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mindless_one 13/10/07(Mon)02:49 No. 14801 [Reply]

File 138110695717.jpg - (142.62KB , 600x428 , 20030913.jpg )

I wish kerry and fags never signed the useless nations arms treaty. Makes me sad that they did that. Lets discuss your sentiments regarding the destruction of our constitutionally protected freedoms... Lets get it on!

Sarah Palin 13/10/08(Tue)18:17 No. 14802

File 138124906114.png - (88.97KB , 600x424 , Zombie_Apocalypse_House_Rules_by_romancer.png )

All weapons are going to be monitored and tracked. I hope my ak and sks are going to be safe. What weapons are going to be regulated? Fully auto? Semi? Who even knows anymore...

Sarah Palin 13/09/24(Tue)15:02 No. 14795 [Reply]

File 138002774786.jpg - (18.98KB , 450x308 , m1991.jpg )

What's up, /w/ ? Just a question.

Is the M1991 is as good as the M1911 ? Is it better or not ? If so, why ?

Sarah Palin 13/09/10(Tue)16:29 No. 14788 [Reply]

File 137882335837.jpg - (71.36KB , 600x450 , IMG_2085.jpg )

If you know your FISINT (Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence) from your MASINT, you're not really an operator.

Problem with Bane/Batman Urban "war" engagement Sarah Palin 13/01/03(Thu)00:12 No. 14468 [Reply]

File 135716836173.jpg - (92.02KB , 662x412 , Batman-VS-Bane-dark-knight-rises-nyc[1].jpg )

I saw "The Dark Knight Rises" today and I must say as a former combat medic (2nd 78th FA, 3rd ID, US ARMY, Iraq 2006-2007) I was a little let down by that scene. Let's break it down for a second.

Bane's forces consisted of about 300 (the number was dropped at some point in the film, I think when Com. Gordan was feeding the Special Forces guys intel), and they were all indoctrinated members of the League of Shadows (way better trained than the hardest navy seals out there, I would put them at CIA Special Activities Division level intensity). If you watch the scenes pretty closely you can see that they appear very well equipped as well, using various modern weaponry and small unit tactics to clear rooms and approach threats.

Bane then clears out the prison and implies that it contains more than 1000 of Gotham City's hardest criminals, you can see them exiting the prison and it looks like each of them is given at least one AK-47 (or variant) rifle. Even if only half of them sided with Bane thats 500 people with at least 30 rounds at their disposal and a semi modern rifle.

So lets just say that Bane has at least 300 well trained private army soldiers who are willing to die for him and at least 500-1000 criminal mercenaries at his disposal.

Its said in the film that they trapped 3000 of Gotham City's police officers underneath the ground (I would have just killed them all in the blasts) in segmented sections of sewer that were created for this purpose. They were trapped for a time period of at least 4 months surviving on whatever made its way to them in some kind of mole community enviroment, now granted they went down there to take down Bane but lets be serious, they were equipped for police work, even though you see handfuls of swat cops in the mix, they aren't trained as well as your average US Navy Sailor and probably aren't as experienced in urban operations, but we see all 3000 take a full charge against Bane's forces, and they win the engagement.


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Sarah Palin 13/06/21(Fri)02:51 No. 14754

there's a video from when bullet proof vests were just being released where they wanted to demonstrate the defensive value in front of a live audience. in their ignorence, they decided that live fire would hurt the ears of the veiwers, so instead of the firearm that was provided for the demonstration being used, they simply walked up and stabbed the guy with a kitchen knife.

Sarah Palin 13/06/21(Fri)23:21 No. 14755

I'm going to side with the movie here for a few good reasons as to why they would win this:
1)The League of Shadows members were probably not the best trained or disciplined for open combat against superior numbers. Even though they had superior weaponry you have to remember that the 1000 hardened criminals were unlikely to have discipline at all and likely saw the cops and wanted to go kick their heads in physically. The close quarters with the sheer mass of people and would have made live fire difficult, especially since they had no one stationed in the buildings which was stupid.

2)The cops were going to die if they didn't win and they were likely starving and mad as shit after all that time in the dark. Skill didn't factor because for all intents and purposes they were a raving animal mob.
You might say well the criminals were going to suffer too, or the LoS members would die or whatever. They were living fat and happy and doing whatever they wanted until the cops showed up en masse and clearly had no measures taken for defense.

3)Bane's men took no leadership positions and the scene is clearly shown as a brawl. Skill and weaponry are difficult to factor in here, if they mattered at all because there was no opening fire. It was an equal pitched battle because of this.

4)Batman got stabbed where his armor was clearly weak. The joints where the plates meet have no protection. Knives are force multipliers, they react different than bullets but even in that case Indian bitch got the jump on him.

Sarah Palin 13/07/23(Tue)21:19 No. 14776

i knew this /w/ was gonna be good when i saw the favorites thread.
its like COD create a class:the thread.

Sarah Palin 13/07/20(Sat)09:33 No. 14769 [Reply]

File 137430562352.png - (644.46KB , 1152x720 , 7k.png )

Sleep-Away Camp for Postmodern Cowboys


The men of Team America were missing an assault rifle. “Everybody pulled a rifle, right, guys?” Eric asked. A 38-year-old ex-Navy lieutenant, he had blond hair to his shoulders and a few days’ worth of deployment stubble.

Everyone agreed that the Canadians would be tough. They were from Canada’s Special Operations Regiment. Recently back from a tour in Afghanistan, they sported combat beards, intimidating tattoos (Revelation 6:8, “And behold, a pale horse: and its rider’s name was Death”) and the kind of burly frames that come from carrying big guns over tall mountains for weeks at a time. “They look like the dudes from ‘300,’ ” a member of one of four U.S. teams said. Another said, “They look like werewolf lumberjacks.”

