 ID: 088518

The new matchmaking system does suck.

However you can still give it a finger and connect to individual servers.

Glitches 17/03/22(Wed)05:25 No. 144906 ID: 7fc784

I got tired of it because the constant updates became too much for me... But I also played it for about 6-7 years straight before I stopped and it's definitely the best FPS I've ever played. The core gameplay is absolutely fantastic; I'd say play on a good vanilla server, see if you like it, and go from there. That's just from a grumpy old man, though.

The 7chan server was really damn good when it was running years ago. (fawptrain?)

17/03/25(Sat)09:40 No. 144910 ID: e207c1

I don't think I ever played on Fawptrain but I was a regular on Failtrain. Many good times were had. Poe, [arma]GetItOn, you, DIMT, Thrunq, Zodameth... and others I still have friended on Steam. God damn that was a long time ago.

17/03/26(Sun)10:35 No. 144911 ID: e7035a

Failtrain: Home of micspam.

17/03/26(Sun)18:17 No. 144912 ID: 79210d

Really, it's one of the best video games ever created.

You really missed out if you weren't a part of the 2008-2010 days when the game was in active fan-driven development

17/03/27(Mon)11:14 No. 144914 ID: 27a215

These two have it. The game is one of the best made FPS games to exist, even with the shitty updates they've put out. The golden days are behind just because the community is terrible and Valve really is trying to remake the game for the wrong crowd, but even if they tried to ruin it the core gameplay is still fun.
Grab a friend, go on to a community server running turbine or 2fort, mute anyone spamming binds, and have a good time.

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