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CONFIAR EN EL ZORRO? / TRUSTDAFOX Anonymous 17/11/10(Fri)03:07 No. 20139

File 151027966352.jpg - (76.33KB , 340x270 , image.jpg )

So, /x/. What is your opinion on that weird YouTube ARG channel, TRUSTDAFOX? If any of you don't know what the channel is, the channel features a lot of weird videos, including a video featuring Katy Perry dancing at a concert with distorted audio.
>>see embed video

I am NOT the creator of the channel, nor one of the videos. I came across the channel by googling up, "Weird Katy Perry Videos" for the lulz, but somehow came across an Allegro.cc forum showing the video. I watched all of the videos from his channel, and they were actually weird tbh.

What do you think, /x/?

Anonymous 17/11/10(Fri)03:10 No. 20140

Sorry for not putting up the vid. 7chan is messing with things.

The embedded video is here:

Tin Foil Enthusiast 17/11/10(Fri)08:17 No. 20145

File 151029822346.jpg - (77.14KB , 1280x720 , image.jpg )

Shit, op. This is the first time i've heard about this thing.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 17/11/12(Sun)15:56 No. 20151

File 151049860773.jpg - (1.73KB , 125x93 , adolfhitlerstare.jpg )

>>this is /x/
>>gets scared of a meme video posted three months ago

Tin Foil Enthusiast 17/11/13(Mon)15:29 No. 20152

YTPMV, in good form I might add.

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