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Sarah Palin 13/01/01(Tue)17:24 No. 14466

File 135705744464.jpg - (195.71KB , 500x375 , 59155.jpg )

If you don't stop this you stupid stupid Americans deserve the any fascist state you get

disgusting, i spit on you scum!


Sarah Palin 13/01/05(Sat)01:22 No. 14517

lee harvey lanza ?

Sarah Palin 13/01/15(Tue)10:34 No. 14530

File 135824249084.jpg - (237.17KB , 1313x820 , 1342959818238.jpg )

the way i see it, there is going to be 3 kinds of americans, divided into 4 sub groups, if not already beginning to be the case now.

-= 1 the law enforcement/ military. this group, or whatever is left that isn't inclined defect en-masse to side with the people when or if the time comes, is going to consist of either lawful evil sadistic and possibly sociopathic rule enforcers, or chaotic evil and potentially rabid steroid-swilling meatheads who think with their guns and rifles first (which is the rifle and which is the gun ?; one is for fighting, the other is for fun.) The former will not have anything resembling your best interests in mind, and the latter will be little more than dogs turned human, and given guns and armor and maybe a truck or 2.

if most of the guns aren't already turned in for whatever reason, be it a presidential order that 2 out of 3 american airheads actually obeyed, food for guns and other gun buyback programs, or long periods of everybody snitching on eachother at every possible turn to the feds, odds are good that the military will subsume the police into a sort of Civil Protection -like agency (See; Half-life 2), of what are essentially elite gang-bangers and uniformed thugs who either cannot or have not yet made the grade to become full military. After this, they will indeed be coming for a list of things; actual firearms, gun-like objects, tools objects and items which can be used to make a gun, and probably alot of other things that i cant think of right now.

-= 2 anti-gun nut lilly lickers, celebrity/ elite hypocrites, and Federal Believers. whichever group is specified at the time, and weather or not they know but one name of a single gun part, or genuinely believe that any given forearm is a mechanical demon waiting to leap off the table and kill everyone in the building at whim, of its own volition, they're all basically the same; they usually like the concept of THEIR gun rights, just not the concept of YOUR gun rights. These folks, if they're not elite (celebrities, senators, congressmen, diplomats, presidents.... and can therefore dodge whatever gun ban/ gun control measure, official or unofficial, legal or not) will gladly both turn in their guns, and snitch on the fact that you might have guns too, in order to appease the local head-bangers (no, not rock music fans.) and may even volunteer for the fema 'safety centers'/ whatever they will be calling it.

-= 3 the militia members. this group/ these groups, capable as it/they might be able to be, is so damn scared of actually doing something, and thus proving the federal government absolutely correct when the talking heads media syndicates call militia cells 'domestic terrorists waiting to happen', that theyre all talk and no walk.

You would know him as Burt Gummer, more or less (racism, paranoia, and hard religion optional); hes got anywhere from 3 weeks to three years of MRE's or other long term storage food supplies, a tent, a full Molle/ALICE/ Malice rig, complete with nernies and peripheral gear like a compass, 3 different kinds of radios(vhf-uhf, CB, HAM), leatherman multitools, battle medic kits, gasmasks, a gieger counter or radio-logical color badges, ect ect .... scrounged from a combination of surplus and online purchases, atleast one rifle that holds 10 to 30 rounds, and probably 3 months to a year's worth of ammo.

So, the more the federal government beats the 'Militias are Unpatriotic' drum, the more the militias are gonna cower in their little corners and pray to whatever god is listening that the big bad Federal wolf doesn't blow down their house of sticks in the middle of the night. At best, this group is little more than preppers who have regular meetings, and like to play at being para-military. Any militia that could actually get its shit together and fight an authoritarian federal government, is taken care of by the gov sending sleeper spies and moles to cause further fracture and 'justifiable' disorder when the time is right.

if any miltia does rise, its gonna be roaming platoons of goofy dumbasses with bolt action rifles who probably watched Enemy At The Gate and Red Dawn one too many times, and can do little more than annoy a fully integrated 21st century combined arms Standing Military, which by the way has a fully developed, wide and deep acumen of sniper/anti-sniper and counter insurgency knowledge, experience, training, and procedures for, since Vietnam, which can only get better as the march of time and technology slogs ever onward.

-= 4 criminals; gangbangers, the mafia, and other assorted lowlifes. this group is simple. they don't give a fuck about gun laws, except to support the fact that YOU!, don't have a gun. This will allow them to commit crimes at whim, day or night, whatever the location; banks, walmart, the doctors office, your house, doesn't matter. They have a gun and you don't. nuff said.

- = - = -

so, in conclusion, yeah, america is fucked. Might as well welcome the imperial masters with grateful and open arms when they do finally deign themselves to actually arrive upon our sorry sack of shit shores.

the only way that the american way of life as we used to know it can be saved, is if a good 60 percent of the militias pull their heads out of each others asses, stop worrying about the nitpicks of what is and isnt still legal according to the monolitic librarium of otherwise pointless and swiss-cheese loophole legislations (and which most to none of the cops know nothing about), realize that they can go ahead and do what needs to be done, because they've already been classified as terrorists (and will be among the first to die should the government turn hard authoritarian) and therefore the only thing they have left to lose, aside from their lives, is all the stuff they've been hoarding and training with, which will help them in whatever armed conflict is or isn't imminent.

Sarah Palin 13/01/15(Tue)11:30 No. 14531


1) Law enforcement.

"chaotic evil and potentially rabid steroid-swilling meatheads"

Riiiight. *Skip*

2) "anti-gun nut lilly lickers"


3) Militia, a.k.a. "roaming platoons of goofy dumbasses with bolt action rifles"


4) Criminals. "They have a gun and you don't."

Is it really *that* easy to get a gun in the US? I mean, come on! In most western civilizations, gun are hard to come by and very few criminals have one. (Just sayin'.)

And finally...

> which most to none of the cops know nothing about

EWUT? So... lots of knowledgeable cops, then?

Oh, America, "you so funneh". :)

Sarah Palin 13/01/15(Tue)11:32 No. 14532

I got here because of rainbow joker while I was looking for porn.


Sarah Palin 13/01/16(Wed)03:43 No. 14534


What's that, types of people once guns are made illegal?

Sarah Palin 13/05/01(Wed)21:39 No. 14705

File 136743717185.jpg - (52.03KB , 508x672 , CS_Obama_Shredding_the_Constitution.jpg )


yeah, pretty much, because guns being made illegal is basically inevitable.

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