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Cuphead 2017年10月05日(木) 23時11分06秒 145041 ID: 4a9489

画像ファイル名 150723786524.png - (2.68MB , 1920x1080 , crnivl1.png )

What do you think about Cupman, I like the challenge and it looks great, I also found some glitches.

2017年10月06日(金) 02時58分51秒 145042 ID: a870df

Looks interesting, but I'm not interested enough to pick it up at full price. Next sale I'll probably snatch it.

2017年10月07日(土) 06時30分18秒 145043 ID: ca7e87

I like the visuals, not sure if it's my kind of game though. Might pick it up in the future when it's heavily discounted.

2017年10月07日(土) 08時47分37秒 145044 ID: d4833a

>Windows 7+ required
>no Linux port
Swing and a miss. Had me interested, shame.

2017年10月09日(月) 23時24分52秒 145047 ID: a870df

"Cuphead is lifetime exclusive on Xbox for the console space, but in the PC space it’s going to be on every platform we can. So we’ll launch on PC and look into Mac and Linux thereafter."

Took all of 15 seconds searching for Linux in their forum to find that. Just sayin'.

2017年10月30日(月) 05時34分11秒 145062 ID: 2c44cc

I watched Vinny playthrough on Vinesauce Full. Very well recieved and it's platforming and gameplay style seems almost timeless with excellent themes.

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