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The Best Skunch 18/05/30(Wed)05:59 No. 145277 ID: 992393

File 152765279732.jpg - (757.38KB , 1200x1600 , Dota 2.jpg )

Dota 2 is the best game

Fight me.

18/06/20(Wed)22:28 No. 145298 ID: 606f65


18/07/06(Fri)12:23 No. 145304 ID: 380c52

I think It's the best game in Its genre but you can't really have a "best game", for such a large spectrum It is really hard to have a set of "things" to define what the "best game" is

18/12/20(Thu)09:53 No. 145489 ID: f3ef4a

Played doto for 2-3 years. It´s pretty good stuff, but solo queing honestly sucks ass and it drains my spirit after a while. And none of my (friends) want to play with me (they play (((LoL)))).

18/12/31(Mon)20:50 No. 145504 ID: 2834be

Best game? hardly not. Definitely is more rewarding on a design standpoint than League.

19/01/02(Wed)12:34 No. 145505 ID: 4f0aab

doTA is cool game

19/01/03(Thu)08:25 No. 145506 ID: bc10b6

I play Dota for a long time and this is one of the best and interesting game for me. Recently I won cool prize on https://drakemall.com/boxes/football-case Playstation 4 pro so I want to try to play on such device and after that on PC.

BrickLodbrock 19/03/05(Tue)19:48 No. 145549 ID: d6341e

Let's play with betting dota 2?

19/03/05(Tue)21:17 No. 145551 ID: 4a92ac

i heard about betting on dota 2. Any experience in it?

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