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Just picture Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat VS Tekken VS Soul Calibur VS 18/12/11(Tue)14:58 No. 145482 ID: 733376

File 154453673081.jpg - (2.76MB , 1920x2400 , ultimate cross over.jpg )

Ryu and Ken are amazing in smash. Know what would be better? The best of every major fighting game series together. Think about it. You know you want to see this.

B: Fireball
▲B: Flaming backflip kick
►B: Spear (Get over here)
▼B: Summon Hellfire
Final Smash: Pulls down mask and breathes immense amount of fire.

Sub Zero:
B: Ice Ball
▲B: Ice Teleport
►B: Ice Slide
▼B: Ice Clone
Normals use fists/kicks, smash attacks use ice sword, except down smash is ice hammer.

▼B: Raging Gnome (stabs sword in ground and it emerges ahead)
►B: Embrace of guilt (whip stabs forward, grabs enemy if held)
B: Exile (lays whip on ground and charges it, then slashes up)
►Z: Summon Suffering
▼S: Heel Explosion
Gimmick: Holding down her normals causes whip sword to extend.

Devil Jin:
B: Eye Laser
▲B: Demon Flight
►B: lightning screw uppercut. If you just tap it, it's normal lightning uppercut. hold he spins farther and does more damage.
▼B: Reversal.
▲S: Demon Scissors (front flip kick) Final Smash: 10 hit combo.
Dash Grab: Tackle into ground pound

Sol Badguy:
B: Gun Flame
▲B: Volcanic Viper, can follow up with Tataki Otoshi (knockdown)
►B: Grand Viper
▼B: Burst (like a counter, but it's faster and only does knockback)
▲T: Dust
►S: Fafnir
Final Smash: Dragon Install

Terry Bogard:
B: Power Wave
▲B: Power Dunk
►B: Burn Knuckle
▼B: Rising Tackle
Final Smash: Power Geyser

Just picture Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat VS Tekken VS Soul Calibur VS Guilty Gear. Don't tell me that wouldn't be awesome.

18/12/11(Tue)21:42 No. 145483 ID: c26f66

What the fuck is this shit? Nice spam op.

18/12/27(Thu)16:57 No. 145497 ID: d4b8d9

I will give op the benefit of the doubt here.

As a Sega Saturn veteran, I knew mashup fighters were a good idea since Fighters Megamix.

If there were a single fighting game with all the legends of every fighting game ever (which itself would be a never-ending quest in and of itself, much like smash bros lineup) I'd call it "Legends of Versus".

I have no idea how I'd set up the controls for such an ambitious game, but I'd want every character to do their mst famous move as nearly as possible in the same way as their original game.

18/12/30(Sun)12:49 No. 145501 ID: 7e515e

This sounds fucking moronic, like some 10 year old's wet dream.

19/01/07(Mon)16:13 No. 145511 ID: 4fbb67

Reminds me of that Akuma vs Chameleon video on Newgrounds.

19/02/18(Mon)06:07 No. 145539 ID: b7518b

If Soul Calibur's CAS gets any better you'll have it

That was an awesome idea

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