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Sonic Trilogy VS Super Mario Bros Trilogy Utopia 18/04/06(Fri)06:00 No. 145227 ID: e089b1

File 152298722149.png - (621.81KB , 1013x305 , Sonic Trilogy Vs Super Mario Bros Trilogy .png )

Which trilogy is superior?

18/04/06(Fri)17:04 No. 145229 ID: 3c3d77

Mario easily.

18/04/06(Fri)23:22 No. 145231 ID: 9f22fd

Mario. You can play the levels uninterrupted without stopping or taking damage, Sonic levels need to be learned in order to beat them and take no damage/get fucked by a trap in the level. Almost as if you need autism to focus on beating the Sonic games...

18/04/07(Sat)20:19 No. 145232 ID: cbf1e1

mario, but only the allstars version

18/04/11(Wed)23:47 No. 145234 ID: 1a637c

Mario, Sonic is not even close.

18/04/25(Wed)18:08 No. 145247 ID: 58ce8f

mario is for normies

18/05/19(Sat)02:58 No. 145262 ID: 006731

Anyone who says otherwise is a casual.

sage 18/07/30(Mon)23:26 No. 145322 ID: d80648

I can't say. They are both unique in their own way.

18/11/05(Mon)06:30 No. 145399 ID: a8ace6

It’s gotta be Sonic

18/11/08(Thu)13:17 No. 145425 ID: c1dbcc

When I was a teen, I would've said Mario, but as an adult, I say Sonic. They held up better over time, IMO. The music, graphics, and the levels are over quicker with more variance between them.

18/11/09(Fri)03:31 No. 145427 ID: 2dcb74

You should fix this image. Take that fucking doki doki panic re-skin and throw it in the trash, then replace it with the REAL Mario 2, and now we're talking business! Ok so if we were doing it the way I'm saying it, then Mario. BUT if it's like in your picture (with the fake smb2) then sonic.

18/11/10(Sat)04:43 No. 145429 ID: d7ad98

But when DDP was in early development it was intended to be SMB2, which is why so many of DDP's assets like coins with the distinctive collect sound and POW blocks are straight from the Mario franchise.

18/11/10(Sat)15:06 No. 145430 ID: 881894

I agree, but I would point out that there wouldn't be Sonic without Mario.

The Sonic Team, starting later, had the opportunity to improve on the platform pioneered by Mario. The Sonic games have technically superior graphics, gameplay and music because they were built against the example of Mario: slick graphics in contrast to cutesy and cartoony; high-speed, somewhat unpredictable levels rather than a series of static events; studio-produced music rather than the autistic whims of a single man, etc.

Sonic was designed to not be Mario and take platform gaming to a new level. I believe it did, and all platform games since--including later editions of Mario--have built upon its example in turn. Nonetheless, I think Sonic owes a debt to Mario for popularizing the side-scrolling platform game and the basic concepts thereof.

18/11/11(Sun)08:11 No. 145431 ID: 404e35

Every video gaming fan owes a debt to Nintendo for resurrecting the industry after Atari caused it to crash and burn. Without them we'd all be speaking German, uber alles.

18/11/11(Sun)21:15 No. 145433 ID: 049bef

Mario World > Sonic 1-3+K > MarioBros > Every other Mario > Every other sonic

19/01/09(Wed)18:50 No. 145514 ID: 973cb4

Sonic. Better music, advanced graphics, more appealing character design, etc

19/01/27(Sun)19:50 No. 145524 ID: af004c

Mario of course

Sonic has better graphics just cuz it was released a few years after
It's like comparing Sonic 3 to Super Mario 64

19/02/18(Mon)06:02 No. 145536 ID: b7518b

I can still go back and play Sonic games to the end but once you beat a Mario game I feel like it loses its value.

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