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Orb inthedark 17/05/22(Mon)03:11 No. 20037

File 149541546285.jpg - (944.94KB , 1704x2272 , DSCF2182.jpg )

took this years ago, it is unedited from my old fujifilm digital camera, look at ground just below base of the tree and judge for your self, I think it resembles a human skull kinda, but it the most solid looking orb I have ever seen. almost like ectoplasm

the orb bro 17/05/22(Mon)04:29 No. 20038

what are those other rectangular grey stones? where was this taken? what time? anything weird happen? what's that little green orb to the right? the white thing looks like it's coming out of a circle thing in the ground. what's it made of? did you touch it? tell us more OP
i mean that could just be a random puffball mushroom and some cinder blocks stuck in the ground, or it could be some graves and some kind of... witch egg... or it could be stone blocks and some random electrical device that's supposed to be "art" or something. so what is it?

response inthedark 17/05/22(Mon)15:15 No. 20039

File 149545890636.jpg - (2.34MB , 1704x2272 , DSCF2180.jpg )

ok, t his was taken in Bass Cemetery in Mulga, Alabama. there was nothing there when i took the picture, I was snapping random pics hoping to catch a ghost, that night alon i took hundreds of photos, the the stones next to it are old marker stones, the legend is a witch was hung one that tree, there is a depression in the ground that cant be filled there, as to the skull shaped orb, it was not visible until I saw the photo later that night. I have other photos of that tree I took in a row and nothing else is in any of them, although I did move around while taking them to get different angles. here is a few of them

another of the photos inthedark 17/05/22(Mon)15:17 No. 20040

File 149545902469.jpg - (2.76MB , 2272x1704 , DSCF2181.jpg )

here is a close up of tree from same angle, but I am telling you that was not there where I saw it with my eyes, only after i got home did i see it in photo.

sorry inthedark 17/05/22(Mon)15:23 No. 20041

I said Bass, I meant Bayview Cemetery, and the time was around 11pm when photos were taken

Tin Foil Enthusiast 17/08/06(Sun)16:19 No. 20085

It looks like fungus to me.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/06/04(Mon)06:56 No. 20346

I expected to see the gay hobo blowjob in the backgrouns.

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