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17/12/03(Sun)07:00 No. 145112 ID: 2a22c3

File 15122808346.png - (71.24KB , 328x260 , Untitled.png )

In the Year of 2017, Earth has been crawling
with species of homosapiens evolved into shit
with their loud nigger music, women with their
snapchat dog filters getting fucked by horse penises.
And men who have no contribution to the existence
in the universe somehow think its crucial to stay alive eating fast food
at various resturaunts block after block, getting fucked in the asshole, popping medicine pills,
inhaling plant smoke, vaping pens, etc, and etc.
Only the Holy Father can recall these creatures as his mistake.

infested with this large human bacterium,
we as crew consisted of NASA scientists and mechanics managed to wake up and realize
the blindness of these creature's deadend culture
so we manage to get together and use our knowledge to build a secluded underground facility to
build multiple spacecrafts and send out groups of hackers to shutdown all
aeronautic space administrations for a long period of time, soon we board the spacecraft
to launch into space and head towards mars with all the equipment.

as soon as all space administrations on Earth have got back online, their database explodes with
various amounts of photos recieved from their satellite telescopes of the colony we have bulit
on Mars.

Space administrations gather conferences to convince their presidents to expand their existence of bacterium
of humans to colonize on mars. certainly with no hesitation, all humans began to head towards mars however they can
with their items thinking we were a new friendly alien colonization.
little do they know we were masterminds of great knowledge in science who plan to rebel against the infection
of humans.

17/12/03(Sun)12:55 No. 145113 ID: 2a22c3

bump need critique for my new game

17/12/03(Sun)15:51 No. 145114 ID: dee64c

Sage, because I give no shits about your commentary. If you have created a game, upload it.

17/12/03(Sun)20:27 No. 145116 ID: ca7e87

I don't see a game.

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