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Final Fantasy XI Thread 18/11/22(Thu)11:01 No. 145452 ID: 00b9dc

File 154288088395.jpg - (278.16KB , 707x1000 , 1478318763063.jpg )

What are you all up to, adventurers of Vana'Diel?
>Eternally dirt poor

>Want to play retail?

>Want a private server?
https://wiki.dspt.info/index.php/DarkStar_Servers (Information may be outdated)

>Thread Theme Song

18/12/27(Thu)03:58 No. 145495 ID: 8fb4e6

great game, shame they dont just merge all the servers on the official client

19/01/03(Thu)11:29 No. 145507 ID: 789535

Well there's plenty of free servers that vary in content, so you'll find what you're looking if you look hard enough.

19/01/03(Thu)20:29 No. 145508 ID: 534c4b

I still find it funny really how FFXI still keeps PlayOnline around. It's SO early 2000s that it hurts... The music's nice though. If only they could get rid of that 'most complex installation process known to man' somehow...

19/02/27(Wed)14:36 No. 145542 ID: 5f2f15

Just play a private server. PlayOnline is needed for some features to function and it is too much of a pain to bother getting rid of. They only have 2 people working on the game now and if there was time and energy worth spending on a big change getting rid of PO wouldn't be one of those changes.

19/02/28(Thu)04:14 No. 145543 ID: b7518b

I really loved this game but barely hit level ten

19/03/26(Tue)23:06 No. 145617 ID: 0f2e75

Why don't you fire it back up and hit 11 this time?

19/04/19(Fri)04:32 No. 145661 ID: 7cb4c3

Can't get XP to work on my system for long and every OS starts eating my CPU after a month

19/05/20(Mon)09:50 No. 145684 ID: e301f7

I just started to play Final Fantasy series oof game and impressed a lot with characters. Apex legends remind me Final Fantasy a bit. All information about apex I follow here https://dreamteam.gg/apex I suggest you try to play apex legends too

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