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Free 17/11/19(Sun)21:14 No. 145080 ID: 0a1bb0

File 151112247994.jpg - (535.11KB , 827x1169 , 685230E9-8B11-4409-B87C-C14E3664DFBD.jpg )

Giving away roughly $85 in free Steam games because I’m bored and need friends. Seem desperate? Don’t care. Talk to me on Kik and I will consider adding you. Kik is LaurenLunality Steam is here...
http://steamcommunity.com/id/ CuteLittleGirl

And for the love of god, don’t flip out if I don’t respond right away.
I also frequent a forum called Mturk Crowd, username is DruceusDrec so feel free to check out my profile on there if you don’t have Steam or Kik. Maybe I’ll send you a gift card or something. .


17/11/19(Sun)21:28 No. 145081 ID: a24704

What games do you have?

17/11/19(Sun)22:59 No. 145082 ID: 0c2267

are you the same person that did this to that other guy a few months back? or was that last year?
this seems familiar.

17/11/20(Mon)18:24 No. 145083 ID: 0a1bb0

Mostly FPS games and fighters. You name it, I have it.

17/11/20(Mon)23:09 No. 145084 ID: ca7e87

Come on. Nobody *needs* friends.

17/11/22(Wed)05:48 No. 145085 ID: 0a1bb0

I do

17/11/22(Wed)22:35 No. 145086 ID: ca7e87

File 151138650072.png - (1.96MB , 1277x956 , forwardtoyayness.png )

Then you have my sympathies.

17/11/23(Thu)21:50 No. 145087 ID: 0a1bb0


17/11/24(Fri)21:57 No. 145088 ID: 0a1bb0

File 151155703788.jpg - (42.38KB , 388x294 , 294984BD-715D-4C28-B1C9-98D8B3BECA31.jpg )


17/11/25(Sat)04:33 No. 145091 ID: 0a1bb0

File 151158083889.jpg - (85.85KB , 640x904 , EBA7A187-9B8A-4A46-B1C7-71278D2BF979.jpg )

If anyone else bumps this thread I’ll post more lewds

17/11/25(Sat)05:38 No. 145092 ID: 0a1bb0

Before I forget. My friend on Kik wants to give out a Steam gift card code. It’s $20. His Kik is chad.warden

17/11/25(Sat)23:23 No. 145093 ID: ca7e87

You and your friend seem suspiciously eager to give shit to strangers.

17/11/26(Sun)07:30 No. 145094 ID: 0a1bb0

Is there an issue with that?
Kik Blu3jay357

No one is forcing you to add us

17/11/26(Sun)15:41 No. 145095 ID: ca7e87

It's weird and makes me wonder what kind of issues you have to leave you so desperate for the most basic human contact that you're willing to pay for it, assuming there isn't any fuckery going on.
Whatever drags you through life I guess.

17/11/27(Mon)21:21 No. 145096 ID: 0a1bb0

I don’t think that’s any of your business to be honest.

17/11/28(Tue)04:09 No. 145097 ID: a870df

File 151183858644.jpg - (405.53KB , 1280x880 , Potatoes.jpg )

>assuming there isn't any fuckery going on
Most of the time its been purchased using fraudulent payment sources, once its uncovered you'll lose the game and get roped into the world of shit they call a life.

Most of the time. Not all the time. But most.

17/11/28(Tue)05:42 No. 145098 ID: 0a1bb0


17/11/28(Tue)16:04 No. 145100 ID: ca7e87

By posting on a public imageboard, you personally made it everyone's business.

That's what I was thinking.

17/11/28(Tue)21:14 No. 145103 ID: 1a3166

But my personal issues and relationships aren’t your business. Therefore I can remain silent about it.

17/11/29(Wed)02:30 No. 145104 ID: 0a1bb0

File 151191900547.jpg - (305.43KB , 1128x1600 , 81EC876B-7822-4B9A-9908-5ECC3CB2831F.jpg )


17/11/29(Wed)14:52 No. 145106 ID: ca7e87

Yes you can, and everyone else can speculate about them as loudly as they want.

17/11/29(Wed)21:29 No. 145107 ID: 0a1bb0

File 151198738396.jpg - (126.95KB , 850x602 , BC6EDDFC-B41B-45B1-AE0C-0FBE60A23A51.jpg )

Don’t expect any answers.

17/11/30(Thu)20:49 No. 145109 ID: 8c915b


17/12/02(Sat)02:00 No. 145110 ID: ca7e87

I never expect anything remotely useful or interesting from people, so no worries there.

17/12/02(Sat)19:37 No. 145111 ID: 0a1bb0

Then don’t add me. There

17/12/03(Sun)18:11 No. 145115 ID: ca7e87

If I had any intention of doing so, I would have already done it.

17/12/04(Mon)06:25 No. 145117 ID: 0a1bb0

K, go away

17/12/05(Tue)09:58 No. 145118 ID: 0a1bb0

File 151246428642.gif - (1.95MB , 540x304 , 96BE8A99-6338-478C-B440-FA9F31ED8372.gif )


17/12/05(Tue)12:43 No. 145119 ID: ca7e87

Why? Does this make you feel uncomfortable?

17/12/06(Wed)07:18 No. 145120 ID: 0a1bb0


17/12/06(Wed)22:22 No. 145121 ID: 0a1bb0

File 151259534282.gif - (1.35MB , 640x360 , B4DD75E4-4B0B-4787-BF39-99A9970593BB.gif )

Back again

17/12/07(Thu)06:33 No. 145122 ID: ca7e87

Then what's the problem?

17/12/07(Thu)20:39 No. 145124 ID: 0a1bb0

File 151267555924.jpg - (131.36KB , 560x560 , 0B734CF1-B2A1-4446-B4CF-00E7D58221B9.jpg )

17/12/09(Sat)19:02 No. 145125 ID: 0a1bb0

File 151284252827.png - (918.07KB , 640x800 , 8F3C06F2-0A11-4282-8D38-7A083F263CE9.png )

17/12/10(Sun)20:00 No. 145127 ID: 0a1bb0

File 151293244924.jpg - (184.62KB , 720x1280 , E25BC480-3ABC-4F67-A49D-13D695FF49BE.jpg )

17/12/11(Mon)22:49 No. 145128 ID: 0a1bb0

File 151302894719.png - (808.39KB , 1136x640 , 540D48E7-D4F9-4F72-B9F7-C292A667E532.png )

17/12/11(Mon)22:59 No. 145130 ID: ca7e87

File 15130295408.jpg - (193.38KB , 636x900 , aprillosthermind.jpg )

Is ignoring people's questions and silently posting shitty anime pics your general MO when trying to find friends? Because I'm not convinced it's working.

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