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Sarah Palin 13/07/20(Sat)10:22 No. 14773

Why relay on men when you have machines to do your killing?

Sarah Palin 13/07/20(Sat)11:01 No. 14774

File 137431086840.jpg - (158.57KB , 1024x768 , but us.jpg )

The Russians, a bunch of ex-Spetsnaz and K.G.B. members who now worked for a private bodyguard service based in London and owned by an Iranian, showed off Chechen bullet wounds and waved the flag of the Russian Airborne. Its motto:

“Nobody but Us.”

Sarah Palin 13/07/20(Sat)11:11 No. 14775

Respect to the Hard Men that kill so we can speed without fear

Hatchet Sarah Palin 13/03/19(Tue)07:49 No. 14620 [Reply]

File 136367579652.jpg - (101.28KB , 1024x650 , iltis-redone.jpg )

I haven't found any laws regulating the carrying of hatchets on your person in Texas. I may start doing this. Any thoughts other than that OP is a pretentious wanker?

I'm just bitter because I can't carry my OKC-3S.

9 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sarah Palin 13/04/25(Thu)23:35 No. 14690

It is not designed for any of the above, though you raise a valid suggestion. I think I might do that.

Also, I do kind of want to get tazed.

Sarah Palin 13/05/17(Fri)23:45 No. 14716

File 136882715040.png - (625.01KB , 1024x640 , kai-the-hatchet-guy[1].png )

All you have to do is run up behind a dude with that hatchet and smash smash smash

Sarah Palin 13/06/19(Wed)19:03 No. 14751


It would be fine if all the cops did was beat the shit out of us or shock us with a couple million volts. That's all fun and games.

But then they fuckin' arrest you after :(

Sarah Palin 13/06/12(Wed)20:23 No. 14737 [Reply]

File 137106138243.png - (2.81KB , 140x131 , 140px-Chloroform_displayed_svg.png )

I'm not sure where to post this so i guess here is fine.
Would chloroform be a good weapon to take someone out?
A friend of mine got me curious about it when he said i should have put chloroform on my gloves to take down some fat guy from behind, but I'm not sure if it'd be a good idea since it may be lethal and to be honest, killings not my specialty.
i've tried google and it's yielded no results.


FPOB!!R1ZmxlMzD4 13/06/14(Fri)12:20 No. 14740

File 137120524652.jpg - (70.11KB , 1024x625 , xnuke_jpg_pagespeed_ic_XD9-0bi6PQ.jpg )

Chloroform is for pussies.
Pic related, it's the only way to be sure

Sarah Palin 13/05/13(Mon)09:10 No. 14715 [Reply]

File 136842901989.jpg - (91.52KB , 550x553 , dyn003_original_550_553_pjpeg_2612414_f6b4bf286f3a.jpg )


What is this?
Its a World War 1 First person shooter

What are the Factions?
Germany vs France

How large are the teams?
8v8 with 2 squads per team.

What are the Squads made of?
NCO (You're the squad spawner, has a mortar Strikes and a pistol) Marksman (Rifle with bayonet) Gunner (Machine gun and pistol) Grenadier (Rifle and a shit ton of grenades)

How do you play?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Sarah Palin 13/05/18(Sat)02:00 No. 14717

It's filled with 4chan faggots

Sarah Palin 13/05/27(Mon)07:07 No. 14727

It's filled with cancer. FTFY.

shiping a gun abroad JJ 13/04/12(Fri)03:25 No. 14660 [Reply]

File 136572990988.jpg - (24.89KB , 320x240 , molotov_cocktail_rnc_080903_mn.jpg )

can a u ship a gun abroad? is that possible?

Sarah Palin 13/04/29(Mon)20:48 No. 14702

Depends entirely on what gun you're shipping, where you're shipping it from, and where you're shipping it to.

Decypher 13/05/19(Sun)04:30 No. 14721


Sarah Palin 13/05/04(Sat)01:28 No. 14707 [Reply]

File 13676237112.jpg - (9.03KB , 259x194 , images.jpg )

I have been interested in purchasing a bow for myself for purposes including, but not limited to:

Learning to properly operate a bow, hobby/relaxing activity/target firing (I can't fire a firearm on my property, though I'm in the woods,) and bow hunting.

Would anyone here have an estimate on the initial financial commitment and/or correct way to go about acquiring a right proper bow for a beginner?

I have fired a bow before; not well, but I get the basic mechanics and such.
I live in Pennsylvania, if it matters.

Sarah Palin 13/05/05(Sun)06:50 No. 14708

I'm into archery a bit myself and have a recurve bow of my own. When just starting, you should figure out whether you prefer to shoot with a recurve/longbow or a compound bow, you could find a local archery club, where people might let you try out their bows, or many outdoors stores will allow you to test out a bow in their range to see if you like it. Generally, recurve/longbows are a bit cheaper ($150-200 for a good starter bow), while compound bows start at around $300. The learning curve on recurve/longbows is a bit higher, so you will probably need more practice to stay good with it. Compound bows on the other hand are a bit easier to learn, and allow you to use a heavy draw weight much more easily. In general, target shooters prefer recurve bows, while hunters prefer compound. To buy a bow, it is probably easiest to find a large sports/outdoors store like bass pro shops, but you will probably get better service and more knowledgeable staff at a smaller store or a shop dedicated to archery.

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