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How to Disable an MRAP for Less than $50 Sarah Palin 16/05/26(Thu)22:34 No. 15290

File 14642948987.jpg - (136.22KB , 728x380 , mrap.jpg )

Most Americans are familiar with the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle because their local police department obtained one to look cool. Due to familiarity, this will be the vehicle used as an example. The same tactics will work against almost all other armored vehicles.

The parameters for this article are simple: The reader does not possess a great deal of tactical experience and has no access to firearms, high explosives, homemade explosives, or chemical weapons.

Prior to engaging an armored vehicle, it is important to understand what exactly you are dealing with, once the intimidation factor is stripped away. Read on...


Source: Originally seen on TFC and then other sites like The Antimedia, AnonNews, the anarchistcookbook and a bunch of other little obscure news outlets and forums.

Most of this should work on most other light armored vehicles (LAVs) such as the BearCat truck and anything similar.

Sarah Palin 16/05/26(Thu)22:53 No. 15291

>How to Disable an MRAP for Less than $50
Take the keys, flush 'em down the toilet.

Sarah Palin 16/05/26(Thu)23:01 No. 15292

I'm sure it will be very easy to get inside an LAV with someone driving it and the doors locked.

Sarah Palin 16/05/27(Fri)02:49 No. 15293

Who said anything about going near the vehicle, let alone when it's filled with occupants.

Go to the depo where it's parked, open the key-box, take the keys.

Sarah Palin 16/05/27(Fri)03:40 No. 15294


I'm fairly certain they don't have keys and even if they did that wouldn't help. You obviously didn't read the article and don't understand it's purpose at all.

Sarah Palin 16/05/27(Fri)04:29 No. 15295

>I'm fairly certain they don't have keys
They do.
>if they did that wouldn't help
Without the keys you can't open the doors, you can't get in and you can't drive it anywhere. At that point the vehicle is effectively disabled.

Sarah Palin 16/05/28(Sat)09:42 No. 15296

Never heard of a spare?
Also https://www.army.mil/article/53455/Machinist_creates_universal_MRAP_key/

Annnd you're still completely missing the point of the post. It has nothing to do with finding random vehicles with no one in them and stealing the keys.

Sarah Palin 16/05/31(Tue)22:00 No. 15297

>Never heard of a spare?
You know, that logic pretty much defeats any argument for disabling a single MRAP, including your own. Case in point, that division with the 'universal key' has multiple MRAP vehicles.

>you're still completely missing the point of the post.
I think you'll find it's you missing your own point. Your post boils down to "if you cause some trouble, you don't have be scared of the big ol' car when it turns up. If smear some shit on its windscreen it can't see you".

My point (albeit more subtle), is if you plan to cause some trouble, with a little fore-thought you can disable any threats before they turn up and become a threat.

Sarah Palin 16/06/22(Wed)09:55 No. 15311

A large plastic bottle filled with liquid paint, and a chunk of dry ice dropped in a moment before tossing it at the vehicle. Cameras and windows will be coated with paint, rendering the vehicle undrivable.

Sarah Palin 16/07/09(Sat)11:09 No. 15314

File 14680553802.jpg - (189.65KB , 600x564 , Copper_EFP_Plates_OTA-EFP1.jpg )

Try these E.f.p's on those silly mrap vehicles. They ruin military armored vehicles and will work on pigs rides too.

Pic related

Sarah Palin 17/03/27(Mon)10:39 No. 15368

This makes no sense. Also, where are you getting your information? None of what you said is true. An mrap, like most other military vehicles, does not have a key like a car does. "Civilianized" mraps and bearcats might but police and military vehicles usually don't. An mrap is no exception. You're trying to act like you're using some good critical thinking skills but really you're just talking like a retard. Also, no, that's not the point. At all. You have no point and that's why your posts are anti-logic and come off as bullshit.

Stop acting like you get it. You don't get anything. You're a dumb fuck.

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