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Tin Foil Enthusiast 17/12/21(Thu)03:11 No. 20174

File 151382231857.jpg - (495.45KB , 1734x1661 , 1513460006454.jpg )

(((they))) have literally started aggressively monitoring imageboard posters

not surprising seeing as how 4chan has been on the television many times it would attract this kind of normie attention

if you post about this anywhere on the big boards you will be immediately assaulted by paid shills calling you PREDICTABLE with blanket responses like "take your meds" or "back to /x/ schizo". it's uncanny.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 17/12/21(Thu)08:56 No. 20175

You're retarded.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 17/12/21(Thu)13:04 No. 20176


Tin Foil Enthusiast 17/12/27(Wed)06:14 No. 20177

Indeed, only good mods can save us now. Otherwise imageboards and most other sites will become as repetitive as TV.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/01/12(Fri)20:08 No. 20258

Take your meds!
Go back to /x/ you schizo!


Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/01/12(Fri)20:44 No. 20259

It‘s already happened. 4chan is completely overrun. 8chan is quite literally run by kikes. Hell, I have no clue what imageboard is clean anymore.

